water dared me to post this

  • Me : *washes my face frequently*
  • Me : *washes my makeup off completely*
  • Me : *uses face masks to care for my skin*
  • Me : *drinks water to stay hydrated*
  • Me : *moisturizes*
  • Skin : *allows one tiny pimple to show*
  • Me : You ungrateful fucking child. How dare you. After all I've given you, this is how you repay me?

You are swimming in a lake. The shore is quite far off and you know that beneath you there is a wall of water multiple times the length of your body. Your feet tread nervously as you keep yourself afloat. The water is dark beneath you, darker than you think it should be, but you tell yourself it must be a cloud passing overhead. You don’t look up. The sun is caresseing your head. Suddenly you feel something winding around your foot, and instincitvely you start to kick out in fear. But the more you struggle, the more the stringy, slick something tangles around your ankle. Something breaks through the surface in front of you, and as you look down you find yourself staring into the large eyes of a terrifying monster.

“Excuse me,” it says, and the entire lake trembles, “I’ve noticed the callused skin on your feet. Can I interest you in our newest and incredibly effective corn parer?”

The stairs creak under your weight, and you balance the glass of water in your hand carefully. It is night. It was thirst that got you out of bed, but now you wish you would have turned over and pulled the blanket over your head. There is something behind you. Rationally, you know it is nothing, but your nerves are on edge and your heart is hammering. It takes every ounce of self-control for you to not start running up the stairs until you reach the safety of your bed. You need to stay calm. Once you start running, it will be too late. But then someone clears their throat behind your back, not far away at all, and there is no holding you back. You run, spilling your glass of water.

“Mam, wait a second!” you hear someone call after you with a voice like a million screaming children, “We have stair lifts on special offer!” 

The water is hot as it splashes onto your head and runs down your body. You feel warm and comfortable. But as you apply shampoo to your hair and the bubbly water runs over your face, you instinctively close your eyes. Everything goes dark. And suddenly there is no more comfort. You feel the need to open your eyes, but you know the shampoo will sting, so you tell yourself to calm down. You know there is no one there, cannot possibly be. But you are wrong. The water is uncomfortably hot, and suddenly feels sticky. You don’t dare to open your eyes anymore. A hand that is not your hand moves through your hair, and then you feel hot breath tickling your ear. You stay very still.

“Today’s your lucky day, Miss,” the voice hisses, “I don’t usually do this, but because I like you I’ll offer you two Gentle No-Tears Kid Shampoos for the price of one.”

monstrous salesmen // (inspired by this post)


“How dare you taunt the vertically challenged!” 

Word count: 219

Genre: Fluff drabble 

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Being short was sometimes an advantage to you, your personality made up for everything you lacked in height. However, your boyfriend enjoyed putting your most used items at the top of every shelf imaginable.

You had snuggled into the couch in the dorm (all of his Hyungs had left on account of “not wanting to be around the love birds.”) and you offered to get snacks and water. You slid out from under the blanket and headed to the kitchen, slightly hissing when the cold tiles hit your bare feet. As you searched through the cabinets, finding neither the popcorn nor cups for water you finally realized why. That smug little brat put them on the top shelves, didn’t he?

“Yugyeom! Come help me get the popcorn and the cups down from the top shelf!”

“Yeesh Y/N you seem to have so much anger for such a small person.”

“How dare you taunt the vertically challenged!”

“Haha you’re just mad I put the things you needed to get at the top of the shelf aren’t you?”


Author’s Note:

Hi, hope you enjoyed this one! I’m trying to write a drabble or a scenario every day! Keep checking my master list or turn on post notifications- that is if you want to. Have a nice day or night!

