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countdown to jackson’s birthday: #KingJacksonDay
abc’s of jackson: z is for zealous

Today is the day we celebrate the most thoughtful, caring, wonderful, handsome, grateful, funny, loving man alive. Jackson Wang!  I know you’ll probably never read this but just some thoughts:  I really hope you’re doing well.  Everyone has been so worried for you while you’ve been sick and I just hope that you’ve recovered fully.  I hope you know you don’t have to force yourself and push yourself beyond your limits just to please the fans, we’ll always understand if you don’t feel well enough to meet with us or go to schedules.  Your health is always the number one priority, as you say yourself.  We’ll always wait for you to feel your best, even if it takes ten years, twenty years, one hundred years!  We’ll always be by your side.  I hope you’re able to enjoy your birthday to the fullest knowing that your fans care a lot for you. Thank you so so so much for working so hard to make us happy.  I love you so much and becoming your fan has been one of the best decisions of my life. Happy birthday!  I’m so grateful that you were born. ❤

Diana x Reader: Jealousy (aka: you run into your ex)

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[TEXT FROM: 🙅🏻 DIANA PRINCE💕 at 7:32] “Meet me outside of the Louvre in 10.”  

[TEXT TO 🙅🏻 DIANA PRINCE💕 at 7:33] “See you soon.”  

It was a warm Paris night, the kind that prompted those to fall in love, and you smiled as you breathed in the familiar air.  On this night a year ago you met Diana Prince: tall, striking and soft.  After a museum patrol told you the Louvre would be closing soon you stuffed your sketchbook under your arm and rushed out. (You forgot your pencil on a bench.) Diana had followed you outside and tapped on your shoulder, returning the utensil.  You said thank you, you really didn’t have to go through the trouble, it’s just a pencil.  She admitted it wasn’t really about the pencil.

You had the Louvre in your sights when a voice called your name.  Oh no.  You turned on your heel and started in the opposite direction of the museum, hoping to avoid the entity.  

“Y/N!”  The owner of the voice crossed the street to cut you off and your stomach filled with dread.  Your ex, Taylor, stood in front of you, winded.

“Wow,” they breathed, “It’s been a long time, huh?”  You nodded and stiffly accepted their hug, pulling away as quickly as you could. “How’ve you been?”  

“I’ve been wonderful,” you replied truthfully, glancing over your shoulder at the Louvre as if it was a promise land, “How are you?”  It’s so close.  Just my luck.

“Better,” Taylor nodded, “You look good, Y/N.  I think time apart has done us well.”  

“I agree.”  You didn’t agree - you thought the time apart was one of the best decisions of your life, and the apathetic tone in your voice gave it away.  In an uncharacteristically rude manner you blatantly checked your watch.  

“Well, I’ve got to-”

“Maybe it’s time we catch up?”  Taylor smiled at you expectantly and you grimaced internally, recalling how quickly you had fallen for that sickeningly sweet smile.  You were trying to think of a polite way to say fuck no when you saw Taylor’s grin quickly turn into a frown.  What?

“Actually,” you jumped, feeling Diana’s presence behind you, “Y/N and I are about to be late for a dinner reservation.”  Thank Zeus for her tendency to be sneaky.  Now that you thought about it, she did enjoy appearing out of (seemingly) nowhere at exactly the right time.  

Diana draped her arms over your shoulders and you sank into her embrace, saved once again.  Using a single forefinger she turned your head to face hers before placing her full lips on yours, completely enveloping you in some kind of dream.  In your distraction you failed to see her quirk a smug eyebrow at Taylor as she pulled away.

“It’s unfair to keep a woman waiting, Y/N,” she teased smoothly, planting another tingling kiss on your jaw.  It almost made you want to skip dinner and go straight to your apartment.  Almost.

“I’ll never do it again,” you breathed, attempting to keep your composure.  Taylor had a shocked (and slightly turned on, if you were being honest) expression on their face, and you almost apologized for Diana’s behavior.  Almost.

You felt her smile against the area behind your earlobe before she removed herself from you and took your hand, leading you away. 

