water axe

So, I’m assuming that in the summer beach focus I’ve heard rumors about they’re going to shuffle up the weapons that people do like they did for the Spring Festival, and personally I hope that they make Ike a dagger user who literally just picks up a sand dollar he finds on the beach and decides “Huh, I could probably throw this at someone.” 


CultureMUSIC *The Guitarists* - Black Ax Men c. 1930s-2010s

The Pioneers.

  1. Robert Johnson
  2. Muddy Waters
  3. Jimi Hendrix
  4. Eddie Hazel (Parliament-Funkadelic)
  5. Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers.)
  6. Prince
  7. Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine)

Submitted by: Anon

IT’S ANGST TIME! It’s half an hour past midnight, and Lapis, Peridot and Pumpkin are taking a walk alongside the lake, the
moonlight reflecting on the surface of the water enlights the whole scenario giving a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, the two
are chatting and sharing various new little heart experiences, and in a moment of distraction of Lapis, Peridot playfully splashed
some water behind her back, this started a splashing war between them, a war that Peridot is going obviously to lose, and Pumpkin
just jumping around and barking excitedly. The two are now sitting on the shore, Peridot has her head resting on Lapis shoulder,
with Pumpkin sleeping on Peridots lap, they’re here, content with just being peacefully with each others company, this night seems
peaceful, until…

… from the water emerges a huge, semitransparent, crab-like creature, seemingly made of water, with a light blue gem embedded on
its left pincer. With a strident scream towards the now startled gems and frightened poor pumpkin, the monster rushes to attack
them, Lapis quickly creates a giant fist from the water to punch its face, but… the fist just passed through it! Off course, this
creature is made of water, this means that it is immune to Lapis attacks, now Peridot has to think to something quickly, she looks
around her to find something metallic to smash on the monster, but there is not even a single piece of junk to use here on this
normally beautiful natural landscape, but now only a dangerous place with no weapons to defend themselves, the only thing that they
can do now is… “RUN”! Lapis shouts, and quickly grabs pumpkin with her left arm and Peridot with her right one, and with a quick
motion she spreads out her water wings and flies away, but before she can reaches enough altitude…

… the monster, exending one huge pincher abruptly, manages to catch them midair, grabs Peridot by her head and makes lapis falling
down, she tries to protect pumpkin from the impact shielding him with her arms, and succeeded to take the both of them on the ground
without any significant damage, she goes to stand up when… “AAAHHH!!!” she froze, eyes wide open in fear, hearing Peridots voice
screaming in pain behind her she turns around and gasps seeing the monster pressing its giant pincer around Peridots head, holding her high
off the ground, and even more worrying, she notices that Peridots body is… glitching, this could only mean one thing… “PERI, NOOO”!
Lapis hastily creates another giant fist and tries again to to punch out the monster without thinking twice, she’s driven by pure
instinct and fear, in fact the giant fist passes through the monsters body again, she has to think to something else, and fast, or
else Peridot will be soon shattered… she got it, she have an idea, she creates like a giant water axe and goes to cut a big tree
trunk, once she cut it, she creates a giant water hand again, grabs the trunk with it and, while the monster is too occupied crushing
the poor green gems head…

… “TAKE THIS, YOU MORON”! Lapis tosses the big trunk with the water hand, and hit the monster with it rigth in the middle, causing
its body to fall apart in a huge rain of scattered water and poofs, letting its gem and Peridot fall down in the shore of the lake,
with the trunk that fell down only a couple of meters away of Peridots still glitching limp body. Pumpkin, barking worriedly, runs to
Peridot, Lapis stares from far away with an horrified expression where her companion is lying unconscious, and, snapping out of her
shock, runs over there too. Peridot is lying on the ground, glitching even more than before, with her face turned to the other side of
where Lapis is coming from, so that she can’t see her face from where she is now, plus now Pumpkin is covering her head too, trying
to wake up her with soft whimpers and paw touches, Lapis reaches her, Pumpkin sadly move away a little to make space for her, she kneels
down, gently takes her glitching face and turns it in front of her…

… she gasps in shock as she sees in which state is her face now: her visor is completely gone, not even a single shard of glass
remains, her whole face has evident signs of having been under pressure (any other gem would have been poofed, how on earth she isn’t),
an expression that shows debility and pain, but the worst thing is the large and deep crack in her gem that is causing the continuos
glitch of her body and the risk for her life. Seeing her suffering like this is upsetting, to say the least, but Lapis must focus on
bringing her to Steven as soon as possible to have her gem cured, she bubbles the gem of the damn monster and sends it to the barn, she
immediately takes Peridot in her arms, Pumpkin jumps on her back, then she spreads her water wings and… “L-Lapis…” she hears the
fleeble voice of Peridot,“Peri! Hold on, I’m taking you to Steven, you will be fine” “N-no, I d-don’t have m-much time…” “Peri, no…”
Lapis can’t hold back her tears anymore,“L-Lapis, I-I…” one last rapid sequence of glitches and then her gem… “NO!!!”…

