water and land rights

I keep seeing tweets like “okay so america is a dystopian novel now wheres the 16 year old girl to save us” and other condescending shit like that and i just….

where are the girls who are saving us you ask?

oh i don’t know, they are at the Oceti Sakowin camp fighting for the right to clean water and treaty rights. They are protecting their land and water against heavily militarized police forces.

They are and have been at many Black Lives Matter protests. Girls have fought against police brutality in black communities. Women, in fact, are among the top leaders of that movement.

They are the muslim girls who continue to fearlessly wear their hijabs in public despite rampant islamophobia.

And there were plenty of teenage girls at the women’s marches across the country. 

So while a single Katniss Everdeen figure has yet to emerge, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t exist. Because young women are protesting every day. They are the Katnisses and the Laia of Serras and the Aelins and the Mare Barrows and the Nehemia Ytgers and the Lihn Cinders that you’ve all read about. These girls exist. 

Realize that the fallacy of most dystopians, and many books, is that they often presents a single cohesive narrative of revolt and change. And in our huge, wide world, that is not how change works. But the books themselves are not incorrect in assuming that young women will be the arbiters of change. They are spot fucking on. 


We’re going to explore the outside world someday, right? Far beyond these walls, there’s flaming water, land made of ice, and fields of sand spread wide. It’s the world my parents wanted to go to. ”  ― armin arlert 

Happy Birthday To My Amazing Friend Su! (ノ∀`♥) 

hello friends, please keep the Carribean and Puerto Rico in your thoughts and prayers. if you guys search up the severity of a cat 5 hurricane, you will see how  in danger these people are in. to any of my followers who have to evacuate south Florida or any part (it’s not certain if central has to or not) as well, do not fear, you’ll reach safety in time if you prepare as of now. know you’re safety route. buy necessary supplies, and stay safe everyone ♡

Like That

[listen to Like That by Bea Miller.]

The car ride is silent and the only sounds are the loud rain pouring on the car, and my fuming thoughts. Shawn looks out his window, a slight intoxication to him, and acts like everything is normal, but things aren’t. I can’t stand to be in the car with him. How can he act like things were normal when things weren’t?

Within a few minutes, we pull up to the house. Instead of waiting for the car to be shut off and the chauffeur opening the door for us, I unbuckle my belt and hop out of the car and walk towards the front door. The rain begins to soak me and I search for the spare key, but curse under my breath when I see that it’s not in its usual spot of being taped under the outdoor lamp. Shawn takes his time getting out of car and I know that he does that on purpose. I cross my arms under my chest and feel goosebumps forming on my skin and my teeth begin to chatter.

The car door opens and out walks Shawn, the keys tossed up and down in his right hand as his left hand is in the pocket of his pants. By now I’m fully soaked and Shawn is on his way to being soaked by how slow he walks.

“Are you in a rush?” Shawn asks as he begins to unlock the front door. I don’t reply. He chuckles and then as soon as the door is open, I walk right in and head into the house.

My heels make noise, but I remove them and begin to walk towards the kitchen. The door closes and Shawn’s voice echoes through the hall, “So you’re mad at me now, huh?”

After finding nothing to eat, I opt to just go upstairs and call it a night. I walk back towards the front of the hall and see Shawn hang up his jacket.

“Silent treatment tonight?” Shawn asks me. I ignore him and head up the stairs to the bedroom. I hear his footsteps follow me and I prepare myself for whatever it is he’s going to do to try and get himself out of trouble.

“What did I do this time?” He asks. I walk to the vanity mirror and take a seat and begin to remove my jewelry and makeup from the night. I see his reflection in the mirror and he leans against the doorway.

The white shirt he wore for the night clings onto his torso and the shadow of his abs is prominent. I watch through the reflection as he slowly unbuttons the top buttons of his shirt as he removes his black tie.

“Wanna tell me what I did?” Shawn asks.

“I can tell you what you didn’t do. That’d be less time.” I reply.

“Was it about tonight?”
“Not just tonight. It’s almost every night.”

“Ali, what am I doing here? What am I doing wrong?” Shawn asks as he begins to walk closer. I turn around in my seat and point at him.

“You know exactly what you do! You hide our relationship and it makes me look like a fucking groupie! Just say it, Shawn, say to everyone that I’m you’re girlfriend and you’re not fucking some model or other celebrity.” I say.

Shawn puts his hands at his hips and shakes his head, a laugh emitting from his lips, and he lets out a deep sigh. “This again? We come back to this again, huh?”

“Yes, Shawn, we’re back here. Again. And we wouldn’t need to be back here again if you…”

“If I what, Ali?” He asks as he raises his voice slightly. “Tell me how can I prevent this silent treatment that you give me? Because you know there is nothing I would love more than to know what the fuck is making you act this way.”

“Like that!” I raise my voice as I stand up. “It’s when you treat me like that!”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m dumb! Like I’m the one who just loves to start fights! Like I’m not your girlfriend! Like I’m just…not important to you.”

“So we’re doing this again?” He asks. Shawn turns around and places a hand at his forehead.

“Perfect example. You make me feel like I’m not important. Like the words I say aren’t important. Like - you know what? What’s the point? You’re just gonna direct this back to dumb questions.” I walk past him and head down the stairs.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not everything he wants me to be. I head into the kitchen and rummage through the cabinets in search for a headache reliever. I grab the bottle of pills, open it, swallow a pill, close the bottle, place it back, and then pour myself a glass of water. I stand in front of the sink and sip my water as the moonlight slips through the window.

