“I will not succumb to the requests of a coward that depends on the agony others to feel powerful.”

hey @leftpawsrighthand ! This is my submission to gw2 fashion week!

This ones my lovely engie, Ciellach. She likes orange flavoured chocolates and explosions. The little gyro that follows her everywhere is like a little personal assistant that she’s named SaNDwICH.; it stands for Status and Navigation Device with Incoherent Chatter Hardware, which she made up because it has a setting she cant get rid of that states the current conditions of the environment as well as her own health.

I used Enameled Emblaze, Shadow Abyss, and normal Abyss for the dyes.

The armor combination is made up of the panoscopic monocle, twisted watchwork shoulder, magitech jerkin, vigil pants (leather), prowler boots, and pirate hook.