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Marichat "I really need you" writing prompt please

It had been a stupid decision really. An impulse. A chance to get back at Chloe while standing up for her partner. 

At the time it had been incredibly satisfying, walking into the classroom dressed head to toe in what might as well have been a billboard for Chat Noir merchandise. Chloe had of course glowered preparing to cut in with some sort of scathing retort until she had been cut off by Adrien’s absolutely delight at seeing her. Unwilling to risk upsetting her precious ‘Adrikins’ Chloe had to settle for glaring at Marinette for the remainder of the day while both Adrien and Nino had fawned over her, asking her for her thoughts and opinions on all things Chat Noir. 

It had been a lovely day, and worth the 6 hours of sewing and altering she had spent the night before. She had even officially getting Adrien’s phone number for her trouble. 

What she had not expected was for Chat Noir to somehow get the memo. 

She blamed Nino’s Instagram. 

That very night her oversized kitten had shown up at her window looking for attention from his “biggest fan.” 

Apparently he hadn’t forgotten her manufactured fawning from their minimal encounters together. 

Figuring he would be satisfied with a little ego stroking she had once again fallen into the role of starstruck fangirl- swooning at his flirtations and posing for selfies. To be fair, it had been nice to get some photos with her partner that she could actually display in her room. So she had smiled and cooed and figured that was the end of it. 

But then he kept coming back…

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NCT Reactions ~ When You’re Scared Of The Dark (Hyung Line)

Request: Could you do an NCT reaction (any subunit) to their s/o being scared of the dark and panicky at night? Thanks loves!


Moon Taeil will use his angelic vocal strings to sing you to sleep, to take your mind off the torture of the dark room. He’d also be making sure you were fast asleep before spooning you <3 (i want a taeil now)

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Will reassure you that nothing will happen to you, as long as you’re safe in his arms. If you’re lucky enough he might sing to you in Chinese as you fall asleep ey ey

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Just- Go to someone else for comfort bc Jaehyun will just cuddle you and try not to laugh at how you’re scared of the dark or he’ll make fun of you and make your fears 1000000x worse.

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Be the type of guy to get loads of late night snacks for you both so you could curl up and watch a movie until you fall asleep, then he’d carry u from the living room floor or the sofa and tuck you into bed; making sure not to wake you. (where can u buy a taeyong thnks)

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Actually tries to do parrot impersonations to help distract you, but you just give in; try to ignore Johnny Seo and the dark and sleep. 

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Like that little shit jaehyun, he’d make poke fun of you too but not as much; Ten would make sure that he didn’t go too far with his teasing and try and make the room as comfortable as possible so you could both sleep peacefully.

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W Ould go all out on buying loads of fairy lights, cute little glow up ceiling stickers and a nightlight (probably glow sticks too). Try to make sure you weren’t in a world of complete darkness (i wANT A HAKUNA YUTATA)

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Will roll his eyes at how you’re complaining *war flashbacks to Vroom Vroom Show* but take care of u so much, like he’d make you some hot chocolate and tell you some stories and spoon u from behind; telling you that he loves you a lot.

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Fe tch me some water bc this boy would make some pillow forts with loadsa fairy lights, set up his laptop with netflix and order a takeaway for the both of y’all ok but he’d be so cute just- cuddling and helping you get over your fear.

*ur uTah* *altho i highkey ship those two*

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wee bab wouldn’t know what to do so he’d just hug you to death and tell you everything would be okidoki; he’ll turn his phone torch on even if that means draining and burning his battery but he’ll do it for you; saying ily in chinese and being cu te ok i’ll stop

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hope u likey likey

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This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge.  My prompt was #36  “I don’t see half the nerdy stuff that you do, it doesn’t mean that you don’t do nerdy stuff.“

Summary: Dean decides to make fun of you for being a nerd.

warnings: none, just making fun of nerdiness and nerd defense

word count: ~700

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“God, Y/N, you’re such a nerd,” Dean teased as he walked into the library, poking at your ‘select your spaceship’ t-shirt.

You rolled your eyes, not really in the mood for his teasing today.  “Yeah, yeah, whatever Dean.”

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Magic Tricks

Hussie is a good magician, in that he knows how to make you not see things. He plays with his symbolic representation of characters (a twirl of the cape!) and his awareness of the fourth wall (a spin of the hands!), and he does it so often that jokes seem to interrupt the reality.

I gave an example in the previous post: John comments that knocking over his grandma’s ashes was a “virtual certainty” (1953). This is not simply an example of the author being trope-savvy – the author’s narration is intertwined with the voice of the character being controlled. The commentary reveals that John expects the symbol language of movies to play out in real life.

Another good trick: the first time Rose appears, she hides her unfinished gift in the closet. A reader command pokes fun at her: “>Rose: Stroke writing journal and mutter, ‘My precious…'” (2120). Rose retorts via the narration: “You would only resort to such an embarrassing activity while no one was watching!!!” (2120). The joke is that Rose knows the audience is watching her! But if you ignore the meta sleight-of-hand, you find out that Rose is immensely paranoid and constantly feels like she is being watched.

Tangential: In accordance with his schtick, the first Dave joke involves irony! Dramatic irony. Finding apple juice in his closet, Dave informs John that “its like fucking christmas up in here” (1925). Without having met Dave, this sounds like a comedic hyperbole. The second layer of the joke (accessible only through knowledge of Bro’s abuse and time travel) is that Dave is being completely sincere.

Monster Watch Chapter 4: A Disaster

[symbra, widowtracily, pharmercy]

[trigger warning: anger issues, arm-related injuries, animal attack, loneliness]

Nine days later
Angel Falls, Washington


Lena woke up to her alarm ringing. She groaned and got up. “’Nother bloody morning,” she mumbled, yawning and scratching her tousled mass of hair. “Em, wake up.” She turned to her right when there was no response. “Em, wake u-”

But Emily wasn’t there. Her spot on the bed was empty. Could she have woken up earlier? No, there wasn’t an impression on her side of the bed. She hadn’t been in bed at all.

Lena jumped up and dashed into the living room, theories running through her head. Maybe she was kidnapped. Maybe aliens abducted her. Maybe she decided she’d had enough of me and left.

But none of that had happened. Emily was crashed on the couch, curled up with Amelie, laying sideways with her head resting in a popcorn bowl. There were empty cans of coca-cola strewn about everywhere and several empty and half-full bowls of popcorn. A right proper mess, that.

Now that Lena thought about it, the two of them looked really cute there, lying on the couch together. She almost didn’t want to intrude.

Nevertheless, Lena put on a smile and shook Emily awake. “Em. Em, wake up.”

Emily blinked her eyes and slowly got up, mumbling something about Jason Voorhees. The left side of her face was covered with popcorn, and her hair was festooned with the stuff. “morning.” she mumbled.

Lena burst out laughing. “Love, you’re a mess.”

Emily raised an eyebrow and ran her fingers through her hair, pulling out two decent handfuls of popcorn. She shook her head back and forth, showering the general vicinity with popcorn but effectively cleaning her hair. She mumbled, “We were watching movies and I had a kip.”

Lena sighed. Of course. “Alright, I’ve gotta go to work. Clean this up, love. Glad you two had fun” She walked over to the door, far more stiffly than usual, yanked it open, and almost slammed it shut.

As she closed the door, it dawned on Emily that she hadn’t apologized for leaving her alone in the room. Ach, it’s probably alright. She probably understands. She reached over to where Amelie’s head was resting.
She poked Amelie in the cheek. “Wake up.” She poked her a couple more times.

Amelie’s eyes fluttered open. “…stop that.” she hissed.

Emily continued to poke her cheek. “Nope, you’re squishy.”

Amelie chuckled. It was an odd sound, both a “honhonhon” and a weird clicking noise. Emily laughed upon hearing it.


In the library attic, Satya was rearranging books in her foyer while Sombra explored one of the side rooms. It was full of random stuff; an unsettling little puzzle box, a very impractical breastplate, a pair of red pauldrons, a screwdriver-sized tool that made a buzzy sound, an eye pendant, and an inordinate amount of bottlecaps were among the things collected in that room. Eventually though, Satya found something that caught her eye. It was an old record player; but not just ANY old record player. She recognized the gilding on the side, the dent on one corner, and most of all the little purple skull painted on the bottom by a very precise hand.

This was HER record player. Her old record player. From when she was alive.

Seized with inspiration, she searched the rest of the room. Finally, she found some records… and yup, it was her handwriting on the backs of all of them.

And this one. OH this one. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, by Gloria Gaynor. Her favorite. Their favorite. She had even scrawled “OUR SONG” on the back, with hearts surrounding it.

Sombra hugged the record tight, overcome with nostalgia. She grabbed all the records and her record player and float-dashed into the main room where Satya was. Six baseball-size, eye-shaped wisps floated around, levitating books around and sorting things.

“Mi amor! Guess what I found?” Sombra said, placing the record player on a mostly empty table and gesturing to two of the wisps to set it up.

Satya didn’t look up from her diagram. “What is it?”

Then the music kicked in.

Satya slowly turned, a smile widening over her face. “I-is this…?”

“Satya…,” Sombra said as she floated up to her and extended a hand, “may I have this dance?”

Satya blushed. “I-I-I…o-of course.” She curtsied awkwardly and took Sombra’s hands in her own.

They danced, stiffly at first, but slowly loosening up, becoming more natural, until it seemed like their two shattered souls were one whole, and they danced a dance of flowing love and partnership.

And so they danced for hours, watched on by nothing but six prying eyes.


Another hockey game ended. Fareeha walked through the locker room, skates in hand, on the way to her locker. She played well this time, scored a goal, nearly checked another player but the ref wasn’t looking. They had won 6-3.

As she hung up her gear, she noticed a reporter for the local news walking up to her with a cameraman in tow. Fareeha enjoyed being interviewed; she had always loved sharing things about herself.

“So, Amari,” The reporter asked, “i’m sure the people at home would like to know; do you have some special someone out there watching tonight?”

Fareeha could feel herself blushing. She would have answered “yes” immediately… but did Angie consider herself her girlfriend? Come to think of it, they hadn’t ever dated… Hell, they haven’t even kissed! She didn’t want to come off to Angela as overeager, and she didn’t want to force her into the spotlight…

Fareeha stammered out, “Um, well I… that is, we… I think? Wait no… or… but she, uh, well, uh…”

As she stuttered incoherently, the reporter rolled her eyes and moved on to another player. Her moment gone, Fareeha decided to collect her thoughts later. She needed clarification.


Fareeha was sitting in her house with a mug of coffee, absentmindedly playing fetch with her dog, a siberian husky ironically named Anubis, while she brooded about her and Angela’s relationship, when she got a phone call.

She sighed and heaved herself off the couch. If it was Angela, maybe she’d be able to sort some stuff out.

She picked up the phone and held the reciever to her ear. The voice on the other end was not Angela’s melodious Swiss tones, but a cockney accent that she recognized as belonging to Lena. The happiness so everpresent in her voice was gone however.

“Oi, Fareeha. Glad you picked up.”

“Lena? Is something wrong?

