water bottle oppa

“Here (Y/N),” Jin fumbled a little with some food, “I made this for you.”

“Oh,” You put your water bottle down, “Thank you, oppa.” You took it from him, immediately smelling the delightful smell of chicken.

“A busy girl like you should always keep a full stomach,” He smiled.

“Our debut is soon,” You open the container he had your lunch in, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in my life.”

“There’s nothing to be worried about, hoobae.” He sat on the floor, patting the space next to him. “All of us were extremely nervous when we debuted.”

“But you guys were—and still are—great!” You exclaim, throwing your hands out.

“Have you seen your group, (Y/N)-ah?” He fought the upturning of the corners of his lips, “You’re very well off, especially since you’ve gotten help from us.”

“You joke about the pointers and everything we received from you guys,” You shove a piece of chicken in your mouth, “In reality, we recited everything you’ve ever told us.”

“We couldn’t have helped that much..” He trailed off, “Did we?”

“Well, when your sunbaes are seven boys who do nothing but work hard, it’s hard not to listen to your nagging.”

“Nagging?” He breathed a laugh, “I thought we helped.”

“You do nag a little..” You giggled, continuing to eat.

“How so?” He was interested: elbow on his leg, palm of his hand on his jawline, watching you eat and waiting for a response.

“For starters,” You swallow, “Yelling at us that being lazy won’t get us anywhere is annoying.”

“It’s the truth.”

“We know.” You rolled your eyes, “That’s why it’s annoying. Sunbae, we know what we need to do in order to achieve a high ranking within the music industry. We have basic knowledge of everything,”

“Anything you like particularly?”

“When we’re with you, you treat the maknae like a baby.” You poked your cheek smiling.

“That’s because you are a baby,” He ruffled your hair, “How much younger are you than Jungkook?”

“One or two years.” You answered, eating more of the food.

“Why aren’t you close to him?”

“Age doesn’t have anything to do with friendship, and who says I’m not close to him? We text everyday,”

“Is that you he’s texting on his free time?” He asked while laughing, “I was wondering. What do you talk about?” You stood quiet, picking at your food. “(Y/N)~” Stuffing your mouth full of food, you look up and shake your head. “Don’t put so much food in your mouth, you might choke.”

You chewed, and swallowed everything after about three minutes. “I’m sorry, Jin.”

“What do you talk about?”

“It’s between two Golden Maknaes!” You pretend to zipper your mouth shut, “Like Jungkook says: ‘Golden Maknaes like us should stick together.’”

“You can tell eomma,” He wiggled his eyebrows, earning a laugh from you.

“You’re not my eomma..not exactly.”

“Here.” He licked his thumb, leaning in and wiping the corner of your mouth. “You had some food there.” His eyes found yours.

“Thank you..” You managed to squeak out, gulping at the distance between you two.

He blinked slowly, like he saw something in your eyes worth watching. His lips parted, but he flung himself backwards. “Ah, I’m sorry!” He looked away, blushing insanely red.

“It’s fine, Jin.” You licked your lips, “Thanks for the food.”

“It was no problem..” He looked down.

“I should see if the girls have eaten already,” You picked up the disposable container, walking it over to the nearest garbage can.

“(Y/N), wait.” Jin got up, seeing as your hand was on the door to leave the dance practice room.
“Would you like to stop by for dinner?”

“Of course.” You nodded, holding your hands together on your thighs. “I’ll tell the others when I see them.”

“Oh, yeah—the girls..” He scratched the back of his head.

“Oh!” You covered your face, “Did you mean just us, oppa?”

“Um, no.” He shook his head vigorously, “That’s not what I meant..” He stood there, rocking on the heels of his feet.

“Oppa,” You itch your cheek lightly, “May I ask you for advise?”

“Whatever you need, I’m here.”

“How would I know if a boy likes me?” He seemed a little stunned by your answer, “You’re a boy—or, man—so how would I know?”

“I guess I’ll try to explain,” He looked around the room, trying to think of something. “If he likes you he might try to find excuses to be with you, touch you a lot, treat you differently than he would any other girl or person, talks to you a lot, and is just all around sweet.” He said in more of a high pitched, questionable tone.

“Ah..” You said lowly, “So that must mean you like me, Jin-ah.” You look up at him.

“That’s a different kind of like, (Y/N).” He frantically shook his hands.

“What kind of like were you explaining to me?”

“When a boy is interested in you, like dating wise.”

“You do all those things, oppa. You even cleaned my mouth just now, and asked just me to dinner.”

“(Y/N), don’t do this.”

“You don’t like me?” You frowned, now playing with him.

“I love you!” He blurted out, “J-Just not like that,”

“Are you sure?”

“You’re younger than Jungkook, yes I’m sure! It’s bad enough you’re going to debut soon, but how am I supposed to not like you?” He covered his mouth. “Aish..”

“You do like me,”

“I can’t, though..” He looked at his feet, “You’re too young.”

“You can’t help who you like, sunbae.” You lightly kicked his feet.

“Don’t tell anyone..” He looked up, pleading you.

“Why would I? It would get you and I in trouble.”

“I can’t believe I like a child..” He rubbed his temples.

“I’m not a child, I’m a teenager.” You placed your hands on your hips.

“And I’m an adult, (Y/N).”

“Are you upset?”

“A little.”

“Are you upset at me?” Your voice went soft.

“Not at all,” He shook his head, “Mostly just myself.”

“Well, we can’t tell anyone about this. Maybe you could wait a few years,”

“Haha,” He laughed sarcastically, “Or we can really not tell anyone. We won’t do anything..of that nature..but we can have an innocent relationship?”

“Did you really just ask me that, Jin?”

He gulped, pulling away from you. “N-No..” He blinked, “Just don’t tell anyone.”

“Don’t tell anyone what, oppa?” You smiled sweetly, swaying yourself back and forth.

“My crush on you, (Y/N).” He reached behind you for the doorknob, “Also, can you please cut back on the oppa?..” He looked slightly embarrassed, “You say it in an innocent way, and I don’t need to be reminded how old you are. Not to mention, you use it to flirt as well.”

“I do not flirt with you!” You pushed him by his chest.

“It’s okay, I try to flirt with you too.”