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so happy and relieved to see that sweet michalek is back! on a different note though, I was curious about what kind of spells you used to get the message that he would be back...I'm a big n00b but I've always been interested in this kind of stuff, except I don't even know where to start. maybe you could share some sources? or direct me somewhere where I can research on my own? sorry to bother you! x

religion is a special and personal thing for everyone! in my onion everyone has different spirits that they should pray to that are close to them. Its also LISTENING to signs and your intuition. Its watching for signs. When my spirit listens to me they send me a dead animal. A frog or a mouse. Once i received a live one, when i prayed for a safe and peaceful afterlife journey for halinkas dead baby. You have to watch for signs and be able to put links together. For prayers you must have something to focus your energy on. Like a white stone to hold in your hands to charge or reveive energy from if youre praying for peace in your life. It also depends on colors, they help you transfer right energies. Wicca is imo classist when it comes to everything, modern time wiccans say you must have about 28929 things for right prayers. Thats so false. Objects of religion like a cross or whatever are only here to help you guide your energies the right way. Look or hold red for love or hatered, look or hold white for peace and luck or spirit contact. It doesnt matter what. Sometimes spirits also leave clues for prayer in your subconscious, when you suddenly think “i must light lily incense or a white candle” its them sending you a clue. Fire and flame is also a good means of communication. For one practicular spirit i have a special candle that they listen to amd contacts me through. They talk to you through the smoke signs or the way your incense burns. Or the way your herbs burn if you do. You must be focused well and have a goal for your prayer or it wont come true. Spirits dont like to be bothered often, you must not be selfish. Its also caring for sacred places, you can find a spirit lair by the energy you get when you step in. Theres two places like that in my yard, where grass grows differently more radiant and long and somehow wild plants and mushrooms always appear out of nowhere. For communications with spirit that my mother is especially good at she lights a white candle and they come to her in dreams amd afterwards they leave signs of their presence during the day. I can see if theyve listened through weather, rain stopping, like it did yesterday right after i was done with my prayer or wind picking up, sky changing color. Its different to everyone. You must also thank the spirits. With words or leave a stone for them in their places. Karma is also very real. You WILL be punished for acting evil on purpose, it always come true. Karma isnt proportional, she punishes you however she wants. You must always act unselfishly and be good.