“I heard that the dessert at this place is quite spectacular,” she said nonchalantly, “particularly the ice cream.”

Your laugh briefly disrupted the peaceful night and you gently shoved your shoulder into hers, earning a shove back.  What did you do to deserve her?

When I started listening to BTS back in April 2016 and watching all their bangtan bombs and even that dreadful ahl, never did I imagine myself devoting a blog to them. But then I made the mistake - or perhaps, best decision ever - to look the boys up on tumblr, and there was no turning back. If I thought that I was obsessed with BTS before, I was now hooked. Tumblr has been a fixture in my life for years, I just never realized that there was such a big community of army’s on this website.

But not only did I simply look at pictures or gifs of the boys, I started to read fanfiction and that was probably one of the biggest turning points in my journey as a fan girl lol. If someone would’ve told the 16-year-old me that I would actually like fanfiction one day - and be writing it - I don’t think I would believe you. Fanfiction has never been something I liked, but the writing I saw on here made me realize that it can actually be a wonderful thing. Oh, the many heartaches I’ve had to endure in the last year and a half.

So a year ago, I decided to start this blog because the love I had for BTS was literally so overwhelming I just had to share it with others. The first few months on here, I posted like three fics and wasn’t too terribly active. It wasn’t until I joined bangtan-bookclub that I started becoming much more involved and made a lot of new friends! And since then, I can’t believe all that has happened.

First of all, a big shoutout to the writers that really inspired me to create my own content;

@jungblue, @jungkxook, @inktae, @gukvory, @bangtaninink , @tayegi, @workofteaguk, @chinnychimchim, @minsvga, @jeonjagiya, @btssmutgalore

Wow. Where do I even begin? You all are writers that I have so much respect for. Everything you guys write has me clutching my chest, practically weeping, laughing my ass off or smiling like a fool. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. Writing has always meant a lot to me, but you all really set the bar and made me want to become a better writer. If it weren’t for you writers, there would be no me on this website lol.

Next, all my lovely mutuals;

@rainygguk, @velvethoseok, @boymeetsfiction, @19jiminieee95, @namjoonsbby@minyoong2, @hijoonie, @dearseok, @sonnenfuchs, @blumiin, @bluekyun, @taecup, @sugaspiano, @cinnamonsuga@h00dy, @hayjeon, @sugasgrowl, @hi-xtape, @gujoonim, @hoseokdrafts, @our-kpopreact, @nochuism. @sunflower-hobi, @bxebxee, @triptych-hoe, @tahyungs, @mint-tape, @mochimim, @realmoonbin, @je0n, @jeonnings, @beaujimin 

Even though I’m such an awkward bean, thank you all for being some of the greatest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet! You all are so amazing in your own ways - through the original content some of you create and the love you have for Bangtan. I’m so grateful to have you all as my friends (is it wrong to call mutuals, friends? lol). And even though we may not talk as much anymore - or even talked at all - I appreciate each and everyone one of you so much. Thanks for every mention, tag, and sweet message left on my blog. Seeing your url’s on my activity always brings a smile to my face. Thank you guys for making this past year a memorable one!

And last but not least, everyone who has liked the things I’ve posted enough to follow me;

Sometimes I wonder why you all have decided to follow me. Like, I’m not even that great and my writing is just average lmao. I’m also not as active as I’d like to be either… and yet, there are so many of you that follow me. And not only that, you guys are also so encouraging and sweet. I read every message I get and all the comments on my stories; it makes me smile knowing how much you all seem to love what I write/create - especially when it comes to Heartbeat because I know how emotionally involved many of you are in that series lol. I could honestly go on for days about how much much you all mean to me, but that would be long and probably annoying lol. So I guess I’ll just end it here: thank you all for following me, Gabby… xbaepsae; I love you and wish you all nothing but happiness <3

Ok I've meaning to write this for a while so here goes:

Man, Tamatoa changed my fucking life. He’s the reason I’m on Tumblr in the first place. He actually helped me begin healing from some very deep personal losses. My grandfather and beloved dog Sarge died in August within one day of each other. My grandpa’s body and grandma’s ashes were buried in September. I didn’t think I’d ever be ok again. My grandma died a few years earlier and my life slowly started becoming more depressing and stressful. It culminated in the deaths of my dog and grandfather. And my grandparents’ house where my dog is now buried will probably be sold because we can’t afford the taxes. I spent half of my childhood there. It was my other home. In some ways my true home. A place I always thought would be there, in the background, a place that I could always return to. And now it might be gone.