“Well I… It’s just that I think I might be losing Emily and I need some advice. How can I win her back?”

“Lena, I’m sure that-”

“LOOK MATE you don’t know her as well as I do, just answer the bloody question!” Lena shouted angrily.

That startled Fareeha. Lena hadn’t yelled at her like that in years. She felt something serious hinged on her answer. “W-well, ake a big romantic gesture, eh? Something she’s notice. Something she can’t possibly ignore, ya know?”

Lena’s voice perked up considerably. “Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that before? You’re the best, mate!”

“You betcha!” Fareeha said. Lena hung up. Fareeha knew she had said the right thing, but she still felt uneasy. Something was wrong with Lena, and that’s not good. Lena caused enough destruction when there was nothing wrong at all.


Fareeha puled her motorbike into Angela’s driveway. She parked it and checked her watch as she removed her helmet. 6:30 P.M. Angela was definitely home from work. She drew in her breath and steeled herself. This had to be done carefully.

She knocked on the door. “Angela? It’s me.”

Angela opened the door. She had a look of concern on her face. Fareeha never called her Angela unless it was something serious. “Ja, Fareeha? Is something wrong?”

“Angela… it’s about our relationship.”

Angela opened her mouth to respond, but Fareeha verbally barreled over her. She needed to say this, now.

“Are we… together? ‘Cause I know we’re more than just buds, but you’ve never called me your girlfriend, we haven’t kissed, and I know we haven’t even gone on a date yet. So what I’m asking is… uh, well… yeah.” She hung her head, waiting for the ‘no’, waiting for the door closing in her face.

Instead, she felt Angela’s fingers brush against her sides, hesitantly at first. She stood dumbfounded as Angela wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a tight embrace.

“Yes,” Angela said. “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, Fareeha! I thought you’d never ask.”

Fareeha smiled and returned the embrace, overjoyed.


Lena felt herself being shaken awake. She looked up groggily and saw Emily looking over her.

“Guuhhh… Em? Wha’s goin’ on?” Lena muttered groggily, rubbing her eyes. It was obviously night out, and the only light came from the desk lamp. She looked over to the clock on her bedside table. “Eleven thirty-five P.M.? What’s the bloody rush?”

Emily smiled. “Top o’ the mornin’ to you too, love. Got a call from Fareeha.”

Lena grinned back, suddenly feeling much more awake. “Cheers, love.”


The five compatriots stood on a hill on the outskirts of town. Amelie was staring into the distance.

“Something big, heading this way. By its speed, I’d estimate we have about a minute before it gets here.” She wrinkled her nose in disgust. “Mon dieu, I can almost smell it from here.”

Angela, already in her angelic form, announced, “Good. We have time then. Fareeha?”

“Gotcha, Angie. Alright, team, we got a sentient paranormal on our hands here. Werewolves are uncontrollable in frenzy, sure, but they’re still people, so we can’t kill them. Amelie, Sombra, you two and I restrain them and help me drive them back. Lena, Angie, Emily, you guys stick back and provide some aid if they’re stronger than they look.”

Everyone nodded, but Lena looked thoughtful, as if she wasn’t listening to the orders.

Suddenly, a slavering beast emerged from the treeline. Its wolflike visage and its loping, semi-bipedal gait marked it as a werewolf immediately.

Now’s my chance, Lena thought, I can show Em that I’m still important. She took a running start down the hill.

“Lena! What in God’s name are you doing?” Angela shouted.

“I’m doing this myself. I don’t need help from any of you wankers,” Lena shouted back. “Amelie, protect Em. You’re better at that.”

Emily and Amelie looked sideways at each other for a second.

“Qu'est-ce que c'est censé vouloir dire?” Amelie said.

Fareeha stared at Lena with a look of dawning horror. “LENA!” she shouted, “I didn’t mean do this!”

But Lena didn’t listen. She rushed towards the slavering wolflike creature, which charged at her, fangs bared. At the last minute, she dodged left and gave it a right hook in the back. It lumbered past before turning and charging again. Again lena zipped to the left, throwing a left hook this time, and the wolf turned again in the same pattern.

To Lena, it was going great. She was zipping around the wolf, it couldn’t touch her in a million years. She was in her element. She knew that she looked amazing right now. Why was this supposed to be so hard again?

“Haha! I’m on FIRE!” she shouted jubilantly, looking back towards Emily and the others. Surely this’ll impress her, right? She dodged left again, readying an uppercut…

…and suddenly, pain shot through her arm. She cried out, stumbled, and fell head over heels, tumbling for several feet before stopping.

Lena could feel herself losing consciousness. NO! She thought. I need to do this, I need to get up, come on! She pulled herself up slightly before another flash of pain wracked her arm, and she lost consciousness.

Back over on the hill, Emily saw her girlfriend fall to the ground, gushing blood from her arm… and from within the redheaded pacifist, something snapped.

“LENAAAAAAA!” Emily screamed, and rushed down the hill, brandishing her umbrella and staring at the werewolf with an expression to match the fury of a thousand dying suns.

The wolf turned towards her and snarled, only to take an umbrella hit to the teeth. And another to the head. And again, and again, Emily rained down savage blows with fantastic rage and accuracy.

Amelie had a different reaction to seeing the werewolf’s attack on Lena. She rushed in behind Emily, skittering as fast as she could, and made a beeline towards Lena.

She picked up Lena’s unconscious body with her strong arms and cradled her delicately, tears shining at the corners of all eight eyes.

“…cheers, love…” Lena moaned.

“Oh, ma cherie,” Amelie said. She tried to think of something to say to reassure her, but the words wouldn’t come. All she could do was hold her as gently as she could and carry her to safety.


Several hours later, in Angela’s house, Lena was lying on the couch, unconscious, while Amelie and Angela treated her wound. Emily sat on the floor next to the couch, whispering reassurances to Lena and crying softly. Sombra had even dragged Satya over to help, which ended up being Satya hiding herself in a corner of the room with her copy of Pet Sematary and avoiding eye contact. Amelie was busy spinning webs, bandaging Lena up wth her upper arms while her lower arms were engaged in a bizarre, fidgety process resembling some sort of finger-knitting with spare web strands

Why did Lena do that? Emily thought. She’s reckless, always been, but she’s never been suicidally so before.

Emily felt a finger tapping on her shoulder. She turned and saw Fareeha behind her. Fareeha didn’t look right. She looked… scared. The emotion seemed somewhat wrong on her normally calm, stoic face.

“Emily? We need to talk.”

Emily sniffled. “R-right. What’s the p-problem?”

“All right, I’m going to give you the full truth.” Fareeha took a sharp intake of breath and blurted out, “Lena thinks that you’re falling out of love with her but she wants you to be happy so she told me that she’s either going to win you back or just ‘fade away’ and leave the two of you behind and I told her she could impress you with a big romantic gesture which she apparently took to mean that she sould fight a werewolf with her bare hands.”

Emily was shocked. Falling out of love? Lena? Why would she think that?  She was struck absolutely speechless; all she could do was stutter incoherently.

Sombra popped through a wall and said, “Hey, puedo agregar algo? Lena appears to be exhibiting a lack of self-confidence, insecurity, and some emerging anger issues. She puts on a cheerful facade to protect you, I guess, but I can tell that sometimes she’s faking it. I don’t have enough data to make a proper diagnosis, though. My best advice is that you and Amelie make sure that she knows she’s appreciated.” She paused for a second and scratched her head quizzically. “Why do I know all this?”

Satya looked up from the book she was reading. “Sweetheart, you have a bachelor’s degree in psychology.”

Sombra turned around excitedly. “¿Realmente? Mi alma, does that mean I’m a doctor?”

Emily ignored Sombra for now. Her advice rang true, though.

“Lena was always the selfless type,” Emily said to no one in particular. “I remember, back when I lived up in Ireland and there was a fecking ocean between us, right? I’d planned to move over here and be with her, got me passport and everything ready, but I ran out of money. Rang her up and told her that we’d have to wait another month or so. ‘Bout two weeks later, she got a letter in the mail from Lena. A first-class ticket to the Seattle airport, and a note reading ‘See you soon, love! -Lena’.” She laughed. “When I got off my flight, there she was waiting for me. Ran across half the airport and bowled me over, she did. Cryin’ with joy.” Emily sniffled. “She’s always been so nice ta me, rarely gives a crap about herself s’long as I’m happy.  Can’t tell ya how many times I’ve had to stop her from doing some loony thing or another, though,”


“…and last year for my birthday we went skating even though she’s horrible at it but she loved it anyway they sold these corn dogs I didn’t want to try but she made me and it was bloody gross like I thought but not nearly as bad as that time we got food poisoning but even then she was there for me in between chundering her guts out and getting to the pharmacy and…”


“…and she’s just so stubborn and stupid and cute and stupid and reckless and stupid and I love her so much,”

Emily plopped down next to Lena’s unconscious body, sobbing, and continued, “Lena, sweetheart, love, please don’t go, please stay here, I love you, I love you, I love you so much, please wake up”

One of Lena’s eyes slowly opened. She whispered, “…was wondering when you’d get to that…”

Emily looked up, a smile appearing on her face.  “Lena?” She hugged Lena tight,as if if she let go lena would slip away again. “W-were you listening the whole time?”

“…yeah…thanks, Em…i love ya too…” Lea whispered, tears shining in the corners of her eyes.

Angela looked towards Fareeha, smiling, and mouthed “we should go”. They both walked into the other room, Sombra faded into invisibility, and Satya snapped her fingers and disappeared.

Amelie clicked her tongue and looked down at the two of them. “I… I am glad you are both safe. I will leave you both to each other now.”

Lena looked up at her and smiled weakly. “…nah, spidey…” she whispered, “…you can stay…”

Amelie smiled confusedly. “Really? O-okay… thank you.” She sat down on the floor and put a hand on Lena and Emily’s shoulders and watched as they stared lovingly into each others’ eyes.


Angela and Fareeha stood in another room, holding hands and listening to the rain.

“Seven days.”

They both jumped, and Fareeha turned around quick as a whip. Satya was standing behind them, staring off into the distance.

“…what?” Fareeha asked.

“Lycanthropy usually sets in in four days. Full moon is in three.” Satya elaborated, still avoiding eye contact. “Then the first transformation comes. A lycanthrope’s first time transforming is painful, traumatic even. Lena will go so feral she won’t be able to tell friend from foe. Something will have to be done to restrain her. If not…”

Satya didn’t have to finish. Fareeha was already filling in the blanks in her mind.

This was shaping up to be a disaster.



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Horror movie marathons with UF/US/UT/SF bros. Maybe the really old ones for lols or really terrifying new ones for cuddles.


He’s not into horror movies for the scares because let’s face it, he already has enough nightmares without adding more fuel to that fire.  But, hey, he’s down to watch the old ones with the horrible, cheap effects all day long. Humans have a really messed up idea of monsters, and it’s pretty hilarious to him.  

