water and land rights

I keep seeing tweets like “okay so america is a dystopian novel now wheres the 16 year old girl to save us” and other condescending shit like that and i just….

where are the girls who are saving us you ask?

oh i don’t know, they are at the Oceti Sakowin camp fighting for the right to clean water and treaty rights. They are protecting their land and water against heavily militarized police forces.

They are and have been at many Black Lives Matter protests. Girls have fought against police brutality in black communities. Women, in fact, are among the top leaders of that movement.

They are the muslim girls who continue to fearlessly wear their hijabs in public despite rampant islamophobia.

And there were plenty of teenage girls at the women’s marches across the country. 

So while a single Katniss Everdeen figure has yet to emerge, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. Because young women are protesting every day. They are the Katnisses and the Laia of Serras and the Aelins and the Mare Barrows and the Nehemia Ytgers and the Lihn Cinders that you’ve all read about. These girls exist. 

Realize that the fallacy of most dystopians, and many books, is that they often presents a single cohesive narrative of revolt and change. And in our huge, wide world, that is not how change works. But the books themselves are not incorrect in assuming that young women will be the arbiters of change. They are spot fucking on. 

International Socialist Republican Solidarity with Standing Rock!

We, the undersigned socialist republican organisations from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, express our complete solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their heroic resistance against the imposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline on their sovereign territory.

The ongoing resistance at Standing Rock in defence of land, natural resources and the right to water, is providing inspiration to anti- capitalist and anti- imperialist struggles around the world. The resistance at Standing Rock resonates in particular, in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, where our peoples have, and continue to fight against the joint systems of Capitalism and Imperialism and in defence of our homes, our natural resources and our right to clean safe and free drinking water.

We recognise that the fight of the Lakota is our fight and we further recognise that Standing Rock is a key battle ground in the struggle of the international working class and oppressed peoples around the world against the exploitation and oppression of Capitalism and Imperialism.

We condemn the US Imperial administration for its ongoing attacks on the Standing Rock Sioux. The militarisation of tribal lands, and the brutalisation of those acting in defence of their future is unacceptable and must end immediately.

We note with concern the recent raid on Last Child Camp and the subsequent mass round up of protestors. We demand that all those arrested are immediately released.

It is our view, that the US administration, acting as it is, in support of the private capitalist interests behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, have convincingly demonstrated, the fundamental truth of James Connolly’s maxim, that ‘governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class’.

We call on all progressive forces in the United States to rally behind the resistance at Standing Rock. For our part, we pledge our continuing support and solidarity and vow to do what we can in our own countries to highlight the outrages being committed at Standing Rock and to build international support for the resistance!

Defend natural resources!
Release All Prisoners!
Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Signed (List in formation)

Ireland- Éirígí
Wales- Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - The Great Unrest

“We’re going to explore the outside world someday, right? Far beyond these walls, there’s flaming water, land made of ice, and fields of sand spread wide. It’s the world my parents wanted to go to.” Armin Arlert (Shingeki no Kyojin)

A Sunny Day

Summary: You and Yugyeom take a weekend vacation together at the beach. Seeing you in a swimsuit all day drives him mad, and when you get back to the hotel, he takes things to the next level.

Genre: Smut

Length: 2276

Requested Here

You shoved a bottle of sunscreen into Yugyeom’s hand and brushed your hair to the side. “Get my back, will yah? I don’t want to burn.”

Yugyeom took the sunscreen and glared at you. “Yah! You could be a little nicer about it.” He started pouring the sunscreen into his hand and rubbing it over you back roughly, as if to punish you for being rude to him.

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  • Armin: [in a crowd and can't find eren] this calls for drastic measures
  • Eren: [screaming from across hall]
  • Armin: There he is
The Ocean Chose Me

A/N: if you haven’t seen Moana please go fucking see it the music is amazing and it’s awesome and I loved it. she’s bae.

Summary: Moana is journeying across the sea with a demigod. Very simple. She’s going because the ocean chose her to go….and to be tickled.

“I think I see something over there!” Moana pointed into the horizon.

