watching that show only for him

@Everyone Still Denying Creek Is Real

How??? Put It Down basically solidified the fact that Creek is here to stay. Even if you thought they were just faking it for the town, go back and watch the most recent episode again. In Craig x Tweek, it definitely gives off the feeling at the end that they’re only doing it for the town, but in this episode, Craig does all kinds of things that he didn’t have to do for Tweek. No one was watching them, no one was keeping track of how good of a boyfriend either one was being. Craig bought him a fidget spinner because he wanted to, Tweek showed up in the middle of the night at Craig’s house to scream because he felt like that’s where he could go for support, and Craig TOOK HIM ON A DATE because he wanted to help Tweek feel better. If they were still only doing it for the town, they wouldn’t be boyfriends when no one is around to see it, they’d only be doing it in public with their friends around.

Tl;dr the boys are gay and that is final.

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A small backstory for Corroded : When the idea of Ethan having a dark side emerged, Corroded was taking form in The Void, where Anti and Dark seem to reside. As Ethan sees how Dark and Anti operate, Corroded slowly starts showing these traits, hence why he seems to behave like the two. Anti and Dark watch Corroded take on some of their abilities, like demented guardians. And as time goes on, he may drift to his own style, no longer depending on Dark and Anti- KC

Hence why he has a mix of their appearance, but the only powers we saw him use were haunting and hypnosis
He starts to find his own style - Mod Lily

Trump came to my city tonight, and honestly it was just fucking obnoxious. He’s supporting Luther Strange in being senator, as if we really need to bring a literal comic villian into this mix. And half of the city streets were blocked. I just wanted to go to a comedy show, But Ohh noo Mr.cheeto needs half the city shut down cause hes a “veryyy verryy important man” I understand he has a large ego, but it aint large enough to shut down my road across town. And to top it off. Only a few hundred watched him, if that. My highschool graduation held a larger audience. Mr.cheeto please go fuck off.

It’s hard for The Magpie to show emotions because he doesn’t have a face. Crying is an unnatural thing for him to do, and he only knows how to do so from watching humans.

Here he is with his false eyes crying inky goo ‘tears of joy’ after seeing a flock of magpie birds for the first time. It was a very big deal for him.

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Like the color they sort of give off, like if mephisto feels like a purple or shura as an orange or rin as blue

Anyone who read or watched Psycho-Pass will immediately notice the similarities, istg

Mephisto: His aura is something colorful like a bright pink or blue, something that tells people to trust him but the closer you get, you can see the shift in his color, making it seem darker, like there’s something very off about him and that tries to warn you but only shows itself once you’ve been lured in by the ‘safe‘ colors.

Renzou: Similar to Mephisto, a warm color serves at his cover. It’s not as bright as Mephisto’s, rather resembling pastel hues, and he also doesn’t hide a stark dark color but a cold white. Many still believe that white stands for innocence but those he needs to trick in his life are aware that it’s actually the color of death.

Rin: Of course, it’s a quick guess to think that because of his flames, his aura would be blue too when it is in fact not. He has a bright red that is always edging on pink, gotten him in a lot of trouble because of the color’s association with femininity, and shifts into orange and later in yellow. This aura gives off what his brother is trying to make everyone believe: he is happy. Yes, it used to be darker because of his depression but as he found his friends, it resembled the sun, again.

Shura: Her aura is colorless, making her a perfect spy since these kind of auras are associated to weak humans, those who have no idea what is lurking in the shadows and always makes her enemies face a bad surprise once they notice that she is anything but weak. It’s not that she is truly colorless but that her aura is just very lazy, only emitting colors when they are very intense, which is why in a battle, it’s blazing red.

Yukio: He absolutely despises his aura because he can smile and reassure people all he wants, they just need to look at the colors to see that something is off with him. For some reason, his colors act more like liquids battling each other for room, which would not be as weird if his aura didn’t show off black and white. He never understood the meaning behind this until he got older and lost trust in those around him. With him, black represents his descent into insanity while white represents the death of his own personality.