So by the time Moana was released in theatres I was already feeling horrible. And of course we all know what happened on “Election Day”. I needed to get out of the house. I needed a distraction-something to take my mind off of things and just have some fun. I thought Moana looked cute and was curious as to how Disney would handle a story set in Ancient Polynesia. So I went and saw it. I had a blast throughout the beginning of the film and was impressed with how Disney gracefully handled the culture. It felt respectful and fun at the same time. And it was hilarious. I loved all the characters.

And then we got to Tamatoa. I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting him at all. I didn’t read up on the film prior to seeing it as I wanted to be surprised. And boy was I. At first I was uncomfortable to be honest. I cringed. I thought Tamatoa was going to be one of those characters that was trying to be funny but wasn’t. Except god bless Jemaine Clement because Tamatoa was a hoot from the get go. I was like “Ok, he’s kinda edgy what with the whole ‘I ate my gramma!’ bit. Interesting direction Disney.” And then he started singing. I cringed again because I thought “Oh crap this time it’s gonna bad.” But as the song went on I noticed him being more and more cruel. And then Maui showed up. I was like “Oh shit! Shit’s about to go down.” And then his hook doesn’t work and it’s double oh shit. And then it’s like a switch had been flipped. Tama’s voice got deeper (and sexier) and his grin when he goes “Well, well, well,” was actually creepy. He then begins beating the shit out of Maui and his cruelty goes up to eleven. It becomes personal. I started grinning like an idiot because holy shit this is dark for Disney’s recent stuff. Like explicitly dark.

And then the lights went out.

I was speechless when his bioluminescence came on. My heart sang. The bridge was so beautiful and meaningful and his markings were absolutely gorgeous and inspired. I was utterly blown away by the last third of “Shiny”. That sequence alone sealed Moana as my favorite Disney movie. No joke. And I was so disappointed that there was no more of him in the movie 😫!

And I watched the rest if the film and of course was blown away and blubbering. Watching Grandma Tala made me cry of course. But as I got out I became obsessed with this film and Tamatoa in particular. I began searching for more info and pictures of him online. I eventually joined Tumblr after lingering around for a bit and joined the fandom here and let me tell it was the best decision I have ever made when it came to my online life. I have made so many friends here and I am having so much fun. I am learning so much and encountering beautiful and hilarious and inspiring stuff here all the time. My life has been broadened by coming onto to here.

And all of that is thanks to a giant singing shiny coconut crab monster.

So I just want to say thank you Disney for bringing us such a memorable and wonderful character. Thank you Lin Manuel Miranda for writing “Shiny” and thank you Jemaine Clement for bringing him to life.

And thank you Tamatoa. You have helped me beyond measure. I love you.


[text au] (Lukey) “Bradford bad boy”

A/N bit late lmao but I’m currently watching this is us and sobbing. I’ve followed them since x-factor and Zayn has always been my sunshine😭 I’m not as “hardcore fan now” but it still affected me so much. I respect his decision though and wish him the best in life💙

GO VEGAN!! watch: cowspiracy, forks over knives (both on netflix), 101 reason to go vegan, the best speech you will ever hear by gary yourofsky, & earthlings (all three on youtube) - all living beings deserve to live their lives. animals are on this planet for their own reasons, not for humans to torture, rape, kill, and eat. going vegan has been the best decision i have ever made. it has changed my life completely and opened my eyes to so much. i’ve learned TONS and honestly have never felt so good. i no longer feel bloated or have bad digestion, my skin has cleared up, my hair and nails grow super fast, i literally just wake up and feel full of energy.. the list could go on and on. plus, going vegan you will save 1 animals life, 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square ft of forested land, and 20 pounds of co2, EVERYDAY. make the connection and go vegan. for the animals, the planet, & your health! 💕🐮🐷🐤🐣🐔🐭🐰🦀🐠🐟🐳🐬🐝🐙🐸🐨🐼🐶🐱🐻🐭🐹🐰🦁

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Could you write a one-shot fic of Lexa's fight, and then Clarke treating her wounds?

