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Prompt:ย  the reader and Sebastian watching old Sebastian shows or stuff (like his ep of Law & Order?) and she laughing while Seb is embarrassed and fluff at the end

Word Count: 641

Warnings: Kings, Political Animals, and The Apparition are all talked about, donโ€™t let me ruin them for you.

Authors Note:ย 

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20 Mike Dodds.

This is more lighthearted than the last one. I was thinking while I was writing this about dedicating it to you ( @sergeantdodds ) and then I saw you requested it, and life was good. 

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“We’re a team here. We’re a family. But, just to be clear, he’s the one that did it.” He sat there horrified, she had sold him out to Barba just like that.


“What it’s true, your the one who happened to loose her confession.”

“I did not lose it, I… “ There was no way out of this, except to blame someone else, and that had never been right.

“What?” She had that glare, Olivia had it to, you simply couldn’t lie to her.  

“I never… Ok look I don’t think she deserves to go to jail. She has just been through hell and back and quite frankly I don’t think needs to be reminded of the cruelty of criminal justice system just this soon.”

“Your protecting her? Come on she robbed a liquor store and then gave that liquor to minors.”

“She didn’t drink it herself.” He knew the ice under his feet was breaking. He may be her superior but she had been Liv’s right hand man, since she had become captain, and now he a newcomer…

“Oh my god, I realize that I am working under you… Sonny I can hear you snickering, but come on you can’t decides who goes to jail and who doesn’t.” She had given him the perfect way out, the official response.  

“Actually I can, and we all know we don’t have enough evidence to prosecute her. So?” He looked around for objections, and seeing none he got up and left. What he wasn’t counting on is her following him out of the room, and down the hall.  

“Mike… Mike, what is with you? You are always telling us, that the law is the law and…” She made robot hands.

“Do I really sound like that?”

“Well kind off, but that’s not the point. Why are you so willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater on this one?”

“Look that girl she was… “

“This isn’t personal for you is it? We have had detectives better than you be taken down by a lot less than this.”

“It’s just… look I know how everyone around here see me… as…”

“A daddy’s boy with a big ol stick up your butt?”

“Yes.” She smiled gently.  

“If it makes you feel any better, I don’t see you that way.”

“Really?” His spirits lifted, she didn’t see him like that.  

“Yeah I see you as a man taking on a position vacated by a beloved cop, who now is working back with those she led. You are trying to find your role here, and you are trying to impress our little family here, and I for one think it’s good. It makes you just a bit more human.

Tumble into a girl sideways

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Just watching a vid of Misha's panel from PitCon. It's so cute how he thinks SPN is the only show on television that has gone on this long (11 or 12 seasons). It's so obvious from his awe that he doesn't actually watch TV.. like at all. lol. (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy, Law & Order SUV, Doctor Who, Bones, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park... all have been on the air as long (or longer) than SPN. But don't tell Misha that. Let's not shatter his illusions..) #protectthespecialsnowflake

Ok but 11/12 seasons is really long. especially for a CW show and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be on for a lot longer than that

came home from another bonkers beer release

too tired to eat dinner, forced a few bites of some thai, noodles being one of my most favoritest things but couldn’t even enjoy it, almost fell asleep on the couch

fell asleep at like 9pm

wiiiiiiide awake at midnight, could not shut my brain off, no amount of trying to steer my thoughts towards sleepy restful things helped

tried all the usual tricks, took a sleeping pill, chamomile tea, reading, to no avail

resorted to watching law & order reruns, if that doesnt work, might literally read the gotdarned dictionary

wanting sleep so badly when you need it so hard is one of the shittiest feelings

anywho hope you’re doing better, sweet dreams hopefully my sweets

The Signs As Shit My Friends Have Said/Done

Aries: got really drunk and took all her clothes off

Taurus: walked to Gabe’s at like 1 am and lost her flip flop in the midDLE OF THE FUCKING ROAD


Cancer: “We had our honeymoon in a literal shit hole, get on our lesbian level.”

Leo: watches Law & Order: SVU religiously

Virgo: “Don’t mess with Samantha’s Taylor Swift.” *pterodactyl screams 5 seconds later*


Scorpio: “I can’t believe you sent dick picks to my grandmother”

Sagittarius: *aggresivily dances around back yard while blasting Riot by Three Days Grace

Capricorn: “I watched like three episodes of Supernatural and had to stop”

Aquarius: “I love Bailey’s boobs they’re like tempurpedic pillows”

Pisces: “sHIT THEY COMING, QUICK !” *throws clothes @ all five of us*

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Something I'm curious about: How are the gold cloaks organized? Obviously there's a Lord Commander, but are there other, lesser ranks beneath him (other than a simple man of the watch)? Is its primary purpose to be a military institution for defending the city, or to be a police force to keep law and order? Is the watch allowed to arrest or otherwise punish criminals on its own, without explicit command from a lord? And what about the watch of Oldtown, is it organized in the same way?

Jacelyn Bywater was the captain of the Mud Gate, so I think there are individual units based out of the gatehouses as subordinate commands. We also hear that officers were paying Slynt for their commands, so there is definitely a rank structure beyond the Commander and everyone else. Probably there are a few posts inside the city as well, especially near the market and the port. I imagine it was probably established either by Aegon I as his Aegonfort gradually became larger, or by Jaehaerys I as one of his many institution-building measures, and it was based somewhat along the Assize of Arms of 1252, having a Night and Day Watch like London, etc. They’d be a police force, not so much a military, and they’d be empowered to call men to arms, to raise the “hue and cry” so to speak. But you’d still have some that could be called upon to defend the city in the event of an attack. Watchmen with pikes are damned effective at defending a breach.

We haven’t seen Oldtown, but I’d imagine that it’s similar in form in all the major cities of Westeros.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

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