watching old matches

Oikawa is really amazing...
  • *Hinata and Kageyama over Hinata's house watching old Seidou match videos in the living room*
  • Hinata: Oikawa-san really is amazing
  • Kageyama: What makes you say that?
  • Hinata: Well, he's a great setter
  • Kageyama: Well, yeah
  • Hinata: And good looking
  • Kageyama: Okay, yeah
  • Hinata: And popular
  • Kageyama: Well that's a given since he's good looking
  • Hinata: And he can actually smile
  • Kageyama: What's that got to do with anything?!
  • Hinata: And knows how to actually communicate with people
  • Kageyama: Is there something you want to tell me?!
  • Hinata: Plus he's really good at sex
  • Kageyama: Well of co... wait what?
  • Hinata: He's good at sex
  • Kageyama: *pauses* How would you know that?!
  • Oikawa: Tobio-chan? *walks in from Hinata's room in only a boxers and Kageyama freezes* Use your inside voice you're disturbing my sleep
  • Hinata: It past noon Tooru
  • Oikawa: Exactly, bed time *walks back*
  • Hinata: Just put on some clothes before my mom gets home
  • Oikawa: *yawns*Sure
  • Kageyama: *process information and* What the hell...?!

Festive icons I made for you and your number one

WWE Preference #28; You’re the Bad Guy



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               You were standing in your gear, a sweatshirt unzipped over your shoulders as you looked away from the camera that was about to start filming you. You’d just started the beginnings of an on screen storyline with Roman Reigns and you were nervous. You knew you’d get a look of mixed reactions from fans but the writers felt like you could bring a better and more positive light to Roman’s character as you were one of the favorites of the women wrestlers.

               The camera man nodded at you to let you know the promo was about to go on. You stood there against the wall, nervously picking your nails as Roman came into view on the screen and smiled at you as he approached. 

“Hey, Roman, look,” you tucked your hair behind your ear, feigning a concerned look, “I’ve been hearing a lot of talk of not know if you’re the good guy and everyone keeps telling me you the bad guy and I just don’t know what to do anymore,” you told him gently. “I just don’t want to get hurt,” you mumbled and Roman tilted your head up to look at him, the fans in the arena going crazy.

               “I promise Y/N, I would never do anything to hurt you,” Roman promised, leaning forward to kiss you gently on the lips as the camera shut off and he pulled back, smiling lightly at you.


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               “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy,” you admitted, embarrassed that you were letting him know. He nodded and glanced down as he sighed, putting his fork down and wiping his mouth with his napkin. “I’m so sorry,” you apologized.

               “Everyone like the Divas?” he asked lightly, not meeting your eyes and you knew that you’d upset him. Seth had a past, but everyone did, you’d done things you weren’t necessarily proud of but you weren’t judging him, you just want him to know what you’d heard.

                “Nikki and Brie mostly, Paige and Foxy too,” you told him and he sighed again. You slid your hand across the table to grasp his lightly. “Look, I’m not telling you I believe them, that’s why I’m here,” you said.

               “You’re here to prove to them that I’m not a bad guy?” he mumbled, grasping your hand back.

               “I don’t need to prove anything to them, I’m here to find out myself who you are, if you’ll be open to me,” you smiled and he nodded, returning the smile.

 Randy Orton

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              “Randy, stop it,” you yelled as he threw something against the wall in anger after his match against Chris Jericho. He’d just lost by DQ and he was furious.

               “Stay out of it Y/N,” he yelled back as he stormed out of the room, nudging your shoulder in the process hard enough that you thought you’d have the bruise. When the door was pushed open and Randy walked out, he past AJ Styles who peaked into your dressing room to see you hunched over on the floor, tears streaming down your face.

               “Hey, you alright?” he murmured concerned and wrapped a hand around your waist to pull you to him and hold you close.

