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I watched Rogue One again tonight, and I’m so sad that Bodhi died so alone and unceremonious compared to everyone else. My dear sweet Bodhi. I wish he’d had someone to die with, like Baze and Chirrut and Jyn and Cassian. Kaytoo was alone as well but was talking on the comm and able to say goodbye. So Bodhi really did have the most sudden and singular death.

That moment of “this is for Galen” kills me because that was who he was thinking of in his final moments and we really don’t know what sort of relationship they had or why Galen impacted his life so strongly that he defected, and it feels so lonely that this was the most important person to him.

That earlier scene where he reacts to Jyn being Galen’s daughter and she perks up knowing that he knew her father, in fact knew him better than she did, is too short! I needed more of that.

Dark Rogue One show me the extended cut with more character development.

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OOOH MAY A HAVE HEADCANONS FOR DAZAI HAVING AN S/O WHO LIKES TO GO ALIEN HUNTING!!! please~~~ (sorry bout the caps btw i just got excited)



Osamu Dazai:

  • At first, he would sort of shrug off the idea of alien hunting - it’s an activity he finds to be foolish and as much of a waste of time as watching the grass grow. That was until he saw his first alien. 
  • Upon seeing something with more than four sets of teeth getting pounded by his S/O whilst he was locked inside a crappy 1996 Toyota Corolla he had no choice but to reconsider his opinion on the matter
  • Would give his S/O a speech on safety before they left for hunting every noon
  • If Dazai made the choice to accompany his S/O on their hunt - he would critique their fighting style at the end of the hunt - much to S/O’s displeasure
  • Would prefer to fight alongside S/O during alien hunts because the shitty car S/O has literally no leg room and this man is all legs 
  • He’s like a more suicidal Onceler when you think about it
  • But like, wtf even was the Universal version of the Lorax???? 
  • Dazai would also be the type of fellow that would wish to learn more about alien technology and culture in order to use it for the benefit of others - many nights would waste away into the dawn with S/O telling Dazai all the knowledge they know over many, many pots of coffee
  • On slow hunts, if Dazai was away for it, he would constantly be texting S/O the most random things to keep them occupied
  • Depending on how slow the hunt is when Dazai’s there, activities that he does with S/O can range between playing a quick game of eye-spy to a verrrrrrrry long make out session
  • In the somewhat near future, Dazai would buy a car for S/O - something better than the phenomenally small 1996 Toyota Corolla
Newt x reader/Tina :: Goodbye, Just For Now

Notes: I promise tomorrow I will get back to writing requests and series, but tonight I watched the film again and I had to do this! The reader is Tina (or in Tina’s position) as Newt is leaving at the end of the movie. The dialogue is basically directly from the screenplay but I wanted to personalize it a bit more to include all the the thoughts and feelings that might have been running through Tina’s mind! I hope you enjoy this very fluffy, very cannon-based little piece! 

Word Count: 1,205

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Water dripped from the gutters and slapped puddles below in large, heavy drops. The dull thumping of hundreds of boots on wet concrete and the mechanical whir of steam engines deep underwater rumbled as you walked forward. Your chest was feeling warm and light, but something was making your legs feel stiff and metal; something was making them not want to move, to pause in this very moment and not continue their saunter towards the ship’s gangway. Carried by duty, as they always were, one snuck in front of the other.

You and Newt matched paces, unintentionally synchronized. Everyone seemed to be darting about going all directions but really going nowhere, making you feel like you and Newt were on your own separate path. A path that was going to be broken apart in just a minute…

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So, I finally got a chance to watch the clip from 3x10 and it kinda threw me a bit how rude Barry was to Wally. Obviously without context it’s hard to know what exactly Wally did that had Barry pissed enough that he felt like he needed to call him out in front of everyone and essentially threaten to cut his training off (again) if he didn’t straighten up and fly right. So what gives? 

