water and glass and reflections

I have a lot of thoughts and feeling about vampires right now, so let’s get one thing straight: In this day and age, a vampire would be able to see themselves in (some) mirrors and in photos.

The myth that vampires cannot see their reflection or appear in photos is because of SILVER - Mirrors are made from silver, and old plate photography was done using many silver based compounds.

Reflections  -  A Vampire would more than easily be able to see their reflection in plain glass, water, and any other polished and reflective surface. Mirrors can be made from other metals too, like gold or bronze, but mirrors made from aluminium would function best as a regular mirror.

Photography  -  I see no reason why a vampire wouldn’t show up in a digital photograph (provided that the photo wasn’t taken with a flash that involved any silver reflection. Vampires would all be selfie pros.

Eisuna, Handmaiden of Elune.

Eisuna lived in the city of Suramar, just a brief time before the War of the Ancients. Though her mother was a well-known arcanist and socialite, quiet Eisuna cared little for parties, and studied magic alone. She preferred to rest by the clear pools of the water gardens, always fascinated by the way the moon reflected in their glass-like surfaces.

The scent of delicate blossoms and pure water followed her wherever she would go, usually by herself, away from the prying eyes of her family. When speaking with her, one would swear they heard chimes, although it was not apparent whether it was some enchantment, or the jewelry she wore. Her voice was clear and sad, like a silver flute, and she rarely made eye contact with anyone. Very highly introverted, she kept few friends.


Eisuna dedicated her life to Elune, and followed the path of healing for as long as she could. I modeled her after prismatic moonlight, and sparkles and stuff. I like pastels.


Aquarius by alexis mire
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Soulmates AU (10)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine

A Dream Come True (ao3) - darkness_prince_dan

Summary:  Dan’s got a major crush on an artist that frequents the coffee shop Dan works at and then there are magical drawings appearing on Dan’s arms. He should not be as cool with that as he is.

And I Think We Are Soulmates (ao3) - morghan03

Summary:  I have no explanation for this.
They meet at a party and Dan realizes that this stranger just might be his soulmate.

A pastel!dan and punk!phil soulmate au (ao3) - ashjj

Summary:  Whatever you write or draw on your body appears on your soulmates body.

Art Box (ao3) - blushing_phan

Summary:  Phil Lester is nearly 30 and has never known the color of his own eyes.

Artificial Soulmates (ao3) - getadog

Summary: “I don’t think the world decides if that person is perfect for you. I think you decide it and the world gives you it’s stamp of approval.” Dan shrugged “Or at least that’s how I see it.”Or a soulmate au where once you fall in love with your perfect match you gain a tattoo that symbolizes you and when you get married you switch soulmarks.

blending reality (ao3) - phannypack

Summary:  Dan sleeps a lot because his dreams are prettier than reality. [AU where Dan and Phil meet in each other’s dreams]

Blue (ao3) - killingaesthetically

Summary:  Dan hasn’t been able to see the color blue for his entire life. Nobody can see the color of their soulmate’s eyes until they and their soulmate touch. Dan has been longing to see the sky and the ocean, but he never really expects it to happen. But then he meets a boy who changes his entire world.

Boys Like Boys Like Girls Do (ao3) - kuramaswifey

Summary:  Soulmate AU where at 21 people have the initials of their soulmate on their bodies somewhere. Alec is gay, he knows this, he is also dating a woman because it keeps his family off his back. It just happens to work in his favor that she and his actual soulmate share the same initials. It just so happens that she doesn’t have her tattoo yet either so life is good. Except that she’s terrible and he just met this cute guy and his friend Dan is very deaf and has a crush on this very not deaf internet celebrity and he said he would help and… his life is just a little bit of a mess but whose isn’t?

Everything, and you know it’s true (ao3) - c0vicomun

Summary:  And that’s the reason I know the time is now; his name on the tv screen is shining and I almost can’t believe it, but at the same time it makes a whole lot of sense, ‘cause obviously I wasn’t going to meet him again at a new job or some freaking fancy meal: he was not a daily bread.

Glow (ao3) - too_weird_to_live

Summary:  Afraid of being bullied at his school, Dan Howell hides his true self behind his 'bad boy’ mask. But what happens when someone is forced to take it off, and Dan doesn’t want it to happen in case he gets rejected?

