#sketchnearlyeveryday #sketches #sketchbook #art “ gone to catch pokemon ” left this pic for my friend who i’ve been visting and since she likes to sleep longer and i wated to have a look around.. besides i was out of pokeballs… i’m not very good at catching them xD my nemesis are zubats

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Semira was busy sitting out in the open area sketching again instead of doing her homework. No surprise that she wasn’t doing too hot in school. Humming along as she shaded in her new design for a top, she took a second to look back and glance at it and decided she needed a second opinion. So she tried to grab the attention of the first person she saw. Hey! You! The one with the messy hair! How do you think this looks? she asked while waving the notebook closer to his face.


Certo che quattro anni fa…

The thing is, I just don’t get it. I love you, and I’m pretty sure you are in love with me as well. We could be together right now. What happened? How could you go from wanting me so bad to not wating me in what seems like a heartbeat? I know I kept you waiting and I know it took me quite some time to figure it out, but I am in love with you. I want nothing more than to feel your body against mine, your arms around me. Knowing that this ain’t gonna happen makes me so unbelieveably sad. It almost feels like a break-up, a broken heart.


Well, well WEEEEELL… here I am, with another drawing… but this is a special one!
This is a little tutorial (a kinda shity tutorial, sorry it’s my first one…) for @cluelessclairvoyant. He ask me a few days ago what I use for shading in my art (and because the only art I do recently here is traditional art with marker pen, I suppouse is in this? Well, if it isn’t, I hope you like it. -also i’m apologies too for my bad english- )
Well, no more wating, let’s started!

1- lineart (yeah, that’s obvious).
2- Do the base color. I
3- Shading with a color a little more darker of the color base.
4- Use a more darker color for this, but don’t do all the shadow, just the part that has to be more darker.
5-With a color more brighten that the base color, paint every part of the shadows and the base color, he colorores will be mixed just enough to make a more diffuse shadow.
6- Use a white marker pen for the bright. (Seriusly, this thing is awesome, there a two tipes, ones who paint all white and anothers who make a little bit white. These two together are perfect. Also, the grey marker is a good one for shading, but the results aren’t the same.)

Also, a little more recomendation. If you like this form of paint and you have a few paint makers, just buy more (little by little), of different trademarks, in diferent colors. If you do this, you can make a beautiful colors .
Well, this is all I have to said (and can say because my few knowledge of the english language) I hope I could help with this.
(Also, @cluelessclairvoyant, thanks for the likes and the comments in the tags, I really apreciate when people do that, and you do a lot so, really thank you! )

Alright. I give it up. I’m not going to try transitioning. It’s too much of a strain and I’m already suffering from many mental issues. I would simply not survive going through a second puberty and the pain of constantly being misgendered and wating for legal name changes and all that. In my current state I wouldn’t be able to bear it. I mean I already freak the fuck out over such small things… I just wouldn’t be able to make it. Maybe one day when I’m psychologically more stable I might be able go through with it but not the way I am right now. I’m sorry for all the confusion I might have caused everyone. I realise that my constant back and forth is a strain and annoyance to many. I’m sorry for that. But this is simply not a light matter. It’s a matter of the heart more than anything and I’ve always been extremely bad when it comes to my own feelings. I’ve always had issues trying to act upon them or even consider them worthy of attention. Again, I’m sorry and I hope you’re going to understand.