watching one missed call

Imagine finding a dragon when on a hunt with Charlie...

“Charlie, for God’s sake, wait up!” You hissed after the flash of red hair disappearing behind a tree.

“Oh crap.” Charlie whispered.

You followed her line of sight and your eyes met what she was looking at.

“A dragon? So those really are a thing? I know they go after virgins and breathe fire and all, but I thought they were more human-y.” She whispered with a slight squeak.

“They are. Well, they’re meant to be.” You put a careful hand on her arm to stop her going any closer. “Let’s get out of here. Maybe we should call Sam and Dean…”

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Banana: favorite horror movies?

Ah yes, bananas are always great (as long as they’re not green)! :^D

Banana: favorite horror movies?
I’m a bit of a wuss so I actually haven’t watched that many horror movies. I’d say my “fave” is probably One Missed Call because I actually have watched that more than once? :^P Plus it’s always fun having a ringtone that you can scare people with ;^)




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Andreil + Q from the prompt list

Q. One missed call

Neil thought to grab his phone off the floor after three hours straight of being holed up in the bedroom with Kevin, watching exy games on his laptop and taking notes. He had one missed call from Andrew he didn’t hear because he never takes his phone off silent. When he dialed back, Andrew’s phone was disconnected. Neil got up to look for him, ignoring Kevin’s protests. The other room was empty so he headed up to the rooftop, distantly noticing it was dark and chilly out, but there was no sign of Andrew there.

Neil shot a text to Renee, thinking maybe they went for a sparring session, but she quickly replied she hadn’t seen him. Neil thought to look down at the parking lot, ignoring the four level drop. The Maserati wasn’t there.

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