water bombers

Things I associate with BLACKPINK

Jisoo: Waves crashing onto the shore, ripped jeans, the sound of running water, walking along a river, flower petals, blue skies, white lace, open windows, snow flakes, rain drops on windows, mint green clothes, lemonade, succulent, Venus fly traps, hanging lights, studio lights, dream catchers.

Jennie: Chokers, messy hair, gems and crystals, day light shining through curtains, wind chimes, feeling the wind through your hair, natural light, zen gardens, shadows, palm trees, nude lipstick, cookie dough, coffee stains, aged paper, opening letters, the smell of freshly bakes cinnamon buns, iced coffee.

Rose: Drinking tea, milk in glass bottles, mason jars, bubbles, fizzy drinks, bath bombs, ice cream on a hot summer day, a cool spring breeze, winter coats, white and pink roses, reflections off water, circle sunglasses, pastel bomber jackets, playing with sparklers, baby pink lipstick, picking strawberries.

Lisa: Steam from hot tea, autumn leaves, taking walks in the evening, reading books under candle light, melted candles, sweater paws, walking in the sand with bare feet, flannel, finding seashells, collecting pretty rocks, the sound your feet make when you walk on rocks, brick roads, long boarding by the sea side.


I know that no one will see this and that’s okay. Maybe I just need to acknowledge what my new reality is. Today my home of 19 years went up completely in flames. I left my workplace after an emergency broadcast said the area of town I live in was under evacuation orders and it took me an hour to get through traffic. When I got there I had 5 minutes to put my most important things into a bag and go. I left behind my truck, which is my baby and the only thing I’ve ever really owned, and my house that I grew up in. My family took 4 vehicles while the other 2 we own were left with the house. I drove my mothers truck and took my younger sister. We headed out of our street as water bombers attacked the tree line against my backyard. All of us were split up because of the hectic scene and I drove for 8 hours straight to find them again. My mother was in a car accident and we’re all almost out of gas stuck north of the town in a place that has only one entrance and exit. I’m laying in a cot with my boyfriend, who somehow found his way back to me, with an alarm set for 4:45. When we will get up to find fuel and set out for the south. I have no idea if the highway is open and I’ll have to go through my home which is nothing more than black smoke and ash now. The fire is burning out of control and all of our resources are going towards the preservation of life. We’ve given up fighting the flames. Where I’ll go from here I’m not sure but my heart will stay with my home. Goodbye Fort McMurray.

Hey Everybody!

As you know I’m from Canada. As some of you may know from watching the news, or maybe you haven’t heard, but Fort McMurray, Alberta is in a state of devastation right now. The city has been taken by wild and out of control forest fires. 

More than 60′000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Some of those people are my friends and family. People are losing their homes and a lot pets have been left behind, stuck in the burning houses and buildings. It’s been absolutely terrifying to watch. I’ve seen videos of people in tears as they watch their homes being destroyed. 

The worst part is, the fire is so bad that they can’t send water bombers or anything because the smoke is to high up in the atmosphere. The only thing they can do now is pray for rain. It’s not much to ask, but please keep Fort Mac and the people who live their in your thoughts and in your hearts… Thanks xoxox

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