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random question but im curious!! what's your favorite thing about Riverdale? like what hooked you to keep on watching?? and what's your favorite aspect of the show? (characters, plotlines, genre etc)

wow i feel unworthy of this question tbh and i’m actually the worst™ at analyzing things also. or at least writing down my analyze i guess. but i’ll give it my very best shot. 

what hooked me to keep my watching? well if i’m being completely frank here i only started watching the damn show because i knew cole was gonna be in it and, at the time, i was writing an original character that i pictured having his face. and jughead’s aesthetic. #sadboi. that’s a story for another day but relevant i guess. SO YEAH ANYWAY I STARTED THE SHOW FOR HIM but i kept watching for bughead and betty cooper. 

fave characters? jughead jones is my prime fave™. my son deserves so much better than the shit he’s put through. although i do wish we would have seen more homeless angst. also why aren’t there more homeless jughead fics??? asking for a friend. the friend is me. second fave would obvs be betty. not because she’s one half of my ship but because i relate to her perfectionism, her overall bad mental health, and the fact that she tries to please everyone in her life while sacrificing her own happiness in the process. i also dig dilton doiley, fp jones, and joaquin. 

fave plotlines? as fucked up as it sounds, homeless jug ngl. i really wanted to see more of that. maybe that’s sadistic of me idk but i wanted that angst man. i still do. 

genre? i mean i’m a huge slut for horror and the tropes that come along with horror. while s1 didn’t exactly deliver on that for me i’m hoping s2 will. the whole “who killed jason blossom” was boring and i already knew like it was obvious if you watched twin peaks who killed him. laura palmer vibes.

idk was this trash? probably. thank you for the ask though!

what she says: i’m fine.

what she means: niall james horan really defied all of the odds and went to harry’s show last night AND he did it lowkey. he didn’t attract too much attention, didn’t really take pictures, took a couple of friends but stayed by himself in a corner and he just watched, like he was truly only there for harry. it wasn’t the first time he saw him perform but it was the first time he watched harry from the outside, from the crowd, where nothing he was doing was really directed at him, and yet he still had that same fond smile on his face which he gave harry so many times over the years before. 

Some Things about Magnus Chase that you might’ve forgotten:

- Had very bad asthma as a kid
- Was very skinny, even before becoming homeless - you could see his ribs & he had a concave chest
- Was allergic to many things - like dust, pollen, etc
- Was bullied in school for being a nerd
- Was very physically weak & had a hard time exercising
- The only times he could breathe properly was when he was in the forest/in the wilderness
- Told people his name rhymes with ‘swagness’ - of which he admits he has none
- Likes comic books
- Is left-handed
- Reads Steven King novels & works by Neil Gaiman
- Plays fishing video games
- His and his mom’s apartment was above a Korean restaurant
- Doesn’t like to be touched
- Was beaten up multiple times when homeless by people looking for drugs/drug money
- Spent most days while homeless in the library so he could continue learning and to watch episodes of his favorite TV shows
- Is a BIG Dr. Who fan
- Repeatedly broke into people’s cars to steal money - but only if they seemed to be Rich Assholes
- Will gladly steal anything from Rich Assholes
- Calls himself the Judge, Jury, and Thief
- Knows how to pick locks of cars, apartments, houses etc. - and kept lockpicking tools with him
- Totally wrecked a church’s stereo one Christmas - because he got sick of hearing about other people’s happiness when he was absolutely miserable
- Had nightmares about his mother’s murder nearly every night
- Blamed himself for his mother’s murder
- Is used to having severe panic attacks
- Genuinely thought Blitzen might be a homeless vampire
- Is very smart - his mom said he’d get into Harvard, no problem
- His mom called him ‘pumpkin’
- His mom also joked he was half polar bear because of his immunity to cold
- He and his mom used to make up their own constellations
- His mom taught him how to pitch a tent and make a camp fire - and used to make him walk the trails of the forest by himself
- Does not like being in cars  - they make him feel trapped
- His alias is ‘Jimmy’
- Used to hold his hands over fire to win bets and get money
- Prefers to sleep on the grass in his room over the bed - because he’s not used to having a bed to sleep on
- Cannot sleep in a well-decorated room - the walls have to be blank
- His favorite color is beige/cream
- He hates the color blue
- If he could turn into any animal, like Alex and Sam, he’d be a polar bear
- Does his own laundry, scrubs the floors, vacuums, and cleans up after himself - he’s very cleanly and organized
- Not above hiding behind potted plants if scared/when he sees wolves

Bojack Horseman and Rick and Morty: The Hardest Nihilistic Show to watch and the easiest Nihilistic Show to watch

Bojack Horseman is such a weird show for me.

It’s like I need to set a time weeks, or years in advance to sit down and watch it. I’ve only watched the show once but it is so philosophical and life changing and depressing and deep, it’s like I have to set out emotional time out of my day to pick a moment to watch it.

I’ve only watched it once and once was enough to change my entire outlook on life and look at my life from a new angle. 

