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Giveaway time! c: (Please do not delete this text!)

One winner will receive: 

  • 100+ lucky clovers
  • A golden net, axe, shovel, watering can, and silver axe
  • 60-ish bush starts (mix of pink azalea, pink hydrangea, and holly)
  • As many hybrids as you want to take from my town (TONS of pink carnations, white carnations, purple pansies, pink lillies, pink roses, purple roses, blue pansies, blue roses, and more)
  • An assortment of rare items/DLC (Afternoon Tea Set, Yule Log, Shave Ice Lamp, Sweets Player, Violet Screen, Pumpkin Pie, Fruit Basket, +more)
  • Any amount of bells you want, if you need them


  • Must be following me (I will check!)
  • You must reblog this post once to enter! You can like the post to bookmark, but it doesn’t count as an entry.
  • No giveaway blogs, please!
  • Must be comfortable with giving me your 3DS friend code (obviously)
  • Have your askbox open so I can contact you if you win! The winner will have 48 hours to reply before I select another winner.
  • This ends November 7, 2015!! c:
ACNL Give away!

Since I can finally hack I really want to be able to do a give away! This is also a give away as a thanks to my followers! There will be 3 winners!

1st Place

  • 10 million bells 
  • 10 furniture sets of any choice (any set can be ordered more than once)
  • Golden Tools (Shovel, rod, watering can, net, axe, and slingshot)
  • 10 random items
  • 10 clothing items
  • 10 of any fossils
  • 10 of any paintings
  • 10 of any bugs
  • 10 of any fish

2nd Place

  • 5 million bells
  • 5 furniture sets of any choice (any set can be ordered more than once)
  • Half Gold, Half Silver tools
  • 5 random items
  • 5 clothing items
  • 5 of any fossils
  • 5 of any paintings
  • 5 of any bugs
  • 5 of any fish

3rd Place

  • 3 million bells
  • 3 furniture sets of any choice (any set can be ordered more than once)
  • Silver Tools
  • 3 random items
  • 3 clothing items
  • 3 of any fossils
  • 3 of any paintings
  • 3 of any bugs
  • 3 of any fish


  1. Must be following me 
  2. Must have ask box open
  3. Reblogs and Likes count
  4. Winners will have 24 hours to respond

This ends in two weeks on September 26, 2015 at 8 pm PST and winners will be chosen with a random generator. Feel free to ask any questions about the giveaway! Good luck to all! 

The Best New Gear for the Adventurous Guy

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CANADA GOOSE ‘Hybridge’ gilet

'Core’ Water Bottle

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Undefeated Basic Run Tight

Water And Stain Repellant

'AX 2 GTX’ Gore-Tex® Hiking Shoe (Men)

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Mixed 3-Pack

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Building Seattle | Via

“The instincts of the pioneer led them aright. Although not without its difficulties, the situation of Seattle is unique among the cities of the world.”

-Arthur H. Dimock 1926

At the beginning of the 20th century, Seattle, Washington was rapidly becoming a major hub of trade in the Pacific Northwest.

Situated on a narrow, hilly isthmus, the city needed to grow in an organized way.

Following a fire which razed much of the downtown area, City Engineer R.H. Thomson took the opportunity to spearhead a wide-ranging effort to tame the terrain around the city and prepare it for a century of growth.

Canals were dug, rivers were diverted and mountains were moved.

In particular, the glacial hills and ridges which separated neighborhoods from the downtown waterfront were deemed a major impediment to travel and commerce, and a prime target for removal.

From the 1890s through the 1920s, more than 50 million cubic yards of earth were scraped away with pick axes, water cannons, steam shovels and conveyor belts. Much of the displaced earth was used for filling in tidal flats on the waterfront.

The “regrading” of the terrain was a boon for some. Downtown residential real estate value was estimated to have increased 1,000% in two years. The owner of the hilltop Denny Hotel (later called the Washington Hotel) was so optimistic about the increase in land value that he tore down the hotel himself.

A popular myth held that some land owners refused to yield their property to the city. While negotiations proceeded, engineers were forced to continue the regrading around them. These untouched properties, looming dozens of feet above flattened plains of dirt, came to be called “spite mounds.”