               “I don’t know what’s going on with him anymore,” you mumbled as you sniffled, “Everyone tells me he’s the bad guy but I love him so much, he just, sometimes his anger-,”

Dean Ambrose

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               “Everyone tells me that you’re the bad guy,” you mumbled lightly to him as your back pressed back against the cold tiles of FCW. Dean Ambrose who you knew as Mox from watching his old matches had cornered you backstage to tell you he was going to take you out for a few drinks and maybe if you were lucky, a night in bed.

                “Baby, I am the bad guy,” he whispered in your ear and nipped at it a little bit, his teeth grazing the shell of your ear and making you shiver.

                “You-you said you wanted to go out tonight?” you asked lightly and glanced up at him from under your eyelashes.

                “Yes darling,” he murmured before smiling, “Some drinks and then you can come back to mine,” he told you.

                “If you want me coming back to yours,” you stepped toward him and pecked his cheek, “You’ll have to take me to dinner first,” you whispered, smiling and bending under his arm to walk away from him.

// I’m going to be honest, the only real reason why I don’t watch the CW DC shows is because they’re not good. Like I said, I barely got through three episodes of Supergirl before I quit and I never got through the pilot of Arrow. In the latter case, the thing was boring and the acting was bad. I mean, Stephen Amell has less personality than a bag of rocks. In the former case, I guess it’s because I’m an adult and the show is meant for teenagers

I do love Green Arrow and Supergirl,  but I think that their portrayal in their comic books is far more superior than their portrayal on their respective television shows. But that’s always been the case with me. After I started reading Marvel comics about Iron Man, The Punisher, Iron Fist, and Daredevil, I couldn’t go back to watch the shows on Netflix because I liked the original comics a lot better.

Well it’s about time. The “mid-season finale” was back in mid-January. I’d almost given up on them coming back.

I mean…Shane McMahon’s leap at WWE’s Hell in a Cell is epic…

(which The Undertaker dodged but under the circumstances that was probably the safest bet for both of them), Angelico’s Lucha Underground leaps from the second story of the Temple (which DID hit his opponents – again, under the circumstances, at least in the first part of this video, the safest way to pull off the stunt, as the other wrestlers broke his fall; the second part of the clip, the flying drop kick from the same height, there was nothing but the ring to break his fall; and while Lucha Underground’s ring is springier than WWE’s, he had to be DARNED sure not to hit the ladder) are jaw-dropping to watch.

  • ok so even though Neil and his mum had a ton of money, they both knew it was emergency money, money not to be spent on frivolous things
  • and like, even after everything’s settled and the runaway’s not a runaway anymore, there’s still that little niggle telling Neil not to buy needless crap
  • why spend £5 on fucking toothpaste when there’s one for 75p??
  • and one day Neil buys this value shampoo, like a massive bottle of it, cause it’s on offer and this thing is gonna last him months, like holy shit!
  • the only thing is, it smells like strawberries
  • really fucking strongly
  • like Neil walks past and 2 minutes later there’s still a faint trace of it in the air
  • how did he ever survive on the run when ppl could sniff him out jfc
  • and the team all mock him for having a ‘girly shampoo’ but Neil’s just like ‘whatevs! it cost me virtually nothing!’
  • the thing is though, Andrew? fucking loves it. i mean everyone knows andrew likes sweet things and what’s better than the person he likes most smelling of strawberries?

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Haikyuu ships at christmas
  • Kuroken: lots of hot tea/coffee and cookies. Cuddles with big christmas sweaters watching old cartoons from their childhood
  • Kagehina: the two sitting in front of a fireplace with a blanket, watching old volleyball matches, with littles touches and kisses
  • Tsukiyama: both of them using dino pajamas, drinking hot chocolate kissing each other neck
  • Daisuga: They are under the blankets, cuddling and playing with Suga's little kitty, between calm kisses
  • Bokuaka: Bokuto takes Akaashi to a party and the two get drunk, having sex in the bathroom, saying cute things to each other
  • Iwaoi: they pass the night in the back of Iwaizumi's pickup, on a beach, Oikawa between Iwa's legs, being cuddled, the two watching the stars
  • Kiyachi: the girls are at Shimizu's roof, with a lots of blankets. They watch the sunrise together, giving littles kisses at each other cheeks