“That’s just a cloud.” Maui rolled his eyes. “We have a long way to go still.”

“Oh, alright. Well. Should we do something to pass the time?” Moana suggested.

“Sure!” Maui grinned, walking toward her.

“Wait!” She threw her hands up at him.

Maui picked Moana up with one hand and tossed her off the boat, laughing.

Moana felt the water move around her right as she landed in the sea. It twisted and pulled at her, drawing her up and throwing her back onto the boat.

“Ugh, Maui! Why do you-”

She was tossed into the water again.

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Okay but where did Onion go?

So we all know that Lars is still on the Gem ship and at least the first couple episodes of S5 will probably be about the him and Steven trying to survive on Homeworld (or Lars is just shipped to the zoo while Steven goes to trial) but I think Onion might have gotten on the ship as well. Somehow.

Here we see him, definitely in the water, right around where the others would have landed:

(they even make a point of showing him jump in separate from everyone else)

But he is mysteriously missing from the final shot:

As we saw in Doug Out, Onion loves and trusts Steven. He would be just as torn up about him being taken as everyone else. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t show him here, UNLESS he managed to get back aboard the ship before it took off.

tl;dr, Onion will be the hero of S5.

Down to the River ♡ Raven Reyes Imagine

A/N: ‘Suprise + raven’ Enjoy! 💕
Warnings: Ummm language? A little. Idk I have a Raven swearing obsession apparently.


“Raven. Just close your eyes.” You instructed for what felt like the 13th time. You had your hands on her shoulders, guiding her through the forest as she screwed her eyes shut. But, as you found out, she liked to peek often.

“Why? Can’t you just tell me where we’re going, please?” She whined, pouting before you bit her lip softly causing her to scowl and fully shut her eyes, crossing her arms in defiance.

This was definitely more difficult than you intended. That’s for sure. All you were trying to do was take your girlfriend on a cute little date and surprise her but apparently, you should’ve known better. Clarke had helped you arrange what to do, as you couldn’t trust yourself to make a decision which of course led to the blonde sighing but also finding it cute that you cared.

Guiding Raven was difficult, she was wary of her leg and it was only after much reassurance you were allowed to help her along.

“We’re almost there Reyes. Calm your tits.” You laughed guiding her over a large log. You heard her snort and you waited for the sarcastic reply which you were quickly granted.

“At least I have tits, Y/N.” She bit back laughing as you gasped with fake hurt.

“Shut the fuck up Raven. You know I have tits. And you love it.” You winked, her cheeks unable to stay a normal colour as the blood rushed to them.

As you heard the gushing of the river you uncovered her eyes and smiled at her softly.

“You’ve been really stressed lately Raven. I wanted to bring you somewhere just to relax.” She smiled at you and gave her thanks taking your hand in hers as you sat by the river, the water swirling past in a current of blues below you as you sat on a ledge. You and Raven’s legs dangling over the edge, swinging back and forth

Smirking quietly you moved behind her resting your head on her shoulder, biting her ear. She grinned and turned to face you, kissing your lips. 

When things started to get heated however, you pushed her. As hard as it was. But you did. Right into the water. She landed with a loud splash and an angry scream of your name. You started laughing, the tears streaming down your face as you struggled for breath. Her face was red and you laughed even harder. 

That is, until she got out. When that happened you ran around in circles, trying to avoid the girl. But eventually you gave in and were picked up and thrown straight into the water too.

The cold hit you like a punch and this time it was Raven’s turn to grin as you shivered your face blue and in shock.

“A little cold Y/N?” She smirked, reaching out a hand to help you up. But instead you pulled her in and the two of you went under, laughing at each other in the depths.

Voltron Theories Season 2 Updated.

Okay so the fact that we have an echo in the dialogue gets me to wonder two things at the very start. Are they deliberately doing that only for the trailer to make it sound like Shiro is in a metal place that has an echo chamber, or is he really in a place where there’s an echo and he’s talking to Keith somehow while they’re escaping something. For me it’s a toss-up here honestly. On the one hand I can see this being a real moment in the series with them in the black lion or in a fight of some sort. However this could also be a set up for the fans to freak out over since “Space Dad” has become a fan favourite.

