watching them is like watching all of my expectations

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Okay but in a way isn't it worse if they show the trailer before the show starts? I mean i'd personally prefer it if we went into the season completely blind cause we all know SB isn't the best at keeping spoilers on the DL so what if they spoil the entire season in that trailer?

then they spoil the entire season in the trailer. if you dont want to watch the trailer b/c you want to go in blind dont watch it.

all my wanting to go in with no expectations aside, i’m actually glad they’re dropping the trailer beforehand for once b/c the entire purpose of a trailer is to tease what’s to come, right? them dropping trailers in the middle/close to the end of the past two seasons has made like… no sense.

I love how when my grandmother decides to watch the Olympics, instead of watching the sport she just looks at the athletes and judges them out loud

‘why would she wear her hair like that’

‘all the women are so tall, how do they expect to all find husbands taller than them’

‘why does it look like he’s constipated before he throws the metal pancake’

‘why do the chinese athletes always wear red it’s such a coincidence’

‘is that obama’


FauxCode /n./ - A Person lost to false Ciphers.

Journal Entry   #366:   Gravity Falls   OREGON   EYES. 

      It happened again.  The eyes of the all seeing being felt like it was watching me since I arrived here a few months ago. My books have hit the selves and like before no one expects them to be me. However, that may change. I feel like I am being watched and it doesn’t help that I have stumbled across ciphers I want to decode. I have no way to. I don’t have a key. But that triangle. It bothers me. Is it possible he is the one watching me? No matter.

Journal Entry   #600:   Gravity Falls   SIXER      I have met him. One of the few who understand my thought process. Hopefully he can help me with this feeling of being watched. I don’t fully know. Or am I just being paranoid?

Gravity Falls OC | Based off of a Author Self Insert OC
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ooooh my gosh ok
honestly i rly love our new cinema already like i’m sad our old one had to close but the new one is super and i’m hoping to go there again w/ dad soon (bc he’s been the most excited for it to open and maybe we’ll watch ghos t bust ers who knows) and they showed trailers for kub o and trol ls and i need to watch them wtfff (i need to watch a lot of films sobs but those two are worth mentioning rn)
but yes the secret life of pets was so cute and good? i tried my best to stay neutral when i entered the cinema and it was much better than expected?? i loved the danish voices too fuck i recognized a bunch and they did gr8 and mom LOVED it she choked on her popcorn laughing one time and she was all hype over it being new york bc she went w/ bro during the summer vacation so she kept being like “i’ve walked there!!!!”
the animation was ofc incredible and i loved all the characters and while it didn’t make me cry i didn’t find myself bored or whatever at all
mom thought it was over way too quick like she had felt like it was over a sec after we sat down, it kept her that entertained
and there were some other ppl in the cinema (a few kids ofc) and many laughed often i love that
(Spoilers ahead of this point) i’m rly sad and upset freddy/ie (?(duke’s former owner)) died!!!! i wanted them to be reunited so bad it makes me so sad to think he died before knowing what happened to duke ;;
also wtf katie just leaving a giant ass dog w/ a small one like that like when she was brushing her teeth and duke was growling and max was clearly unhappy about it all what if he fucking ate him omg
i loved all the different owners and homes it rly hit my sonder feel well how each place had personality i loved that
i also liked how many of the animals had anuses lmfao sure and they swore?? at least in the danish version like sure it was mild swearing but still omg
i also rly loved how a majority of the ownerless pets were reptiles that was a cool detail anD THE BIG ASS SNAKE UHM HI SIGN ME UP???
i cry at one of tattoo(?)’s tattoos tho ‘daddy’s little princess’ oh my go d
i’m running outta things to say it was a super cute and feel good movie and i honestly don’t understand any of the complaints it’s gotten (maybe besides it being boring as that depends on the person more i guess idk) like i told mom how much critique i’ve seen of the designs and she didn’t understand it either like? you can clearly tell what animals they are despite the style so what’s the deal lmao
this got long whoops tl;dr we loved it

Zootopia Sequel / Random Thoughts

So, ever since watching this movie it has taken over my life and I can’t stop thinking about it. You don’t get many movies like this these days - the all consuming need to take in all related content - most movies these days you go in with such low expectations and come out going “well it wasn’t too bad.”

Not Zootopia.

Maybe cause it’s Disney, and they have such a high standard on themselves to come out with amazing content. I never watch a Disney film with low expectations, if anything it’s too high, and sometimes you enjoy them, sometimes you don’t and then sometimes they go above and beyond!

That’s Zootopia for you.

It has the BEST themes and messages in a movie aimed at kids ever, it’s not about true love/romance (though I’ll get there in a minute) the fact that a kids movie goes into depth about racism and discrimination etc is so well done and is something that needs to be said. Not only that, but about never giving up on your dreams requires hard work and dedication. The fact that you could have been as bad as the people you spoke out against and that change starts with you. Amazing and the whole theme of this in the background of a crime/buddy cop film was excellent.

I mean this:

Wow. That was really and moving and sad, cause we see this shit in the real world. Given all the racism it tackled in the movie, it really does leave me in weird spaces to see fan art of Nick and Judy has humans. Because they’re both white. Only 1 human fan art I’ve see has had black skin. Does anyone else feel bothered by this? That we had an entire movie about racism and discrimination and when out of that setting the fan art picks all white. I don’t know… it feels wrong to see all the human fan art.

Now, the “romance”. I’m hoping for a sequel- many if they all remain high quality- I really want to see Judy and Nick’s relationship grow more. Personally, I want them to be in a romantic relationship, I am a shipper. That’s just how I see it. There were certain body gestures you don’t do with a friend, and they had a couple. There hugging scene, after Judy apologies, is one. We all hug friends, but Nick holding Judy’s head like that, I’ve never had friends do that. It’s like, I only see that movement for a couple or parents to their child. It’s the same gesture to me as cupping someone’s cheek.

See this:

Bodies are still too far apart but the rest of his gesturing is there.

Well, if there is never a sequel this scene works as lovers or as friends. This movie works as a stand alone in terms of the romantic or lack there of because it wasn’t the main plot. And I think I like that for origin stories. We’ve got too many kids movies about true love, let’s stop hammering that over the head in the first movie and show other stories first. Cause if they never make a sequel, shippers and non shippers would be satisfied with their relationship because it’s left alone enough that way. If they had kissed, we’ll all bets would’ve been off. But hey, I definitely want them in a romantic relationship for the sequels. Their chemistry- oh my god.

I think it’d be a nice backdrop for their next case - their interspecies relationship and how that meshes with Zootopia. Not once in that movie did I see any romantic relationship between species. Every family was one breed. Would the community be very accepting of such a relationship? Or at least be at surface level but underneath is discriminatory? I mean change isn’t instant and we are still - even in this day and age! - not at full equality for everyone. However I understand you can’t have the same movie theme over and over because it doesn’t work non stop in stories because it doesn’t work.

Anyway, I need more fan art. Be still, my shipper heart.


FINAL THOUGHTS? I’d like to see Nick’s family. Is he on good terms with them? And no more goddamn godfather reference that hinge on plot in movies ever. Ugh. I need a Zootopia movie sequel far more than Frozen or the other movies! It’s far better and outshines in all ways!