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I’m kind of emotional about Magnus Burnsides the Mannequin’s last stand? That’s cinematic that is. “Do you need to water to breathe?” The Voidfish rises up with him with a sung denial, so with one mighty swing of his axe - not enchanted Railsplitter but his old axe, maybe as old as his memories of the planet with the purple sky and two suns, haft and blade each replaced a dozen times but still at heart the same axe he learned to swing as a boy - Magnus the mannequin DESTROYS the tank. The wave of water blasts out, wrecks the Hunger’s more robotic minions in a cloud of water and sparks, and knocks back the rest. They converge again, of course, ignoring for the moment the Voidfish in favor of their old foe, in a weaker, more wooden form than usual - but do you think they know that axe? Do you think something, that was smiling in that bright-streaked cloud of darkness with a thousand raging, starving eyes, remembers that swing, that deadly slice, that roar of battle fury as the protector stands once more over the body of a friend and innocent, a creator, and strikes until he can strike no more at those who would destroy.

And in another moment, he’ll rise again, in a better, more familiar body with a less familiar but almost infinitely more badass weapon. Oh, how it must drive the Hunger mad how these seven twittering nuisances never stay down.

The ice fountains of Enceladus Fountains of water ice blast thousands of kilometres above the surface of Saturn’s tiny moon Enceladus. It is thought that the pull of Saturn’s powerful gravity distorts the moon and heats the interior, forming an underground ocean. When this reservoir of water contacts the vacuum of space it vaporises and explodes above the moon. Any liquid water freezes instantly. Images of the ice fountains were first captured by the Cassini probe.

Why Is There A Virtual Media Blackout On Standing Rock?
The mainstream media is missing quite a remarkable story.

“ …. I watched Facebook live feeds of water protectors enduring water cannon blasts in sub-degree temperatures, LRAD sound cannons, rubber bullets, pepper spray, mace, tear gas canisters and bean bag blasts. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t making headline news. After several hours national reports finally started appearing, but they were incorrect and one-sided. … “

“ … Morton County Sheriff spokesman Rob Keller told NBC that no water cannons were used and water was only deployed to put out fires set by water protectors. At the same time, I was watching it happen live. … “

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Does Corporate Media Not Understand That This Is Not Just About A Pipeline?!

Do they not understand that this is about Police Brutality and Corporate Violation of Constitutional Rights on a Sovereign Native American Nation?!

Do they not understand that if it is permitted here, it can be permitted anywhere?!

Do they not understand that this is a Prime Example of Corporate Institutional Racism?!



Maeby did so well at physical therapy this morning. She did 14 minutes and they increased her speed. You go girl! 💪Do you see those two white jets in the back? They were accidentally turned on at the very beginning. The jets blasted water at Maeby’s behind. She said no ma'am Pam I am not ready for an enema today! & Jumped right out of the treadmill enclosure. It really scared us all as it was loud, wet, & that’s a long jump to land for a pup with elbow dysplasia. Afterwards the staff was so caring. They gave us our session for free and also additional shock wave therapy. Maeby may be sore in a few days but she’s a tough girl. I can’t say enough nice things about Animal Acupuncture. We are always treated so well. Even when oops happens they go above and beyond to make sure their patient is well and taken care of.

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Bucky coming home from a mission to see his two year old daughter (who was being watched over by Unca Stevie), only to see her running around buck naked (haha, see what I did there? ๐Ÿ˜‚), flour and water everywhere, Jailhouse Rock blasting in the compound, and Tony's not helping, just recording it and shit, laughing his ass off

“So much for taking all the stupid with me, huh pal?”

Daddy Wednesday™

i just got my ear flushed out by the prettiest person i’ve ever seen in real life and it was such a trip bc i was literally just sitting there staring at this person as they’re blasting water and hydrogen peroxide into my ear at roughly 500 mph

Okay okay i see where everyones comin from with Junkrat not liking or not bathing often if not ever. but. but. hear me out here.

