watching this for the millionth time

very important things

look at this eyebrow diversity

we’ve got JJ, who’s eyebrows are in your face in a Totally Hetero, “Of course I don’t get them done, these are naturally perfectly shaped” way. no they’re not stop lying 

We’ve got “no nonsense eyebrows” for a no nonsense Otabek. 

Chris has luscious eyebrows, styled to perfection, because eyebrows are all a part of the sex appeal, darling. just please don’t come on the ice this time Chris there are CHILDREN WATCHING

Yuuri’s eyebrows are On Point, my personal fav, 10/10. 

Phichit’s eyebrows scare the living daylights out of me here, but no one is surprised when you have Ciao Ciao as your eyebrowspiration. ALSO CIAO CIAO YOUR EYEBROWS ARE TERRIFYING PLEASE CONTROL THOSE THINGS. 

Yurio’s eyebrows are thin and angry looking, just like our favorite smol angry kitten. 

Alright, thanks for acknowledging this v. important PSA. I’m going to go watch Ep. 10 for the millionth time now. 

One Night:

Me: Watching Yuri on Ice for the millionth time.

Husband: “Really, again? Is this one of the gay ones or a sports one?” (Yes he knows of my … cough…obsessions.)

Me: “Both, it’s a sports one that happens to have a gay couple in it.”

Husband: Has walked over by this point and is watching over my shoulder. “What sport?”

Me: “Ice skating”

Husband: “Humm, like it?” 

(Victor has just paused in the frame of the show to talk to Yuuri) 

Me: “Yeah, it’s a favorite.”

Husband: Looks at Victor and then me out of the corner of his eye. And my husband (one of the straightest people on the planet) says “Wow, he’s hot.”

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. There is a reason I married the man. Well one of them.

*Disclaimer: He’s 100% supportive of anyone’s sexuality


this is honestly my favourite episode right now and after watching it for the millionth time, i submit my thesis :

  • okay, can we talk about guang-hong ji, first?  he is chinese and 17 and soooooo adORABLE! like, he’s just so cute and i absolutely adore him. his short program was amazing! he’s such a cute little cinnamon roll :D
  • next, leo de la iglesia! oh my god i love him too, all these beautiful characters, y’know. so he’s american  and honestly i appreciate the creators for not putting in some stereotypical white person, especially at a time like this (post election). i ship him with guang-hong ji okay, like how can you not? i feel like their relationship is already very cute, much like victuri from the old days tbh
  • phichit chulanont! phichit-kun has met all of my expectations (and more)… he’s so sweet and like i honestly think we have a squad here : minami kenjiro, phichit, guang hong and leo = the cinnamon rolls squad ™ ! or it could be the victuri shipper squad bc oh my , do all of them ship it
  • georgi popovich, holy mother of geese, i was practically crying at his performance.. the makeup oh my lord and our little yurio’s reaction was priceless lmao, but still he’s definitely a contender, being 2nd and i really want to know more about that woman who caused him to become the evil witch and whatnot, thinking over it, i’d like to see her skating as we haven’t  seen any female skate till now
  • chris, chris, chris! dear lord, christophe giacometti… i am not sure if i should laugh or feel mildly disgusted.. holy spokes he is something, isn’t he? well i have a feeling that the reason why yuri wanted to ‘be the man who stole victor from the world’ was partly bc chris told him very straightforwardly that he should leave victor, so idk i mean i don’t really think he’s getting between victor and yuri rn (well as if he could; victor being the clingiest boyfriend on the planet) but who knows … he came 6th but as victor said he likes to take it slow so yeah, he is a contender 
  • okay now that all the new amazing characters have been talked about, lets talk about the clingy boyfriend coach we have here
  • victor nikiforov, ladies and gentlemen, is the most supportive bean i’ve ever seen.. like his reactions at yuri’s performance were so full of pure joy and he looks so in love! i love the fact that basically in all of the times yuri was with him, his arm was around him, he’s so protective oh my god, like how does victuri get more real every passing episode?? oh and drunk!victor… god bless isn’t that like what most fanfictions are based on? this anime will be the dea th of all of us i’m telling you 
  • and finally *drumroll* yuri “laNDED THAT QUADRUPLE SALCHOW” katsuki, everyone. he did it, guys. he actually mastered eros and this was by far the best performance; he didn’t have to imagine the story of the woman and the playboy or even katsudon to capture the emotion because this time, he had victor. the lip-licking think omf shook me up and “i am the only one who can satisfy victor. i am the only one in the whole world who knows victor’s love.” like if this isn’t canon, i don’t know what is, gods of olympus i’ll be dead when this is finally over 

Me, watching the DRV3 opening for the ten millionth time: Okay, Kiibo and Shuichi both get little CG things of themselves after their intro segment with their promo art, their name, their seiyuu, and their ”pink eyed shadow” behind them. None of the other characters get that, and the ones whose segments have a scene after theirs are either a group shot or just Kaede. And Rantaro doesn’t get a shadow behind him, but instead BECOMES a silhouette with pink eyes. WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!?

Escape: the wedding plans

“Claire.  We’ll just go in and have a wee look, aye?”

