water addict

that’s the thing about being an addict.
you always believe that you can just give up whenever you want.
you are so convinced that you want it.
that you are choosing this over and over and over.
while it destroys you, you convince yourself it’s holding you together.
you are not cocaine, or vodka, or sex.
but i inhale your lies like nicotine.
i inject your apologies into my veins.
and i swallow your narcissistic tendencies like my 14th shot of vodka.
the difference between an addict
and somebody who is drowning,
is the person who is drowning
knows it.
but you are an expert at sorry
and always keeping the lines blurry.
and i don’t believe you can drown
in anything
but water.
—  “addicted to you” k.m.k

medieval mad max. everything is very slow. half life black death plagued war boys worship the carrot on a stick because it makes their horses go faster. do not get addicted to water because it’s full of everyone else’s piss and shit. drink wine or beer instead. doof wagon full of nuns hymning at full blast. immortan joe is the pope.

We’ll take a nice walk, they said. You’ll love the beach, they said. You won’t experience a life-changing encounter with your Creator when you realize the waves are trying to kill you while posing for a photo, they said.