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My god you are saving my life this week! Literally! I was supposed to be on holiday this week with the in laws and despite my breaking my heart a month ago my ex is sending me photos from the holiday, as you can imagine I want the ground to swallow me! But your blog is getting me through the pain! I will be spending the week watching as many Jeremy Irons movies as possible with the rest of the boys thrown in for good measure! Any recommendations?? Xxx

OoOoOo!!! *Rubs hands together because is ready to enlist Jeremy Irons films*.

But first things first, that was a shitty very shitty thing your ex did so,

Moving on.

I’d star with “Betrayal” (1983), i posted about it a couple days ago. Jeremy’s drunk love confession will make anyone smile and fall deeply in love with him or even more. I swear to god. His acting is delightful.

And if you do, we must talk about it because i am exploding here! Apparently no one’s seen it.

I’d watch “Dead Ringers” if i want horror to make me forget about everything. Besides you get Jeremy²:

I mean, who doesn’t want that?

I’d also watch “Damage” which i just cannot shut up about because it’s so good and Jeremy, as usual, is soooo naughty in it:

“High-Rise” if i want this lovely combo: 

(or “The Hollow Crown” but it’s a show, you said films ;P)


“The Correspondence” because, i mean… who doesn’t want to see this:

This movie, however, is very romantic and will murder anyone. (Says the girl who always has it in the background on Netflix when there’s nothing else to watch).

 “Reversal of Fortune” because it earned him an Oscar.

“The French Lieutenant’s Woman” if you want to see him sporting huge 19th century sideburns and then a late 1970′s look in the same film:

“The Words” if you want to see an actual old-looking Jeremy, which won’t ever truly happen apparently.

And of course, the wonderful film “The Man in the Iron Mask” if you want to laugh and swoon over this fucking musketeer, more like HUNKeteer:

Enjoy, love. These will make you fall harder for this gorgeous man.

Yes, you are, baby. Yes, you are.


Exo Reaction to Finding Out Their Crush is a Single Mom

So I could be wrong, but I have been told that in SK it’s a bit of a taboo to be a single mom and maybe that is why I have gotten this request a lot? I have rejected it privately a few times because I wasn’t sure there was much here, but you guys really seem to want it. 


She asked to meet him at a local park for their fourth date, but he was confused about the time. It was the afternoon, which struck him as a little strange but he shrugged it off. He spotted her instantly and raised his brow when he saw knelt in front of a little boy, straightening his sweater; he looked no older than five. 

“Hello,” Baekhyun said as he waved both his hands. She looked up at him with a smile and then picked up the boy, holding him against her hip. “Whose this? He isn’t my competition, right? He’s very cute.” 

“Well, I wanted you to come here so I could be honest with you,” she said as she adjusted the boy so he sat more comfortably. “This is my son.” 

Baekhyun smiled and reached forwards, tickling his neck gently. Her son shied away from him with a smile. “Well, I guess this is a play date then.” 


She asked him over to her house for a stay in date, which had had been surprised about. For their first five dates she hadn’t let him walk her home and seemed particularly skiddish about him coming to her home. He didn’t hesitate to go; there was always a chance their stay-in date would end with something else. 

When he got there she smiled and let him in. He was immediately confused by the toys scattered on the floor. She had told him she lived by herself. 

“One second,” she said as she scurried away. She came back with a little boy in her arms, smiling. “I wanted to introduce you to my son.” 

He smiled widely as he got closer and waved. “How old is he?” 

“Three,” she told him shyly. “I’d like you to spend some time with us. You know, I have to make sure the man of the house is okay with you dating his mama.” 


It was their third date and the babysitter had cancelled. She was supposed to meet him at a cafe and decided instead of just telling him she couldn’t make it and grabbing for some excuse, she’d lay the big surprise on him. She didn’t think he’d be the type of douchebag that saw kids as baggage, but then again men always surprised her; better to rip the bandaid off before any serious feelings developed. 

She walked into the cafe with her small daughter clinging to her hand. It was like Chen understood as soon as he looked over and he began smiling like an idiot. He ran up to them and kissed her cheek before he kneeled in front of her daughter and waved at her. 

“She is so cute, Jagi.” 


“I want to talk to you about something,” she said hesitantly as she looked up at him from her dinner. 

Kai turned his head towards her and gave her his full attention. She had sounded serious but also the tiniest bit afraid. It was their fifth date, so she must have began to trust him if she was going to share. 

“I haven’t been completely honest with you,” she said as she bit her lip. “I don’t alone. I actually have a six year old daughter.” 

