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please let loose and give me any, and I mean ANY, fluffy Bakugo headcanons

thank you for allowing me to go on a tangent, friend.

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Random Katsuki Bakugou headcanons that are varying degrees of fluffy and that I’ve had in my head for forever

+ likes having his hair played with but will never, ever admit it; gets extremely angry if someone stops playing with his hair before he tells them to. Makes sounds akin to a large cat purring while it’s happening

+ Kirishima is his best friend, he will fight anyone that insults him; Monoma has almost died twice for picking on Kirishima’s quirk. He also goes well out of his way to make Kirishima feel better

+ sleeps with 3 pillows; two regular pillows at the head of his bed so no matter what side of the bed he’s on, he’s got a pillow, but the third is a body pillow so he can lock his arms and legs around it. He’s a cuddler, but he’s gonna kill anyone who finds out unless it’s his s/o

+ even though he outwardly despises Izuku, he will still defend him from people who insult him for no reason, as only he is allowed to insult Deku, fuck off

+ is really into traditional activities, like obon and tanabata. He doesn’t miss shrine visits, either, and he has a bunch of omamori on his bookshelf, mostly for academic success, strength, good health, and wealth because those are things important to him

+ loves giving his s/o ridiculously insulting nicknames, enjoys it even more if they do it back to him; Bakugou: hey, bitchface s/o: what do you want, assrag Bakugou: I love your fucking face *pulls them into a hug* it’s stupid, and it’s mine

+ is into photography, has several very expensive cameras in his dorm room, and he likes taking candid pictures of the Baku Squad; his favorite subjects are Kirishima and Kaminari, though, because they are both good looking people and are always up to something. He also feels weird taking pictures of girls, he doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about why he does it, so he sticks mostly to the guys in the class when he takes pictures, but he does have some really nice pictures of Ashido, Yaoyorozu, and Asui

+ on his classmates’ birthdays, he cooks their favorite foods if they’re together; for Todoroki’s birthday, he makes a special zaru soba with noodles he made himself, for Kirishima’s birthday takes the Baku Squad out to yakiniku and cooks for Kirishima though everyone else is on their own since he’s not their mom, and he even makes katsudon for Izuku on his birthday because he knows it’s his favorite and it’s a way to apologize for his actions without actually having to say sorry

+ can and will nap anywhere if he’s really tired; on the couch in the common room, his bed, on Kirishima’s floor if they’ve been studying and he just dozes off, in the library while leaning against a bookshelf this scared one of the second year students once, and once he even fell asleep during a survival exercise at Ground Beta; he won the exercise, no one managed to find and capture him.

+ if he stays up past a certain point, he becomes friendly; of course, before that he gets increasingly more ill-tempered, but after a certain point of sleep deprivation, he just becomes a very friendly, touchy person, and he smiles genuinely. The firs time this happens, everyone is terrified because there’s no way that’s Bakugou

+ he’s got deep insecurities about his personality and his ability to become a hero, and one of the only people that can pull him out of a funk that’s induced by thinking about that is his mom; he’s a momma’s boy, even if he’s always calling her an Old Bat and a Hag

+ his family is very important to him, and he wants to make his parents happy; he sends his parents some of the pictures he takes of his classmates, so that they can see how he’s doing now that he doesn’t live at home anymore. On days off, he’ll go visit them, or meet his mom out somewhere for a mother-son lunch date, because he misses her

+ although he’s always been determined to become a hero and is going to accept nothing less than becoming the top hero in the world, he’s given considerable thought to alternative career paths; both his parents are in fashion, he enjoys designing have you seen his costume, he designed that by himself and it is amazing in function and aesthetics but prefers photography; despite wanting to be rich and famous, he hates the idea of modeling and would much rather be on the other side of the camera

+ is the kind of person to point out everything wrong in a movie; look at that dumbass, you can see the boom mic, they forgot to fill in that green screen! That’s not what color that character’s eyes are in the book! That is not how physics work those sharks are not in that fucking water cyclone fuck off