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i just wanted to say thank you so much for blessing us with that post that goes like "truth or dare coran who's your favorite pa--" "lance" !! it's cleared my pores, hydrated my body, watered my crops, bathed my dog, and given me an extra thousand years of life and i love it and i love you thank you so much for the beauty and Truth™ of that post

hfhd;odisjf; thank you!! (you’re welcome?) that post is my proudest moment

Get up here thinking imma have a great day and instead I come back to a latino dude trying to explain to me how white people having dreads isn’t racist and quote unquote, “how dare I tell him what’s racist or not since he’s a poc as well”

Please understand what’s racist to one group may not be racist to another, but also understand it might be a bigger problem within that community than the other one.

Seems legit

Even this stupid game is judging my night bird tendencies

That’s not how I remembered Chapter 9






All these puns with Azura/Aqua and the water never cease to amuse me. I guess that’s how she fishes in MyCastle.

My wife knows how to ensure her survival

B-but she’s your mom…


thirsty jungkook

i was talking to @jikook-love yesterday, who inspired me to make a compilation of some of my favourite thirsty!jungkook moments. edit: pt. 2 here

Originally posted by chokemejimin

you know how jungkook looks at jimin with those heart eyes like; 

Originally posted by jiminpoppins

but can we please talk about moments where he looks at jiminie like; 

Originally posted by mintllamas

this gonna be a long ass post (jungkook is a thirsty hoe okay

Originally posted by parkmochi

look at those eyes and tell me jungkook doesnt want jimin, those eyes are like the definition of bedroom eyes. they are all half-lidded and shit. and im not even gonna mention what he’s saying. bc that’s gonna be a long ass essay.

Originally posted by jikookwillruletheworld

when kookie gets a chance to touch the jibooty, he takes it.


Originally posted by tamaki-senpai123

its just the choreography, right jungkookie?

(x)  look at that gulp as he’s staring at jimin on the screen. not interested at all. nope. are you all right, jungkook-ssi? i love it when he checks jimin out and then catches himself, like no, i wasnt checking him out. what’re you talking about?

(x) listen, he’s looking at jimin. like, you can tell exactly when he realizes what he’s doing.

(x) you thought i was gonna forget this legendary moment? THE moment? hell nah, jungkook can no longer contain his thirst for his jiminie hyung. like, he was moaning while filming jimin. who does that?? jungkook, that’s who.

(x) listEN. i wiill never be over this moment. who the HELL SAYS SOMEONE’S TOES ARE CUTE??? LIke, theY are TOes, jeon jungkook. excuse me while i go sob about that in a corner. 

(x) dude, i know this isnt exactly thirsty, but look at that FaCE. okay? like, i can feel the pining from here. he has to like tear his gaze away from jimin. im jusT…sdkfsdff

(x) look at that face. i literally have no words. look at where jungkook is looking. AND how appreciative that gaze is. he GULPS as he’s looking up and down jimin’s BODY. this dude needs a bathtub of water where jimin’s concerned. 

(x) look at the way kookie’s gaze sweeps up and down jimin’s body. look at jungkook’s face and tell me that’s not interest. i daRe you. 

i can go on and on but i need to stop somewhere. but i might make a pt.2 bc jungkook is one thirsty dude for jimin.

i dont own any of the gifs, for some reason i can’t do the original gif by thing so i put the links to the originals

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Sorry for my thirsty ass BUT pls tell me you're working on the roommate au cause my T H I R S T Y A S S really needs part 11 thank you love you HELP ME

Originally posted by vthesecretoilet

Grab your cup of Holy water for this ride ;) You might scream and cry a river  guys. I’m sorry. I’ll be posting shorter chapters from now on  so that I can update more regularly during the remaining week that I have before school starts up. I’ll be updating the First time au and the truth or dare  soon <33

Don’t forget to tell me how thirsty you are in the comments/Request box ;)

WARNING : You might blush/scream/laugh/ BE EMBARRASSED AF/ DIE OF FEELS or fall for Jungkook’s adorable personality <3



Here is pt.11 <3 Hope you enjoy~

Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 8557  words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.

