An Elegant Lady With her French Bulldog in an Interior (c.1925). Charles Joseph Watelet (Belgian, 1867-1954). Oil on canvas. Lawrence Steigrad Fine Arts.

Swathed in silk, pearls and silver shoes a blonde vision of evening glamour is seated on a suggestively disheveled daybed covered by a satin sheet. Half-smiling, her gaze directly engages the viewer. Her left hand clutches a book that she may have been reading. A striking blue satin ribbon extends from her waist onto the floor drawing the viewer’s eye directly into the composition.

Jean-Baptiste Greuze: Claude Watelet, 1765.

Claude-Henri Watelet was a rich French fermier-général who was an amateur painter, a well-respected etcher, a writer on the arts and a connoisseur of gardens. Greuze painted him in contemplation of a bronze reduction of the Venus de’ Medici, considered one of the finest Classical sculptures in existence.