He laughs at just about every cheesy scene and points out whenever you can see a zipper in the costume or something that you’re not supposed to.  Sans could be the Cinema Sins narrator of bad horror flicks.  If you encourage him by laughing, he’ll only talk more, so keep that in mind if you actually want to watch the movie.  If you get scared by any part or jump, he’s going to tease you mercilessly for days, but he’ll still let you hold his hand.



It doesn’t matter how bad the effects are, Papyrus’s bones are still rattling.  He’s offended by the depictions of monsters, and he claims, “NO WONDER HUMANS WERE SO SCARED OF US!” during his first zombie flick.  If you watch something truly terrifying with him, be prepared for him to somehow crawl behind you on the couch.  You’re going to pretty much be in his lap while he wraps himself around you as a human-shield and hides his face into your neck.   He’ll have nightmares, so be sure to watch something light-hearted afterward or else you’re going to spend the night having to talk to him and keep him company through the night because YEAH, HE’S NOT SLEEPING. NOPE.  DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE TEENAGERS THAT DECIDED TO SLEEP?!  THEY WERE FOOLS!


Red’s the one that suggests the horror movies, and he’s good at finding the creepiest ones that are sure to scare you.  He wants you to be terrified and clinging to him so he can be the one to comfort you.  Well, that, and he wants to laugh over the face you make, the way you tense up when you just KNOW there’s about to be a scare, or the little involuntary shriek that escapes you when something jumps out of the shadows.  Sans, on the other hand, is infallible.  None of the movies scare him, and if he’s not laughing at your reactions, he’s laughing at how stupid the actors are.  


Edgy isn’t amused, but since it’s something you wanted to watch, he complies.  He doesn’t get the point of the movie and doesn’t find it scary.  After all, he’s THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE PAPYRUS, and NOTHING IS MORE TERRIFYING than him.  If you want to be scared, you could go off into the woods with him, and he’d give you a proper fright.  He starts off with his arms crossed, but as the movie goes on, he’s slowly relaxing and actually getting into the plot.  He doesn’t even notice if you get scared, jump, or even press into his side.  He’ll absently hold your hand, sure, but his attention is elsewhere.  He ends up screaming commands at the actors and getting SO PISSED OFF when they don’t listen and die anyway.  How did humans ever win the War in the first place?!  


Oh man, he’s terrified but trying to be brave, and it’s adorable.  You have to explain to him that’s they’re human actors, or that it’s just CG special effects.  Much like UT!Papyrus, it doesn’t matter how low the budget was; he’s going to be scared of what’s going on.  He’s trembling, but he keeps offering to let you cuddle against him if you’re scared because he’ll keep you safe.  It’s actually because he needs the cuddling for protection, but he’ll never admit that.  Throughout the movie, he keeps pressing his face into your arm and trying to stifle his gasps or shouts.  

Yeah, he’s not sleeping tonight either.


Stretch is fine with watching horror movies.  If you go for an old one, he’s going to make fun of it–and heck, if you go with the newer ones, he’s going to crack jokes, too.  The plot, the decisions, the costumes, the cheap effects; he catches every little detail.  He’s not as relentless with it as UT!Sans is, however.  No, Stretch does it to make sure you’re having a good time.  If you’re scared, he’s happy to hold you and lighten the mood by poking fun at it.  If the movie’s terrible, you can both crack jokes.  Either way, his arms are around you.  

But it should be known that if you jump when he’s not expecting you to, he’s probably going to jerk and curse under his breath.  It’s not often that he gets scared.  


He demands only the best horror movies, and if they suck, he claims he’s going to punish you.  And please don’t turn that into a pun; it’ll only piss him off.  Sans is secretly hoping that you’ll be terrified and clinging to him the entire movie so he can gloat about how well he can take care of you/protect you (and because he actually finds it adorable/kinda-sorta-hot when you’re scared because hey, that’s his thing), but.. he actually ends up getting kind of freaked out.  He thought he had seen plenty of terrifying things in the Underground, but HOLY TORIEL, it’s HUMANS that are the terrifying ones!  Do they really do those kinds of things to other people?  Are they really that sick?!  

He keeps asking you if you’re scared and telling you that it’s okay if you have to hold onto him.  It’s clear from the slight tremble in his voice that he’s the one that’s freaked out, but you could always show Mercy and cuddle the poor guy.


Papyrus is down for whatever horror movie you’d like to watch.  No matter what it is, he isn’t scared, though he finds the movie monsters to be a little weird.  Is that really what humans thought of monsters?  No wonder the humans that fell were so freaked out.  He likes watching the zombie movies the best because he finds them pretty funny–the gorier the better.  None of it really phases him, but if you’re scared, you can cuddle into him anyday.  He’s going to take advantage of the situation, and each time you jerk, his hands slide down.

He might even try to make a bet with you to see if you can find anything that’ll make him jump.   Spoiler alert: you can’t.  

The One With A Realization

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: With the discovery that Clary isn’t really his sister, Jace plans to tell her after breaking up with you, but realizes his feelings for you are a little more complicated than he thought.

A/N: riverdale imagines soon!!!

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“So, Clary isn’t your sister?” Alec asks. Jace stands at the top of the stairs, shaking his head contemplatively.

“What are you going to do?”

“Tell her,” Jace sighs.

It’s only when the top stair creaks that they both realize you’d been listening.

“Y/N, wait,” Jace says as you pass him on the stairs as you walk down. He spins you around by your arm, “Would you let me explain?”

“Explain what?” you scoff, “You want to tell Clary she isn’t really your sister and then what? What do you expect to happen?”

“I – I just-“

“I know, Jace,” you swallow hard, “I know you love her. And I love you so much, but I’m tired of being your consolation prize.”

Jace shakes his head, “You’re not a consolation prize,” he says firmly, resting his hands on your shoulders, “But I need to do this y/n,” he says, his eyes staring intently into yours.

“Do what you want,” you inhale sharply, “We’re over.”

“Come on, y/n,” Alec says, standing in your way.

“I am so tired of you throwing you happiness away,” you say, looking over your shoulder at Jace, “Every time you get close to having a happy ending, it’s ripped away or worse, you throw it away yourself trying to protect everyone but yourself. And I am tired of watching you being hurt and broken and not being able to help despite loving you with my whole heart, Jace. So if you think that telling Clary will give you your happy ending, if you think it’s what you want, then I’m not going to stop you. But I’m sure as hell not going to be waiting here for you when you get back, in case it doesn’t work out.”

You turn to Alec with narrowed eyes and he moves aside, watching you with sympathetic eyes as you disappear down the hallway.

Alec looks as Jace expectantly but he just slumps against the wall, squeezing his eyes shut. You were right; about everything. You’d been there for him through everything, you’d picked up the broken pieces of his heart and put them back together, so well he almost forgot all the pain he’d been through to begin with. You were his best friend, you meant everything to him, he just wasn’t sure he could ever love you the way he loves Clary – that all-consuming love. And it wasn’t fair to either of you to be together.

“Just let her go,” he sighs, “She’s right.”

“So, you’re going to tell Clary?” Alec asks him with a lopsided frown.

“Yeah,” Jace nods, “I am.”

“You’re not planning to jump off there, are you?” Alec asks, walking into Magnus’ apartment to find you on the balcony.

“No, I was just getting some fresh air. Magnus invited me over to celebrate tonight’s win… against Valentine anyway.”

Alec’s eyes flicker to the TV where a Harry Potter movie was playing loudly.

“Really?” Alec scoffs.

“Magnus has been watching these movies with me since I was a kid,” you roll your eyes, “Don’t make fun of traditions you don’t understand,” you poke your tongue out at him.

“Well, if it makes you happy,” he smiles sympathetically, “I can’t say I’m not hurt that my boyfriend and my best friend are having a movie marathon without me.”

“No celebration is complete without you, Alexander,” Magnus says, joining the two of you, “I was simply waiting for the food to arrive to invite you over seeing that the Harry Potter movies wouldn’t have been much to bribe you with.”

“You don’t need to bribe me,” Alec says with a small smirk. You smile, walking back into the warmth of the living room.

“What happened to her?” Magnus asks Alec quietly.

“Her and Jace broke up,” Alec explain, looking defeated, “I don’t know what to do. She’s my best friend and Jace is my parabatai, I mean, I hate seeing them like this.”

“What happened?”

You clear your throat, “Shadowhunters have enhanced hearing, remember?” you call out. Magnus shoots you an apologetic look as they both join you on the couch.

“Are you going to tell me?” Magnus asks, hesitantly.

“I just want Jace to be happy,” you say with a forced smile, “Even if it can’t be with me.”

“You make him happy,” Alec reassures you.

You stay silent, tossing popcorn into your mouth and turning the volume on the TV up. You knew Alec was trying to make you feel better, but you didn’t want to talk about it. By the time you got back to the Institute everyone would know and everyone would feel sorry for you and for just one more night, you wanted to keep it together. You knew you’d be a hungover, crying, blubbering mess tomorrow.


You all turn to find Jace standing in the doorway, his fists clenched by his sides. He was nervous, scared, almost.

You stay seated, staring at the screen whilst Magnus and Alec’s eyes travel between the two of you as Jace crouches down beside you.

“I walked out, to tell Clary,” he says.

You pretend you can’t hear him. Your heart was beating in your ears. Had he really come to tell you how he confessed his undying love for her?

“But I saw her with Simon… and I didn’t tell her. I want to be with you.”

You scoff in disbelief, “How conceited are you to walk in here and tell me you want to be with me because you’re scared Clary is too happy with Simon to want to be with you.”

You stand up, furious. You had half a mind to throw him off the balcony.

His frown deepens, “N-no,” he shakes his head, taking your hands firmly in his and not letting go, “I - I want to be with you, not Clary. I saw them together, Clary with her best friend and she was happy – happier than she was with me. And things weren’t complicated at all. They were prefect, like they are with us. You’re my best friend, you’re my everything and for a long time I thought that being with you was too easy. I was too happy and it came at no cost to me at all and it was hard for me to accept it because I’m not used to being so – so – so lucky. I am so lucky to have you, y/n and I know I haven’t made you felt the same way, but I’m going to change that. Because I am sure. I am sure I want to be with you forever.”

You stare at him, with tears welling in your eyes.

He smiles slightly, “So?” he asks, his voice shaking. You stare at your hands in his, pulling one of them away and using your sleeve to wipe your eyes.

“I – I don’t know, Jace.”

His expression drops to one of disappointment, “I’ll do better, y/n,” he pleads, “I can’t lose you. I can’t lose the only good thing-“

“It’s not that,” you cut him off with a small smile, “Forever is just a really long time to be committed to someone,” you shrug, grinning at him, “And I don’t know if I can-“

“Oh, shut up,” he sighs, pulling you into his arms with a smirk.

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OTP asks: McHanzo 3, 11 and 48!

3. Who hogs the covers/ Who loves to cuddle?

Hanzo will wrap himself up like a burrito and leave no covers for Jesse if given the chance, which is why Jesse often tries to distract him with kisses so he can steal some of the blankets for himself. They both love to cuddle, but Jesse is more open about his desire for it.

Sometimes he will absolutely allow Hanzo his blanket burrito if it means he gets to cuddle the Hanzo burrito afterwards.