This story is Taken Down for the time being. You can thank ppl who reposted/plagiarized  my content

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24 ❤

24: (truth) If you could only own five material objects (not counting life necessities like food/water/a house/etc) what would they be? (dare) Put your music player on shuffle. Post what the first three songs are, and for each one, tag a blog that the song reminds you of.

- My phone, a cat, a notebook, my laptop, and a stuffed animal.

1. “R.I.P” - 3OH!3: This reminds me of @ttpstrikesback because she likes to pop in and say this at the best times.
2. “Believer.” - Imagine Dragons: (Also B, but to keep it different.) This reminds me of @happilee-smiling because I feel like she could jam to this at their concert with me and we’d just be so equally pumped. 
3. “You’re Welcome.” - Dwayne Jonson: (I wish I was lying about this but apparently iTunes hates me.) This reminds me of @an0nymz and @shadows-caress because they like to ruin my life for some reason. 

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hey there! Can you recommend me some of your favourite smut gruvia fanfiction please :3! I read Promises and I loooove every gruvia moments! Now, I can't get enought, so I am looking for some more!!! Thank you ! <3

Of course, my love. ;)


















Those are just a few of my faves that I have stumbled upon. 

If you know of any I haven’t posted here, please do share. ;)

Also, the next chapter I post of Cam Girls will have Gruvia smut. 




I was tagged to do this by @squaddreamcourt. Thanks for thinking of me Harry!

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs.

A - Age: 27 (28 in July!)

B - Birthplace: California

C - Current Time: 11:29pm

D - Drink you had last: water

E - Easiest person to talk to: Either my mom, sister, or @illyriantremors

F - Favorite song: This is like asking me to pick a favorite child, how dare you 😠

G - Grossest Memory: Um, I have no idea?

H - Horror yes or no: Oh heck no 😣

I - In Love? No

J - Jealous of people? Sometimes

K - Killed someone? Not unless you count video game enemies lol

L - Love at first sight or should I walk past again? I don’t get those feelings a whole lot (like practically never), though I can appreciate if someone looks good.

M - Middle name: A (you get an initial)

N - Number of siblings: 1

O - One wish: to find someone to be happy & in love with

P - Person I called last: @happystory

Q - Question you’re always asked: “Do you want to go to Target?” by my sister

R - Reason to smile: Right now I’m having trouble finding one of those

S - Song you last sang: Relating to a Psychopath - Macy Gray

T - Time you woke up: 6:04am

U - Underwear color: dark green

V - Vacation: I’d love to go to The Netherlands, London, and Japan.

W - Worst Habit: being sedentary or procrastinating

X - Xrays: Teeth and my sprained ankle when I was six.

Y - Your favorite food: Oooo, how can I pick???? There is just so much good food out there! (But if it happens to be potato based, count me in 😋

Z - Zodiac sign: Cancer

Tagging anyone who wants to do this. :)

fucking @you-could-say-im-relocating-it tagged me (u lil shit olli)

RULES: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours. When you are done, tag up to 5 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

(yea i literally copied and pasted them all)

Age: 13
Biggest fear: hnnnnnnnng abandonment or getting ignored
Current time: 7:17
Drink you last had: water
Everyday starts with: death and music
Favourite song at the moment: how dare u make me choose
Hometown: dont wanna say
In love with: a person, death and music (oop)
Jealous of: anyone who’s in a relationship
Killed someone: im still alive so not yet
Last time you cried: i was abt to say yesterday but no i cried today
Middle name: liam
Siblings: two older half brothers (only have met one tho, other one was adopted by someone)
One wish: to not feel like shit and be in a loving relationship ????
Person you last text/called: red
Questions you’re always asked: why does nobody like me
Reason to smile: music, a chance to make someone happy, and the falsey-guided hope that things will get better
Song last sung: i think implicit demand for proof by tøp
Time you woke up: somewhere around 6 or 7 idk
Worst habits: not eating, biting my nails, ranting, fidgeting, randomly touching people for comfort, and being a needy lil shit in the way of attention
X-Ray you’ve had: once when i broke my arm
Favourite food: dont really like food a lot but if so then either cheese or nutella
Zodiac sign: leo
I tag: ehhh anyone who sees this

none of u really wanted to see this and tbh i dont blame u

Tag Stuff

Tagged by @flawinamiracle; Rules: copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… and most importantly, have fun!