In Dreams (You Will Lose Your Heartache) (ao3) - howdoesonewrite

Summary:  Prompt: Soulmate AU where soulmates can appear in your dreams, but Dan’s too shy to say hello until Phil has a nightmare. (Or several nightmares, and after a few Dan finally builds up the courage to help out.)

[Insert Cheesy/Barely Creative Title Here] (AKA I have no idea) (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary:  Soul Bonds were a rare thing. Some people didn’t even think they really existed. Dan was one of those people- Come on, two people suddenly having an emotional connection that was a little bit more than natural? Please. Phil had always thought the idea was something really cool, something that he wished would happen to him. Dan’s world gets flipped upside down and sideways when he runs into Phil, and Phil finds out that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Out of Time (ao3) - DarkEyedDreamer

Summary:  Dan is watching in horror as his timer goes down. He’s meant to meet his soulmate in less than a few minutes. He should be excited, but in this zombie ridden world his soulmate is probably long dead.

Oneiric (ao3) - Malteaser24

Summary:  'of or relating to dreams’

Pixelated World Without You (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  People are pretty much trapped in a sim like world until they meet there soulmate. Ever since Dan turned ten, he lived in this world, and hadn’t been able to find his soulmate till one faithful day.

Polaroid Prince (ao3) - CelestialYuuri

Summary: Prompt: “A world where your reflection does not show you, but your soul mate. You have no way of seeing who you are unless it is a picture taken of you, any reflection, in glass, water, anything, only shows the person you’re destined to be with. Only until the day you meet will your reflection show yourself.” -@falloutfangirl-9 on TumblrDan Howell has had the reflection of an auburn-haired individual for as long as he can remember. As he’s growing up with the reflection, he notices how much it changes and how much he changes as well.

Rainbow Wrist (ao3) - saverockandbeebo

Summary:  In which Dan’s determined to find his chameleon-haired soulmate.

Soulmate One Shots (ao3) - Panic_at_the_soiree

Summary:  Dan and Phil are soulmates, drawn to each other in every lifetime and universe. But they’re also destined to die for each other or because of each other in every lifetime.

The Fault In Our Skin (ao3) - Cat

Summary: A bunch of irregular soulmate AUs dedicated to being told that you’ll never find happiness and finding it anyway.“Look, I know you’re 'trying to find happiness’ and all, but it’s just not going to happen. Not to people like you.”

Together Forever (ao3) - Stella1000

Summary:  In a world where soulmates bear marks of each other’s eye color, two boys find each other and never let go.

Wing beneath my wings (ao3) - Just_Call_Me_Charles

Summary:  AU wingfic, where soulmates have corresponding wing patterns. Dan and Phil finally compare wings, only to open a whole new bucket of worms.

me: rwbyac is over i don’t have to do daily art any more!
also me: ……………….. but maybe just a quick pic (this wasn’t quick)

GREAT WEISS SHARK! I’m falling more and more in love with Faunus!Weiss every passing second tbh

Sea, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 2

June 5th: Sea/Stars

Lance hummed quietly to himself as he sat on the beach of the alien planet, idly watching the planet’s moon rising over the peaceful lapping waves of the blue gray ocean. Another diplomatic mission, another break to relax after fighting the Galra.

They’d lucked out on this planet, with breathable air and similarities to Earth, like the foliage, the inhabitants and most importantly to the Blue Paladin, bodies of water, a teal colored ocean. Though Lance liked socializing, he had really missed seeing waves lap against the sand, Varadero beach or an alien planet.

Which was why he’d snuck out of the Castle that night, taking Blue down to the edge where the water met the beige sand. He was now currently sitting with his feet in the water, legs drawn up against his chest, chin resting on his knees and not caring that his robe was getting wet from the sea spray.

His humming faded into an old Spanish lullaby his Mamá used to sing to him as a child, the tune both comforting him yet bolstering his homesickness. Blue rumbled worriedly behind him, and he tilted his head with a slight smile.

“I’m okay, Beautiful. Just missing a pretty lady who reminds me of you.” Lance murmured, still staring at the water, now shining with the stars reflecting as if from a glass mirror.

