water carving

Drink the moonlight water, carve a false name into bones too large to carry, trade dirt for dirt, tell no one where you come from or where you are going.


So, a Water Tribe Betrothal Necklace is, traditionally, a hand-carved piece of jewelry given by a bride-to-be’s intended. It’s clear that a very traditional theme to have is a sense of roundness. This is shown by the first four necklaces shown.

The bottom two, Bolin’s, and Kya’s, differ highly from this, making them non-traditional. Now Bolin’s makes sense in the context we’re given from the show. Eska was shown to be slightly deranged and didn’t understand that Bolin wanted to get out of their relationship. The heavy-gothic themes help to show the dread, despair, and chain-like quality Bolin must feel. Despite this though, it still features a somewhat-round centerpiece like the traditional necklaces do.

But, Kya’s is also different. We found out via Word of God that Kya is LGBTA+. If she’s wearing a necklace, does this mean that her (assumed) wife carved it for her? Did Kya carve out one similarly for her wife? 

I like to assume that the design Kya wears also symbolizes how her relationship is non-traditional, just as her necklace is.

Also don’t picture Korra and/or Asami carving and giving the other a necklace.

Arms so inked they pass for black, lips always kissing a lit cigarette. He was a Bad Boy, in the most cliche of ways.

She was an angel, just missing wings and a halo.

She wouldn’t go bad for him, and he couldn’t turn good, not even for her.

In time, white water will carve river rock.

They learned to love in shades of grey, in undefined twilight at dusk and dawn.

Even the purest princess can get addicted to smoking. Even the fiercest of dragons need more than the fire of their own breath to keep them warm.


Mt // yin-yang love

Prompt: @free-her-state-of-mind

To charge and activate sigils (a masterpost sorta)

To charge

Place in front of music speakers

Sit it in the sun

Set as phone lock screen, charge phone

Tape to your window on a full moon

Hold it near fire

Leave in light

Use storm energy

Hold it to your pulse point(s)

Hold your fingers to it and visualize it soaking energy from your core

Pass through incense smoke

Play the sigil some music

Toss it into the air

Fan the sigil

Let the sigil absorb moonlight

Let the sigil absorb sunlight

Surround it with crystals/rocks

Place it in soil

Pass over a candle

To activate

place on paper, burn it

draw on bread, toast it

bury it in the Earth

dissolve it in water

carve into a candle/wax and let it melt

draw with honey (/other) at the bottom of a mug, activate with a hot drink

draw on a flag, leave in wind

trace in dust, blow away

draw in cooking oil, cook

carve into soap, wash body

draw on a beach, let the ocean take it

draw on a rock, throw it in a river/lake/etc.

draw it on a vein (will both charge and activate)

Aries: Warrior, thinks they are never wrong, Mr/Mrs confident, pioneering spirit, puts their self first, is dynamic, is rational.

Taurus: Sensualist, Mr/Mrs. practical, cautious, wants to possess, late bloomer, nature lover, hidden intuition, needs security.

Gemini: Communicator, Mr./Mrs. social butterfly, observant, intelligent, quick, jokester, wants to explore others, needs to know themselves.  

Cancer: The nurturer and protector, lives in cycles, private, understanding, family is everything, needs reassurance, loves hard.

Leo: Leader, Mr/Mrs. creative, wants it all, “lives for the applause”, is loving, they wear their crown, lion heart.

Virgo: Organizer, student, Mr/Mrs. Perfectionist, detail-oriented, logical and practical with feelings, wants to serve, very caring.

Libra: The lover, peace keeper, Mr/Mrs. dreamer, all about aesthetics, friendly, NEEDS balance, fears and hates conflict more than anything.

Scorpio: Manipulator, Mr/Mrs. mysterious, sexy, intense, assassin, wants protection and understanding, goes deep, ride or die, their eyes!

Sagittarius: Wild and free, Mr/Mrs. independent, funny, optimistic, impulsive, blunt, fast, energy, ideas, morals, always moving forward.

Capricorn: Pragmatist, Mr./Mrs. workaholic, their inner fire exist but is crystallized, snarky, faithful, responsible, hard, needs stability.

Aquarius: Visionary, Mr./Mrs.rebel, independent, hippie, army of one, forgetful, kooky, neon, electric, wants to make a change.

Pisces: Psychic, Mr./Mrs. hopeless romantic, artist, sensitive, wants to love, gets it, will be what you need, like water they carve.

Stoner witch tips

make sure to cleanse your pipe periodically, especially after smoking w large groups of acquaintances or people with clashing vibes

Name your piece and take care of it, bond with it, and it’ll treat you well.

Charge the salt or rubbing alcohol you use when you clean your pipe. Throw in a couple sprinkles of herbs or essential oils to fit your purposes

Leave your piece sitting out at night and charge it under the full moon, or maybe put a crystal in the bowl overnight, or charge it using gem water

Consider having a personal pipe if you have the money for one, !!especially!! If you use weed as a part of your craft.

Instead of using incense to symbolize air, use a joint.

Use moon water in your bong. Cackle ominously and whisper “bubble bubble toil and trouble” for extra effect. Depending on if/which deities you worship, that might be disrespectful. Charged crystal water is unproblematic as far as I know, but be sure the crystal isn’t going to leave poisonous particles in the water.

Carve sigils into apple pipes. Smoke next to a tree or flowers and have a bonding smoke sesh. Apple pipes are a nice to leave as an offering to a tree or plant you’re trying to bond with, but make sure to ask first to see if the plant is comfortable with that. It could be seen as a sharing of resources and nourishment after a sesh, or a major disrespect ((bc u did just burn another plant for your enjoyment)) bury it near the roots or leave it out for the animals.
be careful with that tho bc the apple will have your magical signature on it.
Enchant your weed using the strain as a guideline if you have that information
Enchant your grinder to purify and filter out your weed, and remember to cleanse it every so often

When I fly I always want the window seat;
so I can watch city streets hum with headlights at night like haemoglobin flowing through veins. So I can look out and see the vast horizon quivering in the haze of summer heat. So I can see the shorelines of this land meeting the brine of the great blue ocean tides; little miniature white ripples breaking out on the boundless glimmering water - boats carving out ephemeral trails on their journeys. So I can see rivers and tributaries turn into estuaries and meet the sea like ancient friends joining hands. So I can see the glow of a sunrise or a sunset light a fire in the sky with its warm tones - painting the world with the most heartbreakingly exquisite pastels. So I can see the vast and colourful countryside divided into patchwork, like a quilt stitched from the hands of god, or some divine force bigger than we could possibly conceive. So I can see the mountains of green and brown erupting from the ground, casting darkly mysterious shadows into divots and gullies. So I can rise above the clouds and gaze upon the endless azure sky that overwhelms me with its brilliance and reminds me how infinitesimal I really am.
I always want the window seat;
So I can realise the complete majesty that surrounds me, and so that I can see -
So that I can see that while I’m not religious - there is clearly something greater than mere humanity, and it has given us the most wondrous of gifts; simply to exist here in this miraculous realm.
—  “So I can see” // @rarasworldbro

Tourmaline shotglass?