I am so sorry this took me forever to respond to. It was sitting in my drafts. But I’m doing it in the end though, so it’s okay right? *nervous laughter*

a - age: 15

b - biggest fear: Either outer space or failure

c - current time: 10:20pm

d - drink you last had: Water

f - favorite song: Christ how dare you make me choose; I gotta go with Gasolina by Daddy Yankee

g - ghosts, are they real: I believe so

i - in love with: I’m aromantic, but the person I care for the most is my best friend.

j - jealous of: People who got normal childhoods

k - killed someone: Never

l - last time you cried: A few days ago

m - middle name: Ryan

n - number of siblings: 0 and I’m thankful

o - one wish: To live a life that makes me happy

p - person you last called/texted: One of my friends

q - question(s) you’re always asked: “How are you?”/”Are you okay?”

r - reasons to smile: Friends, my dogs, music, the beach, writing, creativity, the stars

s - song last listened to: “Tessellate” by Ellie Goulding

t - time you woke up: Eight-ish

u - underwear color: Purple

v - vacation destination: Somewhere I have friends or family I’m on good terms with

w - worst habit: Arrogance

x - x-rays you’ve had: My elbow and wrist when I fractured it at camp as a little kid

y - your favorite food: Sopapillas (the real, pillow-like ones with honey and powdered sugar on top)

z - zodiac sign: Pisces

I’ll tag @spacemidget @butnotinthegoodway and @not-a-recommended-url

Boooooyyy haven’t done a personal post in forever: here goes.

Tagged by @p0stapocalypse

A - age: 24(23)

B - biggest fear: ?? “nothing ever happened to me/ life just passes flash right through me”

C - current time: 20:18
D - drink you last had: Water

E - every day starts with: the need to drag in bed a bit longer
F - favorite song: noooo clue
G - ghosts, are they real? Nah

H - hometown: GBG
I - in love with: rene redzeip showing of mexican ingredients on instagram (”this is a pumkin melon, soo sweet”)
J - jealous of: people who dare to do all the stuff I really need to do
K - killed someone: no
L - last time you cried: ummm year and half ago watching when marnie was there mby?

M - middle name: hans julian (2 ya bish)
N - number of siblings: 2
O - one wish: ??                                                                                                   P - person you last called/texted: johanna

Q - question you’re always asked: “so what do you become then?”
R - reason to smile: plenty! 
S - song last sang: probably a jens lekman song seeing him live few week ago
T - time you woke up: 09:40 
U - underwear color: dark blue
V - vacation destination: i mean American/Canadian roadtrip - japan - new zeeland - australia in one go would be the ultimate trip. 
W - worst habit: losing interest/pushing things forward
X - x-rays you’ve had: Two, one to check my spine and the other my wrist to like age my skeleton
Y - your favorite foods: pizza, and like so much more stuff
Z - zodiac sign: ox (taurus?) 

I tag whomever and @hazelstreet @brittleknees @dustcakegrrrl  @scornfuldogma

FT Angst: We Were Friends

A/N: Merry Christmas! :D *is only a little bit sorry*

Okay, in all seriousness, this is going to be my Christmas fic. Present particularly for my waifu @giupear because she inspired it~ And also this is a thank you for 958 followers So late I know I’m sorry I’m a horrible person *cries*

And for those of you that wanted/need to read this: @atrailof-whispers, @itschildofthefairies, @fairytamashii, @miseryinthenight, @kagero-assassin

I hope you guys enjoy! I had to rush to post this, so there will be mistakes >.