He got so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t even notice when the Black Lion landed silently a few yards behind Blue, the pilot clambering out and jogging over to Lance’s location with an air of concern.

“Lance? What are you doing out here so late?” Lance looked up, a startled blush rippling across his cheeks as he took in a moonlit Shiro. It made the bigger man look almost ethereal, soft pale silver highlighting his features and shadows dramatizing his face and body as he stepped closer.

Lance said nothing, merely patted the sand next to him and resumed staring at the ocean, still humming the lullaby. Shiro seemed to get the hint and settled down cross legged on the beach, scooting a little closer to his teammate. Lance struggled to hide his blush, grateful it was dark out.

He’d had a crush on the older man since the Garrison days, after all.

“Lance? Are you okay?” Shiro asked again, bless his bleeding heart. Lance merely sighed and carefully moved a little closer, tilting his head and resting it against Shiro’s shoulder.

“I’m good. Just… stay with me for a little while, yeah?” Lance murmured, and he felt Shiro shift a little to get more comfortable.

“Of course, as long as you need.”
I kinda struggled on this? Does this count as fluffy enough? I don’t really see it as sad or angsty, more like solemn? I tried though!!!!!! Happy Shance Fluff Week!

Underneath - Arrow Music Notes 5x20

Chase traps Oliver and Felicity in the bunker which forces many emotions to bubble to the surface.  Important conversations and relationships usually mean beautiful and powerful music and this episode was no exception.  The Flashbacks also explored Felicity and Oliver’s time between seasons with a return of a few beloved themes.  (Spoiler alert: this is going to be very Olicity focused.  There are one or two major Oliver moments and a few other brief moments for the other characters but most of this review is about Olicity.  So for the few of you who are not Olicity fans but love the music enough to deal with my bias…go ahead at your own risk.  You have been warned)

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You sailed off to the future
so I wrote you a message on a scrap of paper
stuffed it in a bottle of glass and hopes
and with feet planted firmly into the ground
(I think a dog mistook me for a tree)

I let the glass fall into the water
The water was very shallow
I think the glass may have shattered
reflecting pretty colors towards the surface from broken depths
(I’m glad my mistake was a pretty one)

It wasn’t an important message anyway
(I only said I love you)

Things I Associate with TWICE

Nayeon: Monochromatic painting, floral dresses, strawberry milk, embroidery, drinking coffee at a cafe, cute nail art, rollerskating, bubble baths, peeking through blinds, sewing, pearls, star earrings, cloud gazing, walking along the shore, eating sweets, releasing balloons.

Jeongyeon: Walking around a city at night, fluorescent street signs, concrete walls, faded newspaper clippings, flickering lights, torn up paintings, walking along train tracks, junkyards, broken glass, abandon buildings, ripping up paper, shipping crates, metal armatures.

Momo: The sound of water dripping from a faucet, feeling hot water on your back, the reflection of water, water ripples in a lake, abandon subway stations, broken down trains, mannequins, body jewelry, shadow silhouettes, fishnets, ripped clothes, smoke from a bonfire.

Sana: Sparkles, gazing up at the stars, watching out your window at night, looking down at the clouds from an airplane, walking on sand, shooting stars, holding hands, playing with prisms, getting immersed into a book, flower crowns, feeling your hair blow in the wind, making a wish on a dandelion.

Jihyo: Scattered marbles, sitting on a rooftop at night, writing in a journal, simple bed sheets, crystals, moonlight, looking into a mirror, star gazing, the sound of walking on sand, looking for seashells, reflections, ripples in water, stained glass windows, shaking snow globes.

Mina: Sleeping in, white curtains, simple rings, dead trees, birds, cloudy days, indoor plants, looking outside your bedroom mirror in the early morning, blank stares, lavender, porcelain glassware, messy hair, wondering around in a forest, moments where it feels like time has stopped, butterflies. 

Dahyun: Cheering someone up, rollerskating, the feeling of achievement, the sound your feet making walking across a wooden bridge, picking flowers, the smell of the outdoors, blowing bubbles, having a picnic at the park, learning something new, swimming at night, band aids.

Chaeyoung: LED signs, the sound of trains running over tracks, taking the subway, talking around the city, looking out the window of a moving car, graffiti, denim jackets, flower stickers, roads after it rains, vintage stereos, melting candles, snap backs, taking long baths, glitter.

