water balloons popping

Washington: I have an idea. Why don’t we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and whoever loses gives in.

[Washington plays paper, Madison plays scissors, Jefferson plays rock, Hamilton wiggles his fingers]

Hamilton: Haha, I win.

Madison: What is that?

Hamilton: That’s fire. It beats everything.

Jefferson: Oh really? Does it beat water balloon? Pop-pssh!

Hamilton: Well-played, Thomas Jefferson. Well-played.

41. We are not allowed to fill all of the classrooms with balloons that explode at random intervals.

Good idea for adding confetti and water into some of them, Pete - JP

I do what I can. - PP

Although, I was finding glitter in my hair for weeks after this stunt. - RL

I thought the extra sparkle to your being really accented your glowing features. - SB

She’s the one bro ~ Vol.5

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“When is this little one going to pop out.” You groaned head falling onto Conor’s shoulder.

“When he or she feels like it Y/N.” Conor laughed handing you some chocolate, “Plus it’s a Maynard baby, we are always late.”

It had been eight months since you found out you were pregnant, you had gone to the doctors the next morning and they relived you had already been pregnant for a month. Of course Jack was enthusiastic and practically jumped onto to Conor when he was telling him, you remember the look of horror on Conor’s face when he realised he had indeed walked in when you having sex and had got pregnant from it.

Right now though, you were a week past your due date and everyone was getting impatient; especially Jack. All he wanted was for a little Maynard to be running around the house, and finally have the family he wanted.

However, being a week past your due date meant that Jack still had to go and catch up on all those meetings he had been missing on. So that left you, Anna and Conor in the Maynard household by yourselves as Jack was in London and his parents were at work.

And it turns out lucky was not your side today.

You were sat on the sofa in between the oldest and youngest Maynard when you suddenly felt the need to go to the toilet, groaning and mumbling a ‘not again’ causing the two siblings to laugh you got and it only took you four steps out the living room when you felt it.

“Conor!” You screamed in panic, you heard both siblings jump up and run to the hall way where you stood with pure horror on your face. “The fucking water balloon popped.”

It went in the slow motion, Conor ran back into the living room to grab you phone so he can call the midwife and Anna, well Anna panicked. Badly. “Oh my fucking God, what do I d-”

“Anna.” You snapped softly, Anna looked up at you panic clear in her eyes. “Call Jack.”

You watched as she nodded and ran into the living room to get her phone, just as she left a pain surged within your body causing you to let a yelp. Conor ran back out with your phone pressed up to his ear, “You okay?”

“It hurts.” You moaned out and Conor quickly rushed that you were in pain to your midwife.

“Okay, um, Y/N. How much does it hurt?” Conor asked, throwing one of your arms over his shoulder.

You said two words that soon turned everyone in a mode of panic, “A lot.”

“Anna!” Conor shouted, “Hey Y/N, look we are going to take you to the hospital okay? It’s going to be okay.”

You nodded feeling the pain get worse, Anna had come out of the living room, shoes on her feet and her phone on speaker. “Jack won’t pick up.”

Conor muttered curse words at your boyfriend as he thought of a plan, “Okay, right, Anna hold Y/N as I get some shoes and my keys, call mum and dad. Y/N use your phone to call you parents and see if Jack will answer the phone to you okay? Okay? Good plan.”

Anna put your arm around your shoulder as Conor jumped over your water leak, Anna passed you your phone as your quickly called your mum telling her it was time and Anna did the same thing with her parents.

Just as you hung up, Conor came spirting down the hallway totally forgetting that there was a pulled of water because he went flying through it and slipped in the air. You had burst into laughter at the sight of a horrified Conor sat in the puddle of you water, “That’s fucking disgusting.” Conor spoke and shouted the last word.

It wasn’t till you had stopped laugh and moaned in pain everyone got back to their senses and the next thing you know you were rushed out into the car.

Picking your phone, you rang your boyfriend, “Heyyyyyyy, this is Jack I can-”

“I swear to shit I am going to fucking kill him.” You muttered untill an idea struck you, scrolling through your contacts you clicked on Lexi’s name and handed the phone to Anna as she was sat in the back seat with you.

