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Oikawa is really amazing...
  • *Hinata and Kageyama over Hinata's house watching old Seidou match videos in the living room*
  • Hinata: Oikawa-san really is amazing
  • Kageyama: What makes you say that?
  • Hinata: Well, he's a great setter
  • Kageyama: Well, yeah
  • Hinata: And good looking
  • Kageyama: Okay, yeah
  • Hinata: And popular
  • Kageyama: Well that's a given since he's good looking
  • Hinata: And he can actually smile
  • Kageyama: What's that got to do with anything?!
  • Hinata: And knows how to actually communicate with people
  • Kageyama: Is there something you want to tell me?!
  • Hinata: Plus he's really good at sex
  • Kageyama: Well of co... wait what?
  • Hinata: He's good at sex
  • Kageyama: *pauses* How would you know that?!
  • Oikawa: Tobio-chan? *walks in from Hinata's room in only a boxers and Kageyama freezes* Use your inside voice you're disturbing my sleep
  • Hinata: It past noon Tooru
  • Oikawa: Exactly, bed time *walks back*
  • Hinata: Just put on some clothes before my mom gets home
  • Oikawa: *yawns*Sure
  • Kageyama: *process information and* What the hell...?!
Haikyuu ships at christmas
  • Kuroken: lots of hot tea/coffee and cookies. Cuddles with big christmas sweaters watching old cartoons from their childhood
  • Kagehina: the two sitting in front of a fireplace with a blanket, watching old volleyball matches, with littles touches and kisses
  • Tsukiyama: both of them using dino pajamas, drinking hot chocolate kissing each other neck
  • Daisuga: They are under the blankets, cuddling and playing with Suga's little kitty, between calm kisses
  • Bokuaka: Bokuto takes Akaashi to a party and the two get drunk, having sex in the bathroom, saying cute things to each other
  • Iwaoi: they pass the night in the back of Iwaizumi's pickup, on a beach, Oikawa between Iwa's legs, being cuddled, the two watching the stars
  • Kiyachi: the girls are at Shimizu's roof, with a lots of blankets. They watch the sunrise together, giving littles kisses at each other cheeks
Dating Chris Jericho Would Include...
  • Never, ever, being on the list.
  • Him putting everyone who flirts with you on the list.
  • Matching scarfs.
  • Being just a little bit jealous of Kevin Owens.
  • But, of course being friends with him too.
  • Calling him “Sparkle Crotch” when he annoys you.
  • “Y/N, please don’t go there.”
  • Re-watching his old matches.
  • Seth flirting with you to get on Jericho’s nerves.
  • Dealing with Chris’s diva attitude.
  • And loving it.

Requested by Anon.

The first time Andrew allows Neil to touch his back for @alecolightwood

  • They have been together for a few years and Andrew allows Neil to touch new parts of his body from time to time
  • But giving him permission to touch his back is a big step for both of them
  • Andrew just says “you can touch my back today” one day when they´re sitting on the sofa together (probably watching an old exy match)
  • It sounds indifferent but Neil understands
  • He knows this is a big deal for Andrew
  • So after Andrew took off his shirt he still asks “yes or no?” before he finally touches Andrew
  • Andrew just bites out a sharp “yes”
  • Neil is very careful and gentle because even tho Andrew said yes his shoulders are tense and there is a hint of fear in his eyes
  • Andrew has a really defined and beautiful back with those amazing back muscles and his skin is so smooth and soft
  • Neil is so amazed that Andrew trusts him enough to let him touch him there because his back has been off limits for such a long time
  • After Neil ran his hands up and down Andrew´s back a few times he leans close and asks again
  • “yes or no?
  • “yes, idiot”
  • Neil kisses Andrew’s back  
  • Andrew´s breath hitches but other than that he doesn´t make a sound so Neil continues
  • He starts with Andrew´s neck and then kisses his way down to his shoulders
  • Andrew had always associated his back with pain but now he only feels Neil’s feather light kisses
  • And he slowly starts to relax and even leans into Neil`s touch
  • Neil is smiling against Andrew´s skin because all he ever wanted was Andrew to feel good and safe

a concept: I am 20. I have finished school, and moved out of home, have a part time job I enjoy and I’m training to become a wrestler. I didn’t go to uni, but that is okay. I’m living with friends I met through training who I love dearly, and every night we bundle up in the lounge and watch old matches while I pet our cats. I am debuting at my local wrestling promotion in a few weeks. I’m nervous, but also the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. The future is uncertain, but I am ready.

Milan is going crazy with all the football matches being played. He’ll ask me for my phone and watch every game he can on it. Today he said that he would wear his Spain-Colombia jersey in honor of the two national teams he supports. It’s crazy because he’s 3 years old and watches football matches as if he were a 15 year old, I’ve never seen anything like it
—  Shakira

“When I looked Schmelle in the eyes through his face mask, which he wore for his broken nose, I knew: We can do it. I saw how much he wanted it, and how firmly he believed - and I believed it too. From that moment all I was thinking was hoof the ball up the pitch into the penalty area!”

-Nuri Sahin [talking about Schmelle + the Malaga match]

Vince McMahon hated Dusty Rhodes for being poor and for being popular among poor white people and poor Black people and other people of color at the same time, and he constantly tried to fuck Dusty over and despite all his efforts, The American Dream always went over huge, even in a stupid polka-dot outfit that McMahon made him wear to humiliate him

Dusty Rhodes was a guy who fought to give poor and working-class people a character - I mean more than just a character, but you know - they could identify with because he know how much they needed that. He supported up and coming new talent in NXT literally right until he died. 

I got into wrestling as an adult so my knowledge of Dusty Rhodes comes mainly from watching old matches and reading stuff about previous eras of wrestling, he wasn’t my hero when I was kid, but he was that for a lot of people and for good reason. I’m just really sad. I hope his family are okay.

natbynature: TJ watched an old match of his today from Germany last April. April 18, Nuremberg to be exact. He found it on YouTube. The crowd was crazy that night for New Day V Cesaro & Kidd v The Matadors. I was on the outside managing them and the people were on their feet. It was exciting to be a part of it. At one point they were singing Cesaro’s name. The atmosphere was surreal. The people were on fire for the whole match. TJ said to me today there’s just nothing like that feeling of capturing the audience and being in the ring with your best friends. You can’t describe it unless you’ve experienced it. TJ has watched that match over and over again. It makes him smile. TJ’s childhood dream was to be a wrestler. He had his first match at 15 and wrestling is the only thing he’s ever wanted to do. Not everyone can say that they’ve lived their dreams! He is truly blessed. If you are one of the lucky ones to touch your dreams … hold on to it. #grateful