Tzuyu: Chandeliers, morning sunlight, roses, rotary dial phones, doilies, feathers, lace, playing the piano, the sound of high heels on wood floors, painting your nails, the click of a camera, walking on the street at night, store signs lighting up the road, relaxing in the bathtub, the sound of running water.

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Pool sex with the adorable wonwoo

not sure if he’s all that adorable here but I hope you like it! ♥

It might have been past midnight, but to you and Wonwoo the night was still young when you walked by the swimming pool, talking quietly as you did so. He lived with his father, who had more money than you would probably ever be able to comprehend, and one of the things you’d never stop being fascinated about was the swimming pool of their large penthouse. The whole top floor, including the roof of the building, belonged to the Jeons, and the pool had been built inside of glass walls and a glass roof. There was a door that led to a luxurious terrace, but the swimming area with the glass surroundings in itself was luxurious to you.

You had planned to go for a swim, but so far you were both just observing the way the moon was, even through the glass, reflected on the surface of the water, and Wonwoo’s hand was starting to slide inside of your shorts more and more often. Eventually he just kept his hand there, holding your ass and playing with the rim of your bikini bottom absentmindedly.

Quirking an eyebrow, you cleared your throat. “What are you doing, Wonwoo?”

Instead of answering your question, Wonwoo smirked and moved his gaze from the pool to your eyes, his own sparkling mischievously. “Have you ever had sex in a pool?”

You mentally thanked all higher powers for the fact that you hadn’t been drinking anything, because as a result of his sudden question, you began coughing. Wonwoo laughed as he patted your back with the hand that had been on your ass, incredibly amused by your reaction.

Once you had caught your breath and were no longer coughing, you looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes, although you were unable to deny the way you felt blood rushing to your lower body. “We… we can’t, we can’t just do that.”

Wonwoo rolled his eyes, the smirk never leaving his face. “No one’s going to come here at this hour, and come on, it wouldn’t be the first time that would happen in this pool.”

You grimaced at the mental image, easily picking up that he was talking about his father, who you had not once seen with the same woman during the seven months you had been dating Wonwoo. While some rich people kept getting new maids, houses or cars, Wonwoo’s dad seemed to keep getting new lovers.

Taking in Wonwoo’s appearance, his sharp features and solid body, you found yourself agreeing to his proposition. While you got rid of the large shirt and shorts you had been wearing and Wonwoo pulled his shirt over his head, you looked at the water with narrowed eyes.

“When was the last time the pool was cleaned?” you asked, looking at your boyfriend as he sat down on the edge of the pool and threw some water on himself. He chuckled and looked at you, motioning for you to sit down, too.

“Today,” he stated simply, smiling when you finally sat down next to him and let your legs below your knees into the water. It was a bit cool, but you knew you’d get used to it quickly.

“Good,” you sighed, leaning down to get some water with your hands that you could pour on yourself, while Wonwoo took in every curve of your body, hardly able to refrain from touching you. He was ecstatic, to say the least, about the string bikini that you were wearing, which gave him a nice view of your breasts and only seemed to cover what was necessary; while it might not have been something you’d wear in public, you had figured that with Wonwoo it would be more than fine, considering how he never forgot to tell you how much he loved your body among so many other things about you. And, well, considering it was him who had gotten you the bikini in the first place, it seemed even more appropriate.

You got in the pool, and once you were both more or less used to the water and its temperature, Wonwoo caught you with his arms and pulled you into a hug, both of you laughing.

“Well, isn’t this nice,” you giggled and wrapped your legs around Wonwoo’s waist, your hands on his shoulders as you rubbed your nose against his, your lips merely brushing against his wet ones. The corners of his mouth tugged upwards as he caressed your ass and gave you a couple of sloppy yet sweet kisses.

“Nice is a bit of an understatement, but yeah, this is nice,” he stated with a smile, and you shrugged. The two of you made out, starting with more of those sweeter kisses that slowly turned into a passionate dance of tongues, and he was starting to move closer to the edge of the pool. You got one hand in his hair and took a hold of the edge of the pool with the other, just to give yourself some extra support, with more of your focus being taken by the man in front of you and the way his lips were moving against yours. Wonwoo’s hands were playing with your ass while pressing you against himself, and with your legs loosely wrapped around his body, it wasn’t all that difficult to feel that he was starting to get hard.

