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*is stunned and gazing frozen at the bloody skeleton with tears in her eyes* my god Sans what happened to you...?

Warning: slight gore

Sans shrugs, approaching down the road with his smile unmoved by your tears, his steps even and steady. His gaze takes in your shattered leg, torn to shreds by the rusty bear trap composed of nails, razor blades, and sharpened wire, something pleased and hungry in his bearing.

“i am what this world has made me. it required a predator, so that is what i am. it’s what keeps my family alive and fed. if i had stayed as i was, they would die. that, i won’t allow.”

He stopped in front of you, a spark of magic alighting in his hand. Fractured bone grew from nothingness in his palm, a sharpened blade sliding into existence. His grin finally moved, widening into madness.

“you all always wanted me to be more outgoing, didn’t you? here i am.”

He traced the blade up your blood splattered neck, pale from blood loss and cold.

“you’re looking pretty cold there, pal. lemme help ya up. got a nice place for you to hang out… rest your legs.”

The axe swung back, shining in the tainted light; it aimed for your leg, just above the knee.

“don’t worry. it’ll only hurt like hell.”