watching their world fall apart

A virus has been released on Earth; a virus that no one can cure, quarantine, or prevent. It has ruined humanity, killing the majority of its population and sparing only a limited group of uninfected people. Those that have contracted the disease but not died are far worse off. There’s no way to stop it; no way for seven lifetimes.

Gifted with powers he doesn’t understand but is determined to use, Jakes has experienced life – and lifetimes – for seven rounds. The virus has ripped apart humanity time after time, and Jakes has been forced to watch his world fall apart in each case. This time, his eighth time – his eighth round – he is determined to never let it happen again. And this time he is confident. With the help of experts, family, and unexpected friends, Jakes will strive to finally end this virus before it begins; uncovering his past, his unexplained abilities, and the people who want to kill him for both.

THE 8TH ROUND is an interesting take on both the beloved Sci Fi stories of zombies and time travel.

“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole                       world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”

                               - F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby    

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Let me tell you of a thing. When I was 17 years old, I hit rock bottom. I was getting bullied for my hair, my looks, the way I dressed, and my sexuality. I was struggling in school. At home, my family was ripping at the seams. And my boyfriend of a year and a half, my “soulmate” had just broken up with me. I was watching my world fall apart. Nothing mattered. I couldn’t look in the mirror. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I finally swallowed the pain with pills. Hoping to end it all. My dad found me. Throughout the night, my parents stayed up with me. And eventually, took me to the hospital.
The doctor I had was nice. He looked at my cuts, and my scars. He asked me if I felt like I needed help and I said yes. He sent me home and told my parents that I needed someone to talk to. I needed a friend. They sent me to counselling for awhile. Which helped but still. I was so sad and lonely. I felt so helpless.
That’s when my dad heard of WHOAS (Wild Horses of Alberta Society) and how they rescued and adopted out young mustangs that would otherwise end up in slaughter. He took me to their ranch and helped me pick out a lovely little mare who soon became known as Flick.
That summer, when i saw pictures of the wild parties no one invited me to, or of how all my friends were doing things together, without me, I’d go out to the field and work with Flick. Soon, she came to trust me. And I came to trust her. We grew a strong bound between us. Spending every day together, working together.
Now, 3 years later, I’m happy, and healthy. I have amazing friends, and my family is no longer falling apart. And Flick, my loyal little mustang, is still a huge part of my life. I couldn’t have got through what I got through without her. I owe so much of my happiness to these precious bundle of fur

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Okay, I’ll keep this short and simple.
One of my friend’s mother’s was recently diagnosed with stage 2, possibly stage 3 breast cancer. She is a single mother who lost her job last year and, while she has found a new one, its minimum wage and she has no time for anything as she’s constantly working. She seriously needs money for medical bills.
This is her GoFundMe page: PLEASE donate. Even if you cant, at least spread the word. Signal boost. Please. I don’t want to watch my friend’s world fall apart even more if they end up losing their home because her mother had to spend all their money on medical bills…so please, anything helps.

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I’m glad that people on tumblr are scared about the bees, but they just ignore other problems? You don’t just get to pick and choose what environmental issues you care about. What about the oceans we’ve overfished what about the rainforests we’ve cleared to raise cattle and what about the vast areas of land we need to grow corn for said cattle in return for a fraction of the calorie output. But I forgot, vegans on tumblr are a joke right? How stupid must somebody be to be scared to the death as they watch the world fall apart, and how dare they try to force their toxic views on me, god forbid we take them seriously. Tumblr is so good with other issues like feminism and queer rights, how simple would it be to extend to us the same human respect and, who knows, maybe listen to us without making us a joke.

The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.
—  F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

The whole idea of it makes me feel sick.
That someone can sit around and watch the world fall apart; that someone can sit around and watch and be the cause of it.
That the world can fall apart because of humans.
The errors that we have made.
The sides we have chosen.
Because the world is falling,
Falling to ruins.
The gravel beneath our feet is shifting.
And the world isn’t the only thing falling; falling apart.
We’re falling,
And hitting the ground hard;
Falling to our knees.
Blood is drawn.
And there’s no reverse.
I skin my knees, I bleed.


—  An old writing prompt.
Let me tell you something

I am so tired of waiting for the world to fall apart and I am tired of listening to the news and trying not to cry I’m tried of messaging my family and my friends and feeling my heart rate increase for every second they don’t respond because a bomb went off near them and I don’t know if they’re alive or dead. I’m tired of being blamed for the world shredding itself to bits when I have lived in only two years of peace my entire life. Im tired of saying I’m going to move to another country and remembering that everywhere is just as fucked up. I’m tired of waiting for something to change I’m tired of watching people tear this world I barely know apart and I’m tired. I’m so so tired of watching this world fall apart.