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Pretend (Bucky x Reader)

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Summary: Reader needs a fake date for the night, and Bucky is the only one she could go to for it. 

Warnings/Themes: Lil’ bit of self-conciousness, Fluff, Friend-enemies to Love Relationship, cussing

Author’s Note: First Bucky x Reader of mine, so forgive me if it’s…bad omg. I hope to make more of these in my free time. Please lemme know what you think! ;v; BTW, it is centered more on readers with female pronouns, sorry! It was a bit easier to write that way.

Word Count: 1,930 words

Y/N = Your Name

“Please be my boyfriend.”

Bucky was left flabbergasted and you could see it clear as day. Your eyebrows knitted together in frustration, watching his jaw twitch and lips part in surprise. His left eyebrow raises in silent inquisition. “You want me to what?” he chokes out. You close your eyes for a moment, remembering the events from earlier.

Your phone rings out, vibrating harshly against the glass of the common-room coffee table.

“Hello? (Y/N)?”

“Mom? It’s been ages! How’s it going?”

You answer with a warm greeting and continue the conversation, grateful for the small-talk that your mother offers. You had finally gotten your family to stop asking you a million questions about your job with the Avengers. No more “What do you do there? Do you actually fight aliens?” or “How cute is Thor in person?” They learned that it was much safer for both you and them to not ask such questions.

Your mood lifts as your mother invites you over for dinner. “I’d love to! What time? Is it just going to be us?” Your mother seems to exhale in relief that you accept. “Your father and I. We’ll see you at seven. I hope that you’ll bring that date of yours? We’d love to finally meet him!”

Oh. That’s right.

You mentally scream and glare up at the ceiling. Your family loved to worry about your love life. No boyfriend equalled lame life apparently. You appreciated them looking out for you, but you failed in the ‘love’ department. Life as an avenger limited your time to date and you just haven’t found the right one. However, after months of your parents’ pestering, you gave in and lied to them. “Mom listen- about that date of mine…I-” “Great! We’ll see you then!” Your mother hangs up and you groan loudly.

Apparently you had a very handsome boyfriend and he was going to dinner with you tonight.

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THE   E N D.

The Signs as Melanie Martinez Songs
  • Aries: Soap
  • Taurus: Tag, you're it
  • Gemini: Dollhouse
  • Cancer: Training Wheels
  • Leo: Pacify Her
  • Virgo: Carousel
  • Libra: Mad Hatter
  • Scorpio: Milk and Cookies
  • Sagittarius: Sippy Cup
  • Capricorn: Pity Party
  • Aquarius: Alphabet Boy
  • Pisces: Cry Baby

we had an alphabet assignment in my design class and i did “mythologic creatures” this one being the Melanesian myth of the Abaia for A - which is said to be a giant eel that is the protector of all inhabitants of the water it lives in