water bloom

Nighttime Cherry Blossoms / 夜桜

This trip in Hangzhou we met too many tourists and heavy haze. I should take more shot about cherry blossoms, and that’s our goal, but I didn’t predict the situation of the climate and the tourism completely.

This is my favourite one of the very few photos I shot in Hangzhou, I love the colors of the lights, the reflections, and the tranquil mood.

Attract a New Friend Spell

You will need:

  • Season of spring
  • Mini yellow rose bush, flowering
  • Bottle of club soda, room temperature
  • Water
  • Shears

Choose your plant carefully. It can be purchased from a local nursery or grocery store. If there are many plants available, take time considering each one and buy the one that “speaks” to you and that you find especially appealing. You don’t have to know why you find it especially appealing, just that you do.

Take it home, find a great spot for it, and water as needed. When watering, add a few drops of club soda to help your plant thrive. Once the plant has acclimated to its new home, take a cutting and place it in a glass of water.

Take a second bloom and carefully remove four petals. Say: a petal alone does not a flower make, your beauty does not erode if your petals break. Now as beauty enters the air, a seed is planted in a friend unaware.

Take the petals in your hand and go out for a walk. Drop one, and change the direction you were walking. Do this three times and each time you change direction, drop another petal.

By the time your cutting has established roots of its own and is ready to be planted, you will have attracted a new friend. Once the relationship has taken root give this new yellow rose plant to your friend.

This spell can also be completed with a pink rose plant to attract a romantic partner, or a red rose plant to attract a passionate lover.

(Source: Wicca Candle Spells by Milla Walsh)

Jellyfish Blooms

Sometimes thousands of jellyfishes are concentrated around a small area of the ocean. Such a swarm is known as a “bloom”.

The blooms are a combined result of many factors like - ocean current, air flow, season, water temperature, sunshine, concentration of oxygen, concentration of plankton etc.

If the water becomes warmer it helps the jellyfish population to grow. Lack of oxygen in the sea water is surprisingly led to growth also. Poor oxygen concentration drives away fishes and other plankton eaters from a certain area of the ocean. As a result, the jellies (as they can survive without much oxygen) can have more food to sustain a larger population.

Agriculture needs fertilizers to grow more crops. Increase of fertilizers mean increment of nutrients to water which ultimately comes into the ocean. Jellyfish flourish in such waters.

Big blooms can be bad for fishing and other sea related  commercial activities. Such a bloom can also alter the ecosystem of a part of the ocean.

to call thee mine

∟ Happy holidays to @kindclaws! 

Summary: Set after the war with Hybern has ended, Feyre and Rhys decide they’re already mates and High Lord & Lady, but now there is still just one ceremony left between them to do. With no better moment than after a victory in war during which they fought for one another, they decide to commit themselves to each other one last time and have the entire Inner Circle there to witness it. 

Tags: Lots of fluff, romance, and a hint of angst thrown in for kicks and giggles. And Morrigan. Plenty of Morrigan.

Rating: G

Only the Inner Circle is asked to come.

Well, the Inner Circle and her sisters, of course.

Elain could never have stayed away regardless. She has flowers to bring. Night blooming water lilies, jessamine, and moonflower are woven together into a bewitching arrangement of whites and magentas and midnight blues for Feyre to carry. She drove Lucien wild stitching it together all night.

It compliments the dress beautifully.

Feyre is in Morrigan’s dressing chamber, which she’s borrowed for the evening. She would have preferred to stay home and do it, but Morrigan insists a little tradition never hurt anyone. That and she wants to be there to see the stupid grin she knows will break free over her cousin’s face when he sees what she’s done to his mate. Sees her for the first time.

And oh how she has succeeded in her task like never before.

Morrigan has swept back the top of Feyre’s head in an elegant display of knots and twists that pull together behind her where the rest is allowed to fall loosely down her back in soft waves. There are small gems tucked here and there that Morrigan knows will catch the moonlight off the balcony when they go back to the House of Wind afterwards.

On her face, Feyre’s cheeks are a smooth pink blush - just the lightest touch of it to warm up her crystalline grey eyes. She convinces Mor of an equally soft shade of the color for her lips and the girls laugh as they joke about how long the color will last on those lips after the party is over later on that night.

But the dress - the dress is what will undo him. Of that both girls are sure.

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Why yes, this is the face of someone who has 600,000 very involved meetings today and wastes precious prep time by taking photos of herself.

And has a very overdue hair appointment tomorrow, which has resulted in bandanas and ponytails for the last week.

fairy talk ✿ *:・゚

  • morning dew: grass glitter
  • sunrise: blush hour
  • butterflies: flutter cousins
  • lambs: pillow babies
  • roses: bloomed wombs
  • raindrops: water pearls
  • fairy dust: sun sprinkles
  • clouds: heaven fluff
  • birdbaths: angel ponds
  • rainfall: silver shimmer
  • doves: the seraphs
  • sunset: twinkle time
  • birdhouses: slumber nests
  • moonlight: sleep silk