Sorry for the lateness of this. I’ve been a little busy (dealing with a hangover all day yesterday). Hope you enjoy!

It wasn’t until this moment that Clarke finally realized. It was this very moment, as Lexa faced off against Roan in the middle of the courtyard in front of all of Polis. It wasn’t until Clarke watched Lexa fight for her life and for Clarke’s life; as she was literally fighting for Clarke, putting her own life on the line; as Clarke’s three months of hating the Commander evaporated and was replaced by fear for this girl in front her that she realized how much she still cared for her. It wasn’t until right now as Lexa swung her swords in front of her, blocking every one of Roan’s attacks that Clarke finally realized - or better yet accepted- that she loved her.

She watched with wide and worried blue eyes as Lexa just nearly escaped the powerful swing of Roan’s next attack. Lexa wasn’t the Heda for nothing. She was much more skillful than Clarke had imagined as she spun and ducked and countered Roan’s every move. Clarke couldn’t help but watch in awe and what could only be described as pride. Pride because Lexa was openly fighting for her in front of all to see; showing to everyone that Clarke Griffin was hers and if they wanted her, they would have to go through her. And she wasn’t going to let that happen without a fight.

Awe was soon replaced with terror as Lexa left herself open for just a second. But a second was enough for Roan to get the upper hand and slam his fist into her jaw. The force of the blow caused her turn almost fully around to keep balance, leaving herself completely vulnerable as she composed herself. Roan kicked the back of her legs and she buckled to the ground with a grunt.

“Get up, Lexa. Get up.” Clarke mumbled as Roan walked around her.

He swung his spear at her like a baseball bat, connecting it with the back of her head and she fell forward, dropping one of her swords and earning groans throughout the crowd around them. She tried to push herself up but Roan kicked her hard and she rolled further away, clutching her stomach and crying out in pain. The spot she had just been in now stained in blood caught Clarke’s eye and she noticed the girl was now bleeding from her head. Lexa flipped over and pressed her hands to the ground to push herself up. She spit onto the stone and Clarke noted the amount of crimson that joined it. Lexa wiped her mouth and growled loudly and she brought herself onto her knees. Roan took her abandoned sword from the ground and was just in front of her now, her own sword lifted above him for the final attack. Lexa wasn’t looking.

“LEXA LOOK OUT!” Clarke exclaimed.

Lexa looked up in time to see Roan swing down at her. She caught the sword with her bare hands without so much as a wince. Her teeth grit together as she looked fiercely up at Roan. Her lips moved to form words Clarke couldn’t hear and then she brought the butt of her sword up to collide with Roan’s chin. He stumbled back and she jumped to her feet, earning cheers and whistles from a few people in the crowd. She ran toward him, jumped into the air and landed a fist to his face. He dropped to the ground motionless. Lexa stood over him, chest heaving up and down as she looked down at his unconscious body. She turned around and took his spear from the ground before coming back up above him.

“My fight is not with you.” She said to him as she gripped the spear harder and chucked it toward the stage holding the clan leaders before landing at the feet of the Ice Queen herself. The queen didn’t flinch a bit as she glared down at Lexa, who sported a similar glare. “Your son has been spared, Nia. But let it be known that if you or anyone else dare to threaten my coalition, myself, or Clarke again, I will not make this same decision and you will pay with your life.”

She stared up at the queen for a moment more before she turned on her heels and started for her home in the tower. Clarke watched as everyone slowly dispersed. She soon figured it was probably best not to be caught out in the open alone with the Ice Queen around, knowing very well that Lexa’s threat would not phase the woman. She made to follow Lexa back to the tower.