11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?

Hanzo likes horror movies, but only because he feels the need to defend the Japanese versions of the popular horror films against the obviously inferior American versions. They both deny enjoying romance movies and pretend they’re only watching them to poke fun at the characters. It’s an unspoken rule that no one else at the Watchpoint will ever find out about how they’re both sniffling by the end of them.

48. Who loses stuff?

Jesse: “Where’n the sam hell is my belt buckle?”
Hanzo: “In the back of the closet.”
Jesse: “Well what’s it doin’ there?”
Hanzo: “I vaguely remember throwing it in that direction last night.”

Sad additional headcanon: Hanzo never loses stuff because he doesn’t have that much to keep track of in the first place. Jesse doesn’t either, but he still manages to be a mess of a human being somehow.

Cute Moments // Jay Park

Originally posted by anko-an

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: You do aegyo for the first time for Jay and he completely loses his mind over how adorable you are - requested by @13my-imaginary-world13

A/N: I lowkey live for fluffy Jay Park OH MY GOD

Sleeping over at Jay’s house had since become a regular occurrence since you had both started officially dating after many months of keeping things on the down-low for the sake of both of your careers. But now that everything was out in the open, you could come and go as little or a much as you liked – however you always chose the latter. No matter how busy you both got, Jay knew he could always rely on you already being in his bed late at night for him to crawl in beside so he could wrap his arms around you, snuggling up to and falling asleep with you.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. Both you and Jay had decided against going out together and doing something fun in the city and instead opted for a duvet day underneath a tonne of blankets on his plush sofa, right in front of his huge T.V as you both watched random shows on Netflix – mostly Jay picking out lame chick flicks for you both to watch and poke fun at.

After the third round of popcorn and gummy bears had been devoured, and the next cheesy rom-com being chosen by your lovely boyfriend, you nestled yourself in between his legs – resting your back against his firm chest as his arms tightly encased you while he gave you small, chaste kisses along your neckline.

“Jaaaaaay~ Stoooooop” you whined cutely, trying to pay attention to the movie before you felt Jay pout his lips against your nape in distaste behind you. You let a small chuckle pass your lips as you could feel his playful annoyance radiate from his body, turning yourself around to face him, straddling him as you did so.

“You’re so mean baby~ you won’t even let me give you my little kisses” he tiled his head as he continued to pout – talking in a cute baby type voice that made you giggle to no end.

“Oh my god, if only Simon and Gray could see you now~ I love that you only really do aegyo for me though” you nuzzled your nose against his, adoring the cute, boyish smile that took place on his soft, attractive features as he raised his hands, pressing them flush against your cheeks and squeezing them together.

“Yeah, but you’ve never even done aegyo for me once…not even before we started dating” he scoffed, moving your cheeks in all directions despite your protests for him to desist.

“Buh – I thot you din reary rike aegyo” you attempted to utter while he continued to puff your cheeks up, completely dying of laughter and gasping for air at the sounds that were coming out of your mouth and the look of your cheeks all squished together.

“Sorry baby – I can’t hear a word you’re saying , you’ll have to speak louder!” he almost doubled over, feeling tears of laughter beginning to fall from his eyes at how funny and adorable you looked, taking his hands away from your face to finally let you speak.

You cleared your throat as you shot him daggers “I SAID – I thought you didn’t really like aegyo…I didn’t know you wanted to see me do it for you?” you poked him in the middle of his chest before he caught you by your index finger and sticking it in his mouth and playfully biting on it – making you squeal and giggle in delight at how goofy he was acting in that moment.

“I don’t really…but I’m not gonna deny that I’ve thought about how fucking cute you would look and sound doing aegyo…calling me oppa and asking me to give you a kiss goodnight~” he bit his lip slightly before trying to hide his embarrassed smile – all the while you widened your eyes. “My boyfriend, big scary tattooed rapper guy…is being all soft and completely losing his shit over aegyo….” you internally died as he looked at you with his puppy dog eyes that he knew could get you to do absolutely anything for him – and he was so right.

You rolled your own eyes back at him “You want me to ask you for a kiss goodnight?” you whined before he nodded quickly, bouncing you up and down on his knees as he impatiently waited for you to grant his wish.

You sighed, putting your hands up to your cheeks and cupping them as you looked into his eyes, wiggling your butt before you said “Oppa…can you give me a kiss goodnight? I can’t sleep without it” as you pursed your lips together and watched nothing less than complete glee spread across your boyfriends stupid face.

“AHHHHHHH!” he squealed, shoving his face into the crook of your neck as both of his cheeks burned a bright, ruby red. You burst out laughing, not being able to deny how much you loved to see him become so rosy cheeked and shy, thanks to you. You pulled his head back, ruffling his bed-head hair, now taking your opportunity to grab his cheeks with both of your hands and squishing his face together.

“Man, I wish I could have recorded that…you shoulda seen your face!”

“Do it again and I might consider letting you” he chuckled, smiling at you before he kissed you softly, pulling you further up his lap. You could feel him smiling through the kiss – making you smile uncontrollably in turn as you leaned back, giving him one final kiss on his forehead before turning around to face the T.V again, enjoying the precious free time you had to spend with your boyfriend for the rest of the day.

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Let me just say your writing skills are absolutely amazing, good luck with this blog! Which do you think would be the Matsus' favourite Disney movies?

Thank you so much, it means a lot! (๑ ̄ ▿ ̄ )*

Osomatsu: You’d expect him to be into stuff like Aladdin or Hercules, but he’s secretly a huge fan of oldschool Disney movies like Snow White and Alice in Wonderland. He also almost broke a rib laughing at The Emperor’s New Groove. He isn’t picky at all and will watch basically anything with his little brothers. He particularly enjoys poking fun at Choromatsu’s favorites.

Karamatsu: "Heh. I am a man who is neither bound by rules nor preferences” he says with a triumphant expression. What the hell. How is that even relevant. Anyway, he’s either being a pain in the rear end like that, or just follows one of his brothers and nods approvingly like “yes, brother, that is my favorite, too”. He simply can’t choose one or two favorites, because, in all honesty, he enjoys watching all of the movies, especially if it’s with his brothers. Will end up a crying, whimpering mess 99.99% of the time.

Choromatsu: Claims Atlantis and Treasure Planet to be “the most underrated masterpieces”. Intends to be lowkey about it, but in reality he just won’t shut up about how amazing they are, and how everyone should watch them at least once in their lifetime. Yes, he does know they’ve all seen them like a billion times already, but still.

Ichimatsu: Surprise, surprise! It’s The Aristocats! It might seem like he’s just staring vacantly into space with a rather uninterested expression on his face, but don’t let it fool you – he’s internally screaming every time a kitten appears on screen, which happens quite often with a movie about, well, cats. He will gladly watch anything with any animals in it, too. Once Jyushimatsu saw him cry at the One Hundred and One Dalmatians. They’ve decided to never talk about it again.

Jyushimatsu: Peter Pan and Lilo & Stitch. He likes movies, but gets fidgety halfway. These are the only ones he can properly sit through without getting distracted.

Todomatsu: He likes to tease his brothers when they get emotional over a movie, but he cries like a baby at The Little Mermaid. Matsuyo probably still has those drawings he did of himself as a mermaid when he was little.

Their all-time favorite has to be the Lion King, though. (Well, obviously.) Not only do they know all the songs by heart, they’ve also have established different roles and a complete choreography. Osomatsu and Karamatsu trying to outdo each other at Scar’s song is pretty hilarious, and Jyushimatsu’s impressions of the hyenas is also something, but Hakuna Matata is inarguably where true hell breaks loose.

22 Horror Movies for Snow Days *all available on Netflix right freakin' now!*

External image

This photo from American Mary is just here for the thumbnail.

  1. American Mary

A promising surgical student drops out of school after a traumatic event and gets caught up in a black market for extreme body modification. Expect wit and gore but not jump scares. This is one of my personal favorites. Watch the trailer here.


2) The Taking of Deborah Logan

Do you like occult films but feel like you’ve seen everything the subgenre has to offer? Try The Taking of Deborah Logan. The film follows a group of students making a thesis documentary about Alzheimer’s. Naturally, things take a dark turn and we find that nothing is as it seems. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


3) The Damned

How do you destroy an entity that can’t be destroyed? Watch the trailer here.


4) Stitches

If you’re more into laughs and camp, you might like Stitches. In this slasher horror-comedy, a crude, sloppy clown comes back from the dead to exact revenge on the people who killed him during a freak accident at a children’s party. Watch the trailer here.


5) Cabin in the Woods

A group of friends goes on vacation to a cabin in the woods… AGAIN. Same old slasher movie you’ve seen a million times before? Uh, not quite. Find out who’s behind the scenes making this trip a complete nightmare. Nothing is what it seems at this cabin… and nothing is a coincidence. Another one of my personal favorites- a movie specifically for horror fans who like to poke fun at horror archetypes. Watch the trailer here.


6) Scream

A masked killer stalks and kills the high schoolers of a small town. A group of friends realizes that in order to survive they must follow the rules of typical horror movies.  It might sound generic, but it’s very self-aware and witty. If there is ever a chance for me to recommend Scream, I will. This is one of my favorites of all time (yeah, seriously!) Watch the trailer here.


7) Oculus

A young woman seeks to exonerate her brother after he is released from a mental rehabilitation center, where he had been kept since childhood for allegedly murdering his father. What does she attempt to prove? That a mirror was responsible for the strange events and murders that took place in the homes of its owners, including their own. It’s really great but be warned the it has a non-linear narrative film structure, meaning scenes jump back and forth between present day and flashbacks. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


8) You’re Next

Another film that takes the slasher genre and turns it on its head. A well-to-do family comes together for a weekend to celebrate the mother’s and father’s anniversary. What’s supposed to be a fun celebration turns into a nightmare when the family realizes they are being hunted down. Find out why when you check out this unique, surprisingly funny, gory slasher. This made my Best of 2013 list with a tie for first place. Watch the trailer here.


9) The House of the Devil

A babysitter realizes her clients have a strange, dark secret. This is a slow-paced film with a 70s or 80s look. Not everyone will be into that, but it’s really good if you make it through the slow parts. Watch the trailer here.


10) Contracted

A young woman contracts an STD… or so she thinks. Watch the trailer here.


11) The Innkeepers

During a hotel’s final days of being open, two employees seek to reveal its haunted past. Along the way, they experience some strange, creepy events. This film is made by Ti West, the same person who made The House of the Devil. It’s also slow-paced, but it’s good if you make it through the slow parts. This movie is pretty funny, so it makes the slow parts more bearable. Watch the trailer here.


12) All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

A group of high school friends invites the nerd-turned-hottie to a weekend getaway at a summer house. Of course, things go wrong and people end up dead but nothing is as it seems. Watch the trailer here.


13) Witching and Bitching

A group of thieves are trapped in a town full of witches by a coven. This film is hilarious, witty, and tons of fun. It’s in Spanish, but don’t let subtitles scare you away from great movies! This movie made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


14) Dumplings

Women seeking a more youthful look turn to a rather unsavory remedy to do the trick. This movie is foreign, so there will be subtitles. It will creep you out and it will gross you out. Watch the trailer here.


