water bottle


jong in brought the bottle & napkin to the stage. this is prob just me but it seems he purposely placed the bottle near ksoo, like silently telling ksoo to drink first*. ksoo drank the water first then jongin followed.

*even if it wasn’t intentional i still find the act to be sweet bc that means he unconsciously prioritizing ksoo’s well being (i mean… he could’ve drank it right away before fixing his outfits but he placed the bottle near ksoo, fixed his outfit, then drank the water after ksoo did it first)

Zero Waste Tips

Whenever you go out, bring with you:

-a reusable water bottle filled with water (this prevents the purchase of plastic water bottles)

-an empty reusable coffee mug that can be filled during your travels, or a full reusable cup mug that you filled at home (prevents paper coffee cups and gives you a discount at many coffee shops, including Starbucks) 

-some kind of small cloth that can be used in place of napkins, tissues, and paper towels

-at least one reusable shopping bag (I have one I bring everywhere that folds up into a little square pouch) 

-a reusable container (useful if you eat out and have take home food) 

I’ve spent the past week chilling in Bristol - reading in cafes and celebrating birthdays and generally enjoying life without exams. Currently reading Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit which I v much recommend.