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The Dragon and His Fairy

The Dragon and His Fairy

Chapter 9

Word count: 4488

A/N: So I know it’s been more than two months since I lasted posted but here it is chapter nine! I want to give a huge thank you to @bluuesparrow who really helped get my ideas together and actually and is one of the biggest reasons that I was able to finish this chapter and,@spikerr , @capaleran2 and @mangaguitar96 for being amazing betas! I’m going to be inputting a warning due to the angst that is in this chapter without further ado enjoy!

Gajeel glared at Erza as she looked over Levy’s shoulder to see what the fairy had been reading. A feeling of overprotectiveness and jealousy raged through the dragon as Levy turned, allowing her friend to see the book’s pages.

It had been three days since Erza had found them and ever since the two hadn’t gotten along in the slightest. The Requip Fairy had made it clear that she didn’t approve of the relationship at all by constantly blocking Gajeel’s attempts at getting close to Levy. And she never left the two alone. Gajeel in return refused to turn back into a human so long as Erza kept a sword at her hip and made threats at him behind Levy’s back.

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Five Years And Counting


Pairing: Bjorn x Woc 

Rating: F for Fluff 

AN: This fic is a continuation from Three Years and Counting linked Here I hope you enjoy this! 

The last two years went by so fast I thought as I put the finishing touches on Brandts cake. He wanted Paw Patrol. He was so cute running around with his shoulder length hair and bright eyes. He looked exactly like me and Bjorn.

(Brandt Face Claim Above) 

The house was a mad house between everyone’s kids running around and the Lothbrok family hooting and hollering. Lagertha stood beside me in the kitchen.

“I can’t believe how big Brandt has gotten in one year. I had forgotten how fast they grow.” Lagertha smiled fondly at the memories of Bjorn as a child.

“This cake weighs a thousand pounds. Oh the joys of motherhood” I laughed and she placed her hand on my shoulder as we carried the cake out to the backyard patio where the entire lothbrok family stood waiting.

“Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you.” The crowd began. The look on Brandts face as he watched his cake being brought out was absloutley perfect.


“Mama Brought Cake for you son! It is all yours!” Bjorn said widening his arms and smiling.


I put the cake on the table in front of Brandt and Bjorn and watched their faces light up from the light of the candles. In front of me was everything, the love of my life and my handsome son. I was so happy I could hardly wait for the rest of the of our lifes together.

When the final note was sung and the candles were blown out. I watched Brandt open the mountain of presents set before him with slight disdain.

“More weapons Ubbe?” I sighed in defeat.

“He’s a growing boy he needs all the weapons he can get Kari!” Ubbe laughed and Ivar snickered from the corner.

I threw my hands up and walked back into the house to check on the food.

“Bayyyyybayyyyyyyyy.” Bjorn called walking into the kitchen.

“Yes dear, what do you want viking pain in my ass.” I frowned into the potatoe salad.

“My goodness, why cant you just love me.” He said dramatically. He walked up to me and i watched him pull the spoon from my hand and drop it back in the bowl.

“I do love you. Shut your handsome face.” I took a step back and felt the oven aginst my back.

“Do you?” He smirked but then his face turned serious and his large hands cupped my face. I could feel all his emotions being poured into my soul when his lips touched mine.

I was more than willing to take this romantic moment to new heights but my stomach had other plans I pulled myself out of Bjorns arms and made a bee line for the kitchen sink. It was the closet and most apropriate place to empty my stomach.

“Kari are you alright ?” Bjorn wanted to walk towards me but he knew better than to touch me so he kept his distance.

“Yes im fine. I don’t know where that came from.” I said wiping my mouth on the napkin he held out.




Two weeks went by after the party, our lifes had settled again but my stomach hadnt. Bjorn was getting upset thinking about how sick I had been and ending up dragging us both to the doctors office. The waiting room was quiet and for once I had a small moment of peace. Brandt was on Bjorns lap his snores soft and cute.

“Hello Mrs. Lothbrok, Im Dr Jacobs. We took all your vitals and ran your blood and everything looks normal except for one thing.” He was cherry and short. Bjorns face was concerned immediantly.

“Whats going on, tell us already!” He snapped. Sometimes I think the Viking in him will never settle down completely in the modern world.

“Baby calm down..theres no need to yell, Please Dr Jacobs.” I grabbed Bjorn and pulled him back down beside me.

“Everything if fine Mr Lothbrok.” The doctor tried to reasure Bjorn but it only made him more upset.

“Just tell us what is going on!” He stood up again and slammed his fist on the table. I just opted to place my head in my hands.

“Congrats Mr and Mrs Lothbrok its seems you are expecting another bundle of joy.” The doctor took a step back from Bjorn and covered his face with the file in front of his face as he backed out of the door.

“The Gods have blessed us again Kari!” Bjorn beamed.

“Here we go again…..” I said in shock.

