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Somebody with a twitter please post on this thread twitter(.)com/natmaraly/status/769146203858735105, Alycia latest interview where she said the attention it brought to the BYG trope "wth reason" (twitter(.)com/alyciasfenty/status/764140658290491394). She is trying to guilt trip Clexa fans to watch S4 with Alycia old interviews supporting the show. She educated herself on the matter since that variety interview.

Guys pls dont fall for that BS again. I cant post the links cos Im on mobile but make sure to dont fall for it again. They used us enough so no more S4 nor 5 or whatever for Clexakru.
Alycia clearly wont ever say something negative and she wants to support her castmates BUT dont fall for it again. The fact that they lied and used us cannot be forgotten. Never forget the pain they caused us.

For someone like Jatan Lexa was just a stepping stone. You heard the man what are his thoughts regarding bisexuality too. Clarke can fuck anyone but her mother. Are we really trusting that man to present proper rep??? He didnt care about her at all, so if you wanna watch go ahead but dont trust those writers again. There are live streams or you can torrent that show later if you still care about the “groundbreaking” plot, just dont give them ratings.

I’m watching this old interview from when Star Trek 2009 came out and it’s Zach and Chris talking about how Karl somehow got ahold of a tiny Enterprise ship toy and he would play with it and like make videos of it and it’s just fuckin g:

Z: He brought it with us for the rest of the trip and you’d be on the plane sleeping-

C: -and you’d just hear:

Z&C: [woooooshhhh!]

Z: And Karl would be taking a video of the Starship Enterprise like flying across your face-

C: But dead serious! The man is dead- the man is 36 years old!

Z: And he was just really - he was just really into it.

Z: And then he broke it - it broke in Dubai, as we were on our way to Kuwait… and then it was all… downhill from there.

C: I think someone prevented him from shooting it in some part of the airport. He… he was asked to put it away which had to be humiliating,

C: “Sir please, could you please-”

Z: “Could you please put away your toy spaceship?”


I just watched this old Gillian Anderson interview on my lunch break. She’s on the Rosie O’Donnell show and it’s just so cute and 90s I want to cry. I can remember watching this live! Oh, and just wait until you see the clip from FTF! ***mEmoRieS**

She gave up on watching old Games about an hour in when she’d failed to close her eyes in time a few times too often and the nausea was starting to creep in. She was watching old interviews now, well convinced seeing what stories Capitolites reacted to was just as beneficial. “If I hear one more weeping set of lovers talk about sacrificing themselves for each other I’m going to hurl,” she groaned, “the audience seems to love it though.”

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Hi Jen, Hope you are doing well. I have an ask, I am not sure if its a fan appropriate question, do you think Ed has fixed his eyes, I watched an old interview where he mentioned he had fixing his eye(s) with laser surgery as being on his bucket list along with learning to drive. His eyes look so much more round and more beautiful if that is possible in the pictures from the wedding.

Hi. Ed does have gorgeous eyes, doesn’t he?!

But I think that he probably meant he’d like to have his eyesight repaired with laser surgery, not have something done that would make his eyes… more round or beautiful. You know? And since he’s continued to wear his glasses, my assumption is that he hasn’t had that type of procedure done. He might have just not gotten around to it yet, or maybe he changed his mind. I think Ed looks good both with and without his glasses on, but I tend to notice his eyes more when he’s wearing them because… heh, heh… it’s like wearing a couple of magnifying glasses, isn’t it? His eyes look really big behind those lenses! I think it’s so cute. And maybe that’s what you’re noticing - that they look bigger because they’re being magnified a little. Also, the lighting is pretty bright in those photos, which naturally makes your pupils contract, so more blue is showing in his eyes than usual. 

He’s always had such lovely eyes, though. I mean, look at this kid.