From behind, I can feel Shawn’s presence in the room. I place my glass in the sink and stare out the window. I hear his steps coming closer and eventually he’s behind me. I drop my head and close my eyes. His arm snaked around my waist and I felt my breath hitch. He felt it too.

Shawn pushes my hair behind my shoulder and tucks a strand behind my ear. He brings his mouth by my ear and as he licks his bottom lip, he licks a bit of my ear. “So what do you want from me?”

It’s a simple question. One that usually gets a rise out of me in arguments, but with his tone, and the grip he had on me, it made me shiver. I feel a drip of water fall from his hair and it lands on my right collarbone. Shawn places his right hand at my right wrist.

“Alley cat?” He calls me by his nickname for me. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“Oh,” I scoff, “you finally want to listen?” I turn around and am now facing him. His grips on my waist and wrist remain, but now I’m looking into his eyes that look a different color due to the moonlight. His usual curly mop of hair are no more, but instead wet strands that have framed his face.

“Yeah, I wanna listen.” Shawn says with a serious gaze.

I roll my eyes and place my hand on his chest to push him away, but he doesn’t budge. My hand remains on his chest, and I glance from my hand to his eyes. The rain continued outside and I take notice of how the white shirt clung to his body perfectly. I find myself debating on wanting to unbutton his shirt and wanting to stand my ground and not fall into temptation.

“What’s the matter?” Shawn asks as he takes note of how silent I’m being. “Cat got your tongue?”

My chest rises and I find myself pressing my lips onto his in a heartbeat. He lets go of my wrist and picks me up by my waist and places me on the sink counter. I wrap my legs around him as I place my hands in his hair. His tongue runs over my bottom lip and I open my mouth, gasping as he slithers his tongue inside.

His hand goes to the back of my dress and he unzips it. I enjoy the feeling of his lips on mine, his tongue on mine, as he slowly began to pull the sleeves of the dress down my arm. I remove my hands from his hair, and eventually break the kiss as he removes the top of my dress. I lick my bottom lip, biting it, as I place my hands on the collar of his shirt and pull him close to me again. Our lips attack one another once more and he lifts me off the sink and turns me around to the kitchen island.

I moan into the kiss as I begin to unbutton the rest of his shirt. Shawn’s hand goes in between my thighs and I gasp. With my mouth open, he gnaws on my bottom lip and it makes me moan.

“Shawn,” I moan. He smirks and kisses me before placing his other hand under my dress. I feel him removing my underwear and it dangles at my ankles. I kick off the fabric and break the kiss to unbutton his shirt. Shawn, not wanting to kill the vibe, kissed at my neck. My heart fluttered at the feeling of him gently and teasingly kissing at my neck. He occasionally would bite at the skin and it would make me pant.

The shirt is unbuttoned and Shawn pulls back and I look him in the eyes. He smirks and I remove the shirt from his torso. The fabric clung to his skin and was slowly tugged off his arms. I place my hands on his arms, open my legs, and pull him close to me.

Shawn’s hands go to my thighs as we continue to kiss one another. He removes his lips from mine and kisses at my neck and down to my collar bones. My hand is at his shoulder, the other at the back of his hair.

I hear the noise of his belt buckle and then the sound of his zipper coming down. I bite at his ear and he lets out a raspy moan.

Shawn detaches his lips from my neck and kisses my lips gently before placing a hand at my lower back and bringing my body closer to him.

“Shawn,” I pant at the feeling of him separating my legs with his body. Slowly, he slides inside me. I bite on my lip and rest my forehead at his shoulder as she continued to slide all the way in.

“Oh, fuck,” Shawn curses. I gently bite on his shoulder and he lets out a low moan.

He grabs me by the waist and it takes me by surprise when he carefully and gently, still inside me, takes us onto the floor. Shawn places me on my back and then pulls out, only to thrust all the way inside me again.

It makes my body twitch and my breath to hitch. I go to touch him, but with one hand, he holds my wrists above my head and pins them to the floor. With his other hand, Shawn holds onto my right thigh and pulls out halfway and then slams back inside me.

“Shawn,” I moan his name. A roar of thunder and a flash of lightning are seen and heard through the window. The lightning lights up the kitchen and it allows me to see Shawn’s intense gaze that made me shiver.

I feel him in my stomach and he continues to roll his body into me. My moans are heard throughout the kitchen and Shawn begins to lowly grunt with each thrust.

“God,” he grunts, “you feel so good.”
“Shawn,” I pant.

He lets go of my thigh and then holds a wrist in each hand. My hands are still pinned to the floor under his touch, but instead of being above my head, they’re by my shoulders. Shawn looks me in the eyes as he pulls out, and then slowly rolls back in. I arch my back and wrap my legs tighter around him and he brings his head down and kisses my lips.

I want to run my fingers through his hair, tug at the strands, and even touch him, but all I can do is touch his fingers.

“Shawn, Shawn,” I pant. His lips continue to kiss mine and I close my eyes at the feeling of him inside me.

Shawn releases my hands and I instantly place my hands in his hair. I begin to tug at it and then trail my left hand down to his shoulder and claw at his skin.

He feels good.

His skin is warm against mine, even though we were caught up in the rain, and he still smells intoxicating. I throw my head back at his thrusts and my head lands on the back of his forearm. Shawn takes me by surprise and pulls at my hair, making me moan louder. My moan echoes off the kitchen wall and I listen to Shawn’s grunts and pants.

“Sh-Shawn.” I moan. “Don’t, don’t stop.”

He slowly pulls out all the way and I look at him. There’s another bolt of lightning that lasts a couple of seconds and I look at Shawn. He looked hauntingly breathtaking. As I was admiring him, he takes me by surprise and begins to rub the head of his hard erection onto my clit. My body jolts in surprise and at the action.