15) We Are What We Are

This slow-paced, gothic-style film follows a family preparing for a secret ritual. The last 5 minutes are worth the build-up. Watch the trailer here.


16) Proxy

If you’re looking for a more cerebral type of movie, give Proxy a try. Essentially, the film follows three parents who have lost children. It’s gory, unique, and definitely keeps you guessing. You’ll think you have it all figured out, but you’ll probably be wrong. This made my Best of 2014 list. Watch the trailer here.


17) The Snowtown Murders

Based on a true story, a teenager falls in with his mother’s new boyfriend and his group of neighborhood watchmen who use murder and torture as a means of protecting their neighborhood. It’s pretty graphic and violent, so it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but Snowtown really is worth the watch. Watch the trailer here.


18) Devil

After The Village and The Happening, did you lose all faith in M. Night Shyamalan? Sit down and watch Devil, a murder mystery that takes place almost completely in a stuck elevator. It’s creepy and fast-paced. Watch the trailer here.


19) Alyce Kills

Alyce accidentally (“accidentally?”) kills her friend and subsequently delves into a world of sex, drugs, and murder. It’s cerebral, it’s badass. Watch the trailer here.

20) Kill List

A former hitman takes on a new job with a promise of a big payoff. It seems like a normal job at first, but things get darker and darker. It builds up suspense, so there aren’t really many jump scares. Watch the trailer here.

21) The Conspiracy

Friends making a documentary about conspiracy theories decide to infiltrate the ritualistic gathering of a secret society. Watch the trailer here

22) The Haunting

This haunted house-themed remake is only on this list because it’s the first horror movie I ever saw in a theater and because I didn’t want to end the list at 21. I have a soft spot in my heart for it. Watch the trailer here.

{Reaction} EXO finding out another member is dating their sibling.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol.

Originally posted by ohbaekhyuns

You tried your hardest to keep the fact you were dating Baekhyun a secret from Chanyeol, you really did.

The relationship started a few months back when Baekhyun asked you out with a grin and a bouquet of roses. Since then, you’ve been visiting the EXO dorms much more often, pretending like you’re really just missing your ‘brother dearest,’ but Chanyeol isn’t an idiot, and he’s noticed how Baekhyun is always lingering around you, hugging you much more now than he’s ever done. It wasn’t like you couldn’t trust Chanyeol with this information, but you couldn’t trust Chanyeol with this information. He was the most likely to accidentally spill it online, or say something in front of fans which could cause a lot of damage. But inevitably, he was going to find out, and when he did, you kind of wish you’d told him before.

Baekhyun: “We locked the door, didn’t we? I think I just heard Chanyeol downstairs.” *Pulls away from the kiss as you both sit on the sofa, his hands on your waist under your shirt.*

Chanyeol: “Hey {y/n}! Look at this awesome cat picture I f-” *eyes widen for a brief second before smirking.* “Oh… sorry, I didn’t realise you had company.”

Though honestly, Chanyeol is over the moon about the news since Baekhyun is one of his best friends and Chanyeol trusts him fully not to hurt. But oh boy if he does, Chanyeol won’t hold back.

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

You didn’t really know how Kyungsoo would react to finding out that you’re dating Chanyeol. He’s a very supportive brother, so you supposed this would apply to this situation as well.

You know that Chanyeol and Kyungsoo have a very playful relationship, something that held the line between liking and annoying each other. For a little while, you made no attempt to tell Kyungsoo, unsure how to break the news to him, there was no casual way to inform him of this development in relationship.

Somewhat luckily, you don’t need to tell Kyungsoo, he finds out on his own accord. You don’t know if this is better or worse really. (But he doesn’t seem to be too fussed about it, if anything he’s happy you’ve found someone that makes you happy.)

Kyungsoo: “I know you’re dating” *Looks at you both with a raised eyebrow*

Chanyeol: “How do you know?”

Kyungsoo: “Next time you go to shove your tongue down {y/n}’s throat make sure you’re not stood next to a window.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by baehkkyun

Baekhyun isn’t stupid, he knows something has changed the second you come to see him after being out on the first date with Minseok the night before. He takes note of how you dance around the topic of the other members, so he plays on that, seeing who of his friends you’re trying to avoid talking about until he pins it on Minseok.

He’ll pull the confession out of you, he has his way and knows how to read you better than anyone else. He’d feel happy about the development, and excited that you’re dating someone he trusts.

Baekhyun: “Did he kiss you?”

{y/n}: “That’s private!”

Baekhyun: “Not to me, {y/n}.” *Smirking. Will take every opportunity to tease you.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by exofetish

This is probably the most nerve wracking thing you’ve ever had to do. Tell your brother that you’re dating one of his best friends.

Luhan would tell you not to worry, and that even if Sehun wasn’t too happy about it at first then he would soon come around and realise how good this development is. You weren’t so sure, so you made Luhan come with you to make this daunting confession. When you finally break the news, Sehun reacted in a sarcastic way, added a bit of banter with Luhan, but really he’s happy for you. Like Luhan said, there’s really no need to worry, because Sehun secretly finds happiness in knowing that you’re dating Luhan, knowing that Luhan is the best man for you.

Sehun: “You’re dating Luhan? I see… I have a question… who is the ‘manly’ one in this relationship?” *Smirking.*

Luhan: “That’s funny, coming from someone who can’t last longer than eleven minutes in bed.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

As expected, Yixing wasn’t bothered at all when he found out that you were dating Kim Jongin. He’d respond sweetly, more than likely giving you a hug and congratulating you on the situation, knowing how happy Jongin would make you.

He’s also the kind of person to be obvlious to certain things, such as when the bedroom door is closed he definitely shouldn’t come in. But despite all of that, he’s the sweetest and supports you through everything. If you and Jongin meet a rough patch, he isn’t going to take sides or get angry at either of you, instead he’ll just be there to support you both when you need it.

Yixing: “I only have one condition if you’re going to date him.”

{y/n}: “Which is?”

Yixing: “I’m still the best dancer you know.”

{y/n}: “Always, brother.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by luderella

Jongdae will more than likely be the most whiny about the situation. He wouldn’t understand why you wanted to date Sehun of all the men you could choose from on the world.

It’s not that he’s unsupportive, but he doesn’t like the idea of change, or the thought of you two breaking up because that would more than likely cause a lot of tension. But after a while, and a lot of persuading by you, he starts to see the upside to the situation and will eventually see the best points and will do everything he can to support and help you both. But he will back away if you tw hit a rough patch, he doesn’t like being caught up in the complications.

Jongdae: “… And one more thing, if you guys dare go in my room I will have your heads.”

Sehun: “Right… noted for future reference.”

Jongdae: “What do you mean future reference? You haven’t done anything in there already have you?”

Sehun: “Uh… No?” *Terrible liar*

Jongdae: “I hate you both.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by parkchny

Being the sometimes maturest and oldest member of EXO, he doesn’t really have much of a reaction when you tell him that you’re dating Kyungsoo. He’d be happy for the two of you, because he knows how much you can offer for each other.

Often, after being on tour he’d let you know how Kyungsoo is doing and if he’s keeping well. Sometimes he’d call to let you know what mood Kyungsoo is in before he comes home so you can prepare him a hot drink and a movie he likes to soothe his agitated nerves or tiredness.

But Minseok isn’t always going to be so kind and considerate, sometimes he’ll let his less mature side know and tease you both, just because he loves the way you both blush.

Minseok: “Kyungsoo-ah, I know you have the power of strength, but you and I both know who’s really the strongest here. Take that as future warning if you decide to hurt {y/n}” *Smiling ‘sweetly’*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao isn’t going to hold back his annoyance when he find out you’re dating Yixing.

It’s not the fact that you’re dating Yixing that upsets him, it’s the fact that you didn’t tell him into quite a way into the relationship. He’d be annoyed and would probably give you both the silent treatment for at least a week until you persuade him to talk this out (with the help of Wu Yifan.)

Once he gets over the fact you kept it a secret from him for so long, he’d be happy for you both, and it would probably bring him and Yixing closer together once they’re seeing so much more of each other. It would also help that you all speak Chinese fluently since Tao struggles with his Korean sometimes.

Tao: “From now on, I want you to tell me everything, okay?”

{y/n}: “There’s probably a few things you don’t want to know about…”

Tao: “No, I want to know it- oh wait… yeah, I don’t want to know every detail.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho is really happy when he find out you’re dating Kris, mainly because he knows how much you both need a relationship.

He knows how stressful it is to be the leader of EXO, and since Kris is the leader of EXO M, Suho knows that Kris will need the support that you can offer him after long days. And likewise, he knows how hard you work as well. He knows that you’d need each other to pull through.

But we all know how savage Suho can be, so he’s going to take every opportunity to sass you both.

Suho: “Thanks {y/n}, you’ve stolen Kris from me, now I have to look after all 10 kids on my own.”

Lu Han

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Luhan isn’t really going to be bothered when you tell him that you’re dating Tao. He’d be happy for you, mainly because you didn’t steal his Xiumin Hyung.

He’d probably spend most of his time teasing you when he’s hanging out with you and Tao, just to poke fun since he knows Tao will react to it.

Luhan: “I don’t know why you date him, {y/n}, he can’t even watch scary movies without crying.”

Tao: “Hey Luhan, you should probably remember who’s the martial arts expert in here.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin doesn’t notice anything is different, even when you’ve been dating Jongdae for a while, even after walking in you you both countless times in different sometimes awkward positions. (for example, that time Jongdae had you pinned against the wall, or time time you were sat on his knee, cuddling him as you watched a movie.)

When you finally break the news to Jongin, a look of realisation seems to hit him.

He is happy for you though, but he’s the best for being oblivious to things, you will get let off for so much.

Kai: “I can’t believe how loud you were.”

{y/n}: “Uh… I can explain.”

Kai: “Yeah, please do. Why would you jump on the dorm beds? They’re not bouncy castles! And if the manager finds out he won’t be happy.”

{y/n}: “You thought we were jumping on the beds?”

Kai: “Well what else would you be doing to make that much noise?”

{y/n}: “…”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris is going to be very happy when he finds out you’re dating Suho. But you’d be nervous confessing that to him at first as you wouldn’t know how he’d respond to this development, but in the end he reacts much better than you imagined.

Kris would tease you both undoubtedly, but most of all he’d be happy that you’re happy.

Kris: “As long as you’re happy, {y/n} then I am too.”

Then & Now

Inspired by this request from a lovely anon, thank you sweetie, I hope you like it!
“Can you write a one shot thing where it flashes between 40’s Bucky x reader at a drive in theater to Bucky and reader in modern times watching Netflix. ❤️ thanks” 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 2416
Warnings: Excessive amounts of fluff.
A/N: I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately but I am living for 1940s Bucky right now. I definitely got very carried away with this but I hope you like it! 😘 

***Italicized font is all set in the past.***

Originally posted by stuckybarnesrogers

“Alright Bucky, I’m here. What’s so import-” You stopped mid-sentence as soon as you walked into the room.