+ has a lot of All Might merch, just like Izuku, except he left it all at home before moving into Heights Alliance because he’s not a fucking nerd like Deku

+ is surprisingly fond of ballads, but really likes rock music; rock ballads are great

+ likes slow dancing with his partner in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to finish cooking (I’ve posted this before in another request but I had to include it here too)

+ asks Kaminari and Jirou for new music, ends up really liking TUBE because Kaminari showed him N A T S U and it just was catchy

+ is one of the best singers in the entirety of Class 1-A, but doesn’t sing very much when everyone goes out to karaoke, because it’s stupid and he doesn’t like the astounded looks on everyone’s faces when they find out he’s got a good voice

+ his favorite Disney girl is Mulan because she’s a badass, he wanted to marry her as a little kid and didn’t talk to his mom for two weeks after she told him Mulan wasn’t real and he couldn’t marry her

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Well this is a thing that happens.

A Part of Your World

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: So, I wanted that Bucky went to the aquarium and in one tank he see a mermaid (she isn’t a real one but it’s her job to entertain the visitors but she can be a mutant with hydrokinesis so she can control water and can stay much more time than average under) and he starts to visit more frequently because of her and falls for her and then meet her and falls even more and they knows about each other’s powers after some time.

Word Count: ~1600

A/N: For my mermaid anon. It’s a little longer than expected and deviates a little from your request, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Thanks for the request, love, and I hope this finds you.

A/A/N: I couldn’t resist with the title. Sorry. Not sorry.

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The first time I saw her, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I mean, the girl had a tail. Although, in my world, it wasn’t so hard to believe that mermaids might exist.

She was beautiful, a string of pearls braided into her hair and the light catching each little sphere a little too perfectly. She was sitting on a rock in the center of the water, her eyes focused on some distant thing. She absentmindedly played with her hair, the end of her tail swaying in the water.

She glanced around after a few moments before her eyes settled on me. Then she smiled and waved. I returned both gestures as casually as I could, trying to hide the fact that I had just been staring at her. Her smiled widened as the lighting in the room changed and the water began to glow a bit. She shifted her position, waving at me one last time, before diving into the water.

I tried to find her after that, but no matter where I looked, I always felt like I was just missing her.

I bought a season pass to the aquarium on my way out.


“You were great!” Erin shouts as she enters the room.

The make-up artist is working on removing your tail.

“Although, you did seem a little distracted.”

You nod your thanks at the make-up artist once she frees your lower body from the tail.

“I was looking for someone.” You mumble, stretching your legs.

She sits beside you, “Who?”

“When I was waiting up top, there was this guy. I swear, with the way he was looking at me, you’d think he saw a real mermaid.”

“Well, what did he look like?”

“Broad shoulders. Long hair. I mean, I couldn’t really get a good look.”

“Maybe he’ll come back.”

“Yeah, maybe.”

You spend the rest of the night thinking of him; his face even makes its way into your dreams.


A week goes by before I get to go back. I go to where I saw her the first time, but she’s not there. After about thirty minutes of searching, I decide to ask someone, despite how crazy I might sound.

“Excuse me?”

The girl turns around, a smile plastered on her face, “Can I help you?”

“This might sound crazy, but I’m looking for a mermaid.”

Her smile seems to soften, becoming more genuine, “Come with me.”

She leads me through a series of hallways before stopping in front of a large tank that’s mostly devoid of life.

“You’re gonna want to look up.”

So, I do, and there she is, swimming down toward the bottom of the tank. I’m vaguely aware of the others with her, but she’s who I came for.

“Her name’s (Y/N). You must be the one she saw the other day.”

“She talked about me?”

“She mentioned you. May have even been a little disappointed the last few days when you didn’t come back.”

(Y/N) smiles, waving down at a little girl who’s been vying for her attention. She seems to be scanning the crowd, and when her eyes finally settle on me, she smiles.

A hand against my back guides me toward the glass. (Y/N) is on the other side, her hands pressed to the glass. I put my hands over hers, and her smile widens.

One of the other girls taps her shoulder, pointing up when (Y/N) turns to look at her. She nods and turns back to me. She waves at me and backs away from the glass.

