water alphabet


THE   E N D.

The Signs as Melanie Martinez Songs
  • Aries: Soap
  • Taurus: Tag, you're it
  • Gemini: Dollhouse
  • Cancer: Training Wheels
  • Leo: Pacify Her
  • Virgo: Carousel
  • Libra: Mad Hatter
  • Scorpio: Milk and Cookies
  • Sagittarius: Sippy Cup
  • Capricorn: Pity Party
  • Aquarius: Alphabet Boy
  • Pisces: Cry Baby
element alphabets
  • fire (aries, leo, sagittarius): adventurous, brave, caring, direct, eager, fun-loving, generous, genuine, hot-headed, immature, jovial, kooky, loving, meddling, narcissistic, opinionated, playful, quarrelsome, radical, supportive, tactless, upbeat, vulgar, wild, youthful, zestful
  • water (cancer, scorpio, pisces): artistic, brooding, considerate, devoted, empathetic, fanciful, fearful, giving, homey, imaginative, jealous, knowing, languorous, manipulative, nurturing, obsessive, passionate, pessimistic, quixotic, romantic, sensitive, thoughtful, understanding, vengeful, wary, zealous
  • air (gemini, libra, aquarius): accepting, beguiling, childlike, diplomatic, easygoing, friendly, guarded, gullible, hysterical, indecisive, jolly, lighthearted, lively, materialistic, naive, optimistic, open-minded, passive, quirky, rational, sociable, tantalizing, unauthentic, versatile, wishful, zany
  • earth (taurus, virgo, capricorn): attentive, blunt, calm, decisive, earnest, enchanting, faithful, gracious, hearty, independent, judgmental, keen, loyal, methodical, natural, old-fashioned, private, reliable, reserved, sincere, stoic, tranquil, unmovable, vigilant, wise