“Y/N is ever-”

“Lexi its happening.” Anna panicked voice ran down the phone with Conor shouted curse words at over cars.

Lexi sat on the other side of the phone pale as a ghost, she jumped up from her seat and burst through the doors that held the live meeting Jack was doing. Jack was smiling towards the interviewer when Lexi burst into the room and he knew, he knew just then you were going to be having the baby.

She didn’t have to utter anything before Jack had jumped up from his chair and grabbed her phone out of her hands and started running down the corridors. “Baby?” He asked down the phone hearing Lexi run after him.

“Jack?” Anna asked wincing in pain when you squeezed her hand.

“Is she okay? What’s happening? I’m on my way.” Jack rushed pushing people out the way, one of those people having being Caspar who frowned watching one of his best friend spirt through people with Lexi spirting right behind him.

It took Caspar three seconds before he was running after them screaming at his manager who was gaping at him, “I’M NOT MISSING MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTH.”

Jack had managed to reach Lexis car, where Lexi had thrown him the keys and he was already in the car starting up the car with Lexi he quickly put the phone on speaker and threw it into her lap. He was about to ask Anna to pass the phone to you when he heard the back doors of the car being thrown open and someone jumping in the back seat.

He turned around and saw Caspar sat there putting his belt on, not even questioning how Caspar had found them he pulled out the parking space. “Pass the phone to Y/N.”

“Jack.” He heard your voice and he instantly frowned at the pain leaking within your voice.

“Baby listen, I am going to make this okay?” He spoke speeding through the streets of London.

You yelped in pain and Jack sped faster, “It’s going to take you at least two hours with traffic.”

Jack opened his mouth to speak but Caspar voice cut through “There’s no traffic it will take you an hour and a half.”

“Caspar?” You questioned confusingly.

“Hey shorty, anyway with the way Jack’s speeding it will probably take us an hour maybe less.”

“I don’t care how long it takes, if your ass does not get here by the time I’m squeezing this baby out I am going to murder you.” And with that you hung up leaving Jack to speed to Brighton.

“Listen very carefully Y/N, approximately twenty minutes you are going to have to start pushing. We need you to choose one person to stay in the room with you as well.” The doctor told you wearily knowing that Jack still hadn’t arrived.

Nodding your head, the doctor left you and the Maynard family, “If Jack doesn’t make it, Conor you better be fucking ready.”

“Me?” Conor asked surprised.

“No Connor Ball, yes fucking you.”

Conor nodded, holding your hand for every time you need to squeeze. The doctor came in a few minutes after holding some scrubs, “Have you chosen who will be staying in the time with you?”

Conor stood up holding his hand out ready to take them when a loud bang echoed the room and an out of breath sweaty Jack Maynard entered the room, “Am I late?”

“Oh thank the lord, I don’t know if I could have done that.” Conor sighed pushing the scrubs in Jack’s hands walking out the room, “This baby better be the best damn baby in the world, causing me heart attacks all day.”

“Jack.” You gritted out seeing him just staring you with a face of awe, “Put the damn scrubs on.”

Nodding his head Jack quickly went into the room bathroom and put them on as the rest of his family left the room wishing you a good luck or in Helen’s words “If it’s anything like my boys, you’re going to be in hell.”

The doctor started talking to you about how you were going to need to start pushing but from the corner of your eye you saw Jack hand the midwife something before he walked over to you.

“Mr. Maynard ready?” The doctor asked.

Jack nodded, bending down whispering sweet nothings into your ear as you screamed. “Come on princess, you can do it.”

Jack looked up towards the doctor who nodded at the boy, “One more push baby, one more.”

Jack watched as you screamed one last time before he heard the small cries of your baby, he kissed your forehead laughing softly as you cried in happiness. He lifted his he heads and watch as the midwife came towards him, “Congratulations, it’s a baby girl.”

You watched the midwife show Jack your baby girl before turning towards you and handing her over to you. You choked back a sob staring down at the little girl in front of you, “She’s so beautiful.” You whispered running a finger down her face.

