watching old interviews

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.


This fella’s gunna be a good dad.

I’m watching this old interview from when Star Trek 2009 came out and it’s Zach and Chris talking about how Karl somehow got ahold of a tiny Enterprise ship toy and he would play with it and like make videos of it and it’s just fuckin g:

Z: He brought it with us for the rest of the trip and you’d be on the plane sleeping-

C: -and you’d just hear:

Z&C: [woooooshhhh!]

Z: And Karl would be taking a video of the Starship Enterprise like flying across your face-

C: But dead serious! The man is dead- the man is 36 years old!

Z: And he was just really - he was just really into it.

Z: And then he broke it - it broke in Dubai, as we were on our way to Kuwait… and then it was all… downhill from there.

C: I think someone prevented him from shooting it in some part of the airport. He… he was asked to put it away which had to be humiliating,

C: “Sir please, could you please-”

Z: “Could you please put away your toy spaceship?”

Now I love me some 1d interviews.

but most people think of the interviews with the bigger names like Corden, Fallon, Kimmel, Alan, Grimmy, and loads more. But I wanna take a chance to appreciate those quite often forgotten gems from 2015. 

So here goes…

Beats 1:

Gud Nite:

Capital FM:

This one with Alison Hammond… (just cause they look so pretty):

And lastly, this whole 25 minute press conference in Mexico: 

(sooooo worth the watch, promise.)


CLAMP talking about Sumeragi Hokuto from Tokyo Babylon.

 Ōkawa: “She was a character that I created with the intention to kill off from her first appearance.”

anonymous asked:

If SC are with others, how long would those relationships survive if these people are asked to stay in the back ground? If Cait has been with T for more than a year, is she heading into Howard Hughes territory when she behaves publicly as if he is her brother (with cooties)? Many high profile actors are able to maintain privacy and still walk the red carpet with their SO.

I recently-ish watched an old interview of Chris Martin by Howard Stern. This was back before he and The Paltrow uncoupled. Apparently, Gwen and Chris never walked Red Carpets together and Howard wanted to know why. Chris gave some answer along the lines of - I’m there to sell something, it’s work, why would I bring my spouse? Howard, commented, yea, but it’s also a lot of fun, I always bring my wife because I like her to be with me having fun. They eventually agreed to disagree.

I bring this up only to say based on these two perspectives, it’s clear that there is no one size fits all approach to fame and it’s quite pointless to try to use red carpet behavior to prove anything about who is in one’s personal life in what capacity. The water is just too muddy.

Also, I finally got around to watching Girls last night. Anyone else watch that show? *cough* therapeutic companion *cough* 😂