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Pink Floyd. Ummagumma. Harvest/EMI Records. 1969.

So, I’m assuming that in the summer beach focus I’ve heard rumors about they’re going to shuffle up the weapons that people do like they did for the Spring Festival, and personally I hope that they make Ike a dagger user who literally just picks up a sand dollar he finds on the beach and decides “Huh, I could probably throw this at someone.” 


Animorphs Prompts #02: Flowers

 for @miraculoussparrow‘s Month of Prompts

Cassie: Oxeye daisies (perseverance and patience) and purple hyacinth (sadness).

Jake: Yarrow (war) and laurel branches (victory)

Rachel: Borage (bravery) and black mulberry (I will not survive you)


CultureMUSIC *The Guitarists* - Black Ax Men c. 1930s-2010s

The Pioneers.

  1. Robert Johnson
  2. Muddy Waters
  3. Jimi Hendrix
  4. Eddie Hazel (Parliament-Funkadelic)
  5. Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers.)
  6. Prince
  7. Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine)

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Dear Taru, you are amazing. You mean so much to me and I hope we remain friends till the end♡ We only met a while ago and the fact i’m talking to my all time idol still fucks up my mind like im a nervous nerd who cries alot and you’re so cool and oppa, keep making amazing art and never give up. I’ll always be here for you darling! - love your all time fave baby boi™ @ask-student-joonie

The continuing adventures of our terrible, no good, very bad D&D group

for context, here’s an old post with character info

Last night, we were up against a nasty frost giant, several of which have already kicked our asses

He’s already half-wrecked our rogue and sorcerer in one round and things are not looking good

My turn starts. I’m a combat ranger, fight with two axes, and roll a 19 on a d20 on my first hit. Potential critical hit

Roll a 16 so hit it for 43 attack, which is really, really higher than its armor, so I roll the crit dice to see what kinda extra damage we’re gonna get

Now, some of this deck that we use is pretty useless in the grand scheme of things. Stuff like a broken hand for lost dexterity, a gash in the leg for bleed damage, stuff like that. Also, if you roll something that can’t physically happen to the enemy (ie breaking an arm on a shapeless mass of chaos energy), nothing happens.

Today, I rolled a 22. DM finished scrolling through the deck, and put his head in his hands.

A 22 is, apparently, a decapitation.

The frost giant got a fortitude save, of course. But the DC to beat was the attack roll I hit him with - 43. He’s good, but he’s not that good.

He adds 25 to his fortitude roll. He rolls a 3.

Frost giant’s head (which, I should mention, is 15+ feet above mine, as I’m a dwarf - it was an impressive flying leap, apparently) goes flying, and the body goes running off blindly, because as it turns out, this was not a giant but a fledgling Wendigo that we have probably not seen the last of. (Our rogue asked if she could get a sneak attack in on his body as it ran away, because it couldn’t see where she was shooting from. DM drew the line at that)

We should be concerned about the fact that it was still sorta alive and going through the final transformation stages, but the party is busy freaking out about my epic crit, and the DM is trying to figure out what to do from here

We find a fountain nearby, which is inexplicably not frozen despite the sub-zero temperatures. Rogue sticks her arm in the water to get an axe from the bottom, and subsequently needs our cleric to heal her extreme frostbite. We’re just trying to figure out where to go from there when the water suddenly freezes, and then starts moving.

DM opens his mouth to ask us to do perception checks when our cleric (who, I should mention, is completely insane and is convinced that fire is the answer to everything, so this is completely in character) announces that he casts Flamestrike on the fountain.


Cleric got it out fast enough that he couldn’t argue, and Kip does 52 points of damage to the fountain and its ice (x2 due to fire weakness) just before it properly forms into a huge ice elemental out for our blood.

It’s still standing, though, and promptly sends half our party (cleric, fighter, and sorcerer) into a panicked retreat for failing intimidation checks. If you’re keeping track, this leaves the non-combat rogue and a ranger who specializes in close combat. (who once had a bow, but it got lost an adventure or two ago and I never got around to replacing it.)

Obviously, we don’t want to go anywhere near it, and our rogue just starts firing off fire bolts at this guy with her tiny crossbow. He’s got damage reduction, and I had just decided to close the distance and try and get enough damage off with my flaming axe when DM announces that the elemental melts away in defeat.

Euphemia did maybe 15 points of damage with her crossbow, after damage reduction. Flamestrike kicked the shit out of him before he even had a chance to properly spawn, and if Kip hadn’t been his insane self the two of us probably wouldn’t have made it out of that one alive.

DM is displeased. (we already skipped a good portion of the dungeon on accident by missing the huge hole in the wall of a frozen waterfall, and made it to the endgame by Windwalking 700 feet up the waterfall to the necropolis through a swarm of dread wraiths. This could have ended very badly for us, but our sorcerer rolled really well.)

Tldr: DM had major combat planned for the session, he got super dead via auto death crit. He improvised and came up with another big enemy for us to fight, which promptly died via preemptive strike.

I feel pretty bad for our DM, actually. He’s been so excited about kicking our asses after accidentally killing our cleric several months ago, and is pointedly not giving us undead enemies because I get ungodly ranger bonuses against my favored enemies (of which undead are #1). And then we go and do… This.

what the Cullen’s would smell like ☆〜

Esme- lavender & burnt pancakes

Rosalie - freshly washed sheets, parchment paper & fresh ink

Jasper - sea water, smoke & rust

Emmett - axe body spray & dirt after rain

Carlisle - disinfectant, freshly baked pie & blue berries

Edward - fireworks, bookstores & coffee

Alice - Dior perfume, sage & baby powder

Bella - Freshly cut mint, grass & honey

Renesmee- Crayons, burning wood, strawberry & roses.