“She’s perfect.” Jack whispered crying, you both stared at the little human before the midwife came over asking if she can check everything again. She handed your little girl to another nurse before she came back with a smile on her face.

“Have you decided on a name?” She smiled.

Jack looked down at you, you nodded with a smile. “Alexa Maynard.”

“Oh what a lovely name, let me go get Alexa for you now.” She smiled walking away.

Jack put his hand in his pocket and messed around with the small black box, he watched the nurse hand his daughter over to you.

It’s time…

The nurse handed Alexa to you before speeding walking away, looking down at your daughter you gasped, tears filling up in your eyes when you read what was on the baby grow.

Looking to your left you found your boyfriend with his left knee on the floor with a beautiful diamond ring.

“When I first talked to you at that bar, I thought god damn I want this girl, not just for the night but I want this girl in my life. I don’t care if she’s my best friend or the girl I wake up to every morning. I want her. The time you fought with my crazy ex-girlfriend with just sass, then laughed like nothing with the boys was the time I knew we were going to be together for the rest of our life’s. I love your smile, I love the way your eyes twinkle, I love your laugh, and God I love you. Will you Marry me?

“Yes, Yes, Oh my god yes!” Jack smiled getting up the floor and very carefully slipped the ring on your finger, as you were still holding Alexa.

Jack whipped your tears pressing a small but still full of love kiss, Jack took Alexa out of your arms and started mumbling promises to his new girl. You stared the two of them in awe before looking down at the beautiful ring in front of you.

From that very moment you knew your life was going to only get better and better from now.

  • Piper: I have an idea. Why don’t we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and whoever loses goes in first.
  • [Piper plays paper, Jason plays scissors, Percy plays rock, Leo wiggles his fingers]
  • Leo: Haha, I win.
  • Jason: What is that?
  • Leo: That’s fire. It beats everything.
  • Percy: Oh really? Does it beat water balloon? Pop-pssh!
  • Leo: Well-played, Percy Jackson. Well-played.
  • Jinjin: I have an idea. Why don’t we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and whoever loses goes in first.
  • [Jinjin plays paper, Moonbin plays scissors, Sanha plays rock, MJ wiggles his fingers]
  • MJ: Haha, I win.
  • Moonbin: What is that?
  • MJ: That’s fire. It beats everything.
  • Sanha: Oh really? Does it beat water balloon? Pop-pssh!
  • MJ: Well-played, Yoon Sanha. Well-played
Notice Me || Joe

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Word counter - 1,162

Summary - The one where you’re Zoe’s friend from Gleam.

It was a hot summer day when Zoe invited you around to her and Alfie’s. You had been friends with Zoe for nearly a year now and Zoe suggested you make a video with her for her channel about how well you knew each other. Once the video was filmed, you were going to hang out around the flat, probably have Alfie cook something on the barbecue, and then spend the night. You loved hanging out with Zoe so you were excited to see what the day entailed.

You greeted Zoe and Alfie with hugs when you got to their house and leaned down to pet Nala who was circling your feet with excitement. “Since it’s such a lovely day out,” Zoe said, “I thought we could film a friendship test. So we ask each other questions and if I get yours wrong, you get to smash a water balloon over my head, but if I get it right, I get to smash one of over your head.”

“Great,” you laughed. “I picked a great day to do winged eyeliner then, huh?” Zoe laughed and beckoned you to take your shoes off and head out to the backyard. You sat around in the grass for a bit as you tried to come up with five questions for the video. Zoe already had hers written, so the video was just waiting on you. It only took you a few minutes to come up with what you would ask her.

The video went really well. Although your navy blue t shirt was now practically stuck to your skin, you had fun filming it. In the year you and Zoe had been friends, it was clear you learned a lot about each other. You were cleaning up the backyard when Zoe got a text. “Oh Alf, Joe’s here,” Zoe said. “Can you go let him in please?” Alfie nodded and left the two of you to pick up the water balloon bits that were scattered on the patio. “I hope you don’t mind,” Zoe said to you, “but Joe’s filming a bit with me as well. Today was the best day for him to stop by.”

“That’s alright,” you smiled. You had never met her brother Joe before, but you knew he and Zoe got along well, so you were excited to meet him.