Where as Rick and Morty is a Nihilistic show too, there are way more laugh out loud moments and tends to make fun of Nihilism. The characters can be deep, while being shallow at the same time. They can be very aware they are in a show. Saying things like: “Was he doing a bit?” things I don’t hear in modern english unless I’m hanging with the theater kids.

A thing that Rick and Morty achieves perfectly with it’s humor is the art of Schadenfreude. Or “Taking pleasure/enjoyment/humor from the suffering of others.” Every single deep moment in Rick and Morty is usually accompanied with a sad or intense song, that you can take in as Horribly deep and depressing, while being hilarious at the exact same time. 

I will take an example from Season One. 

Kind of a spoiler, but this happens very early in season one. It’s like the halfway point of season one, just to establish this show doesn’t fuck around.

The jist of it, is that Rick and Morty ruined the world so badly, that they went to a different universe. A different reality where they died around this time. Accompanied by sad music is Morty coming to grips that everything around him isn’t real and it’s an entirely new reality. Leaving behind a damaged and broken world. And he has to bury his own corpse. So every event in the previous episodes are reconnected or might of not happened in this reality. 

What makes this a very emotional intense scene and an extremely funny one is how juxtaposed Morty is to this compared to everyone else around him. Morty is having an existential crisis about everyone he left behind, meanwhile Reality doesn’t care. Rick grabs a drink, Summer Texts on her phone, his mom and dad argue on the cusp of divorce. Nothing changed. Life goes on. 

I remember the first time I saw this scene when it aired on TV, it blew my mind, while also making me laugh at the same time.

That’s because the show makes it clear Reality doesn’t care about Morty’s extensional crisis. You can take pleasure in his suffering while making it tragic and realistic but funny at the same time. 

And a majority of every emotional scene in Rick and Morty is like this.

There is a moment in season 2 where one character attempts suicide, and while it’s framed in a serious manner, it is also hilarious. It’s not that the show makes fun of suicidal people. (like a tasteless joke in some other adult shows) The inner turmoil is shown and portrayed very seriously. What makes the scene funny, is while the character lies still and alone all night after his failed suicide attempt, the Pathetic Father character Jerry, comes into the foreground, with his weed wacker. A trivial thing he was complaining about the whole episode. Without noticing the character’s pain. “Life goes on. Nobody cares.” Which is seriously sad and funny at the same time.

As I said  Schadenfreude. “Nobody cares. Might as well laugh about it” 

Bojack Horseman has it’s share of funny moments too, it’s writing style in similar format to the Simpsons and typical satire. 

But the comedic moments are usually far away from it’s serious moments.

They have their moments of  Schadenfreude as well. Such as small #relatable moments that make me laughing my ass off due to the delivery. Cause I’m sure many can relate to procrastinating and being lazy as hell on a project or having friends kick your pathetic ass to actually do something.

But when the show wants to get deep, the humor stays far away from the realism. 

There are also suicide attempts in this show as well. And while Rick and Morty can take a look in the mirror and laugh at itself. Like “Nobody cares, might as well laugh about it” This show seems to say: “Life is horrible, we are horrible people, if we don’t take power within ourselves to change. nobody cares. Deal with it.”

Which it a heartbreaking but raw realistic message.

Which is why I only watched the show once and am postpoing watching the newest season as long as I can.

The show is raw, it doesn’t hold back and every deep emotional moment has no comic relief moment to recover.

It lets you breathe in the heavy atmosphere and deal with every screw up the main character commits. 

It’s like if an adult cartoon character had real world negative consequences for his horrible behavior. Friends abandon him, forgiveness is optional, and people die because of a direct result of the main character.

A lot of the problems with myself and with my generation as a whole is that we tend to dissolve blame for things that we are directly at fault for. I know we tend to point fingers at the Baby Boomer generation or society a lot, but pointing fingers doesn’t really help things get better. If you just want to whine and not inspire change. You have to look deep inside yourself and find the will to change.

Something that both shows preach.

“The thing about repairing, maintaining and cleaning is, it’s not an adventure. There’s no way to do it so wrong you might die. It’s just…. work. And the truth of the matter is that, some of us are okay with going to work, and well, some of us rather die. Each of us gets to choose.” 

I love Bojack Horseman and I love Rick and Morty. But one is way more easier to watch then the other. I know a lot of people on tumblr are comparing both shows, but to me, they are equal in greatness, just take a very different approach to the same subject mater. 