“There’s an interactive area upstairs where they all go to take pictures with the guests.”

“Can you take me?” I ask, watching as (Y/N) swims away.

“Follow me.”

More hallways and then a set of stairs. I can hear the excitement coming from somewhere ahead of me. Outside the door, I stop, the nerves taking over.

“What’s your name?”


“Your name?”

“My friends call me Bucky.”

“Well, Bucky, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Erin. I’ve known (Y/N) for years. All you have to do is go in there and introduce yourself. Don’t overthink it.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too, and thank you for all your help.”

“Oh, you haven’t seen the last of me.”

Then she winks and turns to go back down the stairs. I take a deep breath and push the door open, the chatter of excited children assaulting me as I walk in. They run from area to area, watching videos and playing the several interactive games. Watching (Y/N) with the kids brings a smile to my face. She wears the brightest smile as one-by-one kids run up to take pictures with her.

As the crowd in front of her begins to dwindle, I’m finally able to make my way over to her. She smiles softly as I approach.

“So, do I finally get to put a name to a face?” She says.

I smile; I can feel the blush in my cheeks, “James but my friends call me Bucky.”

“It’s nice to officially meet you, Bucky. I’m (Y/N).”

“The pleasure’s all mine.”

“You know,” she sighs, “I wasn’t sure you’d come back.”

“Work kept me away, but I’m here now.”

“Does that mean I’ll be seeing more of you?”

“If you want to.”

She nods her head and smiles again, “I finish up here in about an hour.”

“I’ll be waiting.”


An hour and a half later, you’re sitting across from each other at a local diner sharing a plate of fries and enjoying a couple of milkshakes. You’ve talked about pretty much everything, though both of you hesitate to bring up family.

Things fall silent for only a moment, but that moment is long enough for him to finally work up the courage to ask what’s really been on his mind.

“How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“I’ve never seen anyone move the way you do under water.”

You smile, leaning toward him and lowering your voice, “If I show you, you have to promise you won’t tell anyone.”

“You have my word.”

You glance around the diner to find that it’s mostly empty; you’re basically alone. He watches you intently as you swipe your hand down the side of your glass, collecting as much of the condensation as you can. Once a decent little puddle has formed, you lift your glass and set it aside.

You touch your finger to the table, your mind focused on the water. Slowly, it begins to move toward you finger, forming a perfect circle around the tip of it.

You look up at Bucky, a look of astonishment clear across his face.

“It’s called hydro-kinesis.”

“How long have you been able to do that?”

You shrug, letting the water go and picking up a napkin to place over the puddle, “For as long as I can remember. When I was kid, I would make waves in my bath water, but that was about all I could do. As I got older, it got harder to control. My emotions played a big part in it. When I was about 14, these people showed up at my house. My power is a genetic mutation, and there’s a school for people like me. They taught me not only how to control my powers but how to control my emotions.”

“But why keep it to yourself?”

You shrug, sitting back in your seat, “It lets me be normal. It lets me a mermaid at an aquarium. It lets me puts smiles on the faces of the kids who come to see me.”

“But you could be doing so much more.”

“I don’t need more.” You look down at his left hand, still covered with that leather glove, “Now, I showed you mine. I think it’s only fair you show me yours.”

He nods, sighing heavily as he begins to remove his glove. The shine of the metal is brilliant in the fluorescent light. He begins to pull away, but you catch his hand, tracing the lines of the plates.

“It’s beautiful.” You meet his gaze steadily, “Why do you hide it?”

“It lets me be normal. It’s hard enough being so recognizable because of my career choice. Most people don’t see past the disguise, but the arm would just give it away.”

“So, you are exactly who I thought you were.”

“How did you know?”

“I’ve been to the Captain America exhibit, and I’ve read everything the wall dedicated to his best friend. For the record, I like the long hair. Somehow, it suits you better.”

When he takes you home that night, you share your first kiss at the door, and he promises to visit you at work again as soon as possible.