Junkrat and bath bombs. 

just imagine that lil nasty preparing a tub full of boiling hot water (cause he likes it burning) and throwing a sHIT TON of bath bombs in. at like the same time. and all you hear is this lingering sizzle noise outside of the door (im sure Roadhog would be rolling his eyes or somethin at it) and my god Jamison is just baffled at how these things work like they dont EXPLODE but they do? but only in water?? and they blast a wave of sweet scents instead of heat/debris!! i just. think on it okay cause imma be dreamin on this headcanon

Great angle to illustrate some alterations to the F-4 Phantom as licence built in Britain for the Royal Navy. By the late ‘60s HMS Ark Royal IV was a fairly old design, dwarfed by America’s Forrestal-class and all that followed them. The weight of the Phantom was a big ask of Ark Royal’s comparatively short length catapults, powerful as they were. A simple solution to relieve some stress was to increase the aircraft’s takeoff attitude - with a telescopic nosewheel that extended by 40 inches. 

The drawback is just as plainly visible in this photo as the extension. With reheat engaged for takeoff, the deck was scorched; and since British Phantoms were also redesigned to use the more powerful Rolls-Royce Spey turbofans, the problem was compounded. At first a steel plate was attached to the deck and cooled by fire hoses after each launch. After a refit in 1967 however, Ark Royal gained water cooled jet blast deflectors, capable of surviving the heat.

When cross-decking with U.S. carriers, these British relatives with higher exhaust temperatures caused serious damage to deck plates.

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Prompt:  Imagine having a Water fight with the Avengers, including Thor, Loki and Bucky.


You ducked your head behind your table, the plastic toy gun safely in your hands, fingers holding on the trigger, but not pushing it down just yet. You shut your eyes for a moment, listening carefully for any noise that might indicate that an enemy was near. Your hairs stood on end. In the nick of time, you rolled away from the cold stream of water that came out your opponents gun.

“Loki!” You huffed, firing at the man who just so happened to disappear as soon as water was blasted his way, “Using magic is unfair!” You scolded, though the only thing you got in response was a low chuckle.

“(Name), watch out!” Bucky roughly pushed you away from Thor’s headshot, “You okay!?” He questioned as he rolled away to hide. You crawled – just like in boot camp – kicking off your heels with a murderous glint in your eyes.

“The brothers are going down, Bucky.” You told, coolly, “-we shall paint these halls in their blood-”

“-Or water.” The door to your office was held open by an annoyed Tony Stark. His eyes roamed the airy room and what a complete mess it was, three superheroes and an assassin hiding admits books, couches, tables and plants, “Yeah, hate to interrupt your little summer fun, but we have work to do. And the water is leaking into the corridor and if it fries some wires I am not paying for it.” With that, he left.

You sighed, disappointed. Being an adult sucked. But not as much as not being able to shoot Loki in the face for cheating.

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okay so, the make up world barely talks about this mascara and its fucking fantastic. Its covergirls lash blast fusion water resistant mascara and this shit is fucking fantastic, it makes my eyelashes so long and works all day and its fantastic, its like $6 in the U.S. and its beautiful I love it so much, its a purple bottle and works so well for a drugstore mascara

"You make me feel alive" Jasper Jordan smut.