you can do incredible things with fight pass it turns out. i narrowed the search down to first round knockouts that were voted best fight of the night at their event and decided to watch an old forest griffin match and it ended with him getting knocked out in the first round and then running to his corner and sobbing really hard on camera with his face all bloodied. he collapses against the cage crying and his trainer hugs him and he’s sobbing while the dude who knocked him out celebrates. i love that my lifelong consumption of violent media has taken on this inevitable progression.

@iliveonthenet tagged me to share ten facts about myself. I’m running out of facts suitable for this site Bruh :v

  1. I watch old movies, “Smite” matches or compilations of old vines when I have problems with falling asleep.
  2. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but I stopped after I finished one drawing I worked on really hard and my lil bro told me this is the best I can do and I probably won’t draw anything better than this (both of us regret many things we used to say to each other when we were younger).
  3. I’m the one who takes care of my family’s photo albums.
  4. Most of my friends don’t remember the last time I had long hair (“long” in my case can only mean shoulder-length from eons ago or the long, black wig I wore for like, one performance?? couple of years ago).
  5. People used to ask me about my relationship with @iliveonthenet because they thought we were dating (we never were, plus I had a girlfriend at that time. Me and Nat just got along really well, she’s like a sister to me and I don’t mind hugging/petting my best friends’ hair if they need it).
  6. While we’re on the topic of skinship: my friends used to ask me (they still do, when they have a chance) if they can hug me and somehow they always ended up with their heads on my chest.
  7. I cry when someone shows me small gestures of love and support (I cried when @anaka237 left encouraging notes around my room after I had a particularly bad week, I cried when my brother went out of his way just to get me my fave chocolate after I had a breakdown and I cried after @iliveonthenet sent me HQ!! stickers as a surprise present).
  8. When I laugh really hard I start to lose my breath and one time my friend got a little scared because he thought he almost suffocated me. I guess death from laughter wouldn’t be so bad  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. For couple of people in my life, when it comes to kpop, I was the so-called “patient zero” (I’m not really sure, but I think the haters call it that way). Apparently I have problems with suffering alone.
  10. I also made my youngest brother into Eurovision fan. I’m a fuckin monster.

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The first time Andrew allows Neil to touch his back for @alecolightwood

  • They have been together for a few years and Andrew allows Neil to touch new parts of his body from time to time
  • But giving him permission to touch his back is a big step for both of them
  • Andrew just says “you can touch my back today” one day when they´re sitting on the sofa together (probably watching an old exy match)
  • It sounds indifferent but Neil understands
  • He knows this is a big deal for Andrew
  • So after Andrew took off his shirt he still asks “yes or no?” before he finally touches Andrew
  • Andrew just bites out a sharp “yes”
  • Neil is very careful and gentle because even tho Andrew said yes his shoulders are tense and there is a hint of fear in his eyes
  • Andrew has a really defined and beautiful back with those amazing back muscles and his skin is so smooth and soft
  • Neil is so amazed that Andrew trusts him enough to let him touch him there because his back has been off limits for such a long time
  • After Neil ran his hands up and down Andrew´s back a few times he leans close and asks again
  • “yes or no?
  • “yes, idiot”
  • Neil kisses Andrew’s back  
  • Andrew´s breath hitches but other than that he doesn´t make a sound so Neil continues
  • He starts with Andrew´s neck and then kisses his way down to his shoulders
  • Andrew had always associated his back with pain but now he only feels Neil’s feather light kisses
  • And he slowly starts to relax and even leans into Neil`s touch
  • Neil is smiling against Andrew´s skin because all he ever wanted was Andrew to feel good and safe