You and Zoe turned around when Alfie spoke and immediately, he and Joe started throwing water balloons at you. “Alfie!” Zoe cried. “Joseph! Stop it!” You and Zoe were laughing while also holding your hands out in front of you to stop water balloons from hitting your bodies. “You dickheads!” Zoe laughed, picking up a water balloon that hadn’t popped and throwing at Alfie. Naturally, Alfie was vlogging the whole thing and was doubled over laughing at you and Zoe. Once you all composed yourself, Zoe introduced you to Joe officially. You smiled at him and said hello, then the four of you went inside.

Alfie brought towels for you and Zoe which you eagerly wrapped around your body. “I’m going to change,” you said to the others. They nodded and you padded upstairs, deciding to change into the pink floral shorts you wore to bed and a light pink camisole that matched. You threw your hair up, wiped some make up stains from your cheeks, and went back downstairs to join the others.

You sat beside Zoe on the floor and patted your lap so Nala would come lay on you. “Pizzaface for dinner?” Zoe asked. Everyone agreed and so Alfie went to call in an order.

“So how did you guys meet?” Joe asked you and Zoe.

“I work for Gleam,” you told him. “Nothing big, just a bit of office work.”

“Can’t believe I haven’t seen you there,” Joe said back. “You’ve worked there for over a year?”

You shrugged, “Yeah, but like I said, nothing big. You probably wouldn’t notice me if you were there.”

“Oh I’m sure I’d notice you,” Joe said with a smile. You gave him a bashful smile back and Zoe changed the subject to something else.

Once the pizza had arrived, the four of you had a great time sitting around and chatting. Joe was sitting beside you with his arm resting on the back of the couch. You thought Joe was lovely. He seemed really interested in the things you talked about and always made eye contact with you when you were telling a story. You shared the same taste in music and had very similar senses of humor. Not to mention, he was strikingly good looking.

After dinner, Joe, Zoe, and Alfie filmed a video together. It was hilarious to watch how the three of them interacted with each other. Once they finished, Zoe suggested you all watch a film if Joe was keen on staying a bit longer. When he said that he was, you were surprised at how happy that made you. You excused yourself to get a drink from the kitchen just before Zoe clicked on the horror film she wanted everyone to watch.

A few moments later, Joe came into the kitchen as well. He smiled at you and laid a hand on your back as he scooted past you, causing a shiver to run up your spine. “Are you from around here?” he asked you as he searched the fridge for something to drink.

“I’m closer to London,” you said. “But I don’t mind making the trip out here.”

“Oh, whereabouts in London are you?” he asked. You told him and found out that you only lived about a 15 minute’s drive away from each other. “We should get dinner sometime,” Joe said, leaning up against the counter and sipping the drink he had poured himself.

“Yeah,” you smiled. “I’d like that.”

The two of you exchanged numbers and made your way back to join Zoe and Alfie. The film was only a few minutes in when Joe’s phone rang with a call he had to take. He left the room so Zoe used his absence as an opportunity to tease you. “God, you’re both flirting up a storm!” she laughed. You shrugged and smiled as you brought your drink to your lips.

“Maybe you’ll be the one to get him to settle down,” Alfie teased.

“Just remember,” Zoe said, “I introduced you.” You laughed and slapped her arm lightly just as Joe walked back into the room.

The horror film had you jumping and covering your eyes every few minutes, some scenes especially making you grab onto Joe’s sleeve, as he was the one sitting right beside you. Eventually, you were sitting so close that his arm was resting around your shoulders. While Joe was particularly infatuated with a scene in the film, Zoe nudged her foot with yours, giving her eyebrows a wiggle. You smirked and stuck your tongue out at her, inwardly wondering if she planned on this happening all along.

  • Ravenclaw: I have an idea. Why don't we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and whoever loses goes in first.
  • [Ravenclaw plays paper, Hufflepuff plays scissors, Slytherin plays rock, and Gryffindor wiggles his fingers]
  • Gryffindor: Haha, I win.
  • Hufflepuff: What is that?
  • Gryffindor: That's fire. It beats everything.
  • Slytherin: Oh really? Does it beat water balloon? Pop-pssh.
  • Gryffindor: Well played, Slytherin. Well played.

