Good morning / day /evening /night (depends where you live xD), my lovely Negan/JDM-lovers!

I was just wondering, what was the first role you saw Jeffrey in? Like actually recognized him as a very talented and sexy guy? xD The first movie I saw with him was “Watchmen” and I absolutely loved him in his role as the Comedian. Loved his outfit too haha. The second movie I’ve seen with him and which made me completely fall for him was “Losers”. I loooove that movie, it’s so super hilarious (who doesn’t love Chris Evans’ imaginary (finger) gun scene by the elevators? xDD) 

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So,yeah, Watchmen was my first, Losers was the one that sealed the deal for me to obsess about JDM. Which one was/were yours? 

I heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he’s depressed. Life seems harsh, and cruel. Says he feels all alone in threatening world. Doctor says: “Treatment is simple. The great clown - Pagliacci - is in town. Go see him. That should pick you up.” Man bursts into tears. “But doctor…” he says “I am Pagliacci.” Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.


Famous Superhero Teams + Year of their 1st appearance

Honorable Mentions: Justice Society of America 1940, Legions of Superheroes 1958, Teen Titans 1964, X Force 1991, Birds of Prey 1995, The Authority 1999, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1999, Justice League Dark 2011, Legends of Tomorrow 2016.

Upcoming Kdramas - May
  • Ruler: Master of the Mask - May 10
    • Historical, Romance, Melodrama, Political
    • MBC - 20 episodes
    • Yoo Seung Ho, Kim So Hyun, Myungsoo (L), Yoon So Hee
  • Suspicious Partner - May 10
    • Romance, Comedy, Law, Thriller
    • SBS - 20 episodes
    • Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Tae Joon, Nara
  • Lookout (a.k.a Watchmen) - May 22
    • Action, Crime
    • MBC - 16 episodes
    • Lee Si Young, Kim Young Kwang, Key, Kim Seul Gi, Kim Tae Hoon
  • Third-Rate My Way (a.k.a Fight for My Way) - May 22
    • Romance, Comedy, Life
    • KBS - 20 episodes
    • Park Seo Joon, Kim Ji Won, Song Ha Yoon, Ahn Jae Hong
  • Circle - May 22
    • Mystery, Sci-fi
    • TvN - 12 episodes
    • Yeo Jin Goo, Gong Seung Yeon, Kim Kang Woo, Lee Ki Kwang
  • My Sassy Girl - May 29
    • Historical, Romance, Comedy
    • SBS - 16 episodes
    • Joo Won, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Jung Shin, Kim Yoon Hye
  • Queen for Seven Days (a.k.a Seven Day Queen) - May 31
    • Historical, Drama, Romance
    • KBS - 20 episodes
    • Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Dong Gun, Hwang Chan Sung