watching this dvd again

You guys, the new Power Rangers has everything
  • actual chemistry between its actors
  • the hint of a sequel
  • a somewhat forgettable montage set to super hip rock music
  • that same high school everything shot in Vancouver takes place at
  • Becky G
  • at least one moment that will make you tear up (guaranteed)
  • rock quarries
  • a Zac Efron look-a-like
  • Elizabeth Banks dressed up as a homicidal selkie
Yugioh Dark Side of Dimensions


- I wore my Yugioh Abridged t-shirt (that says “I challenge you to a children’s card game”) and I have 0 regrets

- Seto Kaiba has a freaking space tower

- Kaiba painstakingly made a digital version of Atem this is canon

- Kaiba sassing that the hair was the hardest part to render.

- Saying that girls are attracted to Bakura because of the accent

- Joey’s dream where he confusedly says the blimp is not his pillow, and then Kaiba shows up and “You’re not my pillow either!”

- Kaiba and Yugi don’t even bat an eye at weird mystical shit happening to them anymore they just roll with it

- Kaiba’s deadpan ”Wow. You must really hate dragons.” In fact Kaiba’s sass in general.

- Also Kaiba proving once again that he is anime Tony Stark because Tony would also stage a fake plane crash just to show off some tech.

- Yugi is a precious empathetic baby and I love him.

- Mokuba being super casual about the fact that his brother is dramatically holding up traffic just to talk to his not-friend.

- Yugi getting to be a badass on his own

- The emotion in Kaiba’s voice when Yugi willingly finishes the puzzle for him.

- Yugi understanding that overdramatic tournaments and duels are just Kaiba’s way of coping with his emotions.

- And in the end, Kaiba is the one to hint that he and Yugi should team up to take down the final boss and Kaiba is the one to sacrifice himself because he had faith in Yugi and the Pharaoh. 

- Did I mention that cynical jerkass allergic-to-friendship Kaiba was the one who had faith in Atem when the others didn’t?

- “You have your bond with him, and I have mine.”

- We thought this was a movie about Kaiba being a crazy obsessive jerkass but it turned out to be the movie where Seto Kaiba finally learned how to friendship.

- Atem not even being phased when Kaiba walks into his palace in another dimension like he freakin knew Kaiba would find a way to get to him

- In conclusion: Seto Kaiba still top anime bae. Prideshipping everywhere. I cannot wait to get this on dvd and watch it 50 more times. A++ would fangirl again.


When you want to do the synchronized clapping but your sempais won’t let you.

I was victimized by this when we watched live last year. And I did it again when we watched the DVD. LOL.

Please DO NOT repost gifs.

Susan (Aka Kara) and Freeda from “Adventure Time Islands”! 
I LOVED learning more about Susan/Finn’s background and the state the humans currently live in. It was a bit of a tear jerker as well (I’ll have to do more doodles…maybe one of Finn’s Mom).
I’m glad Susan was able to reconnect with an old friend - who I honestly ship - and got a happy ending. 

All in all, I’ll be watching this again and maybe even buy the DVD for it.

I’m falling in love with Megamind all over again, seeing so many posts of it on my dash, and was once again hit with how truly good-looking Megamind is? Like, seriously, what a babe. 

And that led to me contemplating this little head canon…

What if some more aliens come to Metrocity - refugees or tourists, what have you - and Megamind goes out to get a feel for them, see if they’re benign or nefarious or if they just need to stock up on snacks. And they turn around and see him…

…and just start flat out swooning. Like, blushing and dreamy sighs and the whole nine yards. 

Because, surprise, the alien race Megamind is? They were/are held as the most beautiful species in all the galaxies. Like, organisms far and wide just about fell to their knees over their good looks. Epic poems were composed about them. Ballads were sung. There were fan clubs. 

And Megamind? Megamind has got to be one of the most jaw-droppingly handsome specimens they’ve ever seen. 

So now Megamind is dealing with all this starry-eyed aliens and having his world rocked by the idea that he actually is incredibly handsome, and Roxanne is torn between laughing her head off at her boyfriend’s slightly panicked attempts at fending off these creatures advances and being slightly possessive? 

