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Gillian Anderson has never been busier - so why go back to the role that made her famous.

By Tim Martin The Daily Telegraph February 13th 2016

Excerpts (full article below the cut)

On memory and learning lines:“Gibson has a lot to say this year,” says Anderson wearily as she folds herself into a seat by the window, “Hundreds and hundreds of lines of dialogue.  By Friday I was not speaking sense.  Real words were not coming out of my mouth.  And I have another week like that.” She must have got used to it by now, I say, “Well, I don’t necessarily feel like my brain’s very good at it,” she replies.  “I wish it were better.  If I had three wishes that’d be one of them.  I’ll have lines [memorised] in the morning and later they won’t be there.”  A vaguely wistful look crosses her face as her strong coffee arrives.  “It would be nice to be able to concentrate on other things and not worry about words.”

On rumours about her and Duchovny’s closeness: People who want to read more into that closeness, however should “know there’s nothing to it” says Anderson.  “It’s a game.”  She shifts in her seat, and fixes me with a cool gaze. Does she really think people believe that? Plenty, as a quick Google search reveals, seem absolutely convinced that there’s more to it.  “Does he live in London?” she snaps back.  “Does David live in London?” Not to my knowledge I say, but were they ever romantically involved? “Nope,” she replies crisply.  “Is that going to be the headline of this interview?”

On rumours that her and Duchovny couldn’t stand each other: Anderson has little time for this narrative.  A few days ago Fox sent her a compilation of outtakes and bloopers from the X-Files, she says, “and there’s such a lovely, supportive, really genuinely caring feeling” about the relationship between her and Duchovny.  “From a bird’s eye view now it looks quite sweet.  I was moved by it.  We’ve always had an element of that.  That was there , I think from the very beginning.” There’s no doubt, however that the pair’s closeness brought with it a degree of friction.  “I think the grind of working every single f——– day, 17 hours a day, with each other, in those circumstances, just took its toll.  “I think when we did the last film, we got closer, as time had passed and we’d I don’t know, matured, grown up, gotten a different perspective on life and work.”

On her message for Duchovny’s Star ceremony: “They asked me to write something, that was exactly what came to mind, and I pressed send, I mean, it’s such a weird thing anyway, that whole idea of a star on Hollywood Boulevard.” She laughs again.  “It is akin to a gravestone!”

On the salary she was initially offered for the revival: As Anderson recently revealed, during negotiations for the reboot she was offered a salary half that of Duchonvy’s.  “I don’t think infuriated is the right word,” she says evenly, “but I think, probably all of us who heard what figure they came in at were gobsmacked.  I think my agent may have just put the phone down.  We knew what he was being offered, and we knew what I was being offered.”It must have been tempting to walk away altogether, “Well, yeah.  And I would have.  So then it just became: don’t talk to us until it’s parity.  We worked really hard at parity many years ago” - it took three years of the original series before her agents were able to negotiate an equal salary for her - “so it’s not even a conversation until we can get it there.  I think this happens everywhere, in every workplace around the world.”

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