Honestly the likelihood of Shiro outright dying in this series is 50/50 right now for me. Reason being is that the production has said that they are going to pull from Go Lion which has a darker ending for Shiro’s expy Shirogane, however this is also being based on Voltron where his fate is less tragic but also just as dire. (There’s also a case where both can turn out to be true but that I’m saving for another post.)

So after this we get the shot of Keith crawling up on the head of the Red Lion and this time (thank you clearer trailer) we can see that he’s in a place where there’s a gray white set up. Now this is sort of important. This could either be the ice place that Pidge sees later, or this is rock planet. We’ve seen in other pictures that the Black lion is on a rocky planet, so that at least tells me that this place where we see Keith is probably the same place, making it where Shiro and Keith both landed in the same location. Or at least that’s what it’s implying here.

This is quickly followed by an underwater shot of Yellow (Hunk) and Blue (Lance) landing on the bottom of an ocean. Something caught my eye now that I can see it far more clearly. There are pods, mini underwater thermal like vents (or chimneys) that are glowing pink with energy. A few things clicked in my mind. Firstly –as someone who has read (and watched) various underwater comics – there is a precedent within shows and comics (especially with science fiction) to have an underground energy source be used to power the likes of an underwater city. We’ve seen it with Star War’s Gungan civilization, with DC’s Atlantis and Marvel’s Atlantis as well. On top of that several anime series also has used the idea of a thermal source being energy for a civilization.

Secondly the fact that they’re falling down so deep means that the lions were designed to not only handle the cold and antigravity of space, but also the pressure of being deep under water, which means that whoever designed the lions knew that they would have to be fighting not only on solid ground and space but also possibly underwater and made it so that the lions could withstand that.

We can also solidly say that we’re going to see more relationship building with Lance and Hunk in at least one episode and one where Keith has to grow and help Shiro.

Next shot we have is of the Green Lion being tied up. Or wrapped up by vine, not rope in this case. A few new things that I noticed. Firstly the place that she’s in is clearly not vegetative and it looks more like the clay desert set up that you might see in some areas of the South west. What’s important about this fact is that the vines are wrapped in a strange way. There’s none over the lion’s mouth to keep it from snapping. It’s only around the head, the legs the body, neck and tail, and it seems somewhat loose. If this was being used to hold her in place or secure her then, whomever wrapped her up didn’t do a good job and, it’s not gonna hold.

Secondly given the curve of the ground it looks like she’s in a river bed of some sort. The ground doesn’t look like the lion impacted on the spot, meaning that she made her way there from somewhere else. Thirdly there’s a group of people there examining the lion, and the way it’s resting sort of is like a cat so it’s not in a aggressive or defensive stance. There are eight people around the lion: two by the tail and the back legs, one by the front right paw, the rest between the mouth and the front right paw. It’s hard to make out here but it looks like they’re wearing very simple outfits, sort of like the Balmerian’s were in the first season.

Who these people are I’m not sure, but we do see at least two of them again in a later shot, so that’s telling a bit right there.

Following this we get two very important, I think scenes:

The first one focuses on Keith with the Black lion, his hand is either out at, or on the Black lion and it’s clear from this background they are the same planet/asteroid/location that Keith was in in the earlier shot confirming that, at least for this episode, the Black and Red lion are both in the same location, meaning it’s likely that Shiro and Keith are there as well.

The second shot is the one that has me interested. Keith looks both worried, concerned and it’s as if he’s concentrating on something. Either he’s worried about Shiro or he’s trying to get the Black Lion to let him in. Whatever the case is he’s sweating because of it, meaning that he’s either run very far or he’s actually trying to actively bond with the Black Lion for some reason. Why? My only guess is that he needs to pilot it for some reason. Or at the very least get inside of it to check on Shiro. If this is the case then that means that Keith creating a bond with the Lion could actually protect the whole integrity of Voltron as the Black Lion is the main head and body of the lion and the others follow after him.