Claire stared through the glass.  She bit her lip.  She’d told him no, that it wasn’t practical, not what she wanted. Damn, stubborn Scot.  She was very conscious of him behind her.  Waiting.  Tense.  Him calling her Claire was a sure sign that this was a formal occasion to him, and the topic would not go away. 

Turning, she slipped her arms around his waist, under his jacket.  She rested her head on his chest, feeling the cool of his sweater and the scratch of his scarf under her cheek.  Jamie hugged her, his hands following her spine to the small of her back.  Cold air swirled around them, the breeze picking up the tendrils of her hair.  He watched the strands dance around her head and thought for the millionth time how beautiful she was to him. 

“Jamie.  I love you, but it’s just not feasible for a future surgeon.  I’ll lose it, or misplace it.  I can never wear it to work!  Why should we bother?”

Jamie huffed.  “Because I want to.  I want ye to have an engagement ring. I want….” he hesitated.  How to explain?  He wanted to claim her, which was archaic, he knew, but he also wanted to honour her, which wasn’t modern either.  He was a traditionalist. It felt wrong not to give Claire a ring after asking her to marry him.  He shook his head, hoping the right words would fall out.

“Jamie…”  Claire looked up at him.  She tugged at him, as if to shake some sense in him.  

The stubborn set of his jaw, and his narrowed eyes warned her that she wasn’t going to win this round.  Looking isn’t buying, Beauchamp.

“Alright.  We’ll just look.  Okay?  No buying anything.”

At her capitulation Jamie jumped into motion.  “Aye. Okay. Sure.” He stepped back and grabbed her hand.  “Come, Sassenach.”  

They were all beautiful.  Every one was more extravagant than the last.  Yet none of the rings suited Claire.  Her hands were delicate, her fingers long, and the larger the stone, the more gaudy it looked on her.  Finally Claire had to ask the jeweler to give them a few minutes privacy so they could talk.

She tried again.  “Jamie….”

“Dinna say it.  I get it.”  He leaned forward, and rested his elbows on his knees, hands clasped tightly between his legs. 

Claire tried to get him to meet her eyes.  “Are you angry?”

Jamie blew out a long breath.  “Aye. If I’m honest.  I’m angry that we canna find something to suit ye.  I’m angry that I canna give my future wife a diamond.  I’m angry that I canna get past the idea that ye must have a ring.”

“Jamie, love, I’ll have a ring.”  She rested her hands on his thighs and rubbed gently.  “A band.  A perfect wedding band that I will wear proudly.  But a diamond isn’t practical.”  Claire could see his disappointment. 

“Besides,” she drew the chain out from under her shirt, “I have my key.  This means more to me than you can imagine.  This makes me yours.”  

Jamie reached out a hand and held the key that Claire wore without fail, every day, against her heart.  His lopsided smile eased the tension in her heart just a bit.  She stood to leave, and Jamie stood with her.

As they passed the glass cases on their way to the door, something caught Claire’s eye.  She stopped so abruptly that Jamie had to grab her hips to steady her as he bumped her from behind.

“Excuse me!”  Claire looked up for the salesman, her finger resting on the glass pointing to a ring. 

Jamie looked over her shoulder as the jeweler handed it to her.  That?

“Where did you get it?” Claire asked, examining the ring and turning it around in her fingers.  

“It was from an estate sale,” the man looked at Jamie.  “If I remember correctly, the estate was named Mackenzie.  The ring is verra unique, 16th Century, I believe.”

Claire scoffed, “18th Century at best. Jacobean.”  The salesman blinked in surprise. Jamie smiled.  

He looked at the ring in her hand.  The wide silver band, decorated in the Highland interlace style, had a small thistle bloom in the centre of each link.

Claire turned to face him, and his heart stopped at the smile on her face.  He could see it in her whisky coloured eyes. This was the one; this was the ring.  It wasn’t what he imagined, nor was it what he would have chosen, but if it spoke to Claire then she would have it. They had it sized, then Jamie left explicit instructions, and handed over his credit card.

“Unusual choice, Mr. Fraser.”

Jamie nodded, and glanced at Claire wandering around the shop.  Ye have no idea.  

“Ah, weel, she’s an unusual lady.”

making out with Ethan would include....

requested: yes

anon: making out with ethan would include???? tysm

⇉ make out sessions with him would probably start with one quick kiss, and then turn into something more

⇉ lots of lip biting

⇉ him mumbling i love you between kisses

⇉ pulling on his hair

⇉ lots of giggles

⇉ butt squeezes

⇉ hickeys everywhere !!!

⇉ which would probably make you squeal

⇉ “god you’re so beautiful,”

⇉ tracing his jaw with kisses

⇉ running your hands over his abs

⇉ him squeezing your boobs

⇉ watching his face go red when you moan at first but then he’d get more confident knowing you were enjoying as much as he was.

⇉ make out sessions with ethan would probably be super fast pace

⇉ him eagerly slipping your shirt off to see you in your bra

⇉ him not being able to get enough of you

⇉ him pulling away for a second just to examine your face and call you beautiful for the millionth time

a/n – LOL this was requested forever ago. i hope it was good lmao i tried


Hey Coraline fans!

I was watching the movie for the idk what millionth time and I noticed in the scene where the Other Mother suggests playing hide n seek in the rain the lightning that appeared just before it started to rain looked like a creepy hand, y’know the hand

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