It’s been a few months. Things between (Y/N) and I are going well. I go to see her as often as I can, sometimes as many as three or four times a week.

I arrive just as her last show of the day is beginning. She blows me a kiss when I wave at her. I sit on a nearby bench, admiring her as I have every other day. A little girl with blonde hair and bright green eyes narrowed to thin slits crosses the room to me.

“Are you her boyfriend?” she asks, her little hands fisted and resting on her hips.

“I am.”

She tilts her head and her eyes finally widen, “What’s it like dating a mermaid?”

“It’s an adventure,” I look up, watching (Y/N) spin in the water, a cyclone of bubbles moving with her, “every single day.”

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Gruvia Week Day 6 - Fear

Gruvia Week Day 6 - Fear

A/N: I know it’s late! Sorry! Here is my entrant for Gruvia Week 2016 Day 6 - Fear  Day 7 will be up tomorrow! Enjoy!


Juvia stood squinting and panting a trickle of blood running out her lips down her chin on the muddy and frozen battlefield, the smell of smoke and the feel of death and destruction hung toxic in the air around her, the attacking soldiers were never ending and Lyon and Meredy were dangerously near their magical limit’s, the fight needed to end soon, Juvia knew she had to keep on fighting no matter how exhausted she may feel she knew that she had to press on because at any moment her beloved may need her help.  Throwing a powerful wave of boiling water at General Invel in front of her she dared a look at Gray-sama watching as his muscles relaxed and contracted as he fought off more soldiers, dodging their attacks, the icemage jumped backwards putting distance between him and them, Juvia noticed his dodges getting slower only slightly but having trained so closely with him she noticed every tell tale sign that he was tiring.  Juvia pupils dilated as Gray looked her way staring deeply into her navy blue orbs his dark gray eyes going wide to, feeling like they were connected by an invisible string.  They both nodded at each other before jumping back into their respective battles.

Panting heavily Gray stared at the sea of soldiers no matter how much ice-make magic he threw at them they just kept on coming.  Lyon and Meredy seemed worn down to but they were looking out for each other off to his right.  Gray cursed himself he should be helping Juvia against Invel he should have her back but he couldn’t seem to break through the never ending mass of soldiers even with his devil slaying magic helping his ice-make magic.  “DAMN IT! Why won’t you annoying bastards just clear off already! I have bigger fish to fry!” He growled.

“Gray behind you!” The icemage heard Lyon shout as he was struck from behind hot blood pooling out his back bringing him to his knees, the pain knocking the breath out of him.

“Gray-sama!!” He heard Juvia scream his name making his heart twist. He couldn’t give up.  

Juvias blue hair flew around in the violent winds as she battled Invel. She was well suited to him, she was able to melt his ice with her water and as long as she remained in her waterbody all his attacks would go through her she just needed to wait until he ran out of steam.  He was a very skilled ice-make wizard nothing like she had ever seen.  He commanded dynamic ice like Lyons as well as static like Gray-samas but there was something more to it which Juvia couldn’t quite place her finger on.  Dodging the next lot of lances the watermage fired a boiling water cyclone at Invel who dodged it.

“It’s time to stop playing games.” He paused  “You’re by far the strongest watermage I’ve come across.” He smirked at her licking his bottom lip, his narrowed eyes piercing hers with a cold gaze through his spectacles unnerving her slightly.  

“Gray behind you!” Juvia heard Lyon shouting causing her to snap her head around to where he was fighting, her eyes growing wide as fear shot through her like lightning as a soldier struck him from behind.  

“Gray-sama!!” She screamed at him as the icemage fell to his knees in the sodden battlefield.  Juvia felt tears pricking her eyes as she started to run to him, her body acting before her mind could even think.  Juvia has to help Gray-sama!

“You’re not going anywhere until I am finished with you!” Juvia froze in her tracks.  “Ice-make snow cheetah!” Invel shouted sending the speedy creature towards her, Juvia couldn’t believe how fast that creation could move, it was as fast as the real thing if not faster, it was to late for her to move as the cold ice creation collided into her tearing at her clothes and skin.  “Give up yet?!”  Invel chuckled as Juvia struggled against it staring into the creatures eyes.  There was something there.  She didn’t have time to think about what as her body was being ripped by its claws.