“That’s awesome,” he said with a grin. “Maybe I can teach her how to dance.” 


“I actually have a seven year old,” she said with a frown as she crossed her arms. 

“But you’re twenty-four,” he said with wide eyes. 

“I made some mistakes,” she answered shyly as she shrugged. “I understand if it bothers you. It bothers most men. I just wanted to tell you before you found out in a way that wasn’t as preferable.”

“I’m not upset,” he said as he looked at her with the same surprised expression. “I’m just shocked. That’s really young.” 


“I two two kids,” she admitted as she played with the rings on her ringers. 

She watched Kyungsoo smile as he said hi to them and smiled. He seemed like he didn’t mind that much, but what if he was just being kind? Maybe he was sparing their feelings. 

He looked up at his girlfriend as he affectionately touched her daughter’s hair. “You could have told me sooner. I would have loved to get to know them instead of hogging you all to myself for our dates.” 


“You have a kid?” he asked with wide eyes. 

“Yep, she is eight,” his girlfriend said with a smile as she touched her daughter’s head. 

Lay did the math. She was twenty five currently, that meant that she had been seventeen when she had her. That was so young; he could hardly imagine what having a baby now would be like. 

She sensed he wasn’t exactly understanding all the details, so she knelt down to her daughter and told her to go play on the swingset. She crossed her arms when she was out of sight and then looked at Lay with saddened eyes. She had really liked him, but he wasn’t on board there was nothing she could do. 

“Look, I don’t even know who her father is, so if you’re worried about that don’t be,” she said awkwardly. “I was attacked one night walking home from a study group session and some things happened. I didn’t ask for this, but I love her.” 

“I’m not mad,” he said as he broke out of his trance and pulled her into a lazy hug. “Just surprised. I had not been expecting anything like this.” 


“He is so cute,” Luhan said as he watched her son draw on on a piece of paper while sitting at a coffee table. 

“Yeah, but he is a trouble maker,” she said with a sigh.

He watched him for a few more minutes, just smiling. She grew nervous however, because the novelty of kids wore off really fast. He seemed happy now, but how long would he be? 

“I just hope you aren’t too turned off by all of this,” she said as she tried her best to keep her tone straight. 

“How could I be?” he asked with a smile. “I want to have a family some day. I don’t mind kids at all.” 

Her son ran up to them suddenly and handed Luhan a piece of paper. “It’s a watch!” 

Luhan smiled like an idiot as he put it on and then thanked him. When he ran back to the table he looked up at her and smiled again. “He’s really cute.”


She brought him into the house by his hand, smiling at him shyly. “Don’t freak out.” 

He started to worry then as she led him further inside. She sat him on the couch and looked around. Her house looked clean, so it wasn’t that she was a slob. In fact, there were bins to the side of the room which made him think she was a bit of an organisation freak. 

She walked into the other room and then came back with a child in her arms. His eyes widened as she let a little girl, maybe five, in front of him and then smiled. She put her hands on her shoulders and then knelt down to her level. 

“Sehun, this is my daughter.” 

“Hey there,” he said with a smile as he waved. 

Her daughter grinned and did a small peace sign over her closed eye. Her mom sighed and then shook her head. “She likes doing aegyo because of my sister.” 

He grinned and started doing his own aegyo. “Can you do this?” 


“Why didn’t you tell me before this?” Suho asked with a laugh. 

“I was afraid you wouldn’t want to get to know me,” she said as she twiddled her fingers. “I don’t know. Some guys are really turned off by it.” 

“Well I’m not,” he said as he smiled at her. “I’d love to get to know your son. Let’s take him somewhere fun for our next date-day, okay?” 


He showed up at the park just like she had asked him to. When she stepped in front of him, she was holding the hand of a four or five year old. She smiled at Tao nervously.

“Your little sister is cute,” he said, assuming as he knelt down. “Is this why you asked to meet here instead?” 

“Yes,” she said with a nod. She stifled a laugh as she continued. “But she isn’t my sister. Tao, this is my daughter.”


He smiled as he knelt down he gestured to her. “She is really cute.”

“She’s also a total brat,” his girlfriend said as she crossed her arms. Her daughter looked up at her sharply. “I wasn’t going to tell you yet, but she screamed until the baby sitter had to call me and then quit. So, I brought her with me.” 

He smiled at her, wider this time. “You didn’t have to hide her from me. I get why you did it, but I like you. A kid isn’t going to discourage me.”