Kdrama fans PLEASE help me

Hi guys I’m new to watching kdramas and need some help to decide what to watch.

I started by watching Dramaland which isn’t a proper kdrama but from there I decided I wanted to see what they’re really like.

I’ve seen:

All of Coffee Prince and am now watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
- I really liked Coffee Prince
- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is so so FANTASTIC

My to watch list is:

Reply 1996
Reply 1994
Reply 1988
Tomorrow With You
Scarlet Heart (cdrama)
Scarlet Heart 2
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Masters Sun
Jealousy Incarnate
Descendants Of The Sun
You’re Beautiful
My Love Eung Dong
Another Miss Oh
It’s Ok That’s Love She Was Pretty
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
School 2013
School 2015
Marriage, not dating
Sungkyunkwan scandal
To The Beautiful You
Doctor Stranger
Scarlet Garden
Fated To love You
Cheese In The Trap
Oh My Venus
King Of High school
Shopping King Louie
I Hear Your Voice
Oh My Ghostess
The Legend Of The Blue Sea
My Love From The Star
Hi! School: Love On
Madame Antoine
My Amazing Boyfriend
Refresh Man
Gogh, The Starry Night
Boys Over Flowers
Murphy’s Law Of Love
My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho
Cunning Single Lady
Splash Splash Love
Just You
A Witches Romance
The Masked Lover (Thai)
The Man Living in Our House
K-POP Extreme Survival
Kill Me, Heal Me
Lucky Romance
Dream High
Moorim School
Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom

- I’m probably going to watch them in a random order but are there any I should watch first?

Am I missing any you’d recommend???
Are there any you think I shouldn’t bother watching??

UPDATED - I have updated it with your suggestions that I liked- I decided what order by how many times a show was suggested
-I now have 63 kdramas to watch

PLEASE keep help me out by advising me on what to watch! My future kdrama experience is in your hands.

Pls [For the love of god] Support Yo-Kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch is a franchise created by Level 5
It was huge in japan and it’s getting it’s debut in the US

Here’s why you should support Yo-Kai

1. Level 5’s US image: It appears to me that the only way a Level 5 game sells in the US is just to slap Layton’s mug on the cover and gamers will come
Why? The only Level 5 IP that sells in the US is the Professor Layton series
We demand more from Level 5 and when we do, Gamer hypocrisy shows
We got Inazuma Eleven (basically a 3DS port of the 1st DS game ripped from “Inazuma Eleven 123”) and did people support it? Nope, They pissed and moaned about it’s eShop exclusivity and shunned it hence why we never got a new entry in the US since, no matter how much we beg
as for Ni no Kuni, the game financially bombed basically Gamers don’t care about the fact Ghibli is involved or fuck all else as AAA titles like COD overshadowed the fuck outta it
what about LBX? You can hear the crickets on how many ppl care about that game

2. Avoid The Pokemon Comparison and Enjoy The Game: You can surely assume that gamers in the US will blindly chastise Yo-Kai because they will blindly assume it’s a Pokemon knock off and throw it into the abyss
These fanboyish generalizations of games is why we can’t have nice things in the US, It would be more proper is to avoid the comparison overall and judge and enjoy Yo-Kai Watch on it’s own merits rather than dismiss it as a “Pokemon clone”

While to some it sounds like i’m overreacting, It’s apparent that gamers don’t appreciate quality in the US anymore as they would rather buy overhyped rushed and buggy rubbish like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 and Assassin’s Creed Unity than quality games LIKE Yo-Kai Watch

Please give Yo-Kai Watch a chance
Watch the anime on Disney XD and PLEASE buy the 3DS game when it releases November 6th