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Headcanons on Everyone going to the beach for spring break (with Darry's girlfriend)

You got it!

🏄Two-Bit teases Darry the whole time about bringing his girlfriend along

🏄Darry apologizes profusely for his friends being annoying

🏄Darry tells everyone to wear sunscreen

🏄Only Johnny puts it on

🏄Pony ends up getting a burn

🏄Steve and Soda race each other to see who can get to the water first

🏄They start flirting with a group of girls

🏄Steve starts doing laps to impress the girls

🏄Darry and his girlfriend sit on the beach blanket under the umbrella, just talking

🏄They’ll swim a little too

🏄Two-Bit brought a water cooler full of water balloons

🏄He pops one over Pony’s head

🏄He tries to throw one at Steve but misses, and ends up hitting someone else

🏄Dallas refuses to put a bathing suit on

🏄He sits under the umbrella with the newspaper

🏄Pony and Johnny go swimming, but Pony won’t get his hair wet

🏄Soda dunks Pony under anyway

like noah fence but i havent met a single person whos consistently and genuinely cared about me that isnt my mother in my entire life!! and it Feels Bad Man!!

the one with the birth

→ Nathan Adrian x Y/N

→ Word Count: 3k jesus, thats really long. lmao maybe it makes up for me not posting in forever I’m so sorry

 anon asked: Can you do an imagine about Nathan Adrian where you’re pregnant so you couldn’t go the Olympics, and your water breaks so Nathan has to rush back from Rio? Pleasssse! I love your writing :))))))


masterlist // prev. nathan imagine

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My day begins at 8 A.M. in Dainty Donuts. The bell on the door alerts Roy and Ethel, the old Chinese couple who own the shop, that I’ve arrived for my donut. “Good morning, my dear.” Ethel opens the case and grabs my classic glazed donut. “You’re here early.”

I nod, handing her a dollar. “Yeah, I’m going to pregnant yoga at 10, but I wanted to have enough time to sit and chat with you.”

Ethel goes around the counter, pulling me an apple juice from the fridge before sitting down at our table. Since starting my second trimester, Ethel and I have been having chats at least 3 times a week. I’ve always enjoyed talking with her. With the wisdom in her voice and the stories that reflect in her eyes, I never grow tired of our conversations. We never have to worry about cutting our discussions short since not very many people come in anymore–Dunkin’ Donuts is driving them out of business. It’s a shame, too. I fear that Roy and Ethel will want to close up shop since I’m their only customer– or what seems to be their only customer.

“Pregnant yoga? When I was pregnant, I just layed in bed begging for my pregnancy to be over.” Ethel laughs. “I don’t understand how you kids do it.” She gingerly takes a sip of her Oolong tea that Roy had brought to her while she was explaining her pregnancy troubles to me.

I ponder at her question. To be honest, I don’t know how I do it either. With Nathan being in Rio, I’ve had to do everything around the house. “Ethel, don’t you have six kids?”

She purses her lips and nods. “Yes, and I regret having the first one in the first place.”

I practically spit out my apple juice. I frantically grab a handful of napkins from the metal napkin dispenser and wipe my chin, along with the table.

“Mì táng,” Ethel smiles to me, seeing if I caught the nickname she’s given me. She calls me ‘honey’ because she said I was so sweet to always come in and support her business. I feel special knowing that I’m helping them just the slightest by coming in, buying a donut for a dollar and having a chat with this lady that I’ve grown so fond of. “The first one is what prompted us to move here from Hong Kong. Roy wanted a big family and we had the American Dream.” We mirror each other, taking small sips of our drinks at the same time. “So, how you been? Hmm, that baby keep you up at night?”