Ten minutes ago, you received a string of texts from Bucky’s phone telling you to come join him in the living room. He had something important he wanted to you show and he wasn’t taking no for answer.

Standing in front of him now, there was nothing you could do to stop the bright, glowing smile that filled your face.

Keep reading

Bad Girl

haunting-melodys said:
Can you do a like HAM daddy Michael smut? Please 🙏🏻
Hell yeah I can I gotcha!


“Daddy, are you awake?” I whispered poking Michael’s cheek.

We had been watching a movie on the bed which resulted in me passing out cuddled up together. But my phone kept buzzing causing me to awake. Once I answered whoever needed me, I wanted to have some fun with Michael. Problem was, he is still sleeping.

At least I can fix that.

“Mikey,” I whined nudging his neck with my nose. “What is it?” He grumbled. Wrapping his arms around my torso he pulled me back into his embrace, placing his chin atop my head. I huffed, trying to break free.

“I wanna play.” I whispered turning onto my stomach so I was laying on top of him. “No.” Michael said flatly. “Why not?” I pouted. “Because I said so and what I say goes.” Michael stated. “But Daddy..” I huffed burying my face in his chest. “Please?”

“Y/N,” he warned. “You’re no fun.” I sat up. Crossing my arms and closed my eyes. “My princess parts are tingly.” I protested. “We’ll take care of that later, right now its still nap time.” He said. “Nuh-uh playtime!” I cheered, pressing my ass against his lap. “Fine, you want playtime?” He mused. “Pleasure yourself then.” He stated like it was obvious.

He broke our embrace and cuddled up into the sheets. I let out a huff before thinking. Did he exactly give me permission? He wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t mean it. I placed my hands lightly on his chest, moving down so I had one leg on both sides of his thigh. Slowly I began to buck my hips up his leg. A sigh of relief fell from my lips.

“Kitten,” he breathed. “Yes, Daddy?” I asked softly. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked, opening his eyes. “Making my princess parts feel good.” I sassed. “Your princess parts?” Michael mused and I nodded. “Last time I checked…those were Daddy’s princess parts, and only I could make them feel good.”

“No, they’re mine.” I huffed. “Mm, since they aren’t mine, looks like I can’t pleasure them then.” Michael said. “Daddy no!” I whined. “Then tell me kitten,” he smirked, pulling me closer to him. “Whose princess parts are those?” “Y-yours Daddy.” I stuttered. “That’s what I thought, now you’ve been a very bad girl today.” He breathed.

“ ‘m sorry Daddy.” I whispered. “You know what happens when little girls don’t listen to their Daddy, right?” He asks. “They get punished.” I breathed. “That’s right kitten, they get punished.” He agreed. “Lay across my thighs.” He stated. I whined, laying over Daddy’s lap.

Michael pulled down my shorts along with my panties, and massaged the skin. Just then a sharp smack was delivered to my ass making me grip Michael’s leg. “You know the rules little one.” He warned. “One.” I muttered. “Good.” Another smack to my other cheek. “Two.” I breathed. Smacks were being hit until I breathed, “Fifteen.”

“Good girl, now come here.” Michael stated. “Now, what did you want?” He asks. “I wanna play.” I said. “What specifically do you want kitten?” Michael asks. “I want your tongue and cock.” I stated. “Please?” I asked. “Alright baby girl.”

Slowly he began running his tongue all over my heat. “Mm, seems like your dripping little one.” He asked. “We’ll have to take care of that, won’t we?” He smirked.

He pushed two fingers in slowly, while lapping over my clit. “This is what you wanted.” He challenged. “Fuck.” i moaned, rocking my hips against his hand. He moved his fingers up quickly, pausing hitting my spot. “Mm daddy.” My lips parted. “God, you’re making me hard just watching this baby.” He thrusted his fingers quicker.

“Mm,” i moaned. “I think you need something bigger than my fingers, right little girl?” He smirked. “Daddy please! Give me your cock!” I whimpered. Michael removed his fingers from my head before flipping me over. “You look so good begging for me princess.” He said while unbuttoning his jeans.

His green eyes scanned my body, taking in every sight of me. Once his pants we removed, he wasted no time thrusting into me. A mewl escaped from my lips as Michael picked up his pace. “Fuck, Daddy I’m gonna cum.” I whimpered. “Be a good girl, and cum for me.” His hand came down to rub my clit. “Mm, fuck.” My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Does my cock feel good inside you princess?” Michael questions. I answer his question with a loud moan of ‘Daddy.’ He pounded into me relentlessly. He lets out loud whimpers with mixtures of my name. He pulls out slowly, making me feel empty. His cum covers my clit, as it trickles down my leg. He quickly catches it with his finger.  “Open.” Michael demands. I open my mouth and suck whatever is left on his finger.

“God, I love it when you do that.” Michael smirks. “Come on princess, lets take a nap.” He says. “Again Daddy!” I say. “It’s not my fault, my little one got me worn out. Let’s see, if you’re good this time, you’ll get rewarded.” He smiles before drifting off to sleep.

Traveler of Worlds

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Tumnus x Reader

Traveler of Worlds

Author: Morgan

Prompt: There wasn’t one. But I was having feeeeeeeeeeeeeels and watching Narnia and I had this idea and if I didn’t write it, I was going to lose it forever, so here you go. Enjoy.

Note: This is an X-men/Narnia crossover. Reader has the ability to bring items from other worlds to ours and is an X-Man at Xavier’s. This is set as a modern AU, so like the 80’s generation living in the 2010’s.

Warnings: None??

“Movie night!” Peter announced, running through the school and shouting if every dozen feet or so. “Everyone to the viewing room!”

You and Jean were in the kitchen, popping bowls and bowls and bowls of popcorn while the boys distributed it and rounded everybody up and got drinks. It was Narnia night, and you couldn’t have been happier.

“I haven’t seen this movie in so long, oh my God,” you sighed, pouring more popcorn into another bowl. “Kurt!” he appeared and took the bowl before disappearing to give it to another kid.

“I know,” Jean smiled. “Neither have I.”

“I have never seen it,” Ororo stated.

“Neizher have I,” Kurt appeared, taking a bowl from Jubilee. “But I am qvite excited.”

“You should be,” you told him. “It’s soooooooo good. A classic.”

Once all of the popcorn was popped and all of the kids were assembled, the movie started. The entire movie, a smile was plastered on your face. You loved everything about it. The effects were spectacular, the score was enchanting, and you had loved the characters since you were young.

You couldn’t help but poke fun at Charles with the others every time Tumnus was on screen. The resemblance was uncanny. You couldn’t deny the fact that your mutant professor looked an awful lot like the fictional Narnian faun. It was incredible. And hilarious. As much as Charles tried to deny it, even the smallest mutants agreed that they could be twins.

Those who had already seen the movie were filled with nostalgia and memories of their childhoods when they had watched it religiously. Those who were introduced to it for the first time fell in love. Everyone was in agreement when they thought that this movie night had been a success.


Soon, it was the next day, and you were working with the others in the Danger Room. As the sentinels approached, you held out your hand. There was a flash of white light and suddenly, there was a lightsaber in your grip. You held it in front of you and pressed the button. With a shoom, the green lightsaber flashed to life.

You slashed the oncoming robots to bits, wielding your lightsaber like a true Jedi. Sometimes, you loved being a mutant.

One of the sentinels slapped your hand, knocking the laser sword astray. It swung its hand downwards, its fist nearly crushing you. You squeezed your eyes shut. There was a bright flash. And suddenly you were somewhere else entirely.


You took a breath, exhaling a puff of white steam. You shivered, looking around. Snow. Woods. You had no idea where you were or how on earth you had gotten there. You had never teleported anywhere before. Not to the worlds you acquired your weapons from. This was…new.

You turned, taking it in. Snow fell all around you, dropping in little flakes. And when you looked up, there was a lamp post. It was bright under the gray skies. The flakes of snow seemed to glow in its light.

Suddenly it clicked.

You heard a branch snap nearby and turned, but there was no one there. Or was there? You noticed a red scarf peeking out from behind a tree.

“Hello?” you called. “I…I won’t hurt you. I swear.”

Slowly, he came out from behind the tree, looking up at you with timid blue eyes. A faun. Tumnus.

“W-where…where did you come from?”

“Somewhere far from here,” you told him. A small smile spread across your face. “Were you hiding from me?”

“No,” he paused. “I, well- I just, I-I…No, no, I just, I was just, um, I didn’t want to scare you.” He approached you slowly, seeing that you would do him no harm. “I’m Tumnus.”

“(Y/N),” you introduced.

“Are you…are you human?”

“Sort of.” You replied. “Not exactly. But I’m…well, I’m from a world full of humans. They, uh, they call people like me mutants.”

“Ah.” he nodded. “Well, (Y/N) how would you like to have tea with me? It’s certainly warmer than standing out here in the cold.”

“I’d like that,” you nodded. He offered you his arm and escorted you all the way there, his hooves clicking as he walked down the path. Soon, you made it to his home, carved into the side of a mountain. You looked around at all of the paintings. One of them, you noticed was the Pevensie children.

“You can have a seat by the fire, get warm.” You nodded, walking over and sitting in the chair by the fireplace. He walked off to a little kitchen, fetching tea and toast with jam. In a few minutes, he walked over and sat in the other chair, setting his tea tray on the table. He handed you a cup of warm tea and poured some milk into it. You took a sip, smiling.

“Thank you.”

“No problem,” He paused, staring at you. “How…how did you get here?”

“I’m not entirely sure. I don’t even know if I can go back.” You stared at the flames dancing in the fireplace. He nodded. “Where I come from…I grew up learning about you.”

“You what?”

“In my world, your world is fictional. My teacher read about you when I was young. You…you actually look a lot like him. My teacher, that is.”

“I do?”

“Yeah,” you smiled a bit, laughing. “You do.”

You and Tumnus continued to chat until the tea and toast was gone and it was dark outside. You looked out the window, thinking of home.

“You…you have to leave, don’t you?” he asked. You nodded.

“I should try.” you stood up. He looked at you with sad eyes.

“W-will I ever see you again?”

“I’m sure you will.” You promised. “I’ll be back as soon as I can figure out how.”

“Goodbye, (Y/N).” he said. You smiled sadly.

“Goodbye, Tumnus.”


There was a flash of white and suddenly, you were back in the Danger Room. The simulation had ended, but it seemed only a few minutes had passed, rather than a few hours.

“Vhere have you been?” Kurt asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…” you replied with a small smile.

You went through the rest of the week normally, attending your classes, doing your training, pulling little harmless goodies out of other worlds to give to the younger kids (chocolate frogs and other treats from Harry Potter, mostly). But when Saturday hit, your curiosity got the best of you.

You went to your room and pulled your Narnia book off of the shelf, holding it in your hands. You stared at it for a few seconds and then set it down. Your eyes drifted shut, and you focused on the lamp post.


There was a bright flash, and suddenly you were back in the woods, but it was no longer winter. Instead, it was summer, warm and flowery and full of color. Petals danced on the wind, swirling all around. You took off towards Tumnus’ house and knocked on the door.