Hi :D Could you write a dirty Jasper Jordan imagine where you’re trying to talk to him to make him feel better about what happened in Mount Weather? :D
(A/N tbh I got carried away with this. Sorry. Extremely NSFW. Just saying. Listen to “Wicked Game” by The Weeknd. Okay bye if you need me IMMA be at church bathing in hokey water gotta blast
He hadn’t been himself. Everyone knew what happened to poor Jasper but nobody did anything to help. They wanted to they just…didn’t know how.
His girlfriend, of all people, tried to help him even. But every time she tried to touch him he’d flinch or excuse himself. It was increasingly frustrating. He would talk. So when (Y/N) woke up to an empty bed yet again. She sighed grabbing one of Jasper shirts and throwing it on before quietly exiting their shared room. She knew where he was. It wasn’t hard to find him. He’d be in the same spot he always went to at night.
The roof. She carefully climbed to the roof. He sat with wide eyes staring at the moon. She slowly approached him. As if he were a wild animal being trained to be tame. She wrapped her arms around his waist and looked up to see tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Why did it have to end the way it did?” He whispered.
“I don’t know Jasp. I don’t know. But you know what I do know?”
“What?” He murmured as he looked down at her.
“I do know they aren’t suffering anymore. They don’t have to suffer on this hell hole of a planet. They’re safe now. They aren’t in danger like they were down here. Wouldn’t you want them to be safe?” She whispered and she cupped his face. His hand went up to hold onto her hands and she wiped his tears away. Smiling weakly.
“I’m sorry.”
“For what Jasper?”
“I know I haven’t been the same-”
“Jasper. Don’t you dare apologize fire how you feel. You helped me the same way when…when I lost my cool. You didn’t let me fall. And I’ll be damned if I let you fall okay?!” She whispered. Jasper brought her into a bone crushing hug.
“Thank you.” He whispered.
“Cmon…we’re gonna go get cleaned up. When was the last time you showered?”
“I dunno.” He whispered.
“We’re gonna make it all better okay? I promise.” She reassured him. Hand in hand they returned to heir shared bedroom and when they did she ushered then into the bathroom attached to their room (the one they managed to beat Monty and Miller for because of said luxury) and she motioned for him to sit on the counter. She took a warm cloth and wiped his tears He flinched slightly before getting use to the affectionate touch.
“I love you (Y/N)…I’m sorry I haven’t been there.”
“You’re here now…that’s all that matters.” She smiled warmly.
“Now cmon. You stink.” She whispered teasingly. He chuckled. She took off her shirt and watched Jasper stare with wide eyes. She took off her pants and turned to him. He gulped slightly.
“Aren’t you gonna join me?” She asked. Jasper shook his head yes before taking his shirt off. He took a minute to drink in her curves. It has been awhile since the two ‘made love’ and Jasper almost forgot just how beautiful (Y/N) was. The dimples in her back that drove him crazy to place his hands on. The curves of her perfect breasts. The curve of her ass. He suddenly realized how under-loved she felt for the past month and a half. As she reached down to turn on the water he came up behind her. Snaking his long arms around her petite waist. His chest resting on her bare back. His head buried in her neck as he pressed gentle kisses under her ear as her breath hitched.
“I’m sorry…I haven’t been here to make you feel loved.” He whispered.
“Jasper…” (Y/N) whispered.
“It’s just…after everything I just-”
“It’s okay Jasper…you’re okay. You need to cope. And I’ll wait however long. If you don’t want to do this I’ll wait however long until you’re ready again okay baby?” She whispered as she cupped his face.
“No. I want to do this. I want to make you feel loved. To make you feel like a princess again.” He whispered tucking a hair behind her ear as she blushed. Jasper felt his pants becoming tighter as took in the sight of her beautiful breasts. He leaned in and nibbled on her ear as she let out a soft moan. She sighed contently as he reached for her belt.
“I missed this.” He confessed.
“Feeling human. You make me feel alive.” He confessed happily.
“That’s how you make me feel. Welcome to being human Jasper.”
“If I get a view like I do right now…ill be here for forever.” And the old Jasper was back. He smiled slightly as he took her boxer shorts she stole from him off before reconnecting their lips. She felt his tongue slip into his mouth and moaned. Her hands flew to his belt that held her from what she needed. The only reason they pulled away was for oxygen and they both gasped. (Y/N) yanked Jaspers pants down before taking his wide length into her hands. Giving it a squeeze. He let out a guttural moan.