Rated: T for harsh language, graphic violence, and graphic injuries
Character(s): Gray, Natsu, Juvia, Lucy, Happy
Gratsu brotp, Gruvia, NaLu
Synopsis: Do you remember when we were actually good friends? …Yeah…me neither. Because you and me…we were never actually friends to begin with, were we?

Dead silence.

It hung in the air, still and lifeless. One probably could’ve heard a drop of water onto cloth a mile away. It pervaded the area without mercy, standing as its unmoving sentinel. No one dared to break this stillness.

After all, there was no other reaction that was quite as befitting for the truth.

Our entire lives…our entire friendship…our entire understanding of our world…

It was…all a lie.

Gray could no longer take the pressure.

The Ice Devil Slayer whipped up his gaze, tightened in a murderous scowl with his teeth bared. He could feel his veins popping in his rage—so much so that he hardly noticed that he was being held back from charging his former friend and pummeling him within an inch of his life. If it hadn’t been for her hold on him, he would’ve snapped much sooner than this. Even till now, he wasn’t sure if he’d been grateful for that or not.

“The fuck is your problem, Natsu?!” Gray shouted, finally breaking the silence and fighting against his restrainer. “Is this some sort of joke to you?! You think we’re playing some kind of game?! Where do you get off spouting all that bullshit?!

“Gray, my dear; please!” Juvia pleaded, holding him back as best as she could. “There must be some explanation for all this! Let’s listen to what else he has to say!”

Gray huffed furiously, refusing to take his glare off of the pink-haired Dragon Slayer standing mere paces away from him, his expression unsettlingly stony and blank as he stared back. Gray’s outburst hadn’t phased him a bit, which only infuriated him more, but he worked to keep his anger in check. He knew that exploding like this would do little to convince Natsu to explain himself, but even so…

He’d never felt more betrayed by anyone or anything else in his entire life.

Gray exhaled once more in order to rein in his temper before speaking again, his words restrained. “Natsu…what the hell went on between you and Zeref back there, huh? What did he say to you that convinced you that sacrificing yourself in order to kill him was a good idea?!”

Yet again, Natsu didn’t even so much as flinch at his questions. He simply cast his gaze downward without a reply, his eyes still hollow and empty. All of the life that had once burned brightly in them had gone…as if it had all been nothing but a memory. The right side of his face was torn open, and he was injured so badly all-around that it was a miracle that he was still conscious, much less standing. Happy was a sobbing mess on the ground next to him, with only Lucy there to comfort him the best she could (she’d been one of the intercepting party members after the First Master noticed them returning, along with Juvia and Gray himself).

The young blonde rose to her feet with the weeping blue Exceed in her arms, watching her teammate in obvious concern. “Natsu…”

It was clear that something had happened during their encounter with Zeref. Happy’s tears alone proved that. The lack of answers was unbearably grating—on all of them. What could possibly—


The three of them started all at once. Gray’s breath caught at the sight of Natsu’s face.

There was no way…was Natsu…smiling?

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labryinth  asked:

Can you recommend any good books with queer women protagonists?

  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth.
  • Fire by Kirstin Cashore.
  • Dare Me by Megan Abbott.
  • The Fever by Megan Abbott (doesn’t exactly fit but it can be interpreted in that way).
  • Ash & Huntress by Malinda Lo.
  • Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.
  • Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour.
  • Great by Sara Benincasa.
  • Her Name In The Sky by Kelly Quindlen.
  • Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters.
  • Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.
  • Affinity by Sarah Waters.
  • The Price of Salt or Carol by Patricia Highsmith.
  • The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall.
  • Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden.
  • The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer.
  • The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson.

Here are some good articles that feature lists of queer female fiction:

I also have resources for books with queer male protagonists if you want them. Here are three that I think are necessary for everyone to read because they’re amazing:

  • The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.
  • Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.
  • Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz.

Note: Once again, this is the point where all of you lovelies start sending in suggestions for literature featuring queer women protagonists, especially queer women of color. I am so far beyond open to your suggestions, please please please send them in. Thank you.