Man, I can’t wait for the release of Shadow the Hedgehog. That’s what everyone is wating for, right? Yeeaaaaah Shadoooooow

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The “From Hell” letter – purportedly from Jack the Ripper (experts are divided on its authenticity) – that was sent to police in 1888. It reads:

From hell

Mr Lusk
I send you half the
Kidne I took from one women
prasarved it for you tother pirce
I fried and ate it was very nise I
may send you the bloody knif that
took it out if you only wate a whil

Catch me when
you Can
Mishter Lusk.

cybersmithrp  asked:

Cyber wakes up in the special Pet Shop the boy walks around in the area completely naked wating for an own to give him a home

Tifa entered the shop, looking around for a pet. It was then she noticed Cyber. “What on earth is someone like you doing here?” She asked, feeling bad that he was locked up and had no clothes. “You must be so cold…”