After graduating from the College of Synergetics I decided it was time to leave Rata Sum and explore the world for myself. As a budding elementalist I was keen to see what wonders I would come across and a chance to refine my skills in the real world! My first stop was the human city of Divinity’s Reach, which I naturally arrived at through an Asuran gate!

Divinity’s Reach was vastly different to the city I knew, Rata Sum. They didn’t seem to care much for technology apart from their watchwork automatrons, which compared to Asuran golem technology is practically a toy. But the food was great, and the furniture comfy. With beds to die for, unlike the hammocks we have in Rata Sum which you’re more likely to die on.  

I took up two part time jobs! One as a teacher and another a bartender, though my classes were mostly empty and the bar of the Inn largely a ghost town. It was a good place to start making some money.

They also had a great aquarium, possible even better than the one in Rata Sum!

Guild Wars Lore: History of Lion’s Arch

“I say we build a port of our own. We build it, and we defend it against Orr. We make it a free port, not beholden to any nation, open to anyone who sails the sea. We’ll teach others how to fight against the dead ships, using charr weaponry, asuran innovation, and human courage. The port would be open to any and all, so long as they’ll fight against Orr and help to keep the waters clear.” - Cobiah Marriner

Hello everyone! Today’s lore post is on the history of the most popular hub in Guild Wars 2, AND Guild Wars 1, Lion’s Arch! It has played host to many major events in the history of Tyria, and has seen invasion, destruction, but more importantly, rebuilding. 

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Guild Wars Lore: Clockwork Chaos

“What surprises and excitement await you among Queen Jennah’s most esteemed guests at the Crown Pavilion? The Krytan Queen is preparing to address the celebrants and emissaries attending her royal jubilee, but someone else has plans for the Queen’s speech!!”

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s lore post! Continuing on from the previous posts covering the Flame and Frost, and Skypirates of Tyria Living World Season 1 updates, this week we cover Clockwork Chaos. Here we see the reveal of a sylvari known all to well around Tyria at this point, Scarlet Briar! Hope you guys enjoy!

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