Clarke walked into Lexa’s bedroom cautiously to find Lexa with her back facing her and a Healer in front of her.

“I am fine, Paris.” Lexa said to the Healer who seemed to be fighting with her.

Heda,” He said with an exasperated sigh. “You must let me clean your wounds.”

“My wounds are fine.” Lexa said in more of a growl than anything.

Clarke cleared her throat behind them and Lexa turned to find her standing by the entrance.

“Clarke.” Lexa said, slowly getting to her feet.

“Commander, you must stay seated and let me take care of your head.”

“Enough, Paris.” Lexa said, glaring at the man in front her. “Leave us.”

The Healer looked between Lexa and Clarke before he set the rag he held into the bowl of water on the bedside table and walked out, shaking his head and letting out a sigh. “She needs those wounds taken care of.” He says to Clarke quietly before walking out and closing the door behind him, leaving the two girls to stand across the room from one another awkwardly.

It was a few awkward beats until Clarke finally made her first move and walked up to Lexa, who watched her with delicate and cautious eyes.

“Are you going to put a knife to my throat again, Clarke?” Lexa said just above a whisper, she voice failing her at her attempt to not sound affected by Clarke’s closeness.

Clarke ignored the question and instead reached for the wet rag in the bowl. “Sit.” She said.

Lexa ignored the blonde and only stared at her from the few feet apart they were, searching her face for an answer to why she’s here.

“Sit down.” Clarke said, looking at Lexa this time, her eyes both hard and soft at the same time. Lexa obeys this time.

The corner of Lexa’s lip flinched upward in the hint of a smirk as she looked at the rag in Clarke’s hands. “If you’re planning on smothering me to death, I would prefer it to happen with a clean rag, please. They are over by the bath.”

Clarke rolled her eyes. “I’m not here to kill you, Lexa.” She takes the last steps toward the Commander and presses the wet rag to her forehead, which is still covered in blood, now dry. Lexa doesn’t say anything, but only looks at the bright blue eyes above her that are focused on their task of cleaning Lexa’s wounds.

After a while of silent work, Clarke has finished cleaning the blood from her head and examines the wound at the back of her head. “It’s not deep.” She said. “It won’t need stitches.”

“I am capable of taking care of myself, Clarke.” Lexa said. “I do not ne-”

“Shut up.” Clarke said, cutting the girl silent as she looked up at her with surprised eyes. Clarke looked down at the wide green eyes and couldn’t help the small smile that formed on her lips before her own eyes darted down to Lexa’s lips. Her stomach fluttered as she watched Lexa’s tongue snake over her plump bottom lip and she unconsciously licked her own.

Blinking rapidly to bring herself back, she lowered the rag to her mouth, which was stained of blood as well. Lexa pulled back before she could wipe the blood, however. Clarke looked up into the stubborn girl’s eyes and narrowed her own.

“Let me clean you up, Lexa. You look like a mess.”

That wasn’t exactly true. Yes, she was covered in dirt and blood, but Clarke wouldn’t really say she looked like a mess. She was beautiful, even in the injured state she was in. The dim light that came through the windows spread across Lexa’s features and turned her green eyes into the deep forest Clarke would sometimes get lost in. Her jaw was colored dark red, a bruise that would soon turn purple. The smear of her black war paint and tangled braids only made her more beautiful if it were even possible. But Clarke didn’t voice that.

“Why are you here, Clarke?” Lexa asked, grabbing Clarke’s arm as it reached toward her again and bringing it away from her face. The contact sent Clarke’s heart racing and Lexa’s breath came out shaky before she let the arm go. “You have avoided me all this time. The last time we spoke, you held a knife to my throat and anger in your voice. Why are you helping me all of a sudden?”

Clarke looked into Lexa’s eyes, fighting over what to say. Lexa’s continued to try and read anything from her, but it was useless. When Clarke reached the rag back to her lips, Lexa did not fight it, but let the blonde clean the blood from her chin.

“When I was watching the fight,” Clarke started finally and quietly. “I was scared. For you. Roan.. he almost had you.”

“He never had me.” Lexa said back.