Also, Metro Man? The aliens take one look at him and have to hide their shudders. Poor fellow, he must have been from that other fleshy, pink-skinned planet…

anyways not to be dramatic but i remember being twelve when the sorcerer’s stone came out on dvd and i remember hating harry potter because i was a terrible reader and the kid that had a hard time pronouncing stuff in class and i couldn’t understand why so many kids were reading these books, anyways i watched the movie and i remember being in awe, i felt like i had left my grandparent’s bedroom for a moment and lived a different life entirely. when the dvd was over i hit play again and watched it immediately after just to feel that way again. after that i ended up getting the books and from those books i read other books and long story short i was no longer the kid embarrassed to read in class but instead became the kid no one could keep up with. what im saying is that sometimes things shape you and even though it’s fifteen years later i will always remember that moment

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Headcanons for how Eren, Jean, and Erwin would react to their s/o doting on them and trying to get them to rest while they're sick/injured? Love your blog!

Thank-you so much! 


  • Considering he has to regrow limbs/skin pretty frequently, it goes without saying there are times where his s/o has to take care of him. Eren hates being confided anywhere, so he’d probably be really fussy about the whole thing.

  • His s/o has to be careful not to be too coddling with him, though. Although they just want to help him, Eren really doesn’t like when people fret over him too much. 

  • Of course, he’d be secretly grateful for all the extra attention from his s/o. When they would stay with him and keep him company simply because he couldn’t move around or would place a cool rag on his head and hold his hand during fever fits, Eren takes a moment to realize just how much he loves them.

  • While he doesn’t necessarily want to talk if he’s feeling awful, Eren likes it when his s/o stays with him for the night. They’re warm and it makes him feel less vulnerable with them there so they are happy to comply. 

  • Of course, Eren would thank them when he was better and would definitely return the favor if his s/o ever fell ill. 


  • If there is anyone who is going to soak up all the extra attention from his s/o, it’s definitely Jean. Even if it was just a minor sprain or common cold, he’d turn into a baby and ask his s/o to take care of him.

  • Of course, his s/o would roll their eyes but comply. If Jean was really sick or injured, however, his playful attitude turns into silence and all he wants to do is sleep. His s/o would stay by his side and make sure that he had everything he needed, whether it be water or medicine or just some company.

  • He’d like his s/o to read to him just to fill in the background noise. Depending on how delirious he is, Jean never remembers the stories but appreciates the sound of his s/o’s voice and the comfort it brings him.

  • His s/o has to become good at dodging his kisses because Jean is totally the type to tease them about getting sick just from being around him. It’s just a joke and he wouldn’t actually go through with it, but it’s funny to watch his s/o block their mouth with whatever book or item they were holding in their hands.

  • Jean is the type to want to watch his favorite movie over and over again when he’s sick. The DVD title probably plays in loop when he falls asleep. 


  • Oh boy, getting Erwin Smith to stop being the Commander for a day or two to get over an illness or an injury would be an absolutely nightmare. He’s constantly asking about work, even if his voice is scratchy and he’s running a high temperature.

  • His s/o would reassure him that Levi and Hanji had everything under control, but this doesn’t stop Erwin from getting up from bed and heading to his office to double-check their work. It’s not that he doesn’t trust them; he just has a hard time laying down and doing nothing.

  • Eventually, his s/o keeps a diligent eye on him and would force him to lay back down whenever he’d try to get up to get something. Although Erwin wouldn’t want to burden his s/o with having to take care of him, they’d insist on making sure he fully recovered.

  • Eventually, when his fever starts to go down, his s/o would let him read a little or play a board game to entertain him, given that he wouldn’t be doing much of anything else. Although he’s fairly well-behaved, his s/o can see that he has cabin fever and desperately wants to be recovered. 

  • When he’s all better, Erwin would thank his s/o for putting up with his antics and would absolutely return the favor if his s/o got sick from being around him and his germs.

I’m fully convinced they had the screening for the sole purpose of generating hype that Mon-el is finally gone to get the fans they lost from his shit stain of a “story arc” back. 

Honestly it reads to me like “We’re so so so so so sorry we thought you’d like our privileged hetero slave owning selfish white boy that does nothing but emotionally blackmail and psychologically abuse the lead female protagonist into giving him affection and sex. He’s gone now will you please come back to the show and not allow us to be canceled?!”

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Seeing all of your Mummy posts is reminding me that I need to dig my DVDs out of a box and watch those two films over again. Those and the Indiana Jones movies are my jam. 😊

Ugh best movies ever, in the sense of comfort. They’re my cinematic equivalent of a warm blanket on a rainy day.

i love rereading or rewatching things i started when i was younger, and the cognitive dissonance of realizing how much and how little has changed since then