“Shawn,” I moan. “Oh, fuck!”

“Does that feel good?” Shawn asks me.

“Uh huh.”
“Tell me what you like.”

“I li-like that.” I pant. He continued to run his head against my clit, but slower and a bit rougher. I sink my teeth onto my bottom lip as I quiver at his actions.

“Tell me what you want.” Shawn says.
“You.” I say.

The teasing stops and he slowly slides back inside me. I go to wrap my legs around his waist, but Shawn takes me by surprise and hitches my left leg over his shoulder. He’s now deeper inside me and I open my mouth to moan, but am silent.

“Say my name.” Shawn demands, knowing full well that when we’re in this position I can’t find my voice.

“Sh,” my voice is a raspy pant. “Oh, fuck.”

“Fuck, you feel good.” Shawn grunts as he thrusts harder.
“Shawn, I’m gonna -”

“No you’re not.” He says. Shawn places a hand at my neck and applies pressure with his thumb. I bite my lower lip as he applies more pressure and feel myself ready to cum.

“Shawn.” I say in a raspy voice.
“Not yet.” He replies. Shawn starts to thrust slower, in a grinding fashion, and it throws me over the edge.

“Did I tell you to cum?” He asks.

I try my hardest to hold it, but can’t. “Fuck!” I reach my orgasm and moan loudly, almost close to a scream, but his hand is still at my neck.

Shawn picks up the pace and I feel him go deeper in my stomach. I moan louder as he releases his hand from my neck and instead places it on my waist. He pins me down to the floor and continues to thrust into me.

“Oh, baby, fuck!” Shawn moans. He pulls out just in time and I feel him shoot out on my inner thigh.

Shawn spreads my legs open with his hand and with two fingers, he wipes up his cum from my thigh and brings it to my mouth.

“Open.” Shawn says. I open my mouth and suck on his fingers and swallow the cum. “Good girl.”

He leans down and kisses my lips, his tongue gently running over mine. He pulls back and tugs at my bottom lip before kissing at my neck.

Shawn looks at me and smirks, “Now I like that.”

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I request scenarios for Saeran&Zen when they're on a beach and suddenly they see that MC disappeared and they freak out that she drowned or something... and then she just casually walks to them and says that she was in toilet/shop/whatever? ^^; hope it's not too weird or complicated, have a nice day!

I loooooved doing this one! Also, I hope you have a nice day as well, anon (✿◠‿◠)

-you two decided to go on a spontaneous road trip to the beach
-when you got there, you didn’t expect a bunch of his fans to be there
-“tweeting out my location was probably not the best idea”
-you take away his phone for the day
-zen ended up having to entertain them for a while
-signing autographs, taking pictures etc.
-you decided to just sit in the sand, under some shade while he did that
-you were actually touched by how much he cared about his fans tbh
-at one point, he started a game of volleyball with them and asked you to join
-when you declined, offering to cheer him on from the sidelines, he made sure to try and impress you with his skills and muscles
-after every serve or any time he got the ball over, he’d look over to you for a reaction, hoping that you were just swooning at his presence
-after a few minutes of playing, he looked over only to not find you
-he thought that maybe you moved for some shade, but he couldn’t see you there either
-he was so distracted there for a second that he got a volleyball to the face
-after getting up, he left the game to see where you went
-and when he couldn’t immediately see you, he thought you had went for a swim
-and without wasting time, he ran towards the ocean
-“MC, I’m coming for you, don’t drown!”
-and with that he jumped right in, and started panicking even more when he couldn’t find you
-“MC! MC! Where are you?!”
-and with that, he whipped around to see you standing at shore with two water bottles in hand
-“I thought you’d need some water”
-he immediately rushed to you and held you tight, drenching you in the process
-you two didn’t go to the beach again for a while

-you finally convinced him to leave the house to go to the beach
-he’s not happy about it, but he sees how excited you are and sucks it up
-when you got there, you tried to get him to do anything
-you tried to toss a frisbee at him, but every time, without fail, he’d just stand and watch it fall
-“MC, you dropped something”
-“No, you’re supposed to catch it”
-this boi
-you offer to go for a walk along the shore, but he just stays seated in the sand
-you tried to grab his arm and drag him, but he ends up pulling you down to sit with him
-you offer to go for a swim
-he just isn’t having any of it
-“We’re supposed to be having fun, you know?”
-“I am having fun,” he said, “I just don’t want to do anything.”
-you got up and walked off, hoping this next idea will work
-he didn’t think much of it, though, thinking you were just heading to the bathroom or something
-after a few minutes, when you hadn’t returned, he started to worry a bit
-he took one look around and couldn’t see you immediately
-his mind started jumping to the worst case scenario
-‘what if they got eaten by a shark?’
-‘but I saw them walk the other way’
-with that thought, he started running everywhere to find you
-when he couldn’t find you, he headed towards water and jumped right in, ready to fight any shark, land or sea
-when he didn’t see you (or any sharks, for that matter) he went to get help
-running over to his phone, he saw you back where he was, bucket and tiny shovels in hand
-“Look who decided to go for a swim!”
-“Where did you go?” he asked, trying to contain his previous freak out
-“I thought maybe you’d want to build a sandcastle, so I went and bought supplies”
-he didn’t really want to, but the relief of seeing you made him settle to do anything you wanted
-and he ended up loving it
-made himself a fortress of sand to protect you from the sharks

Love Bug

Based on the art by @eyugho​. I sat down and wrote the entire thing immediately after seeing the piece, so forgive me for any errors (or give me constructive criticism, if you like. This is a one shot piece, and largely unedited, but I just really wanted to write it before the inspiration left my body)

Summary: Keith gets bit by a love bug and falls acts lovey-dovey around the first person he sees, who just so happens to be Lance.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11803710

It had started out simply enough. They’d landed on what Lance would have called “home,” if the thought of that weren’t too painful. Allura and Coran were on a diplomatic mission which didn’t require all the paladins, so she had cleared them to wander around the planet as long as they didn’t stray too far.