It was a lot more sensual than you had thought, to be kissing him sloppily and being so close to each other while surrounded by all the water, and the atmosphere provided by the night sky and the moon visible through the glass roof only made it more breathtaking. You could feel him starting to fiddle with one of the knots on the side of your bikini, and it didn’t take too long for you to feel it open and your lower body be exposed. Giggling against Wonwoo’s lips, you pulled back and looked into his eyes.

“You seem very excited about this,” you noted amusedly, playing with his hair and shaking the bikini bottom off your other leg. Wonwoo smiled at you and reached his free hand to your chest, where he pulled your bikini top down so that your breasts were free. He took one of them in his hand and squeezed it lightly while kissing the other, making your nipples harden under his touch and your heart beat faster.

“Aren’t you?” he asked in a mumble, slowly moving his hand from your breast to between your legs, and smirked at the hitch of your breath when he began massaging your clit. The water didn’t exactly allow you to feel wet in the way you usually would, but you could feel the effect of the attention to your sensitive nub nevertheless, with heat starting to pool in the pit of your stomach and the growing need to be touched more.

“I am,” you breathed, tugging at Wonwoo’s hair so that you could claim his lips in a needy kiss, every movement of his finger’s on your clit making tingles run down your spine. You held the edge of the pool clumsily, trying to grasp onto it but barely being able to, while the fingers of your other hand curled in his dark hair and your lower body bucked against his hand. He grinned against your lips, rubbing your clit in patterns that eventually had you moaning out loud, shaking all over and rushedly begging him to give you more.

Wonwoo broke the kiss and breathed heavily with his forehead resting against yours. He pushed his swimming shorts down his hips and got them off himself before looking at you with hooded eyes and making you yelp when he got one hand under the back of your left knee, lifting his arm and thus parting your legs.

“What are you–”

“Just wait and see,” Wonwoo hummed with a low voice, moving the hand of the arm holding your leg to your core from the back and slowly easing a finger inside of you. You gasped, hiding your face in Wonwoo’s neck as he fingered you, sometimes more shallowly and sometimes a lot more deeply, and not much later were you whimpering against his skin, your toes curling and your fingers, which were now on his shoulder, digging into his skin. He added a second finger when you started to sound impatient, and a third when you were desperately bucking against his digits, trying to get them deeper.

The acoustics of the large room - if it could be called one, really - were truly showcased when it became obvious just much your moans echoed, and while it made you a bit embarrassed, it also made you aroused, and you definitely weren’t alone. Wonwoo was starting to grind against your thigh that was resting against his side, his cock hardening with each pump of his fingers inside of you, and if his grunts were anything to go by, he was more than ready to move forward.

“Wonwoo,” you said, your voice having a whiny edge to it, and moved your hand to his length to stroke it, teasing the tip with your thumb. He grunted in response, and you kissed him by his ear, a playful smirk spreading to your lips. “Weren’t you supposed to show me what it’s like to fuck in a pool or something?”

Wonwoo felt tingles go down his spine at your words as well as the lustful tone you had, and he nodded determinedly, the mere thought of being inside of you making blood rush to his crotch. Removing his fingers from you, he let your leg down and placed both of his hands on your hips, holding you close as he leaned down to kiss you. His voice was husky when he spoke. “Let’s turn around, then.”

You shifted around so that you were between him and the edge of the pool, and he was standing in front of you, his hands holding yours as your arms were stretched out on the edge. His lips were hungry against yours as he grinded into you, his cock raw against your clit, and you whimpered at that, kissing him with even more vigor. Wrapping your legs around his waist again, you began bucking your hips against him, your fingers curling against his hands.

“Are you ready?” Wonwoo asked, panting, and you nodded desperately. He guided himself to your entrance and began pushing in slowly - being your first time in a pool, it felt a bit odd, somehow seeming like you weren’t wet at all, but it didn’t stop it from feeling awfully _good. Wonwoo grunted, his hands tight on your ass, where they had again gone to, and leaned down to pepper your breasts with kisses. “Damn, you feel so good, Y/N.”

