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  • Clark Kent in Man of Steel: *holds back from using his powers against human bullies because he knows he could hurt them very badly*
  • Clark Kent in Man of Steel: *wanders the world trying to keep a low profile and helping people whenever he can*
  • Clark Kent in Man of Steel: *practically glows when Lois Lane smiles at him*
  • Clark Kent in Dawn of Justice: *buys his girlfriend flowers and cooks for her*
  • Clark Kent in Dawn of Justice: *does his best to continue helping people in spite of his detractors*
  • Clark Kent in Dawn of Justice: *struggles with crippling feelings of guilt and self-doubt*
  • Clark Kent in Dawn of Justice: *sacrifices himself to save a world which has rejected him*
  • Critics: DC's nascent cinematic universe has so far depicted Superman as an angry god; a violent, alien entity that needs to be kept in check.
please don’t forget that

jian yi and zhan zheng xi are basically a couple now.

they are a couple now.

all this time, as we watch mo guan shan being inevitably saved or not by he tian, jian yi and zheng xi are living as a couple.

not officially, no, but you know that they are basically that.

so please be prepared. because after all these chapters about he tian and mo guan shan, you may be surprised at the sudden development in their love story. time skips, and so does their love. it grows even more. 

i can’t even. they remain my main gays, my OTP, the air i breathe, the blood in my veins, the moon of my night, the sun in the morning. i love them. they love each other. 


Sketches I did with @itsunknownanon and @nsfwreynart that I’ll never finish.

I added captions for some of the pics!

I’m pretty tuckered out from black Friday, unfortunately it doesn’t really end until Monday, so my weekend is very exhausting. I may have one more day of filler sketches until I can get back into the swing of things.

Thanks for understanding.

There’s just something about the first snowfall of the year that makes Harry weirdly giddy, unable to control the way he actually runs through the front door at full speed and into the yard, sliding across the ice like a puppy or baby deer. As a Connecticut native, he should be used to the seasonal changes, should expect that first really cloudy day in November or December will bring frigid temperatures and a Jeep coated in a layer of snowflakes. He’s 25; he needs to be able to control himself and not jump for joy whenever the weather man announces flurries in the foreseeable future. And yet, every gloomy day from Thanksgiving onward, he stands his post by the window and squints, lips pursed, as if he has mind control to make the sky open, demanding the snow to hurry up.

The air has a certain scent before it snows - it smells fresh, almost, like one can touch the crispness in the atmosphere - which no one seems to agree with, strangely. He does his best to explain the feeling he gets before he knows it’s going to snow, and in return, usually receives looks of confusion, or pity. He’s been having this conversation with his best friend - recently turned boyfriend - Louis for probably ten years, to which Louis always replies with, “We should have you studied.”

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tbh i’d like to think percy and vex’s ideal valentines day would be sitting on the couch in pajamas eating expensive chocolates and drinking expensive wine straight from the bottle - even though they literally brought wine glasses over with them and they’re sitting right there on the table - while they watch shitty horror movies and slow mo videos of things exploding and just whatever weird shit they find on the internet

you know. romantic stuff.

Years in the future

My son: *turns on cutthroat kitchen*
Me: *walks in and gasps* what the hell do you think you’re watching??
My son: cutthroat kitchen mo-
Me: *grabs the remote and changes the channel* we are a CHOPPED family and you know that *i point up to the portrait of Ted Allen above the fire place*

Shortening the Distance: He Tian x Mo Guan Shan fic

(picks-up after chapter 186)

“See you later!” Said Jian Yi, waving as He Tian pushed him out of the door. Zhan Xixi was waiting for him in the hallway.

“Come on, it’s getting late. We have to go,” he said, pulling his friend into the elevator. He Tian unceremoniously shut the door before Jian Yi could get back in.

He turned around. Mo Guan Shan was still in the kitchen, scrubbing the dishes.

They were alone in the apartment.

This was nothing new. Mo Guan Shan had been over many times to cook before.

So why did this feel so different?

Was it because he finally admitted that he loved him? Indirectly, albeit, but he was sure Mo Guan Shan knew what the conversation with Jian Yi really meant.

As He Tian watched, Mo dried off the last plate and stacked it neatly in the cupboard. His face was peaceful, his brows relaxed. He looked like he was daydreaming.

He Tian stifled the urge to call out to him, instead choosing to sit down on the couch.  He flipped through channels absentmindedly until he settled on a show he liked, the one about the detective and his boyfriend.

Now all that was left to do was wait.

A little while later Mo Guan Shan joined him. His eyebrows were drawn, his shoulders tense. That familiar expression crossed his face.

He Tian cleared his throat.

“We need to talk.”

“About what?” Asked Mo, blush creeping up his neck.

“You know what.”

Mo Guan Shan crossed his arms in front of him. “I have no idea what you mean,” he stammered.

