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Poor Hanji is always depicted by the fandom as having bad hygiene lmao. why is it so easy to imagine it being true tho like how do u feel about this

well we get quite a few hints that hange doesn’t really exercise much care over her hygiene; in isayama’s original character notes for the animation team he pointed out that hange’s hair is messy, tangled and greasy/oily from lack of being washed. 

and in her character interview and in levi’s character interview they both mention that hange gets so dirty sometimes that levi coordinates these bathing/water attacks on her with her subordinates.

and her room was described (by isayama or in a character interview, I cant recall) as being full of books and dust. 

it just kind of fits hange as well; she gets so wrapped in her research and experiments that cleanliness and self-care becomes a much lower priority. so she has moblit and levi to keep that shit from getting too out of hand.  

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Batman v Superman looks too dark I don't really like that

okay i’m like 5 seconds away from snapping completely about this so lets talk

  • there’s three possible reasons for why the trailer looked so dark; 1) snyder’s in love with filters as we’ve seen in his character posters and the film will actually be plenty light, just like man of steel. 2) he’s specifically chosen shots or even specifically filmed shots that wont make it into the movie for the trailers ~aesthetic~ 3) the film is going to look very visually like watchmen which makes me so fucking excited i could pee
  • i’ve seen people comparing this trailer to the frigging star wars one and its like?????????? what the actual fuck these are two films that have absolutely nothing to do with each other you cannot draw any comparisons y’all are really fucking reaching to try and make DC look bad
  • THIS FILM IS ABOUT BATMAN. OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO BE DARK. no one wants a movie where batman and superman tickle fight each other and then dance around a maypole throwing flowers (that only works in fanfiction, sorry). if this movie wasn’t dark it would be as equally slagged off like jesus christ are DC allowed any leeway at all like NO OFFENSE BUT marvel put out a trailer where the villain sounds like fucking pinocchio and ur fanboys dicks leak everywhere yet here we have a badass trailer where superman is literally being compared to GOD HIMSELF WHILE BATMAN LOOKS ON IN A FUCKING ROBOTIC SUIT AND Y’ALL ARE COMPLAINING
  • dark is DC’s thing. if thats not for you, fine. that doesnt mean the quality is any less than marvels - they are two fucking separate companies and DC is taking advantage of the fact that its not tied down to a company aimed at kids like Disney and is therefore going for a more adult tone. stop spreading hate about a fucking trailer thats been out for no less than like 5 minutes. 

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