I will get to watching Season 4 of Bojack Horseman some day. But not where I’m at right now. 

I am glad I read a few therapy books before watching bojack horseman and rick and morty so I wasn’t too mindblown by the messages portrayed.

Modern High Lords AU

Rhys: Which one of you assholes forgot the popcorn?

Kallias: *puts his hands up* Okay, I told Helion that it was his turn bring the popcorn…I swear I did, because he said, “You know what else is poppin’?” 

Helion: I brought kettlecorn because it’s better.

All: *groan*

Thesan: Is it microwaved or airpopped? Because microwavable popcorn will kill you–

All: *groan*

Tarquin: Shut up, it’s starting. *He’s wrapped in a blanket on the couch because it is freezing in Rhysand’s apartment*

They all quickly sit down on the couch.

Tarquin: Helion, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop–

Helion: I’m keeping you warm–

Rhys: Hey, not on this couch. This is my good couch. I like this couch. 

Tarquin: Nothing is happening on this couch! Now shut up because–

*Game of Thrones theme starts playing*


Rhys: Hey, Beron didn’t try to show up this time!

Kallias: Yeah, because he tried to spoil the next episode. We kicked him out, remember?

Rhys: I thought that’s why we kicked out Tamlin.

Thesan: No, we kicked out Tamlin because he kept trying to fast forward to the sex scenes. *sly glance at Tarquin* At least Tamlin didn’t giggle

Tarquin: I am not that young! It was only because Helion was tickling me!

Helion: Aha so you admit you felt something!

Kallias: Hey, does anyone know where the females go when we watch this?

Rhys: They go to Nesta’s to watch something called ‘Magic Mike’…

Tarquin and Kallias: What the hell is that?

Helion and Thesan: Oh my god, we’re in the wrong apartment. 

another headcanon:

lance once lost his bayard for a few weeks, and of course they couldn’t leave him defenseless so allura gave him like a traditional altean bow

and on like the second night of this keith stumbles into the training room cause he wants to train

only to stop, freeze, and almost faint when he sees lance - a shirtless, bronze, adonis like lance - in the middle of the room shooting arrows rapidly at targets

rip keith

bonus: keith finds lance’s bayard and hides it cause lance is freaking g o od with a bow and also he likes sneaking into the training room to watch lance train and drool over him

bonus bonus: lance knows about keith’s sneaking in and always tries to show off. sad thing is it works

Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Doing Humor Right

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show that has been praised by both critics and fans as one that is not only hilarious, but progressive as well. It starts out with a squad of detectives who have to adjust to a new Captain named Raymond Holt, who just so happens to be a gay black man. Jake Peralta—the Jewish protagonist whose only unsolvable mystery is how to grow up—butts heads with him almost immediately. The show goes through its classical sitcom scenarios as well as crime shenanigans and often surprising season finales as they find themselves in dangerous situations.

What’s so remarkable and surprising about this is show is how they deal with humor with such a diverse cast. When any of the characters joke about their ethnicity or their sexuality, it isn’t aimed at the white and straight viewers and that makes a huge difference. For example, in one episode Holt talks about how he made a bad impression on his husband’s parents by mistaking two different compositions for each other. When asked by Jake if that’s really all it took for them not to have approved of the two of them, Holt clarifies that “they’re huge homophobes that think I made Kevin gay with my magic genitalia.”

Originally posted by holt-cozner

This, like many lines, are meant to pander to those in the same demographic as the character who spoke it. Often times on TV and in movies, queer and POC characters are played off as jokes that the privileged are supposed to laugh at. “See, they’re not like us, isn’t that so bizarre and funny?” However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine understands that queer and non-white characters also watch television like everyone else. They make a major effort to be inclusive and inoffensive with their humor while still being hilarious. Even those who don’t watch the show probably know the gag with Jake playing a guitar loudly and screaming in an attempt to annoy someone into confessing, or the scene where Jake accidentally calls Holt “dad” and then tells him he sees him as a “bother figure ‘cause you’re always bothering me” rather than a father figure.

Originally posted by alexanderburrsir

Not only that, the show also turns many tropes on its head and does its best to make characters as fleshed out as possible. None of them even come close to being stereotypes. Jake seems like the typical male protagonist who thinks he’s better than he actually is and belittles his coworkers, then turns out to be a genuinely caring goofball who learns to work as a team and punches a homophobe in the face. Amy Santiago seems uptight and too dedicated to her work to have any fun, yet even while she’s driven she also participates and leads in most of the team hijinks.

