water based clay


Gaster Blaster Progress #3

[ More of my Undertale Cosplay Stuff ]

Time to start adding on the top hard layer! I used 4 large packs of Paperclay for this process because Paperclay is an extremely light-weight air-dry water-based clay that sands down really well. I made a lot of props in my college dorm using Paperclay because you could just leave it anywhere and it would harden up just fine. It’s my favorite air-dry clay. The only downside is that the clay takes about 10-12 hours to completely dry, so as much as this was not a difficult step, it took a couple days of late, must-finish-before-I-sleep work. I’m a little upset with the patchiness of my application, but I think it’s not super noticeable unless you are up close. I could have used Bondo, but I was concerned with the heaviness, over applying, and excessive fumes (I do not have a garage or porch to work in/on). All in all with the full all-over Paperclay application, the whole things weighs about 10 pounds.

I then did some really simple dome resin casting for the eyes. They are tinted blue, but only slightly since I had blue LED strands and I wanted to make sure they were going to show through really brightly. I’m super happy with how the eyes look at this stage. It’s the exact diffusion and brightness I was aiming for! The eye sockets will be lined with a black fabric to mimic a skull eye.