watching whose line is it

hello and welcome to the snk fandom, where the ships go to war and the deaths don’t matter



God I miss this show


Let’s just all watch this old Whose Line clip.

Week 4

Alright, week 4. Its been a month. I haven’t got much to report really, except that my weight is pretty much the same. I’ve lost maybe a half pound or so, but I have more energy than I did a month ago. I was able to get through almost all my TKD forms last time and I busted my ass the other day and burned almost 500 calories in a half hour of cycling instead of it taking me almost forty minutes, my stamina is improving! 

I’m really excited to keep improving. I can’t wait to get a few buddies in the gym with me so I can work on my spinning kicks again. I may have to do that at the gymnastics gym by my work (five dollar free training from 8 to 10 tuesdays and thursdays woooooo). 



Just the other day me husband said to me,

Darling why don’t we start a family?

What a silly notion, what a silly whim.

Why would I need children when I’ve already got him?

I was re-watching some old Whose Line? clips and this verse just screamed for a royai illustration. I mean, Riza spends most of her time babysitting the useless Colonel anyway.


i need to watch more new whose line


Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 11 Intros, [Part A]

ok but I’ve literally been doing work, sleeping and watching whose line like this past week it’s all gonna be over soon thank god

  • me: omg why dont i watch whose line is it anyways anymore its so funny
  • me: [turns that bitch on]
  • they: big ass long ass winded transphobic joke
  • me: Ah yes..... yeah yea yeah right right right.... HM

thewolvesofwar  asked:

1-20 because I love you


1. The meaning behind my URL:  a combination of  Weiss and Ruby’s name of their respective weapon 

2. A picture of me


3. Why I love my bestfriend - Bc they’re fucking awesome

4. Last time I cried and why - probably because someone died in my dreams. Tho, I was crying of laughter a few days ago when watching Scenes from a Hat from “Whose Line is it, Anyways?” 

5. Piercings I have - None but I would love to get one or some soon c;


7. Biggest turn off(s) Varies, but rudeness and being an asshole, egocentric, and some other things

8. Top 5 (insert subject) - I guess we’ll go with movies so: Spirited Away, Anastasia, Warm Bodies, How to Train Your Dragon, and LotR: The Two Towers

9. Tattoos I want - Weiss’ symbol on my back… maybe another but that’s the only one I want right now

10. Biggest turn on(s)

Thigh high socks,  (frilly) panties, dorky adorable girls, eyes (yes I get turned on by them~), confidence, being themselves, great sene of humor regardless of it being crude

11. Age - 21

12. Ideas of a perfect date - Museum dates are a sure way to my heart c: or take me to a concert? With dinner, ofc

13. Life goal(s) - Sleep lol but really, work in a video game company

14. Piercings I want - ear, maybe a belly button piercing? Nipple piercings would be wierd but cool I guess lol

15. Relationship status - Single and ready to be fucking taken. Like, honestly… I want a girlfriend so badly rip me

16. Favorite movie - mmmm right now, nothing really stands out, but all-time? I guess Star Wars

17. A fact about my life - I’ve already given you 17 of them~

18. Phobia - Spiders. I will hate you for eternity if you show me spiders.

19. Middle name - Evelyn

20. Anything you want to ask - Idk, what do you want to ask? d: I guess send me one?