“Waterbody!” Juvia shouted as her body shifted into hot water melting most of the animal attacking her. “Sierra!” The watermage threw her body forwards propelling it through the remained of the cheetah towards Invel hoping to catch him off guard.  “Juvia will never give up! As long as Juvia has love in her heart! She will not give up!” Putting even more power into her Sierra attack Juvia shot towards the older ice-make wizard like a shooting star.  

“That love will be the end of you! It is your weakness!” He roared as he made ice-make daggers fly towards her.  

“Those will have no affect on Juvia! Not in her heated water!” She got closer to Invel as the spears made contact making her scream in pain as she fell straight to the floor hard the mud sucking her down like quick sand. “H…How?” She gritted her teeth slowly and shakily picking herself up, mud dripping from her clothes.

“Like your little pink haired friend, Meredy or Melody was it? Nevermind. I can aim my ice at your pain sensors, even in your water form.  I have fought many watermages and you all have the same weakness.  You all think your indestructible.”  He placed his fist to his palm.  “Now have a taste of my true power! Ice-make bull!” A giant bull of ice charged towards Juvia with such ferocious power in such a short distance boring into her side.

“Gahhhh!” She cried out as the bull punctured through her ivory skin staining it crimson before flinging the watermage through the air.

“Ice-make freeze lance!” Invel shouted at he fired an array of freeze lances at her, Juvia just barely managing to slip into her waterbody in time but that didn’t stop the lances hitting her pain sensors.  She had been fighting endlessly against the soldiers before coming up against Invel her magic was almost all used up, especially after her failed Sierra attack.  She had put a lot into that move.  Juvias waterbody gave out as she shifted back into her normal body feeling the full brunt of the pain she had been masking as she closed her eyes not looking forwards to hitting the floor but her fall was halted.

“I’ve got you.” A strong pair of arms caught and encircled Juvia, her heart beating rapidly in her chest as her eyes flew open immediately met by deep grey ones.  Pissed off grey ones.  “You should be more careful you know.” His voice was strained as he struggled to keep his emotions in check, Juvia was in a bad state, she was losing a lot of blood. The icemage froze the worst injuries, his touch gentle as if he was scared of her breaking in his arms.

“Gray-sama….” Juvia murmured as he tended to her quickly.  His eyes flicking to hers invoking warm feelings in the two of them when they met.

“I’ll take it from here.  You make sure to rest, kay?” His voice was rough but laced through it was worry, he wanted her to be safe, she had overexerted herself.  Laying her tenderly on the ground his stormy face fell to Invel.

“An ice wizard I see.” Invel smirked at him.  “This shouldn’t be too difficult.” The older ice wizard rolled up his bloodied cuffs, Juvia had really put him through his paces.

“Yeah it wont be difficult for me.”  Grays voice was cold as the air around him grew frigid seeping ice magic. “You’re gonna pay for what you’ve done to Juvia.” Grays ice devil tattoo started to grow on his forearm.  “Ice make freeze lancer!” White arrows of ice shot at Invel who made no attempt to move.

“Ice-make shield!” A giant shield of ice flew up from the ground bouncing Grays freeze lancers back towards him.

“Damn it.” He cursed as he jumped towards Juvia shielding her body with his own, his own ice barely affected him.  His eyes fell to the fallen watermage who was out cold she looked so defenceless.   “Juvia…” He muttered stroking her cheek before turning back to Invel.  “He will pay.” His raven bangs covered his eyes as his fists clenched at his sides.  “I WON’T LOSE ANYONE ELSE!” Gray shouted as the ice devil tattoo spread up his arm encasing half his body in its black mark.

He’s an ice devil slayer?! Invel stared wide eyed at the wizard in front of him.