The planet really was like Earth, the best parts. They had landed right next to a body of water so giant he would have been tempted to call it an ocean, but the smell was less salt more earth, and the rhythm of the waves a gentle call rather than a commanding presence. Where there wasn’t water there were trees, and these were the things that reminded him that this wasn’t his home. They swayed gently in the wind and if you looked too closely they’d seem to shimmer like heat waves rising off hot pavement.

Still, the place was friendly enough, and so the paladins, at Lance’s urging, had decided to take a break and go swimming.

Most of the paladins, anyway. “Keith!” Lance floated on his back and kicked towards the shore. “Get in!”

“I’m not in the mood to get wet.”

“Why? Afraid you’ll ruin your hair?”

“Keith, I swear to you,” Pidge said, emerging from underwater, “I will get out of this alien sea and build a water canon just for you.”

Keith evidently didn’t think Pidge was messing around, because he took off his shirt and tossed it to the ground. To the casual observer he might have seemed reluctant, but Lance was pretty sure Keith was looking forward to swimming. After all, he’d wanted to at least once during their space trip and, to the best of his knowledge, had never gotten to.

“Woo hOO!” Lance shouted, plunging underwater and jumping back out again in triumph.

Keith gave him a weird side glance while making his way to the edge of the water. He dipped his toe in suspiciously, then back out again. “It’s cold.”

“Alright, I’ve had enough.”

Keith looked over in surprise at none other than Hunk, who was coming out of the water towards him.

“Hunk, are you doing what I think you’re doing? Hunk? Hunk!”

Hunk had not been dissuaded by Keith’s pleas and had grabbed him in a bear hug from behind while Keith kicked helplessly into air. Pidge and Lance were giggling from the water.

“That’s what you get!” said Pidge.

“Let me down,” said Keith, still flailing.

“Your call.”

There was a splash as Hunk dropped Keith, who fell into the water still squirming. He emerged to more splash attacks, but even though there was probably water in his eyes, ears, and mouth, he was grinning unmistakably.

The paladins fooled around in the water for a while, but eventually the fun had to end when Allura and Coran’s visit was over. Universe to save, and all that. They all trudged out of the water and dried off, savoring their last moments on this planet so much like Earth outside the castle.

Lance focused on the sea. He missed the ocean, his ocean, and this wasn’t quite the same, but god, it was so familiar nonetheless. There was the sense of eyes on the back of his neck, and he turned around to see Keith staring unabashedly at him. Their eyes met and Keith gave him a small smile that crinkled his eyes, and Lance turned his head away rather quickly, thinking to himself that the reason was he wanted to savor the sea and not that he was trying to hide a blush.

“Paladins,” Allura called, inevitably ending the brief vacation. Reluctantly, they picked up their shirts from the ground that they had dropped before swimming.

That’s when things became less simple, because Keith, apparently, had other ideas.

“Keith, buddy,” Lance said, walking up behind him. “I’m pretty sure you have the wrong shirt.”

“Do I?” There was something foreign about that tone of voice, like everything that had been rough around the edges was smoothed out in those two words.

“Yeah, last time I checked.”

Keith didn’t turn around, just finished pulling the shirt over his head and strolled towards the castle.

“Fine!” Lance said. “Then I guess I’ll have to wear your shirt.” He hurried after him clumsily, shirt over his eyes. Keith briefly turned around to give Lance an infuriating smirk but never broke his stride.

Lance took a few longer steps and put his hand on Keith’s shoulder, this time causing him to stop in his tracks so quickly that Lance almost knocked them both to the ground.

“Look,” said Keith, not even turning around. “If you want the shirt so badly you should take it from me.”

Keith put his hand on Lance’s and slowly moved it to his hip while reaching behind to grab Lance’s other hand to do the same. He curled his fingers around Lance’s and brought them under one corner of the shirt, casually lifting it, letting Lance’s fingers graze his skin.

From behind them came a muffled giggle, like a slap in the face throwing Lance back into reality. He snatched his hands back and held them near his chest, wringing them.

Keith finally turned around to face him, staring Lance dead in the eyes with a puppy dog look. Lance couldn’t get his voice to work, hell, couldn’t get his brain to work, as it was too busy rebooting. Did Keith know? Did someone tell him that if he flirted he would definitely break Lance? Was this all a big joke?

His own tongue feeling too foreign in his mouth to manage distinguishable sounds.“Ahh.. uhh-what?” he finally managed.

Keith gave him one last playful smile before turning away, leaving Lance struggling to regain control of his mind in a place that made him feel so happy, but was just a little off in apparently every way.


“What?!” Lance exclaimed. “You can’t be serious!”

“Chill,” said Pidge, sparing him a glance away from her intense examination of the creature. “The love bug bite will wear off in a few days.”

“It’s quite harmless,” Allura quipped, looking to Lance as though she was internally fending off a fit of laughter.

Lance walked towards them, which was rather difficult considering he had Keith clinging to his back like a lifeline. “Easy for you to say. You don’t have this leach stuck to your back.”

“Be nice,” Allura chided, before turning away to join Pidge in her curious study of the love bug.

“Ugh!” Lance said, staggering past them to get anywhere but here.

