I’d like to bring to your attention: Jesse Tuck deciding he wants to try out public school.

  • Miles gets dragged into being his “legal guardian” because their parents live on the other side of the country
  • “C’mon Miles, high school looks like it’s not all that bad!” “You watched Mean Girls. Real life isn’t Mean Girls, Jesse.”
  • Jesse being mistaken for a freshman because he’s so short.
  • Jesse coming home from the first day dead inside.
  • “That’s fucking stupid and I’m not going back.”
  • He eventually grows to tolerate it, but only stays for a year.
  • Miles at parent/teacher conferences like “You said he’s a handful. I’m a teacher, I know that’s teacher speak for “Your brother is a little shit.””
  • Miles actually being supportive because even though Jesse hates it there, he’s sticking it out for the full year because he made the commitment.
  • “Hey Miles, can you help me with my Trig homework?” “I teach third graders, so I can help you with long division and that’s about it.”
  • Jesse being a huge science nerd and loving Chemistry class because it’s more hands-on and he’s not sitting in class staring at a board everyday.
  • Jesse getting uncomfortable when the class learns about the world wars because he lived through them.
  • Him getting asked out by a guy and he suddenly gets all flustered because he doesn’t know what to do.
  • “Miles, do I talk to him more because he’s cute and I kinda like him too, or do I not talk to him because he’s eighteen and I’m 220?”
  • Jesse getting stressed out by school because he hates feeling like a kid and being talked down to.
  • Jesse realizing very soon he’s made a huge mistake but sticking it out anyways, even though school fucking sucks for him.

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