Clarke chuckled. “Almost.” She stood up from her couched position in front of Lexa and went the bowl of water to clean the bloody rag. “What’s next?” She asked, turning around.

Lexa hesitated, debating whether she should keep up façade. She gave in, however, wanting more than anything to keep Clarke close and touching her. She slowly and hesitantly turned her palms over to show Clarke the wet fabric of her black gloved hands. Clarke sat on the bed beside Lexa this time, so close that their legs touched and Clarke could feel Lexa’s heavy exhales hit her face. She took one of Lexa’s hands and slowly, delicately pulled the glove off, making sure not to harass the deep cut she assumed was underneath if the blood covering the glove said anything. And she was right. The cut was straight across Lexa’s palm, dark red and wide. She winced at the sight, knowing Lexa must be really hurting, despite her stoic expression. She pulled Lexa’s other glove off just as carefully as the first to reveal an almost identical wound as the other hand.

“Jeez, Lexa.” Clarke breathed as she held Lexa’s hand in front of her, unconsciously rubbing circles against her thumb. Lexa’s breath caught in her throat at the intimate action and she closed her eyes, reveling in the feeling. Clarke’s eyes were closed as well, though her head was bowed so Lexa couldn’t see. She wanted more than anything to kiss the hand she was holding, but she didn’t. Instead, she let out a shaky breath and started dabbing around the wound, getting as much of the blood away as she could.

When she was done with the cleaning, she put the rag in the bowl again and took the smaller bowl into her hands. This bowl contained a yellowish cream Clarke guessed was a sort of antibiotic cream the Grounders used. She dipped her fingers into the cream and carefully lathered Lexa’s wound with it. Now, Lexa finally flinched, though she tried not to. Her hand retracted just the slightest before she could stop it and Clarke looked up at her in shock.

“Did it hurt?” She asked, worried. Lexa couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped her throat at the look on Clarke’s face.

“I am fine, Clarke.” She said, a small smile tugging at her lips. “It is just cold.”

Clarke’s eyes softened then and she laughed along with Lexa for a second before focusing on her hands again. “Thank you.” She said quietly.

“For what?” Lexa asked.

“For fighting for me.” Clarke said as she started wrapping one of Lexa’s hands. “Because of you, the Ice Queen isn’t torturing me right now.”

“Nia will have to kill me herself before she takes you from here.” From me. Lexa doesn’t say the last part. Clarke notices the way her jaw clenches and unclenches.

“She wouldn’t.” Clarke said. “She wouldn’t do it herself.”

“She might.” Lexa said. “To gain the power of Wanheda.”

Clarke shutters at the name she was given by the Grounders. “You know that’s not how that goes, right? Gaining some weird power by killing someone else?”

Lexa nods once and looks at Clarke. “Yes, but it’s what my people believe. Clarke, you must listen to me.” Clarke had just finished wrapping Lexa’s other hand and Lexa was free to take Clarke’s shoulders now and lock their eyes. Lexa’s eyes were filled with desperation. “You are not to leave the safety of this tower without me. Not until this all settles and you are safe again.”

Clarke was all but distracted by the close proximity of the Commander’s head to hers and the way her lips moved to fully comprehend what she had said.

“Clarke? Did you hear me?” Lexa asked, narrowing her eyes at the blonde

Clarke absentmindedly nodded, her eyes darting from Lexa’s eyes to her lips every five seconds. Lexa took notice of this. Her hands slid up Clarke’s shoulders and took place on either side of Clarke’s neck. Her thumbs caressed her jaw and her eyes darted to Clarke’s full lips as well. But that was all she did. She didn’t dare take the next step and lean in, no. She would leave that to Clarke, if Clarke wanted to.

Clarke brought of her hands up to hold onto Lexa’s forearm, making sure to keep Lexa’s hand on her. The feeling of her fingers against her neck brought back the memories of when Lexa had snaked her hand to the back of Clarke’s neck three months ago and pulled her in for the most gentle of kisses she’d ever experienced. The kiss that took her by surprise but sent her mind whirring and her threw heart out of her chest. She wanted more than anything to feel those lips and that gentle kiss again.