You arched your back, both to simply lean into the touch of Wonwoo’s lips and because you were in so much pleasure, and moaned as Wonwoo filled you up completely. “Ah, please.”

Please?” Wonwoo repeated your words with a dark chuckle, and merely smirked when you glared at him.

“Please fuck me you damn tease,” you groaned, digging your heels into Wonwoo’s lower back impatiently, but he merely chuckled.

Giving a few more kisses to your breasts, Wonwoo pulled back and, with a steady hold on your hips, began thrusting. He was amused with how challenging it was to do that underwater, but he didn’t let it stop him. Instead, he just leaned down to suck on your neck and moved his hips in a steady rhythm that, while it wasn’t the fastest possible, was still incredibly pleasant. You let your head fall back and looked out of the glass roof, your eyes focused on the big moon in the sky and loud moans leaving your lips every time Wonwoo pushed into you.

“Y/N,” Wonwoo grunted with a sharp thrust that ripped a broken moan from your throat, “I know that the moon’s beautiful, but…”

You let out a laugh that was cut short by a whine from you as Wonwoo gave you another sharp thrust, his hands on your hips pushing you down on himself whenever he thrust.

“Okay, oh God,” you gasped, hinting that you’d be focusing more on him and less on the moon, and lifted your head again. The fierce look on Wonwoo’s face had you swallowing hard and your core clenching around his cock, and when you felt his finger slide to your clit, you couldn’t help but whimper.

With his thumb moving in circles on and around your clit, your hips started moving on their own accord as you rolled them and mirrored his movements, giving him a new angle to thrust from, which only made the pleasure more intense for you. Wonwoo groaned, burying his face in your neck as he sucked and nibbled lightly on the skin, his thrusts getting faster and harder, and if you hadn’t been so succumbed to how good it felt to have him slamming into you while practically floating in water, you would’ve been amused by all the waves you were creating.

The feeling of him rubbing into your walls was amazing, and what only heightened the pleasure were his teeth on your skin. One of your hands flew to his shoulder when you could feel your orgasm starting to build up inside of you, and you dug your nails into his skin, definitely leaving crescent moon shapes in their wake.

“Wonwoo, I’m gonna,” you gasped unsteadily, your hips moving uncontrollably and your eyes screwing shut as your orgasm began washing over you. Wonwoo almost growled at the feeling of you clenching around him, your legs tight around his waist and the most beautiful moans leaving your lips with the intensity. He continued chasing his own high, your sounds echoing in the room in a way that soon, accompanied by how you felt around him and _on him, he was cumming inside of you with a low groan of his own.

“Damn,” you breathed once your haze had toned down a little, and merely panted as you relaxed against the edge of the pool. Wonwoo breathed heavily, clinging onto you and kissing your slightly bruised neck gently while his hands ran up and down your sides.

“Definitely worth the try,” Wonwoo noted, and you agreed with a grin, moving some of his damp hair from his forehead.

“I kind of always wanted to try that,” you admitted and giggled at Wonwoo’s surprised, almost dumbfound expression. You raised your eyebrows playfully, a grin playing on your lips. “Bet you didn’t see that one coming.”

Wonwoo chuckled and kissed you on the lips, his hands now sliding down to your hips, and slowly pulled out of you. You hissed at that, but focused on hugging Wonwoo as you held him close to you, enjoying the intimacy and the romantic atmosphere that came with the moonlight and scarce lights in the room.

“Do you still want to swim?” you asked, and got what you assumed to be a smack on your ass (the water made it so weak that it was difficult to tell), and then Wonwoo laughing and just squeezing you for a moment.

“Definitely,” he replied, giving you another quick kiss before pulling away. You both took a look at your pieces of swimwear floating some meters away, and shared a knowing look together - this one, as far as you were concerned, would be a skinny dip, and Wonwoo took the pleasure of opening the strings of your bikini top.

While you swam next to each other slowly, barely able to stay away from each other, you suddenly stopped and looked at your boyfriend with a mischievous grin. “You have a jacuzzi, right?”

“Yes?” Wonwoo replied, a bit confused but definitely curious to know what you had in your mind.

“How about we try that next time?”

You giggled at the way you could see his Adam’s apple bob and his jaw tighten, and then a timid nod. It seemed to be a definite yes.

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