Next sequence is another interesting one for various reasons so I’m going to try to split this up.

First off we see all five lions: Black, yellow, blue, red and green flying in a semi formation towards an unknown planet. What’s interesting about this moment is that the color of light that covers this scene becomes important later on as that same lighting and color comes into play in several moments in the trailer. I thought this might be a flashback, I’m not so sure anymore, however I do suspect that several frames of the trailer come from one episode and this may be part of that.

Following this we can see two sections of the planet which I want to highlight. The first is on the left past the mountain range. Here you can see some strange shapes. These honestly look like roads to me. When flying in a plane you can see land set up based on layout of roads and broken into sections. The land on the left side looks like it’s been tended to and fixed up. There looks to be roads or some sort of wall or cut in to the land that stands out creating areas to walk and possibly buildings and the like. On the right side of the mountains the ground looks more wild, less tended too and more open and untamed. There’s also implications of lakes down there as well as forested areas.

The last thing of interest about this strange planet is that there’s either an atmosphere where the mountains are growing up into space, or that’s a barrier around the planet as the look of it seems to show the atmosphere cutting around the peaks of the mountains. We can see clouds going around them so that does indicate an atmosphere but it could also be both at the same time. If it is a barrier then that does mirror what the original Voltron and Go lion had for Altea where there was a barrier around the planet that Voltron had to get through.

The next shot we get is Hunk and Lance underwater staring at a strange building. Again, this is probably part of the same episode where we see them land in the water together. The interesting thing is that right away we see that same pink glow from a large rock right in front and capping something. There’s moss or some sort of seaweed or plant growing on top, and we can see to the left more pink energy radiating from the bottom of the crust.

As I said before I’m theorizing that that is some form of thermal energy coming from under the ocean floor.

Next we see the building before them. A structure that really does feel like something out of Star Wars Gungan city. There’s a set of curved holders that are holding a star shaped decoration at the top, over a Arrow shaped decoration that is being held up with what looks to me like some sort of clam or muscle inner body. It’s clear that the front of the building is the one with the yellow windows and it looks to be a door way that the two boys are facing. The building is rounded and because of the distance we can’t tell how big it really is.

Another bit of interest in this is the fact that Hunk and Lance can stay underwater for as long as they are outside of their lions. Again that means that the suits are equipped to handle the pressures in space and other terrain. Which could be a very important bit of info if you couple that with the possibility of the group having to be outside of their lions for a time and in space or in a situation where if they take off their suits they will die. Clearly whoever came up with the designs of the lions and the uniforms for their pilots must have been thinking about the possibility of locations that the Paladins would be called to. Which also makes me, again, wonder who built them in the first place?

Now comes the most, or possibly most, controversial moment in this trailer. Or at least why I think it will cause some major questions to come up later. We see the red lion being clearly sucked into a hole. Now there’s a few questions on hand that come right up. Firstly when is this taking place? Clearly that is not the same worm hole that we saw Allura create, and also that’s not the same worm hole that Haggar attacked, so when is this happening?

Well honestly I think this is going to be happening before we see the four lions get together to do something rather big. There’s a moment that comes up a little later in the trailer. In it we see four, not five, lions flying for some strange yellow sun/gas giant planet. Of these lions we see the Black, the Yellow, the Blue and the green. The Red is nowhere in sight. Why is that, well again I’m going to be a tad bit controversial here. I think it’s used as a bit of a sacrifice by possibly Shiro to keep the others safe.

Let me quickly explain. We know that there are several shots in the trailer where we see the lions in action, and normally the red is among them. There is however only this moment and one other moment that I can’t account for all five lions, and that’s the scene where there’s a shot in a space ship grave yard. This leads me to believe we’re going to lose the red lion before the season is out and probably have to get it back by the end. I’m taking a wild guess here but I’m going to assume that Shiro may have something either planted on him, or planted in him that is allowing the Zarkon Empire to follow them. He figures this out and realizing that they’re going to want him and d the Black Lion, takes Keith’s red lion and allows it to fall into the black hole with himself in order to be lost to them.