In fact, there is no evidence that any of the owners of these mounds were opposed to the regrade. James Kelley, owner of several of the mounds, supported  the regrade, but was late to lower his properties because he was out of town when contracting began.

When regrading finally ceased with the onset of the Great Depression, the shape of the city had been radically changed.

But the ghost of the old city remains — underground. Some of the Victorian ground level streets remain as a subterranean network of tunnels and passageways beneath the sidewalk.


okay! here we go again!

there will be 3 winners!

1st place prize:

✨golden tool set!
✨15 MIL bells
✨any set that you want!

✨any 5 clothing items of your choice

2nd place prize:

✨golden axe, watering can, and fishing pole
✨10 MIL bells
✨ choice between Gracie, princess, cabin, modern, and cabana set!

✨3 clothing items of your choice

3rd place prize:

✨golden tool of your choice

✨5 MIL bells

✨ANY 3 items of your choice.

✨3 clothing items of your choice.


🌸since the value is so high, this giveaway is only for my followers. sorry!

🌸one like- one entry
🌸multiple reblogs accepted (Max five entries)

🌸give away ENDS Thursday March, 3rd at 7pm CST

Good luck!


Hello again, Octii Here with the first REAL update for Memoirs of Magic!

This is the first footage of my Project, Memoirs of Magic!

In this video, the Warrior Gear is Showcased. This consists of The Axe, Shatter Shotty and the Water Tome and all its spells. For the purpose of this video, all weapons are shown at their level 3 variations, to showcase the full potential of the skills you can utilize with these weapons. It should be noted that the only weapon that is truly Exclusive to the Warrior Class in this video is the Axe, as the Shatter Shotty and the Water Tome can be learned by other classes; but these weapon overall fall into the Element of this Class, which is Water.

The Axe is the Signature Tier 1 Weapon of the Warrior, which is the slowest of all of the tier 1 weapons, but also the most powerful, being able to one shot skeletons, and in some instances, gib them in a single shot due to the power of the weapon. The axes special attack, which it acquires at LVL2, varies from from its LVL3 Counterpart which is featured in the Video. The Level 2 Axe does not act as a boomerang, but simply a penetrating projectile that goes through masses of enemies, eventually hitting the wall in which the axe becomes embedded in. You are able to receive the axe again to regain some of your Mana Points.

At LVL3, the axe becomes a boomerang which has the ability to suck in enemies into the vortex and perform constant damage. However, if they are a bunch of enemies close together, it can get pretty hectic and they start all flying about!

The Second Weapon featured in this video is the Shatter Shotty, which is an Alchemical Tier 2 weapon which uses Alchemy instead of Mana for Ammo. Due to the weapon being a Sawn Off Shotgun,  it fires 16 pellets, which do immense damage at close range; further away however, the bullets suffer from severe spread, weakening the blow of the Shatter Shotty. At LVL2, the Shatter Shotty gains the ability to freeze enemies with Ice Pellets with the Alt Attack, which the duration is Increased at LVL3. The Ice Pellets are generally weaker then the average shots, so its advised not to use it as a overall method for defeating enemies.

The Shatter Shotty is the only weapon in the game that reloads, and at LVL1, it Reloads Per Shot; at LVL2, it Reloads every 2 Shots; and at LVL3, Reloads every 4 shots, which is shown in the video.

The Last Weapon Showcased in this Vid is the Water Tome; all tomes have a total of 3 Spells, which you gain with each level, in addition to upgrading the effectiveness of said Tome. The first spell showncase here is “Ice Sentry”, which summons Ice Sculptures of Cherubs to fire arrows at your enemies. At LVL1, you summon a Single Ice Sentry, LVL2 you summon 2, and at LVL3, you summon 3. At Water Tome LVL2, you gain the ability to freeze time, and at LVL3, you increased the duration in which you can freeze time in. When Time Freeze is active, you have the ability to throw out attacks which will all resume at once when the Time Freeze period has ended.

Stay Tuned, as they will be more videos to come as I showcase the other Class Gears in Memoirs of Magic!

PS: for all of the gear class showcases, the HUD will use Temporary Icons which will changed very soon, so don’t mind that little guy in the corner!

PPS: Due to the amount of content in each class gear types, I will be uploading a video per day (HOPEFULLY) so it is much easier to follow the amount content I will be discussing!