water balloon volleyball

Signs as summer things

Aries: going jetskiing, going to an amusement park

Taurus: going to a karaoke bar, drinking out of coconuts

Gemini: going cliff diving, getting tanlines

Cancer: watching fireworks, catching fireflies

Leo: relaxing on a pool float, eating popsicles

Virgo: going to an ice cream parlor, wearing sunglasses

Libra: riding a yacht through the Bahamas, eating watermelon

Scorpio: having a lemonade stand, going to the carnival

Sagittarius: sitting by a bonfire at night with friends, going to concerts

Capricorn: having a water balloon fight, playing beach volleyball

Aquarius: snorkeling with sharks, getting slushies from 7/11,

Pisces: going surfing, playing with sparklers

Helios Summer Blast

Summer Bingo Prompts Diving Board and Tie Dye shirts!

I got a four corner plus center bingo of Tie Dye, Kite Flying, Water balloons, Fireworks, and Volleyball!


Tim generally loved publicity stunts. They didn’t involve much violence, people adored him, and he just had to look pretty.

This particular event was a Hyperion Fun in the Sun summer themed recreation area for youth. It was really more fun in the halogen bulbs. Kids could do arts and crafts, swim in a brand new pool, and play in a turf field, all in response to parents wishing their kids to have normal lives. Maybe even just for themselves to have a bit of home.

Cameras broadcasted the event live all over Helios and the local system, just to show how great Jack was.

“Did you know yellow is my favorite color?” Tim grinned at a little girl as he helped dye a shirt tied in rubber bands. All of the children around him were so starstruck that Handsome Jack wanted to see them, but Tim knew the adults could probably see through him.

He was far too nice.

“Me too!” the girl squeaked. Tim moved to the next child and helped dye their shirt too, being kind and careful.

Tim had a pre made shirt that he put on, dyed yellow and black in a spiral. “I needed another layer,” he joked, getting a laugh out of the adult audience. He posed for cameras and flashed a smile, kneeling close to another kid and asking mundane questions.

If only the pleasantness it could last.

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                             MOUSAI’S SUMMER BONFIRE.

Summer’s here and everyone at Mousai Institute of Advanced Arts is ready to celebrate with its Annual Bonfire party.

Please join us at the beach by the deck for these even that will include:

  • Delicious food provided by the Staff of The Muses Cafe and the Culinary Arts department.
  • An open bar that will also be offering non-alcoholic drinks for the younger students.
  • Live music.
  • Water balloons.
  • Karaoke competition.
  • Volleyball matches.
  • Jumbo Jenga and more!

A more detailed post with locations, dress code, and more explicit descriptions of the activities during the event will be post it a few days prior the event! Please stay tuned for it!

Would you like to be part of this event? Apply today and let your creativity take over!


Week 3 Roundup!

We had two participants bingo during week 3 (June 3 - 9) - one of them twice! Congratulations to:

Congratulations also to @artinabottle who completed a whopping 13 prompts this week - all in one piece!

Great work everyone! We’re halfway through the challenge, so there’s still plenty of time to bingo - and don’t forget to check out your Badass Ranks!

Summer Games

This is for Water Balloons and Fireworks!

I got two bingos! The four corners are Fireworks, Water Balloons, Kite Flying, and Volleyball. The column on the far right is Volleyball, Going to the Fair, Sand in Uncomfortable Places, Lemonade, and Fireworks.


Moxxi swayed her hips as she sauntered out into the battlefield, megaphone in hand. She slowly turned so the audience could take in her alluring form from all angles, proudly looking at the rough terrain of rocks and sand dunes she’d set up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you-” she paused, letting the suspense hang in the air, almost tangible to the Sanctuary crowd. The seats stretched up into the distance of the battlefield, overlooking the entire scene. “The Warriors versus the Destroyers, in a fight to the DEATH!”

Roland, Mordecai, Brick, and Lilith strolled out to the crowd’s wild cheers. Lilith’s majestic fiery wings were spread wide and made an imposing sight as she floated into the arena. “This won’t be a challenge at all!”

So she thought. Moxxi laughed as all six of the new Vault Hunters came out of their own side of the field. “Seeing as you have your abilities, four on six seemed more fair. The more the merrier after all.”

Each team wore matching uniforms with either Destroyers or Warriors on them. Everyone was deadpan serious as they observed their opponents, shifting on their feet and getting ready to spring.


Moxxi had absolutely staged Torgue being there, just to give some drama to the event. “I expect our players to go hard and long, Torgue.”


Perhaps it should be mentioned that the uniforms were in fact swim trunks and bikinis, and that the names of each team were printed across the butt of everyone’s shorts. (The exception being Zer0, who had shorts on over his clothes.) Axton threateningly pumped up the pressure on his water gun and Moxxi wiggled her eyebrows at him.

“I think we’ll manage.” Maya flexed her fingers and Moxxi looked approvingly at the group of heroes.

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