However the likelihood of this happening is very slim. The other possibility is that the lion has to be let go of in order to save the others and possibly them planting something on it so that it can be located. We know that all five lions are needed to form Voltron, but what do you get when you only have four. There is a possibility that we see in this trailer but more on that later. Reason I think this would be so controversial is that it would mean we would be losing out on a lion for a while and Shiro’s fate, if he did pull that off, would be unknown.

This also might not be a sacrifice so much as he’s letting himself be pulled into that vortex for some unknown reason. Whatever the case maybe I think that here’s the point where we see the red lion vanish for a few episodes.

The four strange men in the scene with the green lion. We can clearly see a very pointed headed man in the foreground with elf ears wearing an orange and white shirt tunic that has short sleeves and possibly an apron tied around his waist as you can make out a bow on his back where one would wear an apron. I’m theorising here that he’s probably some form of worker (Baker, carpenter, something that would work in a shop and need to wear an apron) that came to see what’s happening.  We can see that he’s watching what’s going on with the green lion, and near by the lion is a tall thin man wearing a purple and white robe like top with a hood on the back. He like the first man has pointed ears and a pointed head, so they are clearly from the same race. It’s hard to make out but it looks like he’s touching the paw and there’s energy glowing from his hand. The last two are very small but there are two people near the lion’s jaw and where the air vents are. Both have pointed ears and heads.

By the way it looks like the energy is coming from the ground, so to the Anonymous person who mentioned the Balmera and healing I think you’re onto something here.

We then get a shot of Hunk’s Yellow lion swimming alongside a giant sea creature. This is certainly part of the same episode where we see them land in the water and with the strange looking building. It’s clear that the two may have to deal with something of that size at some point, because why show it if you’re not gonna use it.

Next shot is something I was wrong about. I thought it was the Black Lion forcing up the red lion, however it clearly is Voltron pushing up some form or rock or dirt as we see dust falling off. There’s a red hue to the scene so I’m guessing somethings burning or that it’s in some place with fire.

So the next scene is the shot I mentioned before. We only see four of the five lions in it. Red is nowhere to be found, and they are flying towards what appears to be a giant planet that seems to have some sort of crust left on it. It appears to be breaking apart, or was broken apart as we can see the rocks all over the place indicating some sort of explosion. There’s also no ship there either so that begs another question. Where’s the ship and why are they heading for a large, possibly gas giant? If we assume that the red lion has gone missing then did the ship get sucked in as well? Also where is this place? It looks like there’s another shot where the ship does come into the rock area, but is this also where all the destroyed ships are? Is this what remains of Altea?  Hard to really tell at this point.

Another questionable scene follows were we see a graveyard of ships and, what I assume is the black Lion standing on a platform of sorts, roaring up at the heavens. On it’s back looks like some weird weapon and that go me really examining the weapon. 

There are parts on there that look like lion legs, however because it’s not going to let me zoom in properly and it’s a fast pan scene I can only make some assumptions here. Given that this  might be happening while we’re missing the red lion it could very well be that we’re going to see the four make some sort of special weapon that mounts on the Black lion’s back. It’s really hard to tell for sure.

What’s also interesting about it is that it doesn’t quiet have that yellow look that the gas giant planet did so this might be another episode. There’s the fact that the weapon seems to fire up, have a brilliant light flashing with a spiral galaxy like effect while it fires up. 

Also of importance we get to see a quick shot of the top which looks very much like a gun weapon. It shoots up a straight and wavy beam into the sky and it looks like it has a satilite dish on the very top of it.

This quickly transitions into a large flash and a worm hole opening up for the green lion to go through. This one is most certainly allura’s as we can see the markings for the Altean ship around the hole. Green lion is looking at some sort of domed ice world and a beacon of light flashing up into the sky. This could be the water world that we see Lance and Hunk in as the ice and water could be all contained. Or this is a different area all together. Though it is interesting that this could also be pidge making her way to find the others, and that the lions are giving out sparks to get it’s attention. There’s also the matter of Pidge having enough energy to create a rift to travel through, which, if we’re right about the infusion and healing of the lion, then she should.