It opened, and he peered at you with curious blue eyes, a smile on his face as soon as he saw it was you.

“You’re back!”

“How long has it been?”

“Months,” he replied, taking a few steps outside his house, still looking at you in disbelief. “I…I can’t believe it’s you,”

“It’s me.” you smiled, hugging him. It took him by surprise, but he didn’t hesitate to embrace you.

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you…”

You stayed at his house for hours, talking and laughing and telling him tales of the world you came from. But when it was dark out, you knew you had to go home.

You stood with him outside the door to his cottage.

“Do you have to leave?” he asked, his eyes searching yours. “I…I’ll miss you very much if you go.”

“I know. I’m going to miss you too. “I’ll come back soon, I promise.”

“Here,” he handed you something. A necklace. It was a small charm that looked like his pipes on a thread made of twine. “To remember me by.”

“Believe me, I could never forget.”


In the months that came, you made a habit of visiting Tumnus at least once a week, sometimes twice or more. Every trip, you learned more about him. He showed you parts of the woods you had never imagined, to the stream or to a meadow full of wild Narnian flowers. You told him more and more about the world you came from, about movies and TV and video games, pop music and radios, things he could only imagine.

You were lying in a meadow beside him, staring up at the sky on a bright spring afternoon.



“Where you come from…would what we do, what we’re doing…it would be considered dating, right?”


“So then…what are we?”

“Well, if we were dating, you’d be my boyfriend.”

“Ah.” he paused. “And would that make you happy?”

“It would.” you smiled, looking up at him.

“Well then, consider me your boyfriend.” he told you, taking your hand. You gave it a little squeeze.

“Okay then, boyfriend.” you smiled. “I like the sound of that.”

“So do I.”

You stayed with him until night, walking him back to his cottage once it was dark out. The stars shone brightly in the night sky, sparkling like brilliant diamonds in a sea of navy velvet.

“Do you have to leave?” he whispered, looking into your eyes. His were beginning to tear up. He wiped at them, trying to stop the flow of tears, but to no avail.

“You know I do,” you spoke quietly. He nodded, smiling sadly.

“I know. I just…I never know how long it will be until I see you again. Sometimes days, other times months. I…I’m sorry,”

“It’s okay,” you wiped his tears away with your thumbs. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him and pressed a kiss to your cheek. It was long and gentle and soft. You pulled out of the hug, only to pull him in to kiss him full on the lips. His eyes went wide before drifting shut blissfully. You had never kissed him before, but he had no complaints.

“I love you.” you whispered. “I’ll be back soon. I promise.”

“I love you too. I love you so much.”


“What’s bugging you, (Y/N)?” Jean asked you one afternoon. You were staring out the window, thinking about him.

“Nothing…I…I don’t know how to explain it.”

“I know,” Jean nodded, sitting beside you on the windowsill. “I know how you feel about him. And I know you’re not super confident in your powers, but…he’d really fit in here. If this were any other world, he wouldn’t, but, here…in a place like this…he’d be safe.”

“I…never thought about that,” you murmured. “He could come live here, in the Mansion.”

“Yes. He could.” Charles rolled into the room, smiling gently. “Maybe when he and I are standing side by side, you’ll all see we don’t look that much alike.”

“But you do, though,” you and Jean said together, laughing when Charles rolled his eyes.

“Well, when he gets here, we’ll have a bed ready.”

“I’ll go get him right now!” you smiled, disappearing with a flash of white light.


“Tumnus!” you shouted, running through the woods as fast as your legs would carry you. “Tumnus!”

“What? What’s wrong?” he asked, walking out of his cottage. He searched your expression, holding you by the shoulders.

“Tumnus, I talked to my professor. He said you can move in.”

“What?” he asked, the wheels slowly turning. “Come to your world?”

“Yes.” you nodded.

“And I would see you every day?”


“And…they would accept me? Even in a world full of humans?”

“Anybody is welcome in a school full of mutants,” you nodded. A smile spread across his face.

“Help me pack,”

You walked into the house with him, helping him tuck his things away into your backpack. You felt like they were safer coming over with you than with him. You didn’t exactly know how this would work yet. You had never transported people before.

You walked with him to the lamp post, figuring that was your best bet. He looked at you nervously. He was shaking a little.

“Hold onto me tight and no matter what, don’t let go.” You instructed. He held you, pulling you to him. You embraced him just as tightly, rubbing his back gently.

“I’m ready.”

“Okay, here we go.”


When you appeared at the mansion, he was gone. You looked around frantically. How did you just leave him behind? You had been focusing so hard. You opened your backpack. All of his things were there.

“Tumnus!” You shouted, running through the mansion.

“What are you doing?” Peter asked, looking at you.

“Looking for Tumnus,” you told him. “He was supposed to come through with me. I don’t know where he went,”

“I’ll help you look for your imaginary boyfriend.”

“He’s not imaginary. Not anymore.” you paused. “Or, he isn’t supposed to be.” Peter shrugged, rushing off.

“Vhat’s zhe matter?” asked Kurt. “Are you okay?”

“Help me find Tumnus.”

“Tumnus? Zhe faun?” Kurt asked, remembering a few months before when he had seen Narnia for the first time.

“Yes.” you answered.

“Is he zhe one you’ve been seeing?”


“Vell zhen, I’ll try. Vhere is he?”

“I don’t know.”

“Zhat’s helpful…”


You ran out onto the courtyard, looking around. He wasn’t anywhere. You wiped away tears. He was gone. You had lost him. Or left him behind. Neither made you feel good.

“(Y/N)?” you turned around. Standing at the end of the driveway under the streetlight was Tumnus. You ran to him, holding him tight. He laughed, smiling.

“I thought I lost you.” you whispered.

“You will never lose me,” he replied, pressing a kiss to your lips. There was a blur of silver and suddenly Peter was standing beside you.

“Oh my God, you really do look like the professor,” Peter mumbled, taking off his goggles to get a better look.

“As I’ve heard. I’m Tumnus, but I take it you already knew that.”

“I did. Name’s Peter. Friends call me Quicksilver. I’m kind of fast.” Peter introduced. He shook his head, still amazed. “Wow. Just wow.”

“Come on,” You took his hand in yours, lacing your fingers together. “I’ll show you around.”

You led him into the mansion. He looked around in awe. The only place he had ever been in this big was the castle in Narnia.

“It’s nice to-” Charles started, but stopped, taking in the man that looked exactly like him. “My God, you really do look like me!”

“I told you,” you giggled. “Charles, this is Tumnus.”

“Well, it’s certainly nice to meet you,” Charles shook his hand. It was sort of awkward, as Tumnus wasn’t quite used to the human greeting.

“Same to you,” Tumnus smiled.

“(Y/N), you could show him to his room, if you’d like.” Charles told you. You nodded, leading him up the stairs. You showed him your room first, grabbing your bag full of his things, and then leading him to the room he’d be sharing with Peter.

Once he had dropped off his belongings, you introduced him to all of your friends, who were more than amazed to meet him. Kurt especially was very nervous and excited to meet one of his favorite characters from Narnia.

When everyone, yourself included, had calmed down, you were able to have a normal conversation with him. You sat down in front of one of the fireplaces and drank tea together.

“It’s so different,” he said. “But I know I’ll get used to it sooner or later,”

“You will,” you nodded. “Tumnus?”


“I’m really glad you came.”

“So am I.”  

You’re A Mean One, Satan

gif is not mine

Title: You’re A Mean One, Satan

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,029

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: What better way to start Satan Sunday than with a fluffy Christmasy fic?! This one was requested by @emilyymichelle! So thank you! I hope you all enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much! <3

Out of all the people, angels, demons, and monsters you met, no one was more of a grinch than Lucifer.  As his girlfriend, you knew just how much of a grinch he was around Christmas.  He didn’t like that there was a holiday celebrating his father.  He wanted a holiday to himself.  He especially wanted your attention for a whole day.  This year you were going to hopefully change Lucifer’s mind.

As you slipped on your ugly Christmas sweater, you turned around to see Lucifer.  He was glaring at you from across the room.  He already had his arms crossed over his chest.  You let out a small laugh before padding up to the fallen archangel.  “Lu, don’t be mad.  It’s just a sweater,” you mused.  “Plus don’t I look good in it?”

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So I just watched the movie called No Men Beyond This Point. Its a  mockumentry about men dying off and women being able to reproduce without them. Men can’t even impregnate women anymore. If their sperm manage to get into an egg, the egg destroys it. 

Holy shit. First of all the whole tone seems like its poking fun at all the shit homosexual couples have had to go through in order to get where we are today. Second, omg what a way to make heterosexuals and men in general look like total victims. And naturally when a world is run by women, they discourage other women from engaging in any kind of sexual contact. Because sex is for reproduction only and since its not needed anymore there is no reason to be having it. They no problem with two women being intimate because partnering off can lead to that, but when they say sex or sexual thoughts its always in reference to men. 

I get what they were trying to do, but it just came off as offensive to me. The two main women are partnered off and have been since high school. They are raising their children together. The one chick is totally in love with the other, but the other is having a thing with the youngest man alive (hes 37) who works for them. They have to hide their feelings for each other because its forbidden. Naturally these two get found out and the other woman is devastated, but the heterosexual love story is the one being championed here. The hets eventually become advocates for saving men from dying off and allowing hets to get married, have sex, and have kids together. Once that woman does get pregnant (mind you she has like 3 daughters already) she says “I feel like im finally pregnant for the first time.”

Its all the bullshit lesbians get all the time (sex has to involve a dick, real families are between a man and a woman, women just need the right man to come along..etc) but just in a different format. 

Ugh so much more I could bitch about…but I had to vent and now ill stop.


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky writes a list on how not to lose you and you find it in the back pocket of his jeans. Requested by anonymous, a fic based on the song Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith.

Words: 1.6k+

Warnings: Nightmare (just one, brief). It’s all fluff here, folks!

A/N: I wrote this on my iPad on iNotes lololol. Thank you thank you thank you to my bae @buckyywiththegoodhair for helping me out when I was stuck. Without you, this fic wouldn’t have happened. Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think :):):)

Bucky had a hard time readjusting when Steve brought him to the tower merely 2 years after he had chosen to go back under, despite being constantly reassured that the only reason Steve had brought him back was because he was confident in new technology that could help reset Bucky’s mind. And it had done the job well. Simple words could no longer trigger the super soldier. But there was nothing they could do for his memories. Those would stay for as long as they wanted. He was plagued by nightmares, but he eventually found solace. In you.