“Ice-make bazooka!! Ice-make knuckle!” Gray wasn’t giving him a chance to retaliate infusing all his attacks with his devil slayer magic for a bit of extra punch. “Ice-make arrows! Ice-make Gungir!” Invel was incased in ice and launched high into the air defenceless. “Ice-make crescent blades!” Half moon blades propelled through the air towards Invel striking him down to the floor, Gray panting from the amount of magic he’d used.

Shaking Invel pulled himself up from the floor looking at Gray with one eye closed, blood dripping from the wound in his side before froze it. “Impressive.” He chuckled. “Ice-make frozen nebula!”  He smirked catching Gray off guard.  Nebula? That’s one of Juvias moves! But how?  Standing his ground Gray opened his mouth to absorb the ice magic eating the whole nebula.

“You’re magic is useless against me-” Gray clutched his stomach feeling nauseous as he choked.  “Wh-what the…” His vision went blurry and he felt the familiar heat of his devils magic trying to take a hold like it had tried to do in those six months he lived with Juvia.  His body was weakened and it thrived on that.

“Ice-make arrows! Ice-make snow cheetah!” Gray couldn’t even see let alone react as he was hit with a barrage of ice-make spells.  What’s happening to me? The attacks were halted and Gray felt himself leaning against someone familiar.  Peering up, his vision clearing Gray smiled.  Of course it would be you.  

“No-one hurts Gray-sama.” Her voice was murderous, the wind whipping through her blue hair the rain growing heavier as the skies darkened.

“Juvia of the deep.  The rain woman.  I can see why you bear all the titles you do.” Juvia recoiled slightly at his words but Gray squeezed her waist with the arm that was wrapped around her reassuring her.

“Your ice magic.  It’s infused with the spirits of those that you have defeated.  Is it not?  That’s why it is poison to Gray-sama.”  Gray was dumbfounded.

“You’re right.  Intelligence, beauty and power.  What a wonderful addition to my collection you will make.”  

“Not if I have anything to say about it!” Gray was more upright now still clutching his stomach.

“You.” Invel laughed as he pushed his broken specs up the bridge of his nose.  “You can barely stand.  Let alone fight for your little girlfriend here.” Gray just growled at Invel as Juvia blushed beside him.  When this is all over I’ll give you my answer.  She would never forget those words.  Those words made her fight for her life and his.

“Gray-sama you need to expel all that ice you absorbed then we stand a chance.” Juvias eyes met his full of confidence.  Gray nodded he remembered hearing Natsu had to that to when ever he ate dodgy fire.

“Here goes nothing’… ice maker geyse- AHH.” Gray doubled over as everything he looked at seemed to shake violently, pain tearing through his stomach, he felt so cold inside but he knew his body was boiling hot.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia shrieked wrapping an arm around him shocked by how hot his skin felt.

“Stay away from me!” Gray shouted harshly at the watermage.  “I don’t want to hurt you Juvia.” He said bitterly but with good intention.

“Juvia can help Gray-sama!” She protested, the fierceness in her voice reminded him of Erzas as the icemage turned to look at her he felt everything start to become stable, he saw that her clothes were all torn leaving little to the imagination, her hair was mixture of blue and red, but she stood tall and proud despite her injuries.  “Water lock.” Gray was engulfed in a dome of freezing cold water cooling his skin and clearing his groggy mind.  He needed to get rid of that bad ice he had absorbed.

“FREEZE!” He shouted freezing Juvias water lock in a glorious purple hue before it shattered sending purple like crystal scattering through the air and across the battlefield, Gray looked to his left to see arrows of ice flying towards Juvia, fear striking though him.

“Ice-make arrows!” Juvia didn’t know if she could use her waterbody or not as she tried to dodge them anyway feigning left.

“Juvia!” Gray shouted summoning her to his side as he took her small delicate hand in his.  “We have to use everything we have left.”  He spoke softly staring at Invel.  “What kind of dark, crazy, twisted magic absorbs the souls of it foes and infuses their power with its own.”

“Zerefs magic.” Juvia answered her chest rising and falling as she panted.

“I can’t wait to add the two of you to my collection!” Invel gloated it was obvious that he too was feeling the effects of using his magic for such a long time.

“Lets do this now.”  Gray faced Juvia feeling lost and found in her eyes as he lifted their joined hands level with chest feeling his heart rate pick up as he smiled at her, the one person who had stuck by him through everything.  Juvia smiled back as their magic melded and united, the wind and rain whipping harder and harder.

“Juvia trusts Gray-sama one hundred percent.” Her words as fluid as water, the ocean in front of them was growing ever violent as it reacted to Juvias emotions.  Who knew she had this much power?

“Only one hundred percent?” Gray cocked his head to the side chuckling as Juvia blushed.  “You ready?” He asked squeezing her hand gently.

“Yes Gray-sama.”  The pair faced Invel as he looked at them curiously.  They’re going to attempt a unison raid?  I doubt they’d be able to pull it off.  Something about the look in their eyes though unnerved the ice wizard as he cast an ice-make shield and wall.

“ICE GEYSER!” Gray shouted imbuing it with as much devil slaying magic as he could they had to end this now.

“WATER NEBULA!” Juvia put her remaining magic into her last attack throwing everything she had behind it as her and Gray-samas magic mixed, her water nebula a bright blue, beautiful like the ocean on a summers day but as deadly as a tsunami.  Grays ice geyser was as cold as it looked the beautiful spiked ice was as fatal as it looked.

Panting the pair waited to see if they had been victorious, their hands still joined and sure enough Invel was down for the count.

“We did it.” Gray whispered relieved that the battle was over.

“Yes Gray-sama!  Nothing is a match for our-”  The watermage went to throw her arms around him but her legs gave way underneath her. Gray wrapped an arm around her waist stopping her descent as her hands rested on his chest.

“Juvia…” He didn’t know what to say or do as he stared into her eyes, he didn’t know if he wanted to tell her now - his answer, he knew he didn’t want to risk losing her again.  No he couldn’t.  It would have to wait until there was certain future.  He did need to focus for now, there was still Zeref and E.N.D to defeat. “We should find Lyon and Meredy and rest up.” Juvia nodded as they walked back supporting each other as snow started to fall from the sky.

“How odd snow in summer.” Juvia commented as they trudged through the mud.

“Guess that’s what happens when you mix ice an’ water.” Gray chuckled his heart feeling light.

“Oh.” Was all Juvia could squeak as a blush lined her cheeks.  That was one battle down but the real ones were still to come but for now they needed to rest.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed it!  Even if it was a bit bumpy in places!  What did you think of my idea of Invels ice being infused with the spirits of those he defeated?



“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else“

Do the “I’m going to have to ask you to put on underwear before you say anything else” or whichever one that was please!
CLAIRE DO THE “I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else“ ONE!!!!!!!!!!! 

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It was a rainy day. No, scratch that. It was practically a cyclone. Water run off drained down the sides of the streets like a river and debris from the ground was being swept around the air by the wind. In reality it wasn’t all that bad but there was lightning and thunder and strong winds and she figured staying inside the little flat was the best bet.

She looked at the clock seeing it was about 1:30 in the afternoon. She was bored and since her best friend and roommate Ashton wouldn’t be home for another half an hour she figured baking would be a nice way to occupy her time.

Unfortunately for him, the bus stop was seven blocks away from their shared home and he’d forgotten his umbrella at the restaurant he waited tables at five nights a week. He walked as fast as he could in his drenched jeans, his hair and hoodie both dripping with water as well. He hoped the tips he’d stashed in his backpack along with his work clothes weren’t getting too soaked. He kept his eyes to the ground and watched the water in his shoes squish out a little bit every time he took a step.

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Time Travel and Rebuilding

I’ve been getting soo many urges to write but at the same time, i keep being distracted so i asked why is it i feel this way? like i’m being pulled in two directions at the same time? How can I even begin to describe what this energy has felt like…It literally feels like I am straddling two worlds at once and the very strange part of that is it feels like we are in a time loop. I feel like I am both the old pre-awakened self and the awakened self at the same time. It’s very cliche to say it feels like we are unconsciously time travelling but that is probably the simplest way to describe this latest energy shift happening. 

The old consciousness and the new evolved consciousness are diverging together which is a bit paradoxical so it feels like there is a fork in the road but you are stuck on pause between the old consciousness and the new.  Are we stuck in limbo? This is why the entropy and friction is building all around us. This energy needs a container otherwise it is pure entropy. So the old consciousness is causing the ego to fight against this new energy. It’s the equivalent of being stuck in an Ice storm, you want your car to go but in reality all you are doing is spinning your wheels. So the old is holding onto the grips of the remains of what is left within our memories of the past. This is why it feels a bit like time traveling, you will notice similar old habits returning, emotional purging, kundalini being very present, hella ascension symptoms on the up-rise and especially old emotional patterns resurfacing for clearing. For many this could even mean a recap of what caused you to awaken, like a subconscious trigger to shake you awake even though you already experienced this. I had a very interesting emotional breakdown where i felt like i was literally stuck in a blackhole, like my mind was generating all these past emotions i have felt since childhood into adolescence which create this direct purging experience that was very healing. The mind begins to observe itself and realize wait…this already happened. DEJA VU GLITCHES. It’s like “well i’ve already learned this before so why am i relapsing?”

We are emotionally relapsing into our memories….pretty trippy huh? I think this is because the old consciousness is completely trying to disintegrate from the new as past present and future self merge together into ONE unified force. The timelines merging into various probabilities of experience. The old consciousness is saying “wait, i want to come too” but the new consciousness is saying “sorry but we don’t need you anymore, we are done with this pain body” lol. So it’s a very conflicting energy that is pulling A LOT of friction when in reality we just need to let go of it all, let go of everything that isn’t serving your highest good any longer. This is a HUGE shift. It’s a ripple that has been expanding since the Eclipses and it started reaching it’s peak during the 11.11 gate. Now we are entering solstice energy soon and inevitably this would be another build up of energy. The energy isn’t exactly slowly down, it’s growing more intense and stronger as the entropy builds and builds which is a bit surreal. I mean just look at the news these days…..

It is asking us to let go or be dragged by the past. What we are resisting is merely illusions of our memories past. This Reistance[anger, worry, anxiety, depression, resentment, jealousy, envy, turmoil, self-pity, etc.] is the mind in the past and future self which isn’t grounded in our present reality. Present reality is non-local perception meaning consciousness removed from time which is where manifestation is strongest. I came upon a revelation a few weeks ago that we don’t always consciously think about but every day of existence, the mind is recreating itself through the mind. How beautiful is the Awakened self, that we are able to witness the death of the karmic/old consciousness within the observation of the mind by being the WATCHER of the new evolved consciousness. We act as if a snake shedding it’s skin, layer by layer the old disappears and reappears in a spiral we need to take reign of…layer by layer the old continues to disappear if we are willing to let go of the old perceptions and conditions of the self. 

So just remember, this resistance we are feeling, it is only memories of ancient past, blackhole energy. My friend described it as a water cyclone and i couldn’t agree more. It’s an emotional cyclone, an emotional vortex but all we need to do is let go of it all, let go to realize you are all perceptions. You are the spiral. 

You are building the new from the old, how beautiful is that?

Wind and water

A powerful storm over Ontario whipped up manic winds last week that entrained streamers of water howling up over the shoreline rocks, and reflecting the sunlight and producing the magnificent double rainbow. The storm saw some of the lowest pressures ever measured for non tropical cyclones.


Image credit: Tom Semadeni

When Gray knows he’s at fault

Couple Gray and Juvia fights

Gray: Juvia, honey. Let’s talk.

Juvia: Water slicer! Water Nebula! Water Claw!

Gray: Okay. You’re angry.

Juvia: Water Cyclone! 

Gray: Okay I think you are really, really angry. 

Gray: *manages to come closer*

Gray: *grabs his angry girlfriend*

Gray: *kisses his very angry girlfriend*

Juvia: *relaxes and responses to kiss*

*ends up in bed*

The following morning…

Gray: Okay. That was a good talk.