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I can’t tell which is more embarrassing, a TV show about four idiots who have been best friends since like high school that dare each other to do ridiculous things or a TV show about four guys who go to paranormal locations and yell at supernatural beings, being scared every single time a door slams

Watch Chris Gethard’s Assistant Justin Linville Air His Grievances in Front of Chris Gethard

Looks like Justin Linville has joined the ranks of late night talk show host assistants being funny simply for being honest about their bosses (Conan O’Brien assistant Sona Movsesian also holds this rare distinction). 

See what grievances Justin read aloud to make his boss Chris Gethard a little anxious while Wanda Sykes and Shannon O’Neill watched with delight on this week’s TCGS here.

Sakamaki: sick. Requested by Anon.

They had told you not to go out in the snow yesterday. But had you listen nope, you had ran out claiming that the snow was calling to you.
Sure they did have fun watching you act like a dork in the snow but was it worth your health no. But never the less you were sick so now that we’re taking care of you.

You whimpered from the bed as you yet again refused to eat, claiming you wood vomit if you ate. Which was proven a few hours earlier.
“If you won’t eat then been quiet please.” Shuu sighed as he flopped down on the bed next to you. Then he got an idea as he teleported away.
It was about a few minutes later when he came back with a steaming cup of honey and milk.
“Come here, Mother used to do this for me when I got sick.” With that he pulled you onto his lap and gave you little sips of milky and honey. “Easy now little bunny.”

He didn’t dare let a single one of his brothers make a single sound in the house that would wake you or disturbed you. If they did they would face punishment given out by him.
Reiji sighed as he bushed through your hair as you slept.
He had bathed you, changed you and now was brushing your hair as you slept.

“Oi princess watch this!” Ayato chirped as a guy got kicked in the nuts on tv.
Since you gotten sick he had forced you out of your home and made you stay in his bed. So he could take care of you. But since you had to leave you only form of entertainment behind he had gotten a tv put into the room just for you. And now was sitting next to you watching trutv.
“Your warm, here.” He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close.

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Do you know where I can watch impractial jokers for free? I need to catch up

If you have a TV service, you can download the truTV app for your mobile or tablet or smart TV and watch live truTV as well as episodes On Demand by using your TV service provider log in. Also, the website Dailymotion has a lot of episodes on it, but it’s not as trustworthy. People have complained of viruses, but I’ve never had any problems with it personally. If anyone else has some recommendations, please comment or let me know!