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Ramadan Tips
  1. Don’t eat or drink too much

Ramadan is about self-control so try not to stuff face at every iftaar and instead follow the prophetic way of eating: fill your 1/3 of your stomach with water, 1/3 with food, and 1/3 with air.

      2. Give Daily Charity

Spend anything, a lot or a little, just give for the sake of Allah SWT.  Anything you find in your pocket, put it in the donation box.

      3. Five Daily Prayers

Give importance to the daily prayers and pray them with kushoo and utmost attention.

      4. Quran

Learn the tafseer of a little portion of the Quran everyday. Whether that be listening to Norman Ali Khan or reading it yourself, progress in your journey of understanding what the Quran means.

     5. Spend your time wisely

Do not spend your time watching T.V, listening to music, or binge watching Youtube videos. Ramadan is a blessed month in which time is limited. Instead, do things which are beneficial to your akihrah and are rewarding. Simply refraining from food and drink is only half the battle.

      6. Intention

Anything you do can become worship if you only remember to have the right intention. If you sleep, make the intention that you’re sleeping so you can be energized to pray taraweeh/do dhikr/ prepare food. If your cleaning the house or doing chores make the intention that you are doing so to help your mother or to have a clean house to peacefully pray in. Whatever you do can be a form of worship, so take advantage of that.

tips taken from TheMercifulServant. 




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