Well, I went back and watched tonight’s episode again and before it got to the part where the writers ripped all of our hearts out by having Barry witness Iris dying, it showed him stopping at a TV and hearing a news report about the trial of Jared Marillo (sp?) aka Plunder coming to a close. He was found guilty of grand theft and aggravated assault after being caught by the Flash earlier that year. That video was 5 months in the future. 

Well, in the 3x10 clip Wally is excited, and everyone is praising him, because he saved Barry’s life and apprehended Plunder and put him into Iron Heights. He did the ‘right’ thing and yet Barry is still pissed. To everyone else, I’m sure it looks as if he’s overreacting and just dumping on Wally. But what if it’s more than that? What if the real reason Barry is pissed is that his run-in with Plunder was his attempt at changing the future? Let Plunder ‘beat him’ and get away (for now) so that 5 months down the road there wouldn’t be a news story on TV about Plunder being found guilty the night Iris supposedly dies. Its not a big change but it’s change enough. 

However, since Wally isn’t aware of any of this he comes along, saves the day, and puts the bad guy in prison–like he should. But because Barry knows the truth it makes him angry, frustrated, and left feeling helpless. If he can’t even control something as small a when some petty criminal goes to jail, then how is he going to save Iris? 

I got to cry again tonight. Watching the finale of Yuri!!! On Ice in the English dub..

(Some don’t like the dub but I do 🙂)

It was just so beautiful.. again. I’m so in love with Viktor’s English voice actor..(and since English is my one and only language I can understand what’s being said and actually watch at the same time. Sometimes subtitles don’t work on those of us with a short attention span). He made that beginning scene so heartbreaking. Emotions are easier to hear in your own language (at least to me that is, although the more I watch subs the more I can understand). And then the very end, I could hear the love in his voice when he called for Yuuri. It was.. just beautiful.

Phichit is adorable, Chris deserves more love, Guang Hong and Leo and Seung-Gil all deserve more screen time, Otabek needed more screen time and he should have got the bronze… J.J. wasn’t as bad as I though. Yurio became so sweet and wonderful and he actually looked up to Yuri and wanted him to keep skating.

Yuuri grew so much. It was uplifting to see someone with some of the same issues I have fight and make their dream come true. Viktor is my favorite but Yuuri is someone I can relate to. I can’t wait to see how he handles competing against own coach, but also how he handles everything now that he has won a medal and accomplished so much. It’ll be a great ride. Whether it’s the Nationals, 4 Contents, or Worlds.. or all 3, I can’t wait for the next level.

And now.. I have nothing to look forward to.. Football season is over (Bama lost the National Championship. I’m upset, but happy for Dabo and the Clemson tigers). DWTS doesn’t start until March, Fairy Tail anime is still on hiatus, the Fairy Tail movie doesn’t come out until spring (and who knows how long until it’s in English), the Fairy Tail manga is slow going right now..

Season 2 of Blue Exorcist is starting tho.. and season 2 of Attack on Titan is coming soon (finally!), season 3 of Wakfu comes out this summer.. Miraculous Ladybug season 2 comes out this year too.

So maybe I do have things to look forward to. Not to mention that list of anime I want to watch. And all the fics I need to update.

I have no idea how a post about YOI turned into this. Haha, but if you’re still reading this. Thanks! 🖒🖒 you get two thumbs up! (From Yurio and Otabek? Hah, wow. 24 and still a dork)

Anyway, I love you guys. Thank you for following me and always supporting me, Goodnight lovers 💋

watched moana again tonight and noticed two things. 

first, when her grandma starts feeling weak/dying is IMMEDIATELY after she gave Moana the heart. The heart was the only thing keeping her alive. which gives the rest of the story a lot more meaning with her coming back as a spirit and such.

on a lighter note, after Moana and Maui escape from Tamatoa and are riding that geyser up to the surface we hear Maui’s typical TEEHU! cheer, except it’s higher pitched and i’m pretty sure it was Moana that cheered instead. (which i thought was cute)

Honestly do you wanna know what’s taking so long to make those dt blog edits – I end up getting sidetracked by rewatching his stuff