It has garnered critical as well as public acclaim and hopefully its success can set an example for future shows and they way they deal with diverse casts. 

It’s not perfect–sometimes the fat jokes can be rather excessive and uncomfortable to sit through. There was a particular scene where Gina calls Amy an “asexual nerd who can only be friends with service animals” that I found rather tasteless. It takes a while at first to find its rhythm, yet upon rewatching the first season I found it picks it up quicker than I remembered. Nothing can be absolutely flawless, yet the cast show they genuinely care about those who watch it and that says a lot. 

Even besides all that, it’s a genuinely fun show and one of my favorite sitcoms. Its happy, light-hearted tone is a blessing and it’s often like visual comfort food. As the premiere of fifth season is about to begin, now is as good as any time to binge it. I fully recommend Brooklyn Nine-Nine regardless of who you are.

Blue Suede Shoes

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Guys I wrote smut! finally. This was an idea that just popped into my head thanks to @mizpahes this is a single one shot, I might make it a series for decade!harry though so let me know what you think

masterlist [send requests]


warnings: smut. its smut.

word count: 3,655

summary: the one where Harry takes his sweetheart out to a drive in movie 

The 1950’s, a decade made for teen rebellion. Of course, no one over the age of 30 would know that though. The movement was as silent and effective as a speakeasy of the 1920’s, it was popular only to those involved. Teenagers went out every weekend on innocent dates, they’d get dropped off at home with a polite kiss on the cheek only to come back a few hours later to sneak into their lovers room, or out, for that matter. America was thriving after the war and so was the Styles family.

Harry had moved to the states with his family after his father got a job offer to work for Cadillac. He was the best car dealer in Manchester and they needed someone like him working for their brand. So, the Styles’ were given their very own Cadillac dealership in the suburbs of New York and became an instant hit. Wealth hit them faster than they could even say the word ‘sold’, and Harry found himself gaining popularity at his High School just as quickly.

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Max does pay attention!

On multiple occasions, David comments on Max actually paying attention to lessons, which means the angry small is probably just feigning disinterest. Most likely because he was forced to go to the camp so he doesn’t want to enjoy it, but overall it is better than being at home with two parents who don’t care. 

 He even made friends and has a place he can relax and just be himself, but the overly optimistic and enthusiastic counselor is making him reflect back on his own life and question how anyone could ever be as happy as him. if anything, it is probably just a tad bit of envy that leads him to trying so hard to break David down. He doesn’t know how to take positivity, so he lashes out. 

it’s the end of summer, all of the campers parents come and pick up their children, and max is just sitting at the end of the road, waiting. he’s there all day. the sun starts to set and he just brings his knees up to his chest. 

david was watching him all day, in hope to see him off with his parents but they never showed up. he knew they weren’t but gosh darn it he could at least try to see the best out of this situation. 

a few more minutes pass before the sun is gone and the stars start to appear. max is still by the road and david can’t help himself. he walks out of the cabin towards the small boy and picks him up. 

max doesn’t even try to fight it since he’s tired. tired of being alone, tired of feeling like no one cares. for only being 10, he’s been through a lot. and he thinks that maybe it’s his fault. maybe he did something wrong to make his parents not care about him.

david puts him in his car and puts the seat belt on. gwen climbs in to the passenger seat and the trio drives away from the camp. max falls asleep in the back, clutching on to mr. honeynuts. 

“his parents never showed up gwen, they don’t care.” a somber voice says from behind the wheel. 

“i know david, but what can we do? we’re not his parents, let alone his legal guardians. he’s going to have to go back there eventually.” gwen replied, equally as sad.

“not if i can help it. i’m going to go try and find someone to help me, help us. we’re going to get max out of his terrible home.” david spoke a bit louder than before, the passion rising in his voice.

gwen stared ahead for a minute, just letting her thoughts consume her. 

“well, if we do manage to get him away from his parents, who’s gonna take him in? where is he going to go?” 

david stops at a stop sign and looks at gwen. he takes her hand in his and smiles softly. “we can take care of him, if you would want to that is, i mean,” 

he trailed off, getting flustered in front of gwen. she gripped his hand tighter and nodded. a smile of her own appearing on her face. 

the two made it back to david’s house and brought max inside. he was still sleeping when they put him in the spare bed. 

they’ll take care of him. they’ll make him feel loved and cared about. they were willing to fight for him, because he deserves it. max deserves to be loved, and david and gwen were willing to be the ones to give him what he needs.