water balloon volleyball

Signs as summer things

Aries: going jetskiing, going to an amusement park

Taurus: going to a karaoke bar, drinking out of coconuts

Gemini: going cliff diving, getting tanlines

Cancer: watching fireworks, catching fireflies

Leo: relaxing on a pool float, eating popsicles

Virgo: going to an ice cream parlor, wearing sunglasses

Libra: riding a yacht through the Bahamas, eating watermelon

Scorpio: having a lemonade stand, going to the carnival

Sagittarius: sitting by a bonfire at night with friends, going to concerts

Capricorn: having a water balloon fight, playing beach volleyball

Aquarius: snorkeling with sharks, getting slushies from 7/11,

Pisces: going surfing, playing with sparklers