She placed her hand against Lexa’s waist and leaned in until her lips were lightly pressed to Lexa’s. It was everything Clarke had remember and more. Lexa kissed her back with the most delicate and soft kisses that had Clarke’s heart in her throat. She pulled away only to turn her head and press her lips a bit harder, hoping Lexa would understand that this was what she wanted and that it was okay. Lexa understood. She leaned into the kiss as well, her hand sliding up to cup Clarke’s face now. It was a few innocent kisses in when Clarke moved her own hand from Lexa’s arm to the back of her neck and she pressed into the kiss harder, hungrier.

Lexa did not hesitate to follow the girl and she flicked her tongue against Clarke’s lips until they parted and granted her access inside. It was when Clarke let out a soft moan into her mouth that Lexa pulled Clarke against her more, her own hand lacing through the blonde locks and pulling lightly at them. The action was rewarded with a pleasurable gasp from Clarke and Lexa moved her lips to Clarke’s neck. Clarke let out a long breath and she kept Lexa’s head against her neck, reveling in the sensation her tongue was giving her.

Soon enough, Clarke pulled Lexa back to onto her lips and she crawled onto her lap, straddling the Commander. She pushed her back onto the bed, Lexa wincing slightly as the action caused her side to ache. Her ribs were surely bruised, though she hadn’t yet seen them. She was sure she and Clarke were only minutes away from doing so.

She was right.


i’m blessed to be a part of a movement so beautiful that allows anyone no matter their age, race, beliefs, gender, sexuality, weight, height, etc. to express themselves freely without worrying about being judged. i have met the most incredible people through this movement and am happy to call them family. i dream of one day to fly some fellow wolves to a location where we can all finally meet. best believe i will make that happen someday no matter how long we have to wait.
two years ago, before i found tyla and understood what the wolf movement was about, i was going through some pretty rough times. i had friends left from right packing their bags and moving far away leaving me at school by myself. i had finally met a boy who appreciated me and accepted me for who i was and even though we struggled with our friendship/relationship and the time was short we had a strong bond. sadly a few months later after meeting, he suffered an asthma attack and passed away. i had never cried so hard. my best friend of 8 years and i began to fight a lot and we had broken the friendship for a year until a few months ago we got back into contact. i had no one really to talk to. no one to trust. no one to love me or for me to love them.
then i discovered tyla’s vines. i will never forget the first one i watched. her hair was all curly, she was sitting in her bedroom singing “calling all the thirsties.” she made me laugh. genuine laughter and happiness. as i began to watch more of her vines and followed her on twitter, i kept seeing #wolfmovement everywhere. i looked up the meaning and thought it was the most beautiful thing created. i began to dedicate myself to peace, love and positivity. the road was not easy to take because i was still battling with my demons but i had met people who helped me when i would fall. you know who you are. 🌸🍃
today i am proud to say it has almost been two years since i joined wolf movement and that it was the best decision of my life. if i hadn’t found tyla…i probably wouldn’t be here right now. so to you tyla; thank you so much for never giving up. thank you so much for staying strong and showing me what it is to be strong. thank you for creating such a beautiful movement. thank you for always being positive and showing love to the wolves. thank you for being you. you are the most gorgeous soul i have ever known and one i hope to encounter someday. #longlivewolf 🐺🌙
and to all my wolves i call family now; thank you for never letting me give up on myself and showing me what it is to love again. you will forever be in my heart. 💖✨

wolf movement fivever. ❤️



Hello everyone! Like I said my name is Bailey. I run this blog and want to make it more personal. I am 20 years old. I love traveling, each picture shown was taken in a different country. I spent last year studying abroad and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I love binge watching seasons on Netflix. My friends are my support system. I enjoy writing but have been in a rut. And I’m currently going through a huge change in my life- therefore It has encouraged other changes for example, rearranging my room. (If anyone can help me move 10000ton bed hmu) I have a personal blog: desiretheaffection Another shameless plug- my Instagram is: baileythewanderer