… Lapis tightens her grip on her and suddenly a bright light radiates out, wrapping the both of them, the silhouette of the light gets
bigger and then it fades away until the fusion is fully revealed, Pumpkin watched in amazement the whole sequence and now is wondering
who this tall turquoise colored gem with four arms and huge water wings is, she doesn’t seems in good shape though, she’s glitching
slightly and has a big crack on one of her gems, the one in her forehead, while the one on her back is just fine, she appears to be
struggling to mantain a standing position “I-I just couldn’t let you be g-gone forever…” Pumpkin isn’t sure if he understood what his
owners… owner said to them… herself, but he clearly saw the tenderness in her eyes when she gently picked him up and cradled him in
two of her four arms “c'mon, l-let’s get out of here and find Steven b-before I’ll pass out” she spreads her huge water wings, glitches
a few more times, and flies off, leaving the beautiful but apparently dangerous lake behind, still shimmering in the moonlight.


There’s no need to apologise, Anon :)  Thanks a lot for the submission, I really enjoyed reading it!

Shower Talks

When you walked into the bathroom you had though maybe you could get some peace.  The house had been very busy today.  This place wasn’t anyone's real home.  It was a place to come when you didn’t want to be where you were.  Even if you couldn’t use shortcuts or portals if you really needed it a shortcut would appear.  

In addition to the usual residence, Fresh had decided to stay for a few days.  There were far too many monsters in the house for your liking but it was still far better than where you came from.  That is what you decided as you turned the hot water on all the way up and put some music on.  

The others had been bothering you all day.  Now was your time.  You took off your clothes and stepped under the hot spray closing the curtain behind you.  The hot water felt so nice, you close your eyes and let the entire stressful day get washed down the drain.

You had finally managed to relax when you remembered why no one ever used this bathroom.  The lock was broken, it hadn’t worked in years.  You turned the water off planning to prop something up against the door.  It wouldn’t keep anyone out but it would let them know the room was taken.  

Once the water was off you could hear it.  Or more precisely it was what you could not hear.  The music.  It was turned off.

You waited, for something to happen, anything.  

“Who’s out there.”  When you heard your voice you were a little disappointed in yourself.  Your voice wasn’t demanding or angry, it was just frustrated and a little sad.

“Yo yo what’s up dog.”  It was Fresh.  He was one of the few that you couldn’t convince to leave with indecency or yelling.  It was best to just hear him out.  Besides he never came by without a reason.

“What do you need Fresh?”  You could hear a small laugh.  You just wished he would hurry up, it was starting to get cold.

“Homie bread slice, I have an issue that you need to un-issue-fy.”  Even if his words were scrambled you think you knew what he meant.

“I can’t fix anything if you won’t tell me.”

“Of course big huka chief.  My sticky situation is that Axe keeps going after Lust. “  You shook your head.  Those boys were always fighting.  It was true that you were better at separating them than most.  But that didn’t change the fact that you were showering.

“I’ll be out in 15 minutes.  There isn’t anythignI can do before that.”

“Oky doky, cappuccino frappe.”  You peaked out of the shower curtain to check if he was gone.  He was but you were so cold and the towel was so far away.  You closed the curtain again and turned the hot water back on.  This time you listened for anyone who came into the room.  But when you but your head under the water, you couldn’t hear anything.

But you could see.  So you watched the shadows on the shower curtain.  Nothing changed.  No movement nothing.  You came out from under the water and listened again.  No sound.  Maybe you could just finish your shower in peace.  

Close to ten minutes passed and you were finally relaxing again.  Then BANG!  The crash almost makes you slip on the wet tiles.  “WHO THE HELL DID THAT?!?!?!”  Maybe you shouldn’t have yelled but no one should be in here.  This was the second time too!

“Sorry!” another loud bang, “I was looking for you and ended up here.  Fuck!”  Was that, Red?  You peeked out of the curtain.  It was Red!

“Red!  What the hell are you doing in here?  That was a stupid question the answer is obvious.”  You close the curtain and turn the water back on.  Hoping your bluff works.

“HEY!  What are you saying?”

“I’m saying get out or I’m gonna scream!”  It was a dirty trick but if you waited much longer all the hot water would run out.  You listened for a little longer.  There wasn’t anything anymore.  You made a mental note to apologize to Red later.  But first, you need to find Axe and Lust, make sure that they don’t kill each other.

But for now, you were going to enjoy the last of the hot water.

anonymous asked:

I got a doll from our local thrift store for a few bucks (it was crappy china doll, I only bought it to pilfer for parts and the clothes it was wearing), bumped a weird knob on its back while I was undressing it and IT STARTED MOVING ITS HEAD AND LOOKED AT ME DEAD IN THE EYE. Turns out it's some ungodly automaton that you wind up and the head and arms move back and forth while it plays music. I was about ready to call a priest.

You know maybe disassembling it can wait… Get some holy water… And an axe… Then try