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Do You Want Ice Cream? - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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It had been awful, you were an unsuspecting victim returning home after a long day at work. The denial you felt was strong at first, when you saw the trail of clothes moving from the doorway to the bedroom, you wondered why your boyfriend had thrown clothes all over the floor, and then you wondered why most of the clothes you didn’t recognise.

Like any good explorer would, you followed the trail all the way into the bedroom, picking up the bread crumbs as you went. You didn’t even expect to find your boyfriend in bed with a woman, but he was there, writhing under the sheets with a woman underneath him. Your reaction was instant, as soon as you realised exactly what was going on you were just done. You slammed the door shut to let him know that you were there and that you’d seen, and then you made your way out.

You threw all the clothes you’d collected back down onto the ground and retrieved your coat and bag, wondering if you should grab some of your stuff before leaving for good but you decided against it when he exited the room and made his way towards you, already crying out excuses that you didn’t want to hear.

“Don’t you dare,” you practically screeched, running out of the house and into your car before he could say anything else to you.

The only problem was that now you didn’t know where to go, it had always been work and home for you. You knew you wanted to go somewhere relaxing and public, if you were allowed yourself to sit alone in a hotel room then you had no doubt in your mind you’d just cry and stress yourself out even more. And so you drove to a park, it made the most sense to you. There was something within you that stopped you from crying in public, it was like trying to stop yourself from breathing, your body would just deny you that right.

It was pretty full, but that was good, the more people the more resistance you had against those tears that threatened to escape. You found yourself at a bench that was pretty empty except for a man who had surrounded himself with different pits of paper, there was a backpack placed beside him which seemed to be filled with even more papers and notebooks. “Do you mind?” You asked, referring to the open space beside him.

He looked up from his papers, tensing at the sight of you. He was wearing a cap but you were still able to see his eyes which scanned your body up and down, once he’d gouged that you were no threat he released a small, “no,” the word so quiet you were surprised you’d actually managed to hear it.

“Thank you.” You placed yourself down, beginning to stare out at the park in front of you, trying to distract yourself as best you could.

The park was nothing like those of the smaller towns. Theirs were miniature formal gardens for the elderly that had retired there for the quiet life. They had benches, ornamental trees, flowers year round and water fountains in clear lakes that were stocked with koi carp. But not here. Not in the big town. Here a park meant acres of concrete interspersed with neat grass verges. Your park had rollerblading tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts, water parks and skate boarder basins. There are vendors with hotdogs and burgers, vendors with curry and rice, vendors with tacos and sour cream.  There’s always music, sometimes clashing with various sources, none of them official. Your park doesn’t have colour from roses or asters, but it is more vibrant than any planned garden. And the countless features of this park kept you pretty entertained, but you couldn’t hide the grim expression on your face.

Bucky had been doing well going through his many memories, he’d taken a moment to just sit and go through them all and colour code them. Red were the memories HYDRA had created, yellow was for the memories he was unsure whether or not they were true, and green was for the memories he was sure of. Today had been a good day; so far he’d used green more than all the other colours.  

But now you were sat next to him and he felt himself being distracted, he had to admit that you were rather beautiful, his heart had skipped a beat when he first saw you, though he tried to put off that reaction by calling it stupid. He wasn’t good with emotions, perhaps he used to be, but not anymore.

Once you’d sat down, he was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of you. Especially after noticing the sad expression on your face; he released a cough after a few more minutes, becoming more and more affected by your obvious distress. “Are-“ he stopped momentarily when you looked at him, suddenly feeling shy underneath your emotionless gaze. “Are you okay?”

‘Hmm’ you thought, ‘this is peculiar’. You noticed a stir of emotions in the pit of your belly, the sadness was stronger there and when he asked this question it just seemed to hurt you further. “No,” you answered honestly, not knowing how else to deal with this sudden stranger who seemed to care more about you than your own fiancé had.

Another moment of silence passed between the two of you, lasting approximately ten seconds. It was disrupted when Bucky started to place his papers back into the backpack by his side, then he stood, looking around the park.

You thought that he was going to leave but he remained stood in front of you, eyes searching around the open area. “Do you want ice cream?” This was the first thing that came to mind, he wanted to help you, you looked like you could do with some help and he was determined to act un-winter soldier like. Helping people was un-winter soldier like, he hoped.

And that’s how you met the man that is now your husband, it took a while to convince yourself to go with the stranger for ice-cream but you were happy you’d done so.  Three years down the line and here you were, sat on a sofa and wrapped up in his arms. The metal arm took some use to getting used to, but now it didn’t even matter to you, as far as you were aware whether the arm was made of metal or skin, it was still a part of him.

Bucky had told you to rest seen as you’d been up the previous night feeling sick. You were pregnant with twins, and you think that’s why you always felt a little sicker than an average pregnant woman. He’d stayed up all night with you which meant a lot, but it made you feel a lot of concern for him. Thankfully he’d fallen asleep as soon as you were placed on the couch with him, some boring movie playing in the background. You still weren’t able to sleep though, and so you remained in your position just writing words onto the palm of his open hand.

You’d just finished writing ‘do you want ice cream’ when he seemed to suddenly stir beneath you. “If I get you ice cream will you finally go to sleep?”

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