“Did I ever tell you what a pretty name Lance was?” Keith said snuggling his chin into the crook of Lance’s shoulder, and Lance’s cheeks turned more red than he thought was humanly possible. He walked faster, until the laughter Pidge and Allura hadn’t bothered to conceal this time was nothing but an echo.

When he was safely out of earshot Lance craned his neck around to look at Keith. “Do you mind?”

Keith blinked up at him innocently. “Mind what?”

Lance sighed. He was exhausted and, if he was being honest, what he really needed right now was to be alone his room, in the dark, so that he could cry in peace. Even so, he couldn’t bring himself to yell at Keith.

“It’s kind of hard to walk with you on my back like that,” he opted for instead. “Would it work for you if we held hands?”

Keith happily untangled himself from Lance’s back and grabbed his hand instead. “Sure!”

The two of them walked through the castle in relative silence, their footsteps echoing in the emptiness. Keith seemed fine with all of this; he actually seemed to be enjoying Lance’s company and was happy with nothing more, as long as he could rest his head on Lance’s arm, of course. In the back of his mind, Lance wondered where the ultra flirty beach Keith had gone and if he would be making a surprise return, but he was too preoccupied with the fact that he was holding hands with Keith-fucking-Kogane to dwell on it. His hands were gentler than he’d expected. Calloused but warm and comforting; not too tight a grip unless he felt Lance slipping and subtly squeezed him a little more.

Lance wasn’t really sure of where he was going until they ended up on the training deck. This could actually work out perfectly, if he played it right.

“Keith, buddy? Do you think you could let go of my hand and we could train together?”

“Sure!” Wow, this was easier than Lance thought it would be. Keith seemed content to do whatever Lance asked, as long as they were together.

Lance started the simulation and they fell back into silence, although this time it felt more comfortable. They stayed back to back the entire time and progressed smoothly, better than even with the rest of the team. He felt like he was in a trance; logically, he knew that this wasn’t organic, but even so, it felt so smooth, so right. He and Keith moved like a well oiled machine who had been teaming up for years. He briefly wondered if they would keep doing this after the love bug bite wore off, but again quickly dismissed the thought. Lance and Keith were friends, sure, and they’d gotten closer, but that didn’t mean they’d be anything more. In fact, after this, Lance wasn’t sure either of them would want to look each other in the eyes again.

“I think we should stop,” said Lance, panting a little. He walked over to the wall and leaned against it, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

“Alright,” Keith said, turning off the simulation before it started another level of training. “What do you want to do now?”

“I think I’m going to take a break and relax.”

“Relaxing sounds nice,” said Keith, his breath tickling Lance’s ear.

Lance’s opened his eyes, startled, and jolted his head so suddenly that he narrowly avoided smashing Keith’s skull against his. Keith was inches from him. Keith had him pinned to the wall. Oh my god, Keith had him pinned to the wall.

“You have such pretty eyes,” Keith breathed.

He put his right hand gently on top of Lance’s and rubbed it with his thumb. Lance could feel a bead of sweat dripping down his forehead. Keith must think he was so gross right now. No! Was he crazy, that’s what he was worried about? Keith didn’t care in the slightest; he was leaning into Lance, eyes never leaving his own, closing, slowly, their noses were touching -


Lance regained control of his body again, and not a second too late. Keith would have kissed him and in a few days he would have come back to real life and never forgiven him, and Lance didn’t want to lose him. He’d rather keep Keith as just a friend than face a world where he genuinely hated him and couldn’t trust him. Keith wasn’t himself, and Lance would never take advantage of that.

“What? Was I doing something wrong?” Keith bit his bottom lip, and Lance lost it.

He pushed passed him roughly. “Don’t talk to me.”

“Lance,” Keith cooed. “Don’t be that way! We can take it slow. Come cuddle with me.”

“Cuddle?! Are you serious? You don’t even like me!”

“Lance, why would you say that?”

“Because you don’t! And I like you, okay? And I know that you don’t like me back, and that you don’t mean all this lovey-dovey stuff you’ve been saying! I know! And I also know that it’s not your fault you got bitten by a fucking hormone bug or some shit, but god, do you think that makes it hurt less?”

Keith was in a state of shock, tears running down his face and making no attempt to conceal it. “If you like me, then why would you say that?”

Keith’s face became blurred and hard to see, or maybe that was just Lance’s eyes tearing up. “Because only one of us is thinking straight, and it hurts too much to preserve your feelings by indulging them. Goodbye, Keith.”

Lance ran down the hall. He heard footsteps following him and knew that Keith physically couldn’t resist chasing him, so he hit a button to shut a door in his way, kept running, and didn’t look back.


There was a knock on the door and Lance reluctantly dragged himself out of bed to answer it, eyes half closed and trained towards the floor. He stumbled over piles of dirty clothes that had been lying there for three days now since he’d locked himself in his room. “Hey, Hunk, you’re early.”


Lance froze but forced himself to look at Keith. He kept his gaze trained on his forehead, pretending he could see straight through him. “Is it actually you?”

“It’s me.”

Lance knew he was telling the truth, something about his voice and how it was rougher than it was before, and somehow that was so much more painful. He felt his head start to pound as his throat closed up and he moved to close the door. “I think you should go.”

Keith caught his arm and Lance froze. Why did he always freeze up? He used to be fine around Keith, it’s not like this crush was anything new, so why did what was basically a brainwashing incident matter?

“Can we talk?”

“Not much to say,” Lance mumbled.

“Lance, it’s fuzzy, but I remember what happened.”

Lance’s stomach was struggling to escape via his throat. “You remember?”