It was an accident, really, how it all started. You were just heading down to the gym on a restless night when you heard grunts and pleas coming from behind his door.
At the time, he was still adjusting to being around so many new people. He would mostly hang out with Steve, but when Steve wasn’t around he kept to himself. Never being outright rude or impolite, just quiet.
So when you heard him struggling on your way to the gym, you made a split second decision to open the door, the urgency of his pleas leaving no time for you to second guess what you were about to do. When you got to his bedroom, you didn’t even bother knocking, you just opened the door and ran to him. His eyes were shut tight, sweat beading on his forehead, his arms gripping the sheets as his whole body thrashed against the mattress. You were careful but urgent in your attempts to wake him up, his screams of pain growing too much for you to bear. So you slowly placed a hand on his forehead and whispered his name. His face scrunched up in confusion, little lines forming between his eyebrows, but his eyes stayed shut and his breathing was still erratic. So you repeated his name over and over again, gradually raising your voice, until his body relaxed and his eyes finally fluttered open. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion before a flicker of recognition flitted across his eyes and he finally registered who was sitting on the bed next to him. You slowly lifted your palm from his forehead and started running your fingers through his damp hair. You stayed like that, gazes never breaking, until his breathing completely calmed.
“You okay?” You kept your voice low so as not to frighten him. He nodded slowly and your lips lifted into a gentle smile before you got up from where you were perched on the bed and started making your way to his bedroom door. Before you could leave his room though, he called out your name. Turning around, your eyes met his once more, “Yeah?”
A ghost of a smile crossed his lips. A real smile though, not the forced polite ones he’d given everyone on the team when he first arrived. “Thank you, [Y/N]”

After that night you two slowly grew more comfortable around each other until eventually he started confiding in you. About the things he’d done, the nightmares that plagued him, his fears. And when he finally did get more comfortable with your presence, a side of him came out that you could only assume was akin to what he was like in the 40’s. Playful, funny and charming. Somewhere along the line, you had completely fallen. He had been through so much and yet he had come out of it the kindest, most considerate man you’d ever known. In a new world, where the people were different and the customs had changed drastically, he had adjusted so well.
His presence became a constant in your life and besides Nat, he was your best friend. So you tried your best to tamp it down, hoping it was just a passing thing. It made sense you would develop a little crush right? He was built like an Adonis after all, you weren’t immune to that. It didn’t help your case that you would sometimes catch him looking at you with longing in his eyes. He never made a move though. You suspected he was afraid of losing your friendship in the case you didn’t want him like he wanted you. So one day, when you two were watching a movie in his room, his arm draped across your shoulders, you decided to throw caution to the wind and finally take what you had wanted for so long. So you grabbed the remote and pressed pause. He looked at you with a playful smile and lifted an eyebrow, “Bathroom again?” He was poking fun at your ridiculously tiny bladder. You shook your head at him, a smirk on your lips. “Nope. Just tired of waiting.”
His eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “Waiting for what?”
“For you to make a move.”
And then you were crashing your lips onto his. He reacted almost instantly despite his initial shock. And when he really registered what was happening, his hands came up to cup your face, tilting your head and taking control of the kiss. His lips were firm and soft against yours and it was everything you had wanted for so long and so much more. His tongue ran across your bottom lip, asking for permission that you quickly granted him. He explored your mouth fervently and you sighed at the feel of him, your hands flying to the front of his shirt. When the burning in your lungs got too uncomfortable, you parted for air, your eyes fluttering open and meeting his slightly darkened ones.
He grinned. “I’m really glad you did that.”
You wiggled your eyebrows at him. “Well someone has to have balls in this relationship.” He threw his head back laughing wholeheartedly and your heart danced at the sound. You joined him, overcome with joy.

7 months later, you were doing his laundry when you found a crumpled up note in the back pocket of his pants. Bucky had recently moved into the same living quarters as you. It wasn’t something you guys had talked about, it just happened. He was finding it harder and harder to sleep alone in his room when he knew what it felt like to fall asleep holding onto you. Besides, he was your boyfriend and you guys weren’t trying to hide it from the team any longer. You were never good at that anyway, anyone with eyes could tell.
Unfolding the note, you found it was a list. Scrawled in his messy handwriting, it read:

1. Treat her better, make sure to see it through
2 Don’t be just everything she wants, be everything she needs
3. Don’t run away when you get tired
4. When she says she needs you, tell her you need her too
5. Tell her she’s lovely
6. Always tell her the truth
7. When she says she loves you, tell her you love her too

You scrunched up your nose at the cheesiness, but found yourself smiling anyway. The words sounded familiar to you, you were pretty sure they were lyrics to a popular song right now, you just didn’t know which one.
“Buck!” You yelled over the sound of the tv program he was watching in the living room.
He came strolling in, “Need some he-” his words cut off when he saw what you were holding in your hands. You smiled. “I’m just curious”, you assured him.
He shuffled on his feet and put his hands in his pockets, something you only every saw him do when he was nervous or uncomfortable. “I-I was just getting groceries last week when I heard this song. Sam gave me a notepad with his grocery list on it, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to write them down, seemed like good advice.”
You slowly approached him. “What for?”, you asked quietly, even though you already had an idea.
He sighed. “I’ve never been a serious relationship person, not even back then. And now dating’s even more crazy. Tinder? How is that a thing?” You chuckled. Trying to find your significant other purely by looks and a short bio did seem a little unconventional, even to you, a millennial.
“And I don’t want to mess this up, [Y/N]. It’s too good, you’re too good”, he continued, his gaze dropping to his feet.
You cupped his face and forced him to look back at you. You smiled before speaking. “You’re not going to mess this up. You’re the best man I know, don’t underestimate yourself. We’ve been doing fine so far, don’t you think? Actually, in my most humble opinion, we’ve been doing amazing. I love you so much. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you, and if you’ll have me, I’ll spend the rest of my days proving it to you until you believe it.”
His face split into the biggest grin you’d ever seen and he let out a breathless chuckle. “I love you, I love you so much. I’m not sure you’re even real sometimes.”
You beamed at him and pressed your lips against his, capturing them in a toe curling kiss. When you pulled back, you smiled at him. “Does that feel real to you?”
He nodded vigorously. “It’s the realest thing I’ve ever felt,” he whispered, a smile blooming on his beautiful face.
You ran your thumb over his cheek and grinned. “Good.”

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Movie Night

Characters: Suga X Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 832

Character Count: 4,616

Summary: You and Yoongi decide to stay in and have a couples movie night together, since he’d always preferred the relaxing type of date. However, upon finding a hint of his sweeter side, you couldn’t help but tease him. 

I haven’t wrote anything in a while, so I’m trynna get back into the swing of things, sorry if this isn’t that great! ;w; 


It was a late, quiet evening. The moon was lighting up the dark night outside your window as you curled up on the couch, wearing your most comfortable pyjamas and propping your favourite drink on the side with a bowl of popcorn on the floor near the middle of the sofa. You got comfy and looked towards the door with a smile as your partner came in to join you. You both sat together, Yoongi beginning to flick through the movies before you looked over at him expectantly.

“Hey, aren’t you gonna cuddle with your girlfriend?” you asked playfully, leaning over to jokingly nudge him.

He blinked at this, before side-eyeing you and shooting one of his cocky smirks. “Pfft, no way. I’m way too swag for cuddles.”. 

You scolded him in response for this, a playful debate going on before he ‘begrudgingly’ accepted you into his arms, holding you close and quietly enjoying your warmth. You were now snuggled into him, one arm around his waist and your head cuddled into his chest as you lay against him. He was sat up straight with one hand around you and the other flicking through movies contently.

No, no, no..

“Yes!” you cried

“Really? Aladdin? are you kidding me?” he teased, causing you to pout in response

“Hey, Aladdin’s good!. Nothing can beat classic Disney!” you huffed at him, now earning a laugh from the male.

“Fine, fine, let’s watch it. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this anyway.” he shrugged nonchalantly. He hit play, you both grabbed the popcorn and began to enjoy your film in the comfort of each others warmth and a blanket-covered couch. 

You’d been enjoying the movie, making the occasional comment over it and paying more attention to the company of one another than the actual film. It had been going well and you’d been enjoying it, but then it was time for that song..

you heard the music building up, the animation playing..

you turned to Suga in perfect time with the music, a hand moving up to stroke his cheek. “I can show you the world…~” you sang with the biggest, dorkiest grin on your face. Suga sighed and rolled his eyes, despite finding the grin adorable, he would never admit it. “Shining shimmering spleeendid..~”

You continued to sing to him, watching him get gradually more ‘annoyed’ at you, until suddenly it hit Princess Jasmine’s lines and you were very surprised at the response.

“ A whole newww worrldd!~” Suga belted out, putting on a high voice and pulling a silly face to match yours. You burst into a fit of giggles as he sang along with the movie, having expected him to react by lightly hitting or dismissing you as usual, but this was completely different.

Before you knew it you were duetting the song, hitting silly impossible vocal ranges and probably driving your neighbours insane, but you didn’t care. You rarely got to see Yoongi’s energetic side, and when you did it was something to adore, he was so cute and happy and it always made your heart melt seeing him like this, so you had to take all advantage of times like this.

The song passed, the movie continued. You took every opportunity you could to sing along after that and kept poking fun at or making commentary over the movie, occasionally doing an impression of a character which earned a tut or laugh from the other, depending on who was doing it and just how bad the impression was. 

You’d both enjoyed yourself a lot but much too soon for your liking, the movie was over. You weren’t going to watch another as it was quite late, and Yoongi had a busy schedule tomorrow, but there was one thing that you just couldn’t let go as you made the sudden realisation.

“Hey.. You said you hadn’t watched Aladdin in a while right?” you spoke, seeing Yoongi immediately tense up.

“..Y-Yeah, why?” he responded too quickly, eyeing you now.

“How come you knew all the words to every song?” you questioned, grinning and cocking a brow in knowledge. He knew that you knew and began to fumble around a little. 

“Well, I.. it’s not hard to reme-”

“You like disney, don’t you Yoongi!. I bet you watch it without me~” you teased, causing him to blush and throw a pillow at you

“I do not, disney’s nowhere near swag enough for me.”

“Keep telling yourself that, you adorable little prince~”

“Ew, you’re so corny!”

“You love it though!”

“..Yeah, I do..”

The night ended with an impromptu pillow fight, lots of teasing and you two lovers, snuggled up in a comfy bed and holding each other close, just as things should be. 

You learned something about Yoongi today, and it only made him even more adorable. 

You hoped you’d get to enjoy many more movie nights like this with him, and spend the rest of your lives happy and comfy like this.

//A/N: Ah, hope you enjoyed!. I worked really hard to make it good, and it might just be a little bit of a drabble / warmup but it did take surprisingly long to write! ^^. 


Okay but Kingsman tho
  • People of color represented (in a non-stereotypical way)
  • People with disabilities represented (the best part being that it’s never even mentioned, everyone’s just like “oh shit lady with sharp legs”)
  • Taron Egerton is a puppy
  • Multi-dimensional female characters 
  • Adorable pug
  • Female character develops relationship with main character and is not reduced to a romantic interest
  • Samuel L. Jackson with a lisp for absolutely no reason 
  • Amazingly choreographed fight scenes to awesome soundtrack
  • Some dapper ass men and women in suits
  • Addresses the relationship between the lower class and the upper class
  • Colin Firth in one of those dapper suits beating the shit out of people with an umbrella 
  • Writers poking fun at Americanism without being assholes
  • Fuckin’ spies yo

Forreal watch this damn movie