The ship landing for certain is the same gas world we see the four lions fly at earlier. Not much to add here.

Again I was wrong on something in my intial theories. I thought that it could be Lotar or the strange sword person that we were seeing. But in fact is was actually Shiro looking over the crystals. This at least means that Shiro will be around for a while and that at least at the start of the season he’s a’okay. Although it looks like he’s studying something and trying to figure out how they can best get through there.

We get a shot of Haggar and Zarkon watching something. I’m not 100% sure here but it looks like he’s not wearing his helmet but his skin looks like it has the same markings. Maybe I’m off. The planet is very Jupiter like, and I have to wonder if this is the episode where several of the scene we keep seeing in this trailer are coming from. Again I’m not sure, but it looks like lighting going on at the bottom of the screen between them. There are red flashes there too, so I wish I knew what was going on for sure. We can at least see Zarkon’s ears here as well. Or that might not be Zarkon at all, who knows.

So we have an invasion on our hands. It’s clear that the large ship is dropping smaller ones planet side. There’s also a shot of a very small glowing ball on the right of the screen. Again hard to make out but it looks like it’s glowing. Maybe a ship rushing in for the invading ship?

Boots on the ground so it’s a straight up invasion on some red planet. Maybe the one where Pidge was on, or where Voltron is hanging out at the moment. Regardless there’s going to be a lot of fighting. This could very well again be a flash back.

However Shiro’s isn’t. We see him, probably kneeling on the ground, sweating terribly. Something clearly has happened to him that has caused him to need to cool off that much. Taken prisoner, being exchanged for something. He doesn’t look defeated more worried about something. And again the color scheme makes me think that this might be connected to the group that’s attacking the planet. We see it clearly that the light is shining from behind him, so he’s running away from something. Maybe he’s escaped again?

Thrace is watching something, probably spying, but he’s not happy at all by what he sees and narrows his brow s for some reason. He’s clearly annoyed with someone and the way that the red glows on his face makes me think that he’s going to be a threat, either to someone we know or one of the bad guys. Whoever it is will not be long for this world with the glare he’s giving them.

The next shot is something that again I have to wonder about. Is it a flash back or at this time? We see a world, possibly the one that Voltron landed on, possibly Altea and a fleet of invaders is coming in. There’s also the fact that there’s a glowing center there that is linking down to the core. Could this be some connection to the Quintessen? Maybe it’s the core of the planet? Hard to tell at this point, but whatever that is it’s probably going to be a plot point at some point in the episode.

The blue lion attacking one of Zarkon’s ships in the yellow broken planet zone was tricky for me to figure out. It’s clear that the camera follows lance and spins as he runs through the whole thing. So we know that he is going to at least be doing some heavy hitting in this episode.

Zarkon flying through space. 

We see a strange planet with large pipe like structures jutting up into the heavens 

and then an asteroid field

 followed by a burst of possibly a sun.

 This might be them warping to the strange Jupiter planet to catch the others. It’s an interesting montage showing that he may know where they are or at least the way to the planet. Which means he could have been there before. If this planet they go to is Altea, then this should be something interesting to speculate about. How long ago he was there last and what does he know about the planet that the others possibly don’t? Does this give him an advantage or no?

We then have a shot of the castle firing on something, again, not sure what that is but it looks like there’s some sort of explosion happening as they’re hitting it? Maybe it’s connected to the crystals episode?

Allura’s also meeting with someone very tall. As I said before this could be Lothor or this could be some form of another general. Clearly it’s not Thrace because the uniform is all wrong. He also seems to be bowing to her showing her respect while she’s scowling and not happy to see him. There is the matter also that her eyes follow him up from the ground as he stands, so clearly there’s some indication that she’s keeping her eye on him. Also of importance is the fact that she’s not “captured” at this moment: ie. locked up, but it does look like she’s on the enemies ship. The uniform he’s wearing seems to indicate someone of authority but it doesn’t match any of the soldiers we’ve seen thus far. This could also be a rebel group that was mentioned in the first season, the colors though again say otherwise.