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anonymous asked:

It's not like he's a real person, so why does it matter who he's shipped with?

okay, lemme try to explain this as well as I can.

yes, alec is not a real person. but what happens to him does matter and reflects on real life! both in the books, the tv series, and in how fans treat him.

the crux of it is that when someone talks or writes about alec, he represents what that person thinks about people like alec. those thoughts are often subconscious, so even someone who thinks they are not homophobic can be homophobic. the society we live in is built on power structures, in such a way that certain kind of people become dominant over another group, and they have power to oppress this marginalized group.

for example, at a macro (big) level homophobia means straight people have the right to deny same-gender attracted people jobs, marriage, health care, housing, and other necessary and important things. it means straight people have legal and political power over non-straight people as a whole, and that’s what makes homophobia oppression, and why things like “heterophobia” and “reverse oppression” are not possible.

now, to upkeep a system that exploits and oppresses us, you need to make a majority of the people to think we deserve to be oppressed. this is why there is hate speech against us, and it appears in many forms. outright “the gays are a sin” is only one form, and the form that is usually focused on by legal and political organs because framing homophobia as only this extreme kind of hate helps hide the more invisible forms of homophobia, eg microaggression.

this is where we get to representation. one form of making people believe we deserve to be hurt is by representing us negatively in media. you’ve probably heard the recent discussion on the “bury your gays” trope, in which sga people are killed off for no good reason. this is why saying media is not “real” is completely wrong. since we are kids, we are fed a certain kind of image about sga people.

first, we are excluded from children’s media as protagonists, so kids rarely see us. thus we are not associated with disney movies, fairy tales, or other things like that. though there are many cartoon villains who are queer coded to feed us certain kind of negative images; eg the “sissy villain” trope. jafar and scar, anyone? 

next, when these kids grow up to be teenagers, they’ll start seeing media where we appear sometimes, but are only given certain kinds of stories: brokeback mountain is a fantastic example of this. you can be non-straight on screen, but in exchange, you have to either not actually be lgbt, or you end up unhappy or dead. here is a handy-dandy list of many different lgbt tropes in media. 

add that to how you’re fed the same anti-lgbt sentiments in school, possibly at home, in church, on the news, etc. even if you don’t want it to, this will reflect in your actions towards non-straight characters and people. all straight people are homophobic, that’s just the truth. you’ve been brought up that way, and the only thing you can do is try to realize that and start deconstructing your homophobic views and ideas, which is a never-ending process. whether you accept this and do something about it, or choose to ignore it for an easier life, makes a difference.

now, we get to alec!

so, these straight people read the mortal instruments series. they read how alec struggles with his sexuality a lot, and talks about the homophobia he faces, from his parents and the shadowhunter society in general (“It’s not like it’s one big bad thing. It’s a lot of little invisible things. […] It’s not like a stab wound you can protect me from. It’s a million little paper cuts every day”). they read how he slowly accepts himself as a gay man, stops feeling ashamed of his relationship with magnus, and becomes happy.

for sga fans, this is extremely important. we relate to alec and his story, and when he gets a happy ending we feel like maybe, just maybe, we can get a happy ending too. that’s what stories are for! so we can relate to them and gain joy from them. mod a and I just had a tearful conversation yesterday about malec, where we talked about how a big part of why we’re so excited is because we can hardly believe it’s real! we’ll be getting a same-gender couple on screen, and it won’t be just queer-baiting. we know they’ll have a happy ending, so we can root for them without having to fear it will all be taken from us.

but the straight people who have read the books and watched the series, this all means nothing to them. it doesn’t matter how many times they tell us they respect alec’s sexuality when the fact that alec’s (= our) feelings, suffering, and experiences mean nothing to them. they mean so little to them that alec and his story is not enough for them. they have to rip it apart, rip alec apart, so he will be of some use to them. they can’t relate to a gay character, so he has to cease being gay for them to enjoy him.

it’s like a slap to the face. straight people dominate almost all stories, the main couple of tmi is a straight couple. the series has many prominent straight couples who get much attention and development (sizzy, maia and jordan, clary and simon, maia and simon, jocelyn and luke). but that’s not enough for them. straight people think they’re entitled to everything, so they think they have to have the right to ship alec with girls.

this is due to homophobia and straight privilege. it just does not occur to these people that alec is not for them, and doesn’t have to be. and we can see this. it’s a sign of it, and tells that they are homophobic in general. this is proved when they start fighting us on this, will not listen to us, do not want to listen to us. it’s proved when they send us ask messages, calling us bullies and “bitches” for daring to call out homophobia. and these all all forms of homophobic microaggression.

to us, the capability to ship alec with girls is a sign of deeper homophobic attitudes. it means you are homophobic in general, and that will affect non-straight people you interact with. this is why “it’s not real” is a bad excuse. fandom is media and media does not exist in a vacuum. how you act online reflects how you act in real life. when you don’t care about alec’s suffering, you do not care about our suffering.

and that i how fandom microaggression affects “real life” homophobia. you can’t have people calling us sinful without people also thinking it’s okay to ignore the history of our erasure+misrepresentation in media and ship alec with girls because a same-gender attracted person is just not relatable for them. this is as well as I can explain it, without turning this into an essay. please read this carefully, think on it, digest it.

The Light: My Name Is Oliver Queen Arrow 3x23 Review

I promised tonight would be the final piece of the puzzle. That the Arrow finale would bring that connective thread to a final knot. I cannot tell you the utter relief I feel that it did. A season’s journey ends in complete and utter joy. A perfect end to a nearly perfect season. Thank you Marc Guggenheim. I understand now. Like the sun is shining down with brilliant, blinding clarity. I can see the whole picture and it’s beautiful.

Let’s dig in…

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