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“Let’s go on a date”

i was just thinking about this and im wondering if i’m just coming up with this to show that klance is real but does keith stutter more around lance than anyone else???


Akira: We have been clearly dating for at least two years and you decided to not tell me that you’re a magical giant purple cat warrior.

Yukari: *amused giggle*

Himari: Also possibly you could have said something at any point to let us know that Akira was a girl. If only to spare Ichika this gay awakening drama she’s choosing to have in the kitchen at this very second.

Yukari: *amused giggle*


I came up with more ways that teenaged Viktor probably put his long hair up in and also please consider the possibility of Sailor Moon!Viktor

after the internet goes out should i not sleep & instead play dr all day y/n

Realest Movies you'll ever watch

Blood in Blood Out
Mi Vida Loca
American Me
Mi Familia
Boyz N the Hood
Menace II Society
City of God
Voces Innocentes
The Godafather I & II
Baby Boy
Training Day
End of Watch

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Do you ship any pairings in fma so far?

eeehhhhh, i’m not much of a shipper? i mean, i’m pretty sure Ed and Winry is endgame, and Mustang/Riza has an appeal, but i still need to get to know the characters better before i really commit to a pairing

Just finished watching Get out and holy fuck me and Daniel just sat there shocked for like 5 minutes. So glad I made the choice to cut off all white people

I’m gonna need my family members to understand that just bc I like something doesn’t mean I’m not also extremely eager to criticize the shit out of it.

Watch me eviscerate my favorite pieces of media. I love to complain about shit. I’ll trash talk my entire netflix queue and then rewatch half of it, I don’t give a fuck.

I’ll walk out of a movie theatre, say I enjoyed the film, and then immediately give you a rundown of all the massive ways it fucked up and how it’s many failures are symptoms of larger problems ingrained into contemporary society as a whole.


worth savin’ me [Zuko/Katara]

Zutara still a top 10 OTP and this song is still one of their anthems.This was so fun to edit!

Ok fanfiction time

Think I may make a start on my new Murphy story, or do more of part two of GLUB *such a cool fucking short word lol*
will see after I have had food and yes I know it’s bad to have your tea at 11.10pm but my tummy been a pain today so =P

Also I had so much fun making my cover and banners in Photoshop for my story I may make one for everyone I do, or just the ones that go on for more than 5 parts, and yes I may have just slip that there is more than 5 parts to GLUB =D 

Also if anyone remembers me saying I was working on a little story for myself
I may post it because it’s a Bauer one so watch out =P  

So if anyone wants to be tagged in them let me and let me love you…

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