“Like I said, it’s a little blurry, but I remember you told me how you felt.”

Keith’s hand had somehow moved down Lance’s arm and into his palm. Still calloused yet tender. Why was he so good at hand holding, even now? How was that fair?

“Lance.” Keith’s breath was on his chin. He smelled like metal and mint leaves. “I-I feel the same way. The love bug, it didn’t get it all right, but it brought out feelings that were already there. I just didn’t want to say it.”

“And you’re sure this is you talking?”

Keith squeezed his hand and held it tightly. “Lance, can I kiss you?”

There were so many thoughts floating around in Lance’s head, and so many things he wanted Keith to know, but they didn’t really matter to this moment in time. Ultimately, they all added up to the same feeling, and at this very moment all Lance wanted to do was let Keith feel it too.

Lance squeezed his hand back. “Yes.”

Ocean Eyes

↠ Asked: ❝Hi sweetie can you do a scenario about joshua being a mermaid i love you (…)❞ hehe I love you toooooo

↠ Members: Joshua x reader

↠ Genre: fluff, mermaid au

↠ Word count: 3800+

↠ Warnings: small mentions of drowning and scars

Originally posted by beautiful-nature-gif

Going to your grandmother’s house in the summer has been an annual thing since you were a child. It was a nice, small house. The only thing dividing it and the sand was her front yard before a lightened cement road. 

Being there was enjoyable. You always looked forward to going, and always looked forward to the stories she would tell. She talks about her childhood and the adventures in the ocean she had growing up. She tells you about recent adventures, like the times she still goes paddle boarding with the next-door neighbours. And, she tells you about mermaids.

Every time you go to visit, she seems to have hundreds of new stories about them. Since she was a child, she believed in them. She saw them. Became friends with them, and learned about them. Of course, you grew up believing in them too, hearing all the stories from such a young age. Your belief and eagerness to see one yourself only grew stronger when she had first shown you the gifts.

She brought you on walks along the beach when you were small. Sometimes you would see the flick of a tail of an unusual colour, and you would point. But before anything else would happen, it would only disappear. Mermaids never approached people that were not alone. But once alone, they gave people gifts if they wanted to become friends. Or, at least acquainted. Your grandmother told you that depending on the quality of the gift, you could tell. The rarer or more special of an item, the more special of an interest they have in you.

Little did you know that you would receive a gift with a meaning more special than you imagined.

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Summer haze - Stan x reader - part 2

This is the second part of summer haze so to wrap your head around what is going on you guys should check out my first chapter <3


Once again you were sat on a bike but this time it was on the back of Stan’s one. You held on for dear life as the second chase of the day began. Then something hit you in the back of the head, now these idiots were throwing beer cans at you and your friends. You shot glances at the other losers who were scattered around you, they swerved left and right trying not to get hit. The sound of Henry and his goons getting closer rang in your ears as you all could hear the amused laughter coming from the boys in the car. They thought this was some kind of game.

Only now you realized where all of you were going, to the Barrens.

This bike ride would have been really idyllic, you, with your hands wrapped around your boyfriends torso and your friends surrounding the two of you. But as mentioned before there were the four hungry wolfs chasing after you just waiting for when you or your friends would tier or make a wrong move.

You tried brushing it off but the feeling of unease was stuck in the pit of your stomach no matter how hard you tried to let it go.

Snapping back into reality you realized that the group was seconds away from stopping and running as fast as you could away. Up and over the wooden fence that ran parallel to the road. Your feet were pounding against the steep hill, you truly had the tempo of a mad man.

“YOU CAN RUN FOR NOW BUT NOT FOREVER” the haunting voice of Henry bowers cut through the panting of you and your friends, glancing back for a moment you saw the light hitting his knife that he carries at all time.

You weaved between trees and jumped small bushes and logs trying to ignore the pain stabbing your left side with every step you took. Holding onto Stanley’s hand as you ran helped you to keep on moving cause if you went down he would go down with you.

Sprinting towards the edge of the trees where they then transitioned into the rocky shore of the small creek with the sewers lining it. You didn’t realize it yourself but you had let go of Stan’s hand just to be able to maneuver around the bigger rocks that were placed along the water.

And just as you thought that there was a chance of getting out of this mess you lost your balance while jumping over a set of slippery rocks and you tumbled. You already knew that there was no way you were getting out of this as you spotted the gang of older teens just three meters in front of you.

Now the panic set off inside of your body at ten times the speed of before as you stood up but some how you felt a weird sensation of confidence. Some very tiny bit of your brain convinced you that today was the day that you were standing up to the bowers for real. With a wet polo shirt and scrapes and cuts covering the left side of your body now was not a time for bravery but yet here you were.

“So little Y/N decided to come out and play with the big boys huh?” Henry mocked with a smirk darkening his already rugged features. “ That little boyfriend of yours is all the way over there, aren’t you scared?” when he said that he started pouting like a child as the chuckle of his friends could be heard in the background.

“Screw you Bowers!” You screamed and pushed him backwards, regret filled your head afterwards but you didn’t waver. You couldn’t, not in a situation like this.

“Oh so the girl has a little attitude, you’re going to regret that in 3…” you started breathing heavily with a rush of adrenaline kicking through your veins “2…” Henry continued while staring down at you, he didn’t even notice Stan, Richie and Bill coming up behind him and his friends. “1” he tried to swing at you with as much force as he could master but just before his fist would have met your jaw you backed away and watched as Bill swung a tree branch to the back of his head. A loud thud made its way through the tick atmosphere.