I laugh. “Well, I’m averaging 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night so I’d say yes. The booger just has to stay inside of me for two more days and then when Nathan gets home, I’m popping this thing out.” I rub my stomach, feeling like if I don’t, the baby will forget about Nathan, since he’s always rubbing my stomach. Booger is usually so responsive to Nathan when he touches my belly. This makes Nathan feel special, like it’s not just the ‘mother’s touch’ that gets the baby moving. I miss his warm hands on my skin. I miss the way he’d lay on his stomach and touch his head to the bump and start talking to the baby. He’d talk to the baby about his day at practice. He wishes for Booger to be a swimmer, just like him. I certainly miss all of the late night, middle of the night, and early morning grocery store runs he’d make for me when I’m craving something. Now when I’m craving something, I just stay in bed and suffer.

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who you should fight: gravity falls edition

mabel: who wins: she won in a fist fight against the Illuminati. you don’t stand a chance

dipper: who wins: he couldn’t even throw a water balloon hard enough to pop it i’m pretty sure you’re good.   

grunkle stan: who wins: stan. he’s old but he has brass knuckles and boxing training. probably best to steer clear

soos: who wins: you beat him in the fight but is beating up a cinnamon bun really winning?

wendy: who wins: wendy, or you, depending on whether or not you have a death wish

robbie: who wins: you. but its in bad taste, he needs his hands to play wonder wall at parties 

pacifica: who wins: pacifica. she has years of pent up aggression, might pretend you are her dad 

gideon: who wins: you. punch him. 

candy: why would you

grenda: who wins: grenda. she is strong and a smooth flirt, could distract you with her charm or overpower you with her muscles.   

melody: who wins: melody. if she can win against anime, she can win against anything. 

lazy susan: who wins: you, i guess, if you’re into punching old people

old man mcgucket: who wins: you. jeez what is with you and fighting the elderly

the cops: first of all how dare you

soos’s abeula: who wins: abuela. she’ll vacuum your blood off the wall

bill: who wins: the uncaring and chaotic nature of the universe as it clambers on with or without your asinine existence. 

that one deer that nodded at dipper during episode 6 of season 1: who wins: grunkle stan. he’ll probably film it for money. 

Rhysand: I have an idea. Why don’t we play Rock, Paper, Scissors and whoever winner goes in first.[Cassian plays paper, Mor plays scissors, Feyre plays rock, and Rhysand wiggles his fingers]

Rhysand: Haha, I win.

Mor: What is that?

Rhysand: That’s fire. It beats everything.

Feyre: Oh really? Does it beat water balloon? Pop-pssh.

Rhysand: Well played, Feyre. Well played.

i am a photographer. i hold my camera, shoot and edit.

but inbeteween i sketch, cut out stickers, paint on bodies, experiment with all sorts of coloured lights, run around the beach with mirrors, pour gasoline onto the floor, blow glitters, make rainbows with glass prisms, burn myself with sparklers, burn myself with fairy lights, burn myself with candles, splash water, pop balloons, climb, crawl, get cold and wet and dirty even if it’s a mere fashion inspiration relaxed style shoot.

the point is not that you can burn yourself in so many ways

i love that thing

Anyone But Him (Chapter 13)

Author: mlchaeijones (recently switched from geeklove97)
Word Count: 1,600 words
Warnings: Angst in the future. A lot of being taken advantage of shit. Gavin’s an asshole. Possibly more smut in the future.
Summary: High school AU. See prompt for more details. Normally my writing is kind of conceptual in nature, so this is a bit of a change for me. A welcome change, but still. Also, I love Lindsay to death, and ship Juggey hardcore. But I also ship Mavin. For the purposes of this AU, they don’t know each other. Turnfree also. Same there.

Pairing: Mavin

Author’s Note: This is both therapeutic and interesting for me to write, as it is more or less based on something that actually happened to me, just expanded a bit. However, it makes a good story, though this will end well. Unlike what happened in real life. The links are really fucked up right now. I’ll fix them later, but my mom is calling me to clean my room. By the way, if you want to read anything else of mine, all my work can be found here

Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)

Chapter Thirteen

“Michael, come on,” Gavin whined, extending the length of his name. “This is bloody important, and I can’t do it all by my damn self." 

Michael sat on Gavin’s bed, arms crossed over his chest. He was trying his best to not come across as overly eager, not wanting the other boy to think it was acceptable to walk all over him. "Can’t we fucking wait a little while longer?” Michael asked, forcing thoughts of Gavin’s accent out of his head. 

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