I can say this honestly that sword weilder is almost certainly female. They have the body that indicates that they will be, and they have a smaller form then the other male members that we’ve seen before.

 On top of all of this their outfit implies a set of hips and probably breasts at the top, although smaller in size, 

There’s also the added fact that the face plate seems a lot more narrow and femine and the outfit also seems to have this feel to it as well.

Another interesting factor is that the end spot with Shiro walking forward has the same purple on the walls as does her suit. Most if not all of the members of Zarkon’s crew have a pink neon color to their energy, this swords person is the first I’ve seen to not have it.

Lance and Hunk are firing at something but the backgrounds are different. Lance’s is a metal area, 

where as Hunks is a clay color much like where the green lion was held.

 There’s also the issue of the green goop that is being thrown from Hunk’s blasts. Plant like substance? That’s a possibility although I don’t have anything proof positive yet on that front. The one thing I can say is that it could be connected to the vines on the green lion.

Pidge fighting in front of the green lion (or blue or black as the paw color is hard to make out), in a room that has the green colors makes me think that it’s a docking bay of some sort. Whose I’m not sure, but it’s clear that she’s ticked off and ready to attack based on that.

Keith piloting either the red or black Lion. 

Still betting on the black at this point because red was out of energy.

 Following this is a shot of the crystal exploding as Voltron hits it. This is most certainly from the same episode that has Shiro on the bridge and the crystals in space behind him.

Following this is four shots of the four paladins looking determined and a possibly completed Voltron in the background. The color of the sky indicates that same planet where we saw earlier the strange landscape with the half being pretty lawns and the other half being strange wild growth.

We end the whole thing with Shiro walking down what looks like a dock with Black lion’s color and Keith calling out to him, which I think is again enhanced along with the blue glowing light. Unless that’s something Keith is hallucinating.

Additional info from New York Comic Con to add into all of this.

Firstly apparently the second episode is going to be the water episode and called The Depths. It will be focusing on Hunk and Lance. 

There be Mermaids that look a bit like Nyma from the first season. What’s interesting too is the fact that the Mer-queen in this case says that Lance is their savoir, and this does mean my theory about the thermal pink being some form of energy for a civilisation. Or at least it stands more of a chance as a chance of being a probability.

We also learn during this episode (or at least from a clip of the show) that Lance will have a new weapon for the blue lion. How this is going to come into play later in the season we don’t know right now, but if anything it’s probably going to signal the change in the way the team sets up it’s fighting at distance.  If Sentai has taught me anything it’s that second seasons and the “Lancer” usually gets the distance firing weapon for the team.

My theory about the strange place with the graveyard of junk was almost correct but the New York comic con panel seems to have put that to rest. Pidge will be showing up on a Junk Planet (Transformers reference) where she builds versions of the group (or at least Keith)

 to keep her company. Weird Al’s supposed to be in there. 

So that weird gun that we see that I thought was connected to possibly the four Lions, wrong. It’s actually something Weird Al and Pidge build, possibly to give her range to make a warp hole to get her out of there. Although it’s a cool thing to have happen.  

It looks like Episode one will focus on Shiro and Keith and their struggles, meaning that episode one is going to be an emotional one and probably it’s going to push Keith and Lance forward through the events to see who will be the leader in the end.

Less important info we got was that Lance was Cuban, which does at least explain the skin tone and the info that he gave about the beach. Pidge is a Horder which actually ties into her connection to the Pidge from the first series as he used a lot of junk to build cool things and fix things. Hunk being a good cook also connects to his older character as he’s supposed to be the better cook of the five guys in the team.

So over all we can at least say we know a few episodes of the series.

We have one major one with Shiro and Keith bonding and growing as a partnership.

We have the Depths giving more added depth to both Lance and Hunk.

We have Pidge still determined to find her family but also proving she can handle things on her own and that she’s starting to see the guys as much of her family as Matt, her father, and her mother.

We’re getting at least one episode that’s dealing with some place ice like. This could be connected to the Depths though as well.

We know that there’s going to be some form of at least two show downs with Zarkon. One on a planet that might be Altea, and one on some other form of planet that probably was destroyed by him.