The bully turned to face the three kids behind him you could see a police car pull up next to Henry’s as the hill where the chase on foot began wasn’t that far away. You knew well who that was, as the person stepped out of the car you already knew who it was, none other then Henry’s dad.

“Henry I think you’ve got fucking visitor” Richie said with an amused grin playing of his face as he knew, just as all the others around you, Henry was completely powerless when his dad came around.

“This will finish another time, you understand that you fucking losers?” Henry spoke through gritted teeth, while his pointer finger was directed at you and your friends as he swiftly turned around to go and face his dad.


Later on, after the Henry bowers incident you all went to the quarry for some down time. All of the days events had left a bad taste in your mouth not to mention the taste of dust as you ate shit when Bowers dropped you from his car.

Today you didn’t jump off the cliff into the water just from the fear of giving yourself a new set of injuries, today wasn’t your day to be honest. Stan didn’t jump either, he just stayed by your shooting you worried glances whenever you winced or hissed in pain.

The sun was starting to set but you didn’t mind, multiple swallows filled the orange painted sky above. With the light chirping of birds as you were sat on Stan’s shoulders trying to tackle Richie off of Mike’s. Everything seemed to be back to normal, all of you, together at the quarry laughing like before the terrors of IT, this was your favorite part of every summer. The torment provided by Henry and his gang meant nothing when you were here with them, all of that was ignored almost forgotten as if every thing was starting to make a turn for the better, if just for the moment.

“Hey, I’m gonna go dry off, ill wait for you so don’t take too long” you said while shifting from underneath Stanley’s arm to give him a peck on the cheek and soon enough you could se his dimple appear and a slight blush followed along soon after.

When you had swam over to shore you ran your hands through your hair and small drops of water landed around you. All of you had parked your bikes right beside the edge of the cliff and as you were putting your clothes back on you heard a faint whisper calling out your name. You just ignored it but not soon after that you heard it again louder this time. Then you started walking towards the sound, a little deeper into the forest and then you heard it again, closer this time.

“Y/N” this time it sounded like who ever spoke was smiling?

You didn’t even realize how far you had gone into the woods until you felt watched and felt the need to spin around and check if you indeed was all alone. You couldn’t have been more wrong, in front of you stood IT. He towered over you and swiftly put a hand over your mouth as he realized you were just about to let out a scream of pure horror.

“Time to play Y/N”


About 5 minutes after you had left the water the others began to head up to dry of along with you, and as they all were ready to head home Stan spoke up.

“Wait, where’s Y/N?”


Part 3?

Let me know what you guys thought about this one!

-yours truly

International Socialist Republican Solidarity with Standing Rock!

We, the undersigned socialist republican organisations from Ireland, Scotland and Wales, express our complete solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their heroic resistance against the imposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline on their sovereign territory.

The ongoing resistance at Standing Rock in defence of land, natural resources and the right to water, is providing inspiration to anti- capitalist and anti- imperialist struggles around the world. The resistance at Standing Rock resonates in particular, in Ireland, Scotland and Wales, where our peoples have, and continue to fight against the joint systems of Capitalism and Imperialism and in defence of our homes, our natural resources and our right to clean safe and free drinking water.

We recognise that the fight of the Lakota is our fight and we further recognise that Standing Rock is a key battle ground in the struggle of the international working class and oppressed peoples around the world against the exploitation and oppression of Capitalism and Imperialism.

We condemn the US Imperial administration for its ongoing attacks on the Standing Rock Sioux. The militarisation of tribal lands, and the brutalisation of those acting in defence of their future is unacceptable and must end immediately.

We note with concern the recent raid on Last Child Camp and the subsequent mass round up of protestors. We demand that all those arrested are immediately released.

It is our view, that the US administration, acting as it is, in support of the private capitalist interests behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, have convincingly demonstrated, the fundamental truth of James Connolly’s maxim, that ‘governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class’.

We call on all progressive forces in the United States to rally behind the resistance at Standing Rock. For our part, we pledge our continuing support and solidarity and vow to do what we can in our own countries to highlight the outrages being committed at Standing Rock and to build international support for the resistance!

Defend natural resources!
Release All Prisoners!
Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Signed (List in formation)

Ireland- Éirígí
Wales- Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr - The Great Unrest

Once thriving Palestinian valley destroyed by waste water from Israeli settlements

Releasing sewage water onto Palestinian land exposes settler’s disgusting attitude who have no respect for Palestinian people and nature.

Mercier x Betty  British Raj AU

The word ‘dance’ comes to mind, their own choreography of gazes exchanged across the room, brushes of hands and half-spoken confessions. They orbit around each other, destined never to collide it seems; Mercier is upper class, Betty is a governess. And he’s spying on the family whose children she swore to protect.
But in this foreign land of spices and silk, of golden gods and lush forests, where cultural norms clash and wane, even destinies must yield to desire.

Rating: Mature 
Word count: 3.9k
Beta: @fadewithfury​ <3
Thank you anon who prompted a Victorian AU that became this, and to my French anon for inspiration; Don’t let the pretentious summary fool you, this is plotless and shameless romantization of India, and an excuse to write UST and sneaking around.

Warnings: drinking, smoking, kids because Betty is a governess.
You don’t need to have seen either show. 

Tumblr | Ao3

1 | Falling

Calcutta, August 1902

As soon as Mercier exited the Raj Bhavan and stepped out from under the shade of the portico, the sun assaulted him. He tugged at his stiff high collar. It wouldn’t last, leaded clouds loomed on the horizon.

Monsoon season was almost over, the violent showers now few and far inbetween, giving way to the more tolerable days of Sharad Ritu, the fourth season of the Hindu calendar with the autumnal equinox as its midpoint.

