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Strange waters - chapter 3

Mako woke up with the sun, feeling it warm on his skin and shine through his eyelids. He slowly sat up with a big yawn, scratching his large belly as his eyes opened and adjusted to the light, coming back into focus.

The first thing he’d notice was a path in the sand, leading from the water to where his fireplace was made, all the wood he had collected and burned was now floating in the water.

Mako walked towards the water line to investigate, the mermaid wasn’t there, maybe it left for good this time. Mako walked down the long stretch of beach, exploring the shore line for a good place to fish, he’d need to plan for the future if he wanted to survive

He saw some fresh pig tracks in the sand, bigger ones surrounded by smaller ones. He smiled and followed, walking down to where he noticed the family grazing on grass by a body of water.

Mako’s smile disappeared as he realized he wasn’t the only one watching the pigs. The mermaid was watching them like a hawk, waiting patiently for an unsuspecting little creature to walk into its proximity.

Mako ran over just as the mermaid attacked, grabbing the mamas leg in its teeth and quickly backing off into the water to drown her. She squealed in terror, the babies noticeably distressed as they watched their mother being dragged away, unsure if they should run or watch.

Mako was on the mermaid in a matter of seconds, wrapping it up in a choke hold, his free fist punched at the mermaids gills until it’s jaw unlocked and the pig ran back to land, squealing and leaving with her children into the forest.

Mako felt the mermaids tail wrap around his legs, before he could react he was on his back in the water. The mermaid bits down onto Makos ankle, suddenly dragging him into the water.

Mako struggled to swim away, but the teeth on his leg were locked, kicking only helped the mermaid obtain a deeper grip, the water turning red around them. It wasn’t long until the mermaid dragged him far enough to pull the big man under the water. He tried to reach surface, air bubbles escaping his nose and mouth. When it became clear he couldn’t best the creatures swimming strength he knew he’d need to fight. He looked down at the monster on his leg.

His heart stopped, his eyes widened, The creature changed, it’s skin a sickly grey, mouth widening, stretching across its face to where it’s ears would be, it’s teeth were jagged and the length of a finger, yet sliced through his skin like butter. it’s eyes sunk deep into its head, still an intense orange, there were two nostril holes where the nose should be.

Mako refocused, his fighting spirit renewed with fear, and kicked the monster with his free foot, slamming his heel between its eyes.

No use, the monster wasn’t letting go. His vision was blurred, he needed air, but the monsters was keeping him in place while it drowns its pray. Mako nearly accepted his horrifying fate, as that long tail slowly wrapped around his body like a snake. He noticed a flash of light, drawing his eyes to the harpoon wound the mermaid had suffered days prior. It shone again, a reflection deep in the gash. He act in desperation, thrusting his fist against the open wound, poking one finger into the bullet hole, feeling the gash open wider. The mermaids tail untangled, its mouth opened as it shrieked, pulling away.

As Mako swam for the surface he watched the mermaid thrash in place, screaming in pain as its body shook and thrashed until the pain subsided.

Mako broke surface and swam faster then he’d ever swam before. Hearing the echoing call of his predator as it regained its bearings. He ran out of the shallow waters, feeling the cold clammy hands grabbing at his ankles. The monster was screaming in anger as Mako made it onto land, falling into the sand and turning into his back to see if it dared to follow.

It seemed to recognize it didn’t have a fighting chance out of the water, it smacked its teeth together, tail thrashing around behind it.. it slowly backed off again as its skin began to turn back to its deceitful shade of peach.

That night Mako slept deep in the woods, not risking that thing crawling onto land as he slept. Even so the rustling of the bushes put him on edge, he could see that deformed face clear in his mind like something out of a nightmare. Mako was a big man, he thought nothing could scare him but, this thing made him feel like a child cowering from the boogie man. Mako couldn’t shut his eyes, he couldn’t sleep that night.

A large chunk of skin was missing from Mako’s leg, there were teeth marks all over his ankle and his skin was shredded. He cleaned it out multiple times a day, wrapping new leaves around it to keep the infection at bay. He couldn’t imagine what was in that filthy things mouth to cause an infection this tough.

He stayed far from the water, occasionally he would look out of the thick foliage, mind playing tricks on him, was that a splash or a wave, was it a bright orange fin or just the reflection of the sun on the water. Was the mermaid gone, or waiting.

Mako decided to make a trip to the other side of the island where he expected to be safe from eyes that might be following him. A few peaceful days went by, he could relax a little more, his memories only haunting him in the dead of night, when he swears he could hear the clicking of teeth in the distance.

It was as Mako was cooking a fish on a newly lit flame that he saw the mermaid again. Casually staring at him, not making an attempt to hide at all.

It had stalked him to the opposite side of the island, waiting for its next attack. Mako left the fire and the fish, retreating back into the forest as he thought of what to do. Maybe he could make a boat and sail far away, but the mermaid was probably waiting for that. Like it or not Mako was trapped here, once again a prisoner. He wouldn’t let his freedom be taken from him so easily. He’d rather die than live in fear under this beast and he would kill the monster for daring to imprison him here.

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Still not over @damselindistressmya (right) and Rockstar Duchovny’s (left) dance-off. Because we were living in the moment, there’s no photographic evidence, but here’s a pretty darn accurate rendering by an eyewitness (yours truly.)

I wanted to mess around with a limited color palette, and I also wanted to draw some sort of water nymph. So this hot mess was created. I took a lot of liberty with my smear tool. She’s a marsh nymph or something. Can be seen at night time.

Yeah I gave her cute lil eyebrows, fight me.