“Babe.” He pleaded.
“Cmon. Let’s get in the shower. Then I’ll help.” She smiled innocently. He nodded before stepping in and moaning as his manhood came in contact with the hot water the shower provided. His hand lifted to keep his hands on the shower metal walls. He felt (Y/N) wrap her arms around his waist as she reached up to scrub his hair with the soap concoction Monty put together before he moaned in pleasure.
“See. It’s not that bad.” She cooed.
“You know what is bad?”
“Being teased by the most beautiful women on his damned earth.” He hissed. He could practically hear her giggle. She pressed a kiss to his spine before he shivered. He spun around and grabbed her by her waist impatiently. (Y/N) gasped in shock. She became putty and Jaspers lips flew to her neck in that one spot that practically made her melt.
“Mhm Jasp…” She moaned. Jasper reached down to run a finger on her slit.
“After all this time. You still get as wet as you did the first time.” He whispered hotly. (Y/N)s eyes fluttered shut as she tilted her head. One hand wrapped around her waist. Bringing their crotches closer the other hand started to rub her clit. He slid a finger in and he watched as (Y/N)’s face contorted into one of pleasure.
“You’re so beautiful.” He murmured kissing her. She blushed.
“You’re tight.” He whispered. She nodded with a blush. He added a second finger.
“Moan for me baby.” He begged. She let out a sweet moan and it filled Jaspers ear like a sweet melody.
“Jasper…please…love me.”
“I intend on doing just that darling.” He whispered as he paused.
“But I need to get this soap out of my hair.” He bit his lip as she groaned slightly. She stepped out. He quickly washed his hair and walked out before walking out to notice he laying on their shared bed. She had her legs open as if she was waiting.
“Cmon baby.” She whispered. He walked over and grabbed her waist as he kissed her waist. Peppering kisses to her wet heat. She squirmed wildly. He licked her slit as he remembered how sweet she tasted. His tongue landed on the little bundle of nerves and he traced shaped on it and moaned at the sound of her sweet moans. He realized she was close and knew he wouldn’t last. He quickly kissed up through the valley of her chest. He stroked her slit with his dick before easily sliding inside of her wet heat. He let out a moan as she gasped.
“Jesus. I missed this. feeling how wet you get around me. And how tight you can get.” He showered her with kisses as she moan.
“Move. Please.” She gasped as she begged. He nodded before pulling out before sliding back in. Desperate to find a rhythm as he followed it. Enjoying how blissful and at peace he felt. She grabbed his face and smashed his lips to hers. His tongue immediately in her mouth.
“I’m…princess I’m not going to last.” He groaned. (Y/N) felt the ball of pleasure in her stomach build up before she agreed.
And they were both moaning messes as they both released. Jaspers head buried into her neck as he pecked the top of her breasts.
“I love you.” She whispered.
“I love you to…for being my beautiful princess…and for making me human again.” He kissed her lips.
“If one of us doesn’t feel human…it’s our job to help the other.” She reminded him.
“And I’m glad you make me feel alive.”

Pranks Hisoka has played on Illumi since they started living together

•The classic “String of bungee gum two inches off the ground meant to trip Illumi" trick

•The infallible “Obvious string of bungee gum two inches off the ground intended for Illumi to see so he steps over it but instead walks into an entire screen of bungee gum” trick

•The amusing “Bungee gum everything to their counters” trick. Illumi got around this one when he decided to rip part of the marble top off the island base and drink from his coffee cup that still had a giant chunk of marble stuck to it. Yes, he could have used a straw but Illumi Zoldyck does not compromise.

•Don’t forget about the “Cover the shower head or water faucet with bungee gum so when Illumi gets really close to inspect why nothing is coming out, he gets a blast of water in his face” prank. This is one of Hisoka’s favorites but it only works when Illumi has just woken up and is still groggy from sleep.

•What else can he do with his bungee gum to prank Illumi? Idk he could use texture surprise on all the walls and make them bright pink which would drive Illumi mad— like he might murder Hisoka if he does this one but it’s funny to see Illumi’s reaction to a suddenly bright pink home

•idk idk Illumi isn’t allowed to prank back any more because the last “”“prank”“” he did left Hisoka in the hospital for a week