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*arrives 2 days late with starbucks fluff fic*

So all my fluff week things are going to be late now, oh ell guess I’ll be drawing out this event as long as I can. As a side note I know absolutely nothing about surfing so I am trusting google for the things in this fic. If i did get anything horribly wrong please let me know. 

prompt: sea/stars

words: 2,645

summary: Lance gives Shiro a basic surfing lesson on a alien beach 

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anonymous asked:

could you do a fanfic like a what if? what if mai went with zuko to join team avatar. and how they convinced the gaang to let them join and hanging out in the southern air temples?

Crushed as I am beneath an enormous pile of WIPs and also grad school, this is a five headcanons post instead.

1. Mai wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the capital on the Day of Black Sun, but she had left her extra shuriken in her room by mistake and went back for them.  And the note was there, so she read it.  By the time she found Zuko, the eclipse was over.  He had already confronted his father.  The only thing to do was to follow him to the prison, where he found Iroh had already escaped.

2. She confronted him there, and he told her some of what he told the Firelord.  Mai’s calm mask broke.  Fury consumed her as she told him what a stupid plan this was, and they were both going to end up dead.  He just looked at her resigned.  Then, injecting all of her anger into one look, she told him, “I’m going with you.”

3. Zuko tried to work out on the way to wherever the Avatar was going what he was going to say, and with every attempt, Mai was more convinced this was a horrible idea, and they were both going to die.

Or maybe…  She couldn’t help but think about her brother in the Water Tribe boy’s arms.

4. Right before they landed, Zuko told her about the plan to use Sozin’s Comet to burn the Earth Kingdom.  At first, Mai couldn’t quite believe it.  What’s the point of conquest if there’s no one to rule over and the land has been turned to ash?  But then she remembered who Ozai was.  So later, while Zuko was trying to grovel and verbally stumble his way into the good graces of the gaang, Mai very quietly and calmly told them exactly what was coming for them, while Zuko stood there looking sick.  That convinces everybody to let them stay and for Zuko to train Aang, though Katara makes clear that if this is a trick or a trap, they will live only just long enough to regret it.

5. Combustion man of course had the worst timing possible.  Sokka’s boomerang struck him just as Mai’s knife buried itself in his throat.  It was the first time any of them had seen Mai kill.  What she didn’t tell them, not for a long time, was that it was the first time she had killed.  She was too distracted by that to get properly exasperated that Zuko hired they guy.

Cut moments part 1

Now look at this picture of the Lost Revenge. We all know the water is green screen right and the only sliver of land is on the bottom left corner right.

Next look at this. They are standing on the green screen near the lost revenge so the only place they could be is on that piece of land. I believe that in this cut scene harry and Uma are having a talk before the big battle since by now harry is without his cuffs and his eyeliner is quite thick. (Why did you take this scene away disney)

Now here comes my theory

Uma in this moment is going through self doubt because she has not won against mal once and nothing has come easy to her. She’s always had to fight for what she wanted but this made her stronger. Still she is worried that she will fail her people, her crew and most of all Harry. Harry has been beside her since the beginning she has seen the good the bad and the ugly of his life and he her. She feels like she owes him this the most out of everyone on the isle. Uma has been promising him this since they were children you see he has been waiting the longest she has been his hope and she will not let him or her crew down.

Harry of course knows this, he’s known her for along time and can tell when something is weighing heavy on her mind. With Mal here and finally having a shot at getting off the isle he can guess what is wrong. Harry is pissed but not at her. He pissed at the events that ever led to her doubt. Wishing he could’ve stopped Gil words from coming out of his mouth. Wish that he could turn back time and stop that whole destruction of his friends confidence. He knows she has rose above all this. She is the queen of the aisle and she will get them off the isle. He knows this but does Uma.

Harry is frustrated that even when they’re alone she still doubts his loyalty but he knows it’s not her fault. It’s the dragon fault. She broke Uma and made her cold and distrustful. Made her feel that she didn’t need anyone because she has no one. Mal was wrong though Uma will always have Harry she can’t take him away from her. Harry will spend forever showing Uma if he has too. Gladly finding new way to show he’s not leaving. He does this through protecting her and standing by her. For this means more to her than three pretty words. He could’ve went back on his word and became captain of his own ship but no he choose to have her lead him to victory. Even after the horrible shrimpy event while everyone left he stayed. That means more to Uma than anything in the world because even her mother left but he has been her constant. He would help her conquer the world because he knows she deserves it and more. Conquering Auradon is just the beginning and he can’t wait to see what she does next. The world will know her name and tremble before it as they should’ve done all along.

Bonus analysis Harrys arm

Harry put his arm around her to make sure she knows he there since in their relationship touch means a lot. It grounds the both of them and tells each other what needs to be said but can’t be said it words. It everything to them.

Uma appreciates his touch and words. She needs them even though she might not know it or accept it at times. His words remind her of who she is because Mal has made her forget for just a moment what she has become despite her mother, despite this prison. She has become more than Mal could ever hope to crush and all through blood sweat and tears of her own and crew. She overthrew the isle and made it hers and is going to something not even the great Maleficent could accomplish. Get them off the isle of the lost. In light of this goals she knows though she knows that despite her months away Mal is still crafty so she should watch out even though she has at home advantage. This is her turf now and they still preserve her as shrimpy. Oh how she going to make Mal regret every comparing her to nothing less than the the ocean itself. She will come at like a storm if need be because it’s not just her future on the line is her crews and they will have a future beyond the aisle.

Well that is my theory do agree with it disagree tell me.

I hope you liked it and Get ready for part 2 its a doozy.