We know that Shiro’s going to be physically struggling with something along with emotionally, but we can at least say he will show up for several episodes as we see him with the crystal episode and we know he is in the first episode.

We know that the swords person is most likely female and is probably connected to the episode where we see Pidge fighting as well as Shiro walking away because of the color schemes.

We know for sure that Pidges episode is the one where the weird cannon is shot off. But there’s still so many unanswered questions, chief among them, why nothing about Allura in all of this. We are given only one major moment with her physically shown in the trailer, which makes me think they’re saving a lot of plot development for her this season.


Teen Wolf/ My Babysitters A Vampire Crossover

Word Count: 1377

“What are you talking about I’m not special?” Stiles stuttered as he looked up at his Grandmother who was smiling down at him. 

The coven had decided to make Stiles the twins guardian, this decision was made because they lived outside of Whitechapel, where the Coven resided, and needed someone non magical being to keep an eye on them.

Originally Jane had been put in place and spent one day a week with a Coven member so that she could be an official magical guardian when she reach sixteen, this was only allowed as Jane knew about the magical world and the Coven was always nearby to help.

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iKON reaction to you casually changing clothes in front of them

Note: You only kissed before!

Hanbin: has no idea what to actually do but that’s not stopping him from grinning and trying to steal one more glance at you while you have your back turned to him and while he’s ‘’also busy trying to find that new shirt *steals a glance* seriously where could it be??’’

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Jinhwan: is suddenly talking so loud that someone listening would never guess that he’s standing not even a meter away from you…he also suddenly developed an intense curiosity for the ceiling in your room

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Junhoe: suddenly his shirt is really tight and ‘’Why don’t you open that window? Don’t you feel how hot it’s here!’’ he’s still trying to act like he’s completely calm…but his red ears are saying something else

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Yunhyeong: barely manages to keep the water in his mouth when your shirt lands on the bed right next to him…the next few minutes would be spent on the mix of wondering if you noticed that and trying to not to stare trying is the key word because he’s not exactly succeeding 

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Bobby: would make himself comfortable in your bed and stare…just stare, looking like the view of you changing is not affecting him at all  which you can’t say for yourself but in reality, the reason for his calmness is the total loss of energy on trying not to blush

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Donghyuk: leaves the room as quickly as he can while cheerfully informing you that he need a glass of water, not even hearing your response because of all the alarms going off inside his head telling him that there’s no way he would stay calm even for one more second

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Chanwoo: continues eating his food trying to totally ignore the fact that you just took off your shirt and spent a few more minutes searching for another one…which he’s succeeding in as much as in not blushing and keeping the fork in his hands

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Have you ever thought about doing a Mafia/gang harry? Like he's the boss & y/n is a waitress & he sees her and boss harry always gets what he wants, but he speaks to her & she's all fluffy n sweet he just cracks & acts like the little cupcake he is?


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-drops a water balloon through one of the holes in the ceiling, it lands right on blackberry's head- YES! Get dunked on!

Blackberry ends up drenched.  “WHO WOULD DARE SPLASH THE MALEVOLENT SANS?! PAPY!!” 

SF!Paps is there in the next instant, glaring up through the hole in the ceiling.  

“if you wanna dunk on m’lord….

 y o u ‘ r e  g o n n a  h a v e  a  b a d  t i m e .”

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I'm so thankful that y'all called his ass out for the Native American incident because I am Native American and something had to be done about it. The whole thing made me question why I even liked him as a person. I will always enjoy his work, but I don't necessarily like him as a human being anymore.

Honestly truly, welcome….I do not want anyone supporting someone that fetishizes their culture and acts like its “IN” to be a humanitarian for it
can I also add something that makes me say this

Why was Ezra protesting and someone recorded him during the Dakota Pipelines mess and at the end of the bit did He really need to bring up Fantastic Beasts as if that has any bloody fucking thing to do with the Natives of that land fighting for their right for water while being blasted in freezing conditions by water cannons?? Someone want to riddle me fucking that??? -Xanax