Twisted Watchwork Portal Device CHALLENGE!

Seeing that I’ve been quite bored with the game lately I’ve decided to give myself a fun challenge.

Main goal:
With a Twisted Watchwork Portal Device I’m sending a new character directly have the starter instance to a random location in Tyria. Form this random location they have to find their way back to their racial city!

- The character must be taken directly from the start point to the nearest city bank.
- The character must unequip all armor and weapons, and leave the inventory empty, before being portalled.
- Asura gates are not allowed.
- If possible, any other city besides the charatcer’s racial city, cannot be passed through.
- Help is only allowed from the random people on the map.

Other things can be added such as “rp-mode”, “no map”, and so on. Could be done with several people too.