“Do I really need to spell it out for you,” said He Tian, rolling his eyes. Sigh. “The kiss.”

Mo shot up from his seat, his face matching his hair now. “What about it?”

“Please, just sit down.”

Mo Guan Shan looked ready to sprint out of the apartment.


The red-haired boy regarded He Tian with suspicion, but reluctantly took a seat.

He Tian took a deep breath. “Listen, I’m sorry.”

He could tell by Mo’s surprise that he hadn’t expected the conversation to go in that direction. He continued:

“I shouldn’t have kissed you like that, without your permission. It…It hurt me to hurt you that way. Can you forgive me?”

Mo Guan Shan was silent for a moment. Then tears started to well up in his eyes.

He Tian panicked. “Are you okay?! I’m sorry I-“

Mo Guan Shan cut him off. “You idiot! I’ve forgiven you a long time ago for that!” He said in between sobs. “But you had to get yourself in that fight…do you know how scared I was? How worried I was you would get hurt! Because of me…because you felt like you had to make something up to me.”

He Tian’s eyes widened with shock. Mo Guan Shan had been worried about him?

“What would I have done had you gotten seriously hurt? How would I live with myself if Shi Li killed you!” Mo Guan Shan sobbed. He was shaking.

He wouldn’t stop crying so He Tian did the only thing he could: he hugged him.

For a moment he was scared that Mo Guan Shan would recoil away from him.

Instead, the red haired boy wrapped his arms around his neck and buried his head in his shoulder. He Tian didn’t know what to say, so he just held him.

Slowly the tension from Mo’s shoulders unraveled and his tears dried. He hugged He Tian even tighter, making it hard for the dark-haired boy to breath.

It took him a long time to let go.

He finally released He Tian from his grip, his eyelashes still wet. He looked worse for wear, but he had finally calmed down.

He Tian squeezed his shoulder. “Don’t worry about me.”

“How can I? How do I know I won’t lose you someday?”

“Because I want to be by your side. And I always get what I want,” he said, flashing a smile.

Mo Guan Shan choked out a chuckle. He had snot all over his face, his cheeks red, his eyes raw.

And he still somehow managed to look cute.

Something broke in He Tian. His internal filter malfunctioned, and he couldn’t stop his words. Or maybe he just didn’t want to.

“If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m in love with you.” Did he just say that out loud? He Tian felt his face get hot.

He had shortened the distance between them. And now he was waiting for a reply.


Mo Guan Shan reached out, his fingers brushing He Tian’s jaw. He leaned in; his eyes open, scared, and clumsily pressed the dark-haired boy’s lips to his own.

He Tian felt like he was floating outside his own body. Mo Guan Shan didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. His response was clear.

He pulled back, his eyes searching He Tian’s face. The dark-haired boy smiled, his heart pacing a thousand miles per hour from the best kiss of his life.

Mo Guan Shan blushed and averted his eyes. “I’m sorry I’m not very good,” he mumbled.

He Tian lifted his chin with his fingers. “You’re absolutely fucking perfect.”

Mo turned and even deeper shade of crimson. He Tian leaned closer, his nose brushing Mo’s. A devilish smile crossed his face.

“And if you want to get better, we can always practice some more.”


Tv wlw appreciation week Day 5, Favorite wlw kiss - Clexa, forever and always Video Credit: @Leo Diaz (Youtube)

I can’t even talk about this scene anymore, the entire Clexakru has already said everything that’s needed to be said about this scene and my heart can’t take falling back into those feels right now. It’s just simply the best kiss ever on tv. I’m not saying I’ve watched this kiss in slo-mo with Rihanna’s “Skin” playing softly in the background… but that’s exactly what I’m saying lol #wlweek17

Consider the following:

  • Link smiling, looking at Rhett’s hands when they’re in the same car listening to the radio, because 99% of the time he’s strumming and making chords in the air.
  • Rhett making silly faces when Link gets on his tiptoes to kiss him because he would bursts out laughing and Rhett just love Link high pitched laughs.
  • Link pushing Rhett’s side, swinging and hit him with his hips to gain the control of the sink when they brush their teeth.
  • Rhett waking up at midday, playing the guitar, still in his underwear while he sits legs crossed on the bed.
  • Link that got up early and had already did the laundry, took the dogs out and bought food at the grocery store that comes back home and scoffs at Rhett when he sees he’s still on the bed, in his underwear, playing the guitar.
  • Rhett insisting in watch new movies, Link wanting to watch The Empire Strikes Back…again.
  • Link seeking attention, giving Rhett fake slow-mo punch, making noises with his mouth while Rhett still ignores him.
  • Rhett getting amusingly bothered (after the episode wrote in the previous point) and suddenly turning to pinch and tickle Link that squirms away.