water colouring pencil

“ I’m apollo justice and i’m fine ! “
After dual destinies an seein’ stuff i couldn’t resist drawing more aa angst but i also used this to practice digital watercolour which was a lot of fun uvu

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I AM MOANA!!   The soundtrack is just more cohesive and I love the reprisals and the big medley she does when the Grandma comes back. Originally from my instaI think I’ve drawn her more on-model than last months attempt tbh (x)

Other Moana art:


Art journal entries from this autumn and winter. Lots of class notes and writing practice. Currently obsessed with drawing geometric forms, specially gemstones. Most used materials: Coffee, water colours, white acrylic paint, pencil. 


From Apple White into an original character in the span of too many hours. My first time doing an EAH faceup and reroot! Exciting stuff indeed!
I’ll be making a sweet little black and white dress for her in the near future, but for the time being I’m very happy with how she has turned out~

Pro tips:
-If you think you’re using a fine brush, find a finer one!
-Seal seal seal! (Three coats of Testor’s spray lacquer on her face)


Progress shots of Mal from Descendants 2 - Time - 5ish hours. Water colour ink, pencil, biro sharpie, blood, sweat, tears.

Maleficents daughter look like an instagram model tbh.

Finnished version : https://pweadaportfolio.tumblr.com/post/163919468474/descendants-2-mal-uma-and-evie-time-5ish