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To gain or not to gain

Gaining has been a part of my life for a long time. My fascination with weight gain began in my early teens with watching others gain through uploaded videos on youtube. I was always wondering what it would be like to be larger. Taking up more space, filling out clothes, and just feeling the weight of new pounds on my frame.

I began my first foray into gaining myself, going on 8 years ago, through my own youtube videos when I weighed a whopping 175-180 (videos are long gone as far as I know). But back then when my metabolism was high and I was constantly working out through football practices I was only ever to get to my biggest of 195. That is until I graduated and moved out to college. Due to stress from both family and social norms, I decided to lose weight workout hard and lift weights to look my best for college.

During college I was no longer working out every day and I had unlimited meal plans. By now, grommr exists and with the help of many of you it helps encourage me to new heights. By my junior year, I hit a high of 237 up from my low of 175. Again senior year came around and I realized that I wanted to lose weight to look my best for graduation. By the time graduation came, I was down to 185.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a job until a year after graduation. During this time I did little to nothing other than eat,sleep,watchTV,repeat. With this I decided that now would be the best to finally give gaining my all. I ballooned up from 185 to 255 during the time frame of my graduation in may to october. Due to not getting a job by then and being discouraged I decided that I would enlist into the navy. In doing so I began to exercise and lose weight and got back down to the 240s, but with luck the day I go to talk to naval recruiters I get a call back from an interview and have received the position. I began my job in May and get accustomed to the new workplace. I decide to give gaining another go and by October I hit my highest ever of 285. I was officially undeniably fat. I should be my happiest ever because I finally achieved what I had dreamed of for years.

But the grass isn’t always greener. My recent blood tests were off the charts for cholesterol and fats. I was doing damage to myself already at the age of 23. My family has a history of diabetes and heart problems with all men in my family dying of heart attacks, my own mother has a pacemaker and father had triple heart bypass just recently. So unlike the lucky few of gainers with good health backgrounds, my gaining comes with a cost - my life.
My body was now riddled with stretch marks on my love handles, arms and butt; a trophy to many gainers. To me, I was embarrassed by the red lines all over my body. I haven’t taken off my shirt in a public setting in over two years now.
I was now struggling to walk, wear clothes and even wipe my own ass after relieving myself. Some may think those as signs of obesity and be brimming from ear to ear in pride. For me, I was uncomfortable in my own body.
Family began pointing out my weight more and more, disappointed that I was ruining my body and not taking care of myself. With all of this compounded on me I finally decided that gaining was not for me.

So as of now, I have quit gaining indefinitely. Many of you will be disappointed in hearing this but in order to live my happiest I believe that can best be done at a lower weight. I am currently down to 250 with a goal of 220 for my cousins wedding this July.

But despite losing weight I am in no way leaving the community. I will still work to encourage those that I have built friendships with and who knows, maybe one day if the stars align perfectly I will once again dip my toes into the gaining pool.

Thank you to those who read my story. :)

Bullet Journal page ideas for 2016
  • New Year’s resolutions
  • Goals for 2016
  • Grade tracker
  • Budget tracker
  • Movies to watch
  • TV shows to watch
  • Upcoming concerts
  • Birthday page
  • Books to read
  • Habit page
  • Favourite quotes
  • Things to try
  • Idle time to-do list

There are plenty more but these are all I can think of at the moment! (add more in the reblogs - whether general or specific to yourself)