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Manly Monday: Spanish Aqua Horse

Openly Gay Spanish Water Polo Player Victor Gutierrez Is Ready For Rio!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Guy Friday

Víctor Gutiérrez Is Ready To Take Rio By Storm!

Bring It On, Baby!

SakuraCon’s Right around the corner! Please remember:
  1. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat at least 2 meals a day! Pike Place Market and Capital Hill is a great place to grab cheap eats! Why? Pike Place Market is an Iconic Tourist location full of super cheap eats! and Seattle Central Community College is in Capital Hill and college students look for cheap eats!
  2. Walgreens is your place for grabbing snacks and water! Dont spend 4 bucks on a single 16oz bottle of water! and its 2 blocks from the con center!
  3. NEVER keep all of your money in one place! Keep them all separate to avoid getting that money lost or stolen! Keep some in your shoe if you have to!
  4. Remember to shower! No one likes con funk or want to risk getting sick at con! Both Walgreens and target sell waterless shower wipes!
  5. RESPECT THE HOTEL AND CONVENTION STAFF!! Hotel staff have it hard enough as is, add in 10000+ nerds lugging costumes, makeup, and sewing machines and their job gets 10 times harder. Also dont forget to tip your house keeper. Convention staff is about 80% Volunteers who want to be having as much fun as you but theyre working and arguing/fighting with them makes it more stressful than needed.
  6. Be courteous to your roommates! dont touch their belongings without permission, don’t argue with them, set ground rules! Its not a fun con if you are having beef with the people youre lodging with!
  7. Dont be a dick to fellow con attendees. That in itself explains everything.
  8. COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT! Regardless if a cosplayer is dressed as your “waifu” or you think its funny to touch a cosplayer, ask them very personal questions, harass them because of the character theyre dressed as, whatever. Cosplay is not an excuse for you to behave like a savage.
  9. If you have a smart phone, apps like One Bus Away, Moovit, and Transit App will help you navigate around Seattle.
  10. Have fun! Be safe! 

Hump Day Hunks

